Xbox Series X: 4 Things We Love and 3 Things We Don't 

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Our Xbox experts weigh in on what they love about the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and what they think could use some improvement.

They discuss the Xbox Series X controller, how the Xbox Series X specs affect the new Xbox gameplay experience, and how much they enjoyed the Xbox Series X unboxing experience.
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I think Xbox should come up with an answer for the Sony's magnificent DualSense® controller. Otherwise they're going to shoot themselves on their own foot. I wouldn't mind if Microsoft comes with a revised controller with haptic feedback. Especially with multi-platform titles there should be an incentive for developers to properly adopt and implement haptic feedback.
I love mine. Honestly the biggest issue, even though it hasn't effected me, is the lack of stock for people. None of my mates got one and, while we can still play together cross gen, gaming is a social concept a lot of the time and I want them to enjoy the new console too.
luc Timmermans
2:19 "and tell it to automatically install my new purchases on the console remotely" well done you may now see your family for 5 minutes.
J J 2 napja
What have you bought or buying? And Why ? Why you think what you hv bought was better than the other ?
Javier Urrutia
Quick resume doesn't work for me but the start up launch when I turn it on oh man nothing more satisfying then to load so quickly and get back to playing
Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie 2 napja
I own them both, i like the Series S better, cause of it's size an the graphics upscaling is on par. 👉🏽 both r equals to me besides specs that it will probably never push this generation
Groggz3121 3 napja
what do you reckon... those holes gonna attract the cockroaches? I'm a bit worried.
nathan laird
nathan laird 3 napja
Ps5 better
Epic lewis
Epic lewis 3 napja
Wtf...so I should care about the feeling of unboxing?
DGhost19 4 napja
Bro there are like no exclusive games for the new console. It’s like they didn’t prepare for the launch
Jibb3rs 4 napja
The sheer lack of launch day games is a killer It's the first time I've bought a new console and had nothing new to play. Sports games are pointless and Assassin creed hasnt changed since the first one. So id say "slim pickings" is an understatement
ShadowakaBigG 4 napja
I'm assuming the guy who hyped up the xbox series x controller has never used another controller ever in his life lol at least not pro controllers and not the ps5 controller.
paul woodward
paul woodward 5 napja
As normal with Microsoft there's no innovative features at all
Aaron Gitts
Aaron Gitts 5 napja
so now we're in a world where we're gonna be ungrateful if quick resume doesn't work all the time....ok
Scott Thompson
They're all reading from a script
ashhole414 6 napja
Most of these features have been functional on steam for years
TENACI0USP 6 napja
Dunno how he managed to log his profile so quickly. Mine took over an hour. Both the app & the series x would not accept my password. I logged out of the One X & back in with the same password, had to change it in the end, but still had to enter the same details nearly 30 times before series x accepted it. And the app wouldn’t login until the console had
Theyungcity23 6 napja
3:50 wtf does he mean. You can totally turn the console off and resume a game from where you left off on ps5. You could do that on the psp. My phone does that.
ShadowakaBigG 4 napja
you can't have two games open on any other console is what he means. Not about quickly resuming a game you just minimized, but being able to have two games open and running and quickly switching between the two. It's honestly a feature I couldn't care less about lol
Hisoka Morou
Hisoka Morou 6 napja
I just like my Series X
Ministry Of Gamers
Pointless until there's a game on it. PS5 now, xbox for when Halo and the medium come out. i'm in no rush to upgrade. which i suppose is a nice choice microsoft have given us... but i'm certainly ready for some proper next gen games and Sony has that covered day 1.
SectionEight 7 napja
Why is XBox still requiring the use of AA batteries for their standard controllers? Microsoft is like the only console manufacturer left that still seems to be pushing for the use of AA's while every other platform holder has already moved on to internal rechargable batteries years ago. Lol
This doesn’t look rehearsed or staged at all...
Lon Woolf
Lon Woolf 7 napja
Ok Dirk Nowitski
far ema
far ema 7 napja
3:38 what game is this ?
D4rkRises 7 napja
Malik thomas
Malik thomas 7 napja
Think I’ll just wait until the first gen of new consoles no longer explode
Somanybeats 7 napja
Like for real, who cares about opening the box?
