Why Animaniacs’ 2020 Series Is More Than Just a Reboot 

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Animaniacs' showrunner and executive producer, Wellesley Wild, alongside co-executive producer, Gabe Swarr, chat with us about their approach to working on the Animaniacs 2020 series and what to expect with the continuation.

22 years of pent-up zaniness coming your way! All-new episodes of Animaniacs premiere November 20, only on Hulu!

They're back! The Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister Dot, have a great time wreaking havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. After returning to their beloved home, the Warner Bros. water tower, the siblings waste no time in causing chaos and comic confusion as they run loose through the studio, turning the world into their personal playground. Joining Yakko, Wakko and Dot, fan-favorite characters Pinky and the Brain also return to continue their quest for world domination.










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It's not just a reboot it's also a letdown
Player Machine
I say that they just fix it in season 2 and just leave out the things that are unimportant and/or are too relied on.
Rorschach's Journal
Missing the old characters.
Shadow21GX 5 napja
I like how it feels continued. Not a reboot, not a spiritual successor, but a story to bring the past to the present without losing its context. I like it.
S.S Mythix
S.S Mythix 5 napja
Not a 90s kid but I watched reruns of animaniacs on the hub I'm 17 now man this reboot stands on par with the original
Mashbash 6 napja
"My, err um ah, speciality ahhh erm, uhhh is ummm... rapid fire jokes." Don't know if that was intentional, but I laughed.
Richard Reavis
...froinLAYvin... ...froinLAYvin... ...froinLAYvin...
People ask how the actors after all this time still have this same voice. And I think are they gonna hire me.
ZhangtheGreat 7 napja
I know how hard it is to get every voice actor to sign up for it, but it's still really disappointing that we won't be seeing all our favorites back. The 1993 version wouldn't be as memorable without Sherri Stoner (Slappy), Chick Vennera (Pesto), Nancy Cartwright (Mindy), or especially Bernadette Peters (Rita), among others.
Jack Ngo
Jack Ngo 7 napja
It not a reboot more like a soft sequal.
noah Wambui
noah Wambui 7 napja
Filexmaster 8 napja
Una lastima que saquen el Hola Enfermera por una estupidez ideologica, era parte de la cultura animaniacs
Sean Blaquiere
We still need to see Mindy & Buttons!!!! And Goodfeathers!!!! And Slappy Squirel!!!! And Chicken Boo!!! I was so hoping to seeing them too
hawk eye
hawk eye 9 napja
they should do "hello nurse jokes". It is attacking pc culture in a true way, she is smart. but they only go after her for here looks, it true as man i have dated a lot of girls just because they are hot not because of how smart they are.
FN Spidey
FN Spidey 9 napja
i miss the other characters esp hello nurse
tAs3370 9 napja
he has gum in his mouth
Davis Hedgehog
It's free real-estate
Davis Hedgehog
Do the Animaniacs have plushies yet? I wanna get all the of the adorable funny dorks lol
Davis Hedgehog
It needs to become a 4 or 5 season reboot series! I wanna see way more of these fun rascals returning
T SMACKS 9 napja
This is how you do a reboot. I misss the goodfeathers tho. Pls bring them back
IsaacDDestroy 9 napja
I'd like to see a Jojo reference sneak in there, just saying😂
Sin of Avarice
This better get released outside of the US, and soon.
mrmonstercat 10 napja
i love the original so much, and this revival didn't disappoint imo
Manawalea 10 napja
I will miss Rita and runt, mostly because of Rita singing
YoshiBob 10 napja
It’s Not Really A Reboot It’s Basically A Revival
Evilatem 11 napja
"We couldn't go as far as Family Guy." Need i remind you of the finger "Prince"(prints) joke from the original series. That still might be the most offensive joke i've ever heard in a "kids" cartoon/anime.
The Nerd Beast
The Nerd Beast 11 napja
That's because it isn't a reboot, it's a revival A reboot is when you take an IP and start over from scratch with it, making previous versions of that IP a separate canon. A revival is a direct continuation of the previous series without being a sequel.
