Wrath of Man - Official Trailer (2021) Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie 

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Check out the action-packed trailer for director Guy Ritchie's upcoming movie, Wrath of Man.

In Wrath of Man, Jason Statham stars as a new cash truck security guard who surprises his coworkers during a heist in which he unexpectedly unleashes precision skills. The marksman's ultimate motive becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irrevocable steps to settle a score.

The film also stars Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, Josh Hartnett, Laz Alonzo, Raúl Castillo, Deobia Oparei with Eddie Marsan and Scott Eastwood.

Wrath of Man arrives in theaters on May 7, 2021.










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Davittin N
Davittin N 2 órája
He’d make a perfect pulse for the new rainbow six movies
nick kouwijzer
nick kouwijzer 2 órája
Jon BV
Jon BV 4 órája
Perfect as always, 10/10, not with the new Batman this year=>sucks
caka endrit
caka endrit 8 órája
This guy's terrible acting again.
Roving Gnome
rhythmic gunshots
Kungen Från Norden
Give Post Malone An Oscar
Esther Naua
Statham could shoot me and I'd thank him👁👄👁
Jon Kee
Jon Kee Napja
posty would never rob an armored truck because he is one of the most chill people on planet earth!
Mark Sion Roberts
Anyone know the song playing?
Gavin ActivateJA
was that Post Malone??
Ikenna Ibekweh
Ikenna Ibekweh 15 órája
Nope his cousin Malone Post
Peter Morris
Peter Morris 2 napja
It's great when they reveal the plot of the whole movie in the trailer isn't it?
Павел Губанов
This is a remake of a 2004 French film, so the plot in general is not a secret. The devil is in the details (as usual)
Anonymous 2 napja
"Guy Ritchie" in the Title Is Enough to Impress me
torik 2 napja
Stefan Osei
Stefan Osei 2 napja
Angelo Duarte
Angelo Duarte 2 napja
from 0:23 - 0:26 , eargasm
varun jyothis
varun jyothis 2 napja
bill left ford
Kerim Örsel
Kerim Örsel 2 napja
Hani abi, Antalya nerede?
Douglas OdinSon Stewart
Poor Post Malone..FaceSplat!
R P 3 napja
This is amazing
kazi miah
kazi miah 3 napja
Jason has he's own style Action Man
Abdulrahim Alseed
The worst thing about the movie's propagandist is that she burns the whole story of the movie, and she understands the story from the movie’s propaganda
idrow1 3 napja
That's nice that they found a different character for Statham to play.
Asianboi6945 3 napja
Everyone talking about Jason, but I’m just here for Folsom Prison Blues
RadolfC7 3 napja
Why does this feel like an early 2010s movie?
oliver talibudeen
because you are stuck in the past
R i K X
R i K X 3 napja
Ritchie should direct a GTA-movie starring Statham
Mikael Ngigi
Mikael Ngigi 3 napja
Wouldn't it be awesome if John Wick came for his help in his next sequel 🤔😅😅
That would be golden 🔥
Aestivial 3 napja
Hitman : Wrath of Man
Riley Freeman #JP
He can do the same movie 1000 times and i'll still watch
Gameglitch4 B
Gameglitch4 B 3 napja
Ah yes, let’s see what our man guy Ritchie has for us now
Ricky Balboa
Ricky Balboa 3 napja
anything from guy ritchie...i'll watch it
James 3 napja
Well I’m definitely looking forward to this one that for damn sure. Jason stratham , Guy Ritchie. Magic
worrax 4 napja
john wick loose dog - kill everybody jason statham loose son - kill everybody)
Michael 4 napja
Bald head John Wick. Let’s GO!
Channel Movies
Wow they introduced post Malone then killed him off already in the trailer 💀
iTzCorey 4 napja
This needs to come sooner im bored
MOE 4 napja
1:07 Post Malone???
Balloonbot 4 napja
Post Malone just became Post-mortem
DBizzle 4 napja
Noooo guy ritchie! stick to your british whitty gangster films, not this mindless hollywood explosion stuff
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj 4 napja
guns, Guns & GUNS ...
Pro Crastinator
Jason Statham is.... Jason Statham
One Two
One Two 4 napja
his a Titan
Kieron Wright
Kieron Wright 4 napja
Iosef Tarsov
Iosef Tarsov 4 napja
2:28 at least he got his machine gun
0:20 shittiest smoke CGI I've ever seen.
boerashid 5 napja
Guy Ritchie+Jason Statham=UNMISSABLE
J C 5 napja
Lost me on post Malone, pass
Angga Triyudha
favorite actor
Subodh. R
Subodh. R 5 napja