GrandNoble 7 napja
That's way more than 4 things!!! The title is wack. according to this video: PROS: (1) Presentation (2) Setting up console is easy / xbox app is great (3) the look of XSX (4) migrating from XB1 to XSX is seamless, quick and easy / modern ecosystem is great Backwards compat games of all 4 generations (5) digital account is all available and easy to re-download / can download games to console from xbox app (6) easy to use display options for 1440 or 4k etc / HDR settings and auto settings (7) satisfying xbox ecosystem (8) XSX controller is the best controller ever (9) Quick resume (10) easy to install expansion SSD - that's 10 things according to IGN but you said "4"
James 7 napja
1:31 why does his facial expression look like he's taking a dump 😂
MoneyEyeGet 7 napja
Damn IGN I damn near unsubbed just because of how pointless this was lol
Paris Bourke-White
Simply awful content. Takes some lessons from Gameranx
Busta DaGamingGod
As soon as they started off by saying the presentation while opening the box I closed the vid🤦🏽‍♂️
DozenSkillz Productions
PS5 is better
D4rkRises 7 napja
Ujine iSRAEL
Ujine iSRAEL 7 napja
New gen =wast of money
mrfld 7 napja
Why does this script sound like bad acting? This doesn’t sound authentic.
championchap 7 napja
Compared to the 4 and 4 of the ps5... 🤔 I’m smelling either an obvious bias or an obvious favourite.
Sheev Bac
Sheev Bac 7 napja
You guys have been hiring
AK G 7 napja
That M$ money can buy you robots to read whatever you want them to read about xbox...and to hold the number of disliked features to 1 less than the ps5. Sweet.
Chronocrits 7 napja
I do think it sounds like that SSD will fill up fast, but from what I’ve heard people at the moment are just swapping games out with theirs existing Hard drives as needed with little issue, so that’s not a deal breaker for me.
Dan Zack
Dan Zack 7 napja
Say I’m playing on the series x can I still play with friends that are on the Xbox one
D4rkRises 7 napja
Vinxent Kray
Vinxent Kray 7 napja
Everyone seems like they are robotically reading something or it's been rehearsed. Very fake enthusiasm.
Manx Skurrie
Manx Skurrie 7 napja
the first thing you don't like is extra storage you can get an external hard drive cheap. The quick resume I can totally understand for something shown as a next-gen step but the game line ups really you can buy older titles that upscale with game pass you don't need the newest game and since covid hit surely you would of understand instead of making people think that Microsoft didn't put the effort in for launch
Rej H
Rej H 7 napja
Am I the only person accidentally hitting the share button🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️I've sent out quite a few useless screengrabs now🤔🤣👏🤪
Studio 19
Studio 19 8 napja
Almost turning in but no haptic feedback.
D4rkRises 7 napja
@SectionEight oh yeah the triggers it looks cool but I think I would turn it off in fps games it would just be annoying at the end
SectionEight 7 napja
@D4rkRises The Joycon controller's HD Rumble feature isn't haptic feedback.
D4rkRises 7 napja
I think it will just be a gimmick the Nintendo switch had haptic feedback and no games took use of it
Jp111 8 napja
Xbox may be abit more powerful then the ps5. But it’s not the specs it’s the engineering and Sony are in league of there own
bizmonkey007 8 napja
Where are the games?
SectionEight 7 napja
@D4rkRises All multiplatform games that you can get elsewhere.
D4rkRises 7 napja
Cyberpunk assasin screed COD cold war
GenericLetsPlayer 35
I’m sorry, but when talking about a GAMING console, how can the packaging and then console setup be legitimate factors?
mkb Napja
@Testikills trust me i do, you cant say much seen as though your called testikills
Testikills Napja
@mkb You really don't have any friends do you
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira 7 napja
Wow lol
mkb 8 napja
because a console is a console not a pc, its meant to be fast to setup so you can switch it to rooms like bedroom to living room??
Sam Arcot
Sam Arcot 8 napja
How is controller a thing they love when it's the same one from last time? Except for some tiny dots. If they are going to compare Xbox to PS5 (which they did when talking about the game transfer) they should remove the controller from 4 things.