FillerBunny NinjaShark
Okay lady I love you bye bye
Inter Net
Inter Net 11 napja
Can you spit out the white gum in your mouth before you do an interview? Geez - or is that your new white molar implant. Freaken serious. Might as well grab chicken wings and eat while you're talking. The low standards has become the norm.
Mr B
Mr B 11 napja
I was a little sad to see that the old characters didn't make a return. But Starbux and Cindy had me almost crying of laughter.
mrmonstercat 10 napja
the incredible gnome who lives in people's mouths :)
The0ptimus 11 napja
I'm fine with them leaving behind most of the old characters, but I think Slappy would work out great in the modern age!
EIN Games
EIN Games 10 napja
That or really high risk of dieing of covid halfway through the series.
FillerBunny NinjaShark
I mean, at this point, she'd be dead 😆
Danny V
Danny V 12 napja
This is what 2020 needs
Viya Gyudon
Viya Gyudon 12 napja
Everyone: talking about old characters who didn't make it into the show except Pinky and the Brain People who heard of it because of the meme : 👁👄👁
fireaza 12 napja
Are people really that surprised that the show doesn't include some of the humor that the original series used 22 years ago with characters like Hello Nurse? Bugs Bunny used to do blackface in his early cartoons, but he didn't in later ones. Because in the time since then, blackface had become unacceptable, so they stopped including blackface jokes. They would have to be incredibly dense to include references to minstrel shows just because they were acceptable back when the original shorts were made. Times change, this isn't a recent phenomenon. Hell, even back in the 90s they knew some of their characters were a bit problematic. You can see this in "Wakko's Wish", where they had Hello Nurse wish for people to take her intellect seriously instead of being focused on her appearance.
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda 11 napja
"You can see this in "Wakko's Wish", where they had Hello Nurse wish for people to take her intellect seriously instead of being focused on her appearance." Huh, its almost like.. they could... build off that? Instead of removal?
bijo 12 napja
So they’re the deadpool of animation?
Just finished the last episode of the Reboot. And OMG. I’m so glad they brought it back. I’ve missed the Warner’s so much
He said it's not a reboot but a continuation and then back tracked to say it was a reboot after he got caught up with sexualizing an attractive character
Aleck Tronn
Aleck Tronn 12 napja
Ya know
Tactile Therapy
Tactile Therapy 12 napja
5:00 CYE? wtf, anyone else hears that?
Izan oth
Izan oth 12 napja
The Cipher Goddess
Can we get a new Animaniacs game now, pleeeeaaaaaseeee?
Adam Pellett
Adam Pellett 12 napja
I really love the reboot. It's way animated and hilarious even thank goodness it's rated TV-PG because of adult humor. I hope you'll producing the new reboot of my favorite animated 1990's series: Tiny Toons. Amblin, Warner Bros and you guys, thank you for bringing my childhood memories even tougher times in 20 years. KEEP IT UP, TOONSTERS!
Neon Spider Fan
Neon Spider Fan 11 napja
Tiny Toons is coming back too
Mizz Foxx
Mizz Foxx 12 napja
As soon as he said that he considered the current political climate, I clicked out. No one wants political correctness (and politics in general) in cartoons, and any escapism in general.
NPC _ 3 napja
@Hayln Anna stop being woke police
Hayln Anna
Hayln Anna 12 napja
Are you familiar with the original
ali Servan
ali Servan 12 napja
It was genius, from the first frame t the last. Best ever.
WɅVeCɅst 12 napja
Every teachers pet and snitch kid from back in the day is stoked for this lol
Cheyenne Cook
Cheyenne Cook 12 napja
I was a pre teen/teenager when this shows originally aired so it was a huge part of my youth and I am LOVING this reboot so far. I only wish things were different so we COULD have certain other characters (ahem H.N.) back and some of the other memorable shorts also came back....least Pinky And The Brain came back which was hands down the most popular short of the series.