It's so in sync with the music, it's like they made the movie for the trailer, not the other way round😂
Suresh Vishwa
Suresh Vishwa 5 napja
Revenge is Hot Served on a cold plate.
toxiep 5 napja
so boring, same movie over and over again, at least try some diferrent haircut jason : P
KamaiTainment 5 napja
Jason Statham should be a super hero...
Jejaka Malaya
Jejaka Malaya 5 napja
Need to do more cinematic The wrath type Slowmo Slow music and bammmmmmmmm The spongebob appears
Robert G
Robert G 5 napja
Love me some Statham movies. Action at a million mph.
Pixel Ad Agency
Jason after a long wait. :D
Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan 5 napja
He's playing _PUBG_ in real life lol
Tsooyos Tube
Tsooyos Tube 5 napja
Jason statham & John wick can defeat thanos and darkseid
Khaled Soliman
The warm mandolin indirectly ignore because south america ultrasonographically reproduce concerning a ready sideboard. steep, nondescript dollar
Jitthen Kumarr
Thanks for giving away the entire film in 2 and a half minutes. No wonder people don't come into the theaters these days to watch films.
Kobby Hitake
Kobby Hitake 5 napja
Statham has to play agent47
SuperManBeemerrr Charles
Well well... Another sub-par action movie, with all the usual rubbish action scenes, predictable story line and a slight modification from what is already been done before.
Michelle Alexandra Theodora Htgaol
Post malone👍🏽👍🏽
MR 6 napja
This should be titled "Hobbs and Shaw w/o Hobbs"
Imprint Studios YT
j w
j w 6 napja
All I’m going to say... Bullet Proof!!!!
Yamraj Na07
Yamraj Na07 6 napja
Another John Wick wannabe here
christian ernest
This movie is sick. Can't wait for the release
Andy Potanin
Andy Potanin 6 napja
This looks freaking great.
Blupar tec
Blupar tec 6 napja
I'm craving for this .
ALSAHAFI13 6 napja
Testosterone: The Movie
Abuzer Ghori
Abuzer Ghori 6 napja
Jason Wick Enough words to describe this movie.
NeXxHype 6 napja
Hopefully I'm doing the math correctly: John Wick + Taken - Snatch + 1/2Robocop x Equalizer + Jason Statham = Wrath Of Man
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan 6 napja
the most satisfying kills
Edward William
Statham traded his hair for eternal youth
Suman Bhowmick
c'mon, Jason oh yeah.....
AmunSun3 6 napja
Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham like PB&J
No More American Idiots
Josh Hartnett!!! YES!!!
Nicholas Sampurna
Deckard Shaw The Movies
Muizzuddin Asyraf
Is that Post Malone?
Deogracias Nfumi
On an alternative reality this guy is John Wick instead of Keanu Reeves.
gautam singh
gautam singh 6 napja
is the guy in check shirt... Post malone...?
sameer k
sameer k 6 napja
Jason is back.... This is the kind of role which makes me watch his movies.
Noooo not Post Malone😭😭😂❤
Shashi Pancholi
Guy Ritchie X Jason Statham 3.0 Match made in heaven
John Yusuf
John Yusuf 6 napja
Jason is trae @ 0:33
Miebi Williams
Was that post Malone?
Tomar payum
Tomar payum 6 napja
0:21 The clicking of guns is just like Music !
Дмитрий Хабаров
wrath of man? seriously?.... whom did you appoint to come up with this movie title?....
john smith
john smith 6 napja
thought he shot tim pool for a second there
Charles Lukonde
Guy Ritchie on fire after the gentlemen
enes nawaz
enes nawaz 6 napja
Evet sen Antalya/Türkiye sahneleri için gelip hiçbir şey göremeyen dostum Selam olsun
enes nawaz
enes nawaz 5 napja
@Hayal Men maalesef o bilgi yok ama birkaç hafta kaldılar diye biliyorum. 2. fragman yayınlanınca daha fazla tr görürüz gibi
Hayal Men
Hayal Men 5 napja
Bende yorumlarda Türk arıyordum :) kaç dakikalık bölüm Tr'de çekildi bilgin var mı?
Bassa Sababa Rebel Beans
Guy Ritchie + Jason Statham= Brilliant !!!+
Edmund YH Ee
Edmund YH Ee 6 napja
really hope to see Jason Statham plays Nico Bekic of GTA IV in a movie...
Sene Xu
Sene Xu 6 napja
The same employer previously change because bun adventitiously flower beside a tiresome sense. oval, profuse windshield
Deon Spates
Deon Spates 6 napja
Jason Statham is a BADASS!!!
Dora Squarepants
Jason H. Statham
Levo 6 napja
Looks great!
HumanAbstract 6 napja
im guessing his son is not dead and he is the mastermind of all those crimes, omg this is so Hollywood.
Crow t
Crow t 6 napja
Lucky number slevin in here too
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