Lon Woolf
Lon Woolf 7 napja
The controller is a big part of gaming tho lol
bucketsean123 1
Where 4 things u love and hate about the ps5 Xbox is better stop disrespecting it ign is bias talk about the ps5 Xbox 4 life like if u agree
Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill 8 napja
This video sounds like a bunch of Sony haters lol have fun playing on your Xbox series x with games that came out in 2005 hahaha
Real Gamer
Real Gamer 4 napja
Said the pathetic basement dwelling fanboy
SoW_Scout 8 napja
I really wanna get this or the ps5. But im not in a rush mainly because of launch games. The only thing I feel down about is not being able to be part of the conversation.
Riyad Kalla
Riyad Kalla 8 napja
Really noticed the 60fps in this video - super smooth transitions. Nice job.
ItsTheKris 8 napja
Vermillion Toaster
I’m also glad I finally see what Luke Reily looks like. And I’m happy to say, he looks exactly like I that he would.
Castiel Clouds
What happens when will get PS5 & XBOX-Series-X fixed?🙄 One way or another, if I'd chose PS5, that should fixed it sooner.😏
tarshinator 8 napja
The weak launch lineup and 1tb ssd is annoying. Besides that, it’s great
Paul Anthony
Paul Anthony 8 napja
Game pass combined with EA Play = Mic Drop
Jd Toledo
Jd Toledo 8 napja
Zlatan gain some weight in this quarantine.
Tim Duffy
Tim Duffy 8 napja
Quick resume is pointless don’t at me!
V PeRK V 8 napja
Only took me 4 hrs to download assassins creed Valhalla. Like wtf man
Inorite 8 napja
What I dont like, I want 100% backwards compatability, not B C. with only the games the publishers wish to share with us.
Daki Kendrick
Daki Kendrick 8 napja
Something special 😅it is special👽🛸
Jon Istheman
Jon Istheman 8 napja
Bells and whistles.. No content
That Dude
That Dude 8 napja
no launch titles made this console feel like the release didn't even matter, kinda forgot about it tbh with all the marketing for ps5
That Dude
That Dude 8 napja
@Tyus Messner bro I got the 3080 strix if that helps any lmao
Tyus Messner
Tyus Messner 8 napja
What? 🤣 all the optimized games & even 2k & Cold War. It runs a billion times faster doing anything on the console and playing with that controller makes me wanna play more and more. But you didn’t get the console so you wouldn’t know 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣
James 8 napja
Lol these things you love are pretty pathetic tbh
Sandman Sw
Sandman Sw 8 napja
mine is randomly shutting its self down when i play new cod or valhalla goin to contact microsoft about it!
dust s
dust s 8 napja
All these foos are reading off some piece of paper😂
idanoclo 8 napja
Pretty sure where most people stand with the Series X is battling reseller's and their bots online.
Alen Zulfic
Alen Zulfic 8 napja
Yeah I’ll go buy a console with zero games. Lol.
D4rkRises 7 napja
Cyber punk , assasin screed , COD cold war ??
Ferrous McGarrus
This dork all excited about the literal box that the xbox comes in.. 🤦‍♂️
Drew John
Drew John 8 napja
Apple level that's a an insult . F*** Apple
Unkown 8 napja
Idc what you say a new next generation console should have no less than 2TB drives. Having to buy an official extra drive is just a scam to make more money.
Alberto Franco
New Xbox is all love
Phoenix Sunrise
Can't skip the ads on this one. SMDH.
Jason Schilinski
Nice Arby’s music
R J MP 8 napja
Why does it feal like day get $$$
ali ali
ali ali 8 napja
the series S will be worth it in a year from now
Spooogey 1
Spooogey 1 8 napja
- Poor amounts of stock here in Australia - External SSD card is almost $400 AUD - Lack of next gen games currently out Right now it’s really not worth it, let alone the fact you have to go onto a waiting list here in Aus. Will definitely pick it up down the track, but probably closer to end of Q1 2021.
Max Payne
Max Payne 8 napja
if Series X brings VR it will win the war hands down...I have not had so much fun with a console since the 360.......all my favourite games are there and you are basically replaying them in high frame rates........havent been able to stop playing since I got it due to quick resume and the sheer speed......I had a 360 then PS4 and now i can see the difference.....Sony cannot do it like Microsoft.......its not as enjoyable......VR is cool though but gives headaches.....lol
Jac Johnson
Jac Johnson 8 napja
You can already switch between games and apps by selecting them from the home button menu... They resume right where you left them. admittedly some games like FH4 seem to close your previous game when it launches. Very frustrating though not knowing if your game will be resumed or quit when opening another.