Armando Simental
Seth McFarlane / Steven Spielberg Collab. Animaniacs / Family guy Special would be awesome like the Simpsons - Family Guy Episode. But its probably impossible Disney vs. Warner Bros. Maybe for Hulu🤷‍♂️🤞
Cheryl Madigan
Cheryl Madigan 12 napja
I love the reboot as much as the original! It’s funny as hell and still keeps some adult jokes in there, some original characters came back, and it’s just Animaniacs! I love reboot! I do feel like there’s not a lot of hello nurse which I loved but I’m fine with it! Pink and the Brains new animated theme song does NOT get enough Recognition! When I saw pinky and the brain and I loved it. Every thing is the same but yet still different in way which I love! Thanks Steven.
mrmonstercat 8 napja
@TheYakkoManGuy people
@mrmonstercat Too bad some people thought Anime Dot was attractive and made Rule 34s of Anime Dot.
mrmonstercat 10 napja
YES! i enjoyed the anime battle that they had, as it looked like something out of gurren lagann or anything out of trigger
thediver 404
thediver 404 12 napja
I love the idea off it but I'm to afraid that's the jokes will be boring because they won't do edgy jokes anymore wel that's the biggest part of the show
MajieB 10 napja
Thats exactly what they did not a single laugh from me in 13 episodes.
Latino Sci-Fi Geek
That's exactly what happened. They have "jokes" about mansplaining and manspreading though. And Dot saying "Best man for the job is always a woman". Yay
Diamonds Do
Diamonds Do 12 napja
Bring back hello nurse.
Zebra 2015
Zebra 2015 13 napja
Who wants hello nurse back ?
Snickelodeon 3 napja
i do lol
FoxboyMcFLY 13 napja
You couldn’t throw the gum away for a recorded interview?...
Sagacious Eagle
Sagacious Eagle 13 napja
Yes, I know.
pyrosdestiny 13 napja
Never liked the show
Jason M
Jason M 13 napja
Need chicken boo, mr skullhead, the kid who talks about randy newman, mr mime
Zack Irahza
Zack Irahza 12 napja
You'd been surprise what Chicken Boo did in one of the episode.
*N I N A*
*N I N A* 13 napja
Where’s the squirrel granny and the baby with the dog 😂
Slappy Squirrel and Mindy and Buttons may possibly return with other characters in the 2nd season.
Latino Sci-Fi Geek
Sacrified on the altar of political correctness
patchadamsv2 13 napja
You can't do "hello nurse" anymore because of offending someone? How else do you think I greet my wife when she enters the room?
FillerBunny NinjaShark
Lean over to her husband and say "she's cute"
dcta51 13 napja
Does anyone else find the show relaxing to watch?? I like how they kept the animation the same too.
Earth 13 napja
they rebooted it and made it too preachy
Blaze14ZX 13 napja
I hope this gives people an idea on how to do a reboot or even a remake of a beloved property.
Hayln Anna
Hayln Anna 12 napja
Well the success in this is mostly due to the main voice actors making a come back, they do know the show the most.
Chris Kemp
Chris Kemp 13 napja
I never watched the original animaniacs, and I can tell you with 0 nostalgia it is a RIOT.
T SMACKS 9 napja
@Caleb Kuti 😂😂😂😂. You got the internet watch all the og shows. Doug, tiny toons, looney toons, Rugrats, rockos modern life, rocket power, etc
Caleb Kuti
Caleb Kuti 11 napja
Same here! All the 90s kids grew up with Disney Afternoon and Steven cartoons while I grew up with Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball and We Bare Bears
The background music of this vid was obnoxious and overbearing.
The background music of this vid was obnoxious and overbearing.
FillerBunny NinjaShark
I have headphones in and it was subtle
Mushroom Head
Mushroom Head 13 napja
Old version is better.
Hayln Anna
Hayln Anna 12 napja
It's okay to not like this version, to each their own
Devin S.
Devin S. 13 napja
I'm gonna miss Hello Nurse, Slappy and Skippy Squirrel 😢
Latino Sci-Fi Geek
Now they have Dot calling Yakko and Wakko Hello Nurse and them calling her Doctor. Also manspreading and mansplaining "jokes" that go way too long trying to be funny. Yay feminism, you really stood up to the patriarchy!
