Xbox Warns to Expect Series X/S Shortages For A While - IGN Now 

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Microsoft's CFO has said to expect shortages of the Xbox Series X and Series S well into 2021. But, that's kind of a good thing as it means sales are robust enough for demand to outpace supply.










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Justin Moore
Justin Moore 4 napja
WTF??? APRIL???? 😠😡
Rohan Kumar Panda
Hey there, i have been watching your videos for quite some time especially the xbox series S ones... I would like to inform you regarding something you have failed to mention and that is regarding the game sizes, for example sea of thieves was supposed to be about 17gb on xbox series S and 47 gb on xbox series X, but since I'm an xbox series S owner, i can confirm that the size of sea of thieves on series S is 46gb... Similar stuff was also announced for Gears 5 but nothing has happened yet, so i request you to check the sizes on both series S and series X, since you are making videos on both of them and make a comparison video.. because microsoft was beating a lot of drums regarding smaller sizes for games for series S... In case you have mentioned this and i have failed to notice please do lemme know
The Only Gaming Channel
Some girl in my class got one and she was so casual about it
a mattei
a mattei 14 napja
its been the greatest failure since the blue screen of death
Kyle Graham
Kyle Graham 14 napja
Boy they handled these video game console releases HORRIBLY
C Man
C Man 15 napja
Both companies should allow the purchase of next gen on an established online gamer tag (1 year of service)within their online store. This way only the people buying your games are granted the access to new system. Happy consumers spend a lot more trust me I do.
C Man
C Man 15 napja
And PlayStation lost my business when they said sign up for an email when you can preorder and then was like naaa F it - I like to have all systems so I don’t miss out on any games but this generation I will be skipping PS5.
John182 15 napja
This is funny . Reminds me of a stepchild . Nobody is talking about xbox shortages . Mainly ps5 is making headlines about shortages . So microsoft took it upon them selves to say hey we are having console shortages too . In so many words . Lol that's funny
Luke Gaming
Luke Gaming 15 napja
What if I got one and it said it’s expected by dec 23rd. Will I not get mine till next year?
Exactly what happened with the 3080 launch
Ninja 56
Ninja 56 15 napja
Lmao by the time they restock ppl will forget the series x existed 😂
Jonathan Houck
Jonathan Houck 15 napja
Greg Pim
Greg Pim 15 napja
Cmon wtf I was hoping to get it before cyberpunk!!! Ughhhh
Real Gamer
Real Gamer 15 napja
The next gen version isnt until 2021 sometime either. A bundle might even be there at that point
popcorn chokes
popcorn chokes 15 napja
I'm gonna listen to Mr. Matrick and get an xbox 360 instead. Thank you sir!!!
Jorgie WTF
Jorgie WTF 15 napja
I have a 1X with an SSD and a PC with a 2080. I’m in no hurry. I’m planning on holding off till next summer just cause they have no exclusives anyway.
JamesDZ Oler
JamesDZ Oler 15 napja
I'm grabbing my series x today !🤙
Scott 15 napja
Be mad at retailers for not combating resellers, it is not Sony or Microsoft's fault that scalpers are ruining this. The manufacturer sells to the retailer and the retailer sells to you, unless you buy them direct, that is how it works.
Copeboi77 15 napja
When called my retailers in west Michigan the tech departments for multiple stores have pre recorded message about the availability of the Xbox Series X. They are shipping them out as fast as they can make them the demand is unprecedented. Im a massive halo and gears fan and I’m happily surprised to see the Series X do this well with how big of a failure the Xbox one was imo. All of the installments of gears and halo on the Xbox one were also lacking.
Josh Beck
Josh Beck 15 napja
I don't buy any new gen console until two years after release anyways
Sem Assunto
Sem Assunto 15 napja
fleeze92 16 napja
And to think, I canceled my pre order thinking I'd be able to get one. This just keeps getting better...
Lily Collins ツ
Stella low key cute.
Shaun Penn
Shaun Penn 16 napja
I got my series X amd i do enjoy it very much with my 3 kids
Inigo 16 napja
Here I was hoping to get one in December...
cubeflame 16 napja
Got my series x launch day, the things a beast
High Tier Loot
High Tier Loot 16 napja
*Understandable, have a nice day* *BTW, Me too broke to get neither S or X*
Jacob Tisdale
Jacob Tisdale 16 napja
Xbox buy the systems and reselss them as a scalper and we all don't know
Waluigi Wah Ha Ha
Sony also. They have big pushes planed for april, sept and nov of 2021.
HairBear 16 napja
There’s no way they actually expect people to wait that long lol
Real Gamer
Real Gamer 15 napja
You got no choice if its sold out Thats kind of how it works
Jerry 16 napja
I want to get xbox all access financing route but even that’s out of stock and every moron online has 10 of them selling them on mad mark up to families with kids in a middle of a pandemic. If that isn’t a definition of a low life Idk what is
Due in part to scalpers.
Corey Clark
Corey Clark 16 napja
Unacceptable!!! How do you allow your systems to sell out time after time after time. Why don’t you have super mass production for these systems when the supply is so high!!!’ Doesn’t make sense and in all honesty is just disgusting
Retsam Razwinkz
Retsam Razwinkz 16 napja
short answer: Scalppers
Terrence Adams
Terrence Adams 16 napja
Ariston Sparta
Ariston Sparta 16 napja
Sure... probably just a tactic to sell more units.
Adominator12 16 napja
Imma just buy a ps5 first at this point and wait on the series x. I tried to get one twice and failed both times because the website crashed or it sold out in seconds.
SensualViking 16 napja
Hilarious that everyone raving about ssd speed and graphics quality I’ve had for like 4 years
YPCFX 16 napja
bigsmoke27 16 napja
I want an Xbox wtf
Tediz82 16 napja
She is soooooo Cutieful! anyway.. why the rush for a new console?