NY 7
NY 7 8 napja
Everyone keeps complaining about the lack of systems on launch for XBOX and Sony. It wasn't either companies fault that they had to work around a global pandemic that im sure cost them a work force in the factories and most areas of the world being shut down for months at a time.
sharva kadam
sharva kadam 8 napja
I swear the biggest downside to xbox is the games or the lack thereof
Mr7omah4wk 8 napja
Never understood why people want to buy a next gen console to play Xbox or PS1 games.
Bikramjit Singh
All of these dickheads are bought by Microsoft
D4rkRises 6 napja
G B 8 napja
Microsoft low key mentioning sonic. Fanboy in me wants to be hyped that Microsoft might buy Sega. Then the adult in me wants to slap me lmao
hicobra 8 napja
A Thing I Don't like is that i can not set my series x as my home console and use my xbox one x (that's in the bedroom in offline mode) I was able to do this when my 360 was my bedroom console (please microsoft I'd like to retire my xbox 360 already)
B13Helghast 8 napja
I love the fact I have it for a week and no next gen games to buy for it. (Upgraded Xb1 games don't qualify as "next-gen) Also...I own a 600hrtz TV but it won't let me even turn on 120. 🤣🤣 And Quick resume is definitely NOT exclusive. You guys must've ignored all PS5 info.
Raul Reis
Raul Reis 8 napja
Only 3 dislikes? Sony furious rn
Thomas Hier
Thomas Hier 8 napja
How, did they not talk about how the xbox requires aa batteries that is one of the biggest reasons i am getting the ps5 over the xbox
Kwame Anokurang-Budu
@SupremeLlama yessss. You can also swap out batteries/battery packs instead of waiting to recharge.
SupremeLlama 8 napja
I think it's a pro honestly I'd rather go buy a $20 rechargeable battery pack every few years over a new controller.
Marcel Zwiegelaar
Why exactly shouldn't setting up a console be pleasure?
Rayray jones
Rayray jones 8 napja
Why am i getting ps5 adds on xbox vids? 😂
27mitcha 8 napja
This console is beautiful, but man...The Military-Industrial Complex
Inorite 8 napja
So thats what $750 Billion in taxpayer dollars buys these days.
Jon der
Jon der 8 napja
Xbox ? U serious ?
Van Garnett
Van Garnett 8 napja
I'm loving mine. But I have to agree with everything all of you said. I'd love to have more memory at least cost even though it's not really an issue right now. The quick resume is cool but there's been a couple times that it's just not worked and I don't know why. It has amazing graphics great speed. I really love it. But there's always room for improvement
Joe Jello
Joe Jello 8 napja
4:53 it’s not a hard drive...........
I L 8 napja
The best thing about the Series X it’s the presentation of the packaging, the worst, well... you are playing the same games that you been playing the last year lol
I L 8 napja
It’s so hard to actually convince people to buy an XSX that they’ve spend a whole year talking about the frames talking about the teraflops, and all that demonstrates that they haven’t learn the lesson, “it’s not the hardware, it is the software” and they have none.
Inorite 8 napja
One benefit of playing old games on the SX is the massive reduction in load times. In some games, the 'loading' cut scenes are actually longer than how long I have to wait for the next level to load. It's actually really awesome!
Fatal illusions
The games you play have nothing to do with the console as to why you wouldn’t play the new assassins creed or cod is weird but you do you
Orkun Kaan ŞİMŞEK
Lack of gyro is a sin in 2020. Every game need to have gyro aiming.
Miguel Rodriguez
I'll buy it if I can find one
Joysticks & Buttons
I never owned an Xbox One but I've picked up a Series X and gamepass ultimate. For me there's no shortage of games to play. The last Halo I played was Halo 3 and the last Gears of War I played was GOW3. So I have plenty of titles to catch up on from those series. On top of that there are plenty of games on gamepass that I missed last gen that will keep me busy. At launch it's a fantastic console to pick up if you skipped the Xbox One last gen and you're now switching to the Xbox brand. Yeah you could argue those games are all last gen and not 'next gen' but I played my original PS4 on a 1080p TV. I'm now playing a Series X on a much bigger 4k TV. The difference is there! Even on these last gen titles.
Snuggieman 8 napja
I get that the external ssd price is not cheap, but its actually right on par with other gen 4 m.2 ssds
Death8Bug 8 napja
Excited for the future with the series x
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