Cheyenne Cook
Cheyenne Cook 12 napja
@Foshio1 * I think we’ve gotten “too PC” to have Hello Nurse and I don’t think Sherri wanted to reprise Slappy sadly
Mr. Josh
Mr. Josh 13 napja
Feminism and sensitive people ruined everything
Foshio1 *
Foshio1 * 13 napja
Why were slappy and skippy removed 😔
B 13 napja
Only two seasons!? We better get more. I'd like a few more seasons please. More character returns or at least cameos.
FillerBunny NinjaShark
It literally just dropped... More will exist if it does well enough
Kaitland O
Kaitland O 11 napja
I hope so!!!! I would love more than 2 seasons
Yeah, question is. If they get a 3rd season. Will they stay on hulu or move to HBO Max? Like the original series went from fox kids to kids wb. :D PS More slappy! :D
The new cartoon is horrible.
Hayln Anna
Hayln Anna 12 napja
It's okay if you don't like it personally, not everyone will but it's definitely doing great so far
Jabersson 13 napja
I never even grew up with the old Animaniacs, but you bet I'm gonna go watch the new one!
FillerBunny NinjaShark
You should watch the old one... It exists on the same service
A new generation
Wakko Warner
Wakko Warner 13 napja
Medalion 13 napja
Nourish the inner child within... NOURISH!
Soulo Dolo
Soulo Dolo 13 napja
If this wasnt such a sensitive era this show could be so much more with letting jokes fly and not having to baby them down for those....
Bob Burgess
Bob Burgess 13 napja
So happy to see this back and hope they stick to the same humour. Wife misses "Ok see you later lady, bye bye. Trusting all the characters will return! Squirrel, Hello Nurse, Dottie........
Latino Sci-Fi Geek
They need to stay PC, they need to have new "focus group approved" characters now.
Amy Jones
Amy Jones 13 napja
Oddy Nuff
Oddy Nuff 13 napja
It’s a re boot they can try to say it’s not
plasticstrr 13 napja
terrible background music, it's a bit too loud too :( was hard to hear the interesting interview.
FillerBunny NinjaShark
I could barely hear the background music and I have headphones in... That's your setup
mc issa
mc issa 13 napja
Animaniac makes that now " i m a maniac"
Eat Dicks
Eat Dicks 13 napja
Loving ever minute of these new episodes and hope they have many more to come. Huge part of my childhood
Silverpr 13 napja
Bring back Minerva Minx you cowards
Foshio1 *
Foshio1 * 13 napja
Yeah keep objectifying women.....in front of Dot of all characters
Nuki YT
Nuki YT 13 napja
After winger, you don't wanna do that...
Fireball Dragon
Fireball Dragon 13 napja
This isn't thinking that pointing out the problem is the same as solving it, like how _Family Guy_ will often "call itself out" for ripping off _The Simpsons_ or whatnot. This is taking the problem and lampooning it to the point where it's no longer problematic. We get it Stewie, the judges on _American Idol_ can be really, really harsh, but an oversimplified version of an audition at _American Idol_ isn't a punchline.
Roentgen8 13 napja
It’s weird how this video won’t appear in my watch history
arbknight12 13 napja
“Wait till they get to the cream filling!” *wagging eyebrows*
Justin Kyle
Justin Kyle 11 napja
@Fanimation jokes on you im not even old enough to legally understand
Fanimation 11 napja
@Justin Kyle oof I even knew that and I am only 12 I was mature so...
Justin Kyle
Justin Kyle 13 napja
oh no and i think this is definitely a r/cursedcomments
mrcookins 13 napja
Josh Cags
Josh Cags 13 napja
"75% kids and 25% adults" hmmm. I think you got that the wrong way around.
@Lennon Hodges 🏴‍☠️ 🤫
Fenrill_Ratz 12 napja
@Lennon Hodges Welcome to the club
Lennon Hodges
Lennon Hodges 12 napja
Can't afford Hulu yay
Fenrill_Ratz 13 napja
The adult jokes always got my dad laugh back then. And tbh, the kids from back then are adults now.... So this series will be watched like 80% by adults these days.
Foshio1 *
Foshio1 * 13 napja
More 80% to 20%
Tokyo 6ix
Tokyo 6ix 13 napja
The laughing in the back ground is so darn distracting....don't listen with headphones 😤.