Barret's Music
Barret's Music 16 napja
What happened to all the sweat shop kids damn
GrandNoble 16 napja
got my XSX preorder on day 1. loving it.
Aaron McNulty
Aaron McNulty 16 napja
Why don't retailers create waiting lists and let you buy it when your name comes up or say that it's not currently in stock but let people go ahead and buy it, put your purchase in a queue and when your the next in line, ship it out. People might not get it immediately but at least they would get it sooner or later.
Fatal Chi
Fatal Chi 16 napja
Yea cause they making sure the disk tray is ok before shipping out more 🤣
Im Nier
Im Nier 16 napja
Has there been something wrong with the disc trays?? I haven’t tested mine yet, I’ve just been playing games I have downloaded.
christian crow
christian crow 16 napja
I wouldn’t go that far on old games , they still require internet to validate for some reason?
RunningTwo 16 napja
those who want a xsx, check twitter. People are still getting it from target in store. Now if only I can get a ps5 the same way...
Gregg Pirazzini
Gregg Pirazzini 16 napja
It’s the toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages all over again 😂
J B 16 napja
Its almost as if they don't think abt supply and demand when rolling this stuff out. Smh
Caden 16 napja
Heh 😈
Fortnite gamer
Fortnite gamer 16 napja
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nong luts
nong luts 16 napja
Halo infinite gets delayed till 2021 and now the console that you play it on pretty much is too
Saya Anjing
Saya Anjing 16 napja
OK PS 5 has won the war
M7mxd 839
M7mxd 839 17 napja
Xbox is stacked in stores what do you mean sold out
I don't believe it. Both xbox consoles are very different from each other so there's literally 2 (different) skus to choose from. I think Microsoft is just pulling a Nintendo and creating the illusion. They said the same thing the last two times pre orders went up then the week after there was another order date.
Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter 17 napja
If I order one NOW, how long before I can expect it ? And where would I order one? I've been working over the road and won't be home until Dec 17
Farrier 17 napja
Clever trick by xbox to say they will have shortages to make PPL buy immediately 😁
Ricardo 17 napja
This news is only for customers run to the stores before the console disappear from the stores. That is basic market strategy.
BonesNeverLie 17 napja
There wasn’t really a reason to buy one yet anyways. At least until 2022
Brandon Jenkins
Brandon Jenkins 17 napja
We wouldn’t be having a shortage of there weren’t thousands of consoles sitting around in scalpers basements instead of being played by people willing to spend their well saved money.
James Key
James Key 17 napja
How do you have shortages when you make your own release date.
All For One&One For All
It’s because of a combination of their laziness, and bots
Nix 41
Nix 41 17 napja
I'd like to thank the beta testers who bought the console early.
David Lawrence
David Lawrence 17 napja
I like new hair Mashing with the glasses
J H 17 napja
Lets hang all the scalpers!
Tayyib Hussain
Tayyib Hussain 17 napja
I’m so lucky to have my series x
Rodimus Prime
Rodimus Prime 17 napja
lol yeah sure...meanwhile the PS5 is crushing it out there
Psy Man
Psy Man 17 napja
Only plan on buying one when the new battlefield game releases
Zendi Nazmiq
Zendi Nazmiq 17 napja
Na, Ps always fckng better
BrechtXT 17 napja
REALLY grateful I got one
If you pricks would quit buying 10 and reselling them we’d be fine
Cale Mcmordie
Cale Mcmordie 17 napja
I'm going to get the ps5 digital edition and keep my xbox one for a while until I get the series x
Paul Glover
Paul Glover 17 napja
Worth the wait guys, the XSX is amazing.
Scott H
Scott H 17 napja
Probably gave the majority of Xbox series x and s to HUrunrs 😒
The Great Katski
South Africa shelves full of stock for both as the price is ridiculous yet PS5 sell out for the same price? hahahahaha oh in South Africa due to import cost and such they sell for $781 series X and PS5
Tim Samedov
Tim Samedov 17 napja
Nobody cares
D4rkRises 17 napja
Why is it out of stock then 😂and also you are watching an xbox video lmao
2Gambi2 17 napja
i dunno last time i checked my closest electronics store they still had a decent pile of S ... no X though ... and i feel like thats expected as there is no real point to the S
Connor Hancock
Connor Hancock 17 napja
Big sad:(
Youuu Boiii
Youuu Boiii 17 napja
How about confiscating the merchandise that the scalpers took! It should be illegal
All For One&One For All
It IS illegal, that’s what’s hilarious about this; Buying a product, and then reselling that product at higher then market price, violates so many copyright laws it’s hilarious. Sony and Microsoft could honestly take any scalper to court for this and they’d have zero ability to fight back because they’re dirt poor compared to a gaming company
PittenZak94 17 napja
At this point I'm willing to jump over to Playstation 5 if I can get one before the Series X.
DOOM92 17 napja
Don’t worry guys we’ll all eventually get one
All For One&One For All
Yea but i’m not waiting till the gen after this one to do it lmfao and even then those consoles will be scalped too. Nothing will change until game companies and retailers stop being lazy and actually do some bloody anti-bot work
Mat O'laughlin
Mat O'laughlin 17 napja
That's fine might get one in 2050.
Mitchell Shepard
I’m lucky I already have one
Kick Starter
Kick Starter 17 napja
great video
D Miller
D Miller 17 napja
Let's face it, This issue isn't just Series S or X. It's PS5 Disc, PS5 Digital, RTX 3070, 3080, 3090 and now AMD has said to expect shortages too. I've decided atm it's not worth the stress going on a goose chase trying to track one of these down. Sounds like it might be best to wait another 3-4 months with the new consoles.