Lite Kit
Lite Kit 13 napja
I just watched a few episodes. It's funny and nostalgic af💜💜💜
Abdelmoniem Elshamy
Is that the music from Dunkirk at the very start of the vid 0:00??!
I AM ZIM!! 13 napja
Ree _ DV9
Ree _ DV9 13 napja
Wow this is amazing cant wait to see as well "Pinky and the Brain" 😭
TITANMAN251 13 napja
I Hope this show goes on HBO Max in 2022.
Hayln Anna
Hayln Anna 12 napja
It wont
TITANMAN251 12 napja
@Zebra 2015 because it's Warner Bros, and I love Warner Bros.
Zebra 2015
Zebra 2015 13 napja
Why i hate hbo max
_1990_babyface 13 napja
So the new Animaniacs is censored now?
Latino Sci-Fi Geek
@_1990_babyface I think there were a few, but they feel really unauthentic now.
_1990_babyface 12 napja
@Latino Sci-Fi Geek the innuendos have got to ceased now.
Latino Sci-Fi Geek
Yes. Now they preach about mansplaining and manspreading though.
Condor 13 napja
watch it
Tonyiscool 13 napja
They Should've Never Made a Reboot If they were just gonna Downgrade the Animation and Soften the Humor😪
Hayln Anna
Hayln Anna 12 napja
@Robbie Walkerit's quite alright to not like this however the source material has changed with the era, and lovely enough the original main voice actors (who know this show best) are here and brought a relevant twist to such a classic with a very clean yet familiar feel to it
Hayln Anna
Hayln Anna 12 napja
It's quite alright if you don't like it but so far it's doing great and the jokes though based on relevancy, are still up there in a similar manner like the original ones
Robbie Walker
Robbie Walker 13 napja
They should never make a reboot if they don't understand the source material.
Chaotic neutral
Chaotic neutral 13 napja
What grown adults asked for this garbage show
Hayln Anna
Hayln Anna 12 napja
It's okay if immaturity isn't your cup of tea and you don't like this personally, but this revival is doing great so far for old and new fans alike
Todd Packer
Todd Packer 13 napja
Anime avatar
Eck0 13 napja
I miss a lot of characters from the old series. But there’s too many to pick.
T SMACKS 9 napja
Goodfeathers are the most missed
Hoppie426 12 napja
They returned in episode 5 as a cameo
Balloons The Noob
Most of them , did make a slient cameo appearance but they do not speak and Hello Nurse is not returning any soon sadly.
Eck0 12 napja
I miss minerva mink.
Cheyenne Cook
Cheyenne Cook 12 napja
Especially Slappy!!!
MikDan 88
MikDan 88 13 napja
Is this fucker really chewing gum while giving an interview?
Roentgen8 13 napja
Ngl the animation in the Hulu series looks like a tv version of the old series 🤣
Nuki YT
Nuki YT 13 napja
... the original series was a tv version..
Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf 13 napja
My favourite quote "Hello Nurse" lol let's not loose the hook 🤣👍
FillerBunny NinjaShark
I still use "okay lady I love you bye bye" to this day
Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf 12 napja
@Fenrill_Ratz well what we say to that in the u.k is im blagged 🤣👍
Fenrill_Ratz 13 napja
In germany they called it" Hellooooo sister", because sister, or Schwester, is not only sister, it's also short for "kranken schwester", what would be nurse. XD
FillyFoxTM 13 napja
Hellooooo Hearse
Chris Tenorio
Chris Tenorio 13 napja
What if Dexter of freakazoid is the night shift intern at acme labs and brain takes control of his mind?
SpiteHook 13 napja
People getting mad at the lack of Hello Nurse and I'm over here wondering what happened to The Wheel of Morality. Bring *that* back please.
Jose Jihad Lagon
Jose Jihad Lagon 2 órája
I hope season 2 has a cameo of hello nurse
Lennon Hodges
Lennon Hodges 13 órája
@Snickelodeon hey it's personal ok leave me alone
Player Machine
Lol, apparently she and Minerva were apparently deemed “Too sexy.” For the show.
Snickelodeon 3 napja
@Lennon Hodges LOL you can't afford Hulu it's a $1.99 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Titanguy 6 napja
@lking1540 That's a great double-entendre.
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