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On today’s Daily Fix, we’ve got the latest on the highly anticipated Mass Effect Legendary Edition collection. Bioware has detailed some of the most exciting changes and fixes coming to the updated Mass Effect trilogy, with changes to combat, vehicles, character customization, and more! Call of Duty: Warzone fans have noticed nukes flying through the skies of Verdansk, however, they’re not doing much once they make landfall. Many CoD Warzone fans are speculating that a Cold War-style map refresh may be on the way. And finally, Stella Chung stops by to share her desert island movie recommendation and it’s all Presented by Movies Anywhere. Check out Movies Anywhere! moviesanywhere.com/bonusoffer?cmp=ign%7Cio%7Cpaid%7Cpartnership%7Cboco%7Ccampaign%7C04062021
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singleplayer review
There will be a new canon ending in mass effect 3 for mass effect 4
KIN S 14 órája
Someone tell me, What is happening with Saints Row ???
MeepmeepVroom 23 órája
Why is the Kardashian wannebe in some random house?
Matthew Atkins
Matthew Atkins 23 órája
*Intro plays...and plays* We get it, your a videogame news channel.
AngryCosmonaut 23 órája
The 10 seconds of sound effect gibberish at the beginning is terrible.
Steffano Cornejo
How does no multiplayer make the at war part of mass effect 3 harder? Wouldn’t it make it easier since we now get 100% of the points and not whatever percent our multiplayer was at
Joe Nesvick
Joe Nesvick 12 órája
RicoSuaVe Napja
There's gonna be new people experiencing this masterpiece for the first time and I'm jealous AF.
Leon Allen
Leon Allen Napja
What is this video about? This girl couldn't be more bored if she tried and 48% is about completely different products than the title?!
Dj DarkDisc
Where are the bois? Watching daily fix will improve our chances
Валера Николаев
На ПК будет совсем по-другому
Ricky McLovin
Love you sydneee
Cooper Steve
Imagine if they had mass effect 3s mp just use Andromedas servers not like anyone plays it
K. Z.
K. Z. Napja
Ah how to make triple AAA bucks with reshade... Maybe bioware just leave or make a game finally
Gilly 88
Gilly 88 Napja
2:13 the original looks so much better 🤣
Andrew Ace
Andrew Ace Napja
Is she in her pajamas?
Moepsalms Napja
Here for the “roll the thing”
Ákos Tamás Nováki
40 dlcs are included = almost like an additional complete Mass Effect game
Ben Asher
Ben Asher 5 órája
If youve played the dlc, youll know its not worth the hassle.
Derek Stewart
Damn the original is struggling.
PhoutianPhill 2 napja
Hide helmet option for 1 and 2?
GEO Savarese
GEO Savarese 2 napja
It looks like you're wearing PJ's with feathers....
Zaher 2 napja
That's a lovely Pyjama!
Jadon Finnerty
Now we just need dragon age origins remastered
Alex Lion
Alex Lion 5 órája
First a reboot/remaster of Kotor, then Dragon Age.
Chris Wragg
Chris Wragg 2 napja
Urgh, this background music is driving me insane!
Jay 2 napja
No new map for next 3 months
Jesse 2 napja
So EA cut ME3 multiplayer which broke it's ability to give you the best ending, so instead of fixing the ending, they made it harder for you to get the ending you've already seen before. It's now mandatory ($$$) to play through the entire trilogy to get it. Count me out.
luis amoros
luis amoros 2 napja
No hablo ingles ni entiendo lo que dices, pero tienes una sonrisa preciosa que me hace estar atento a tu mirada.
Operative _ Unknown
Ari Nogueira
Ari Nogueira 2 napja
Sydnee's hairstyle on this episode kinda reminds me of that 80's look... Not complaining though... Just reminded me those 80's series such as Charlie's Angels or Knight Rider.... ;-)
Chicago Made
Chicago Made 2 napja
Should have been in Unreal Engine 4 or 5 we deserve that after Andromeda and Anthem disaster
Must have told EA leadership to get F***ed
Keplinstine 2 napja
The new opening animation takes a little too long
MrDinodane 2 napja
Please let there be a 120fps mode
aint Sam
aint Sam 2 napja
3:15 we’ve known about this for months. How’s this news? April 22 Verdansk gets nuked. Nukes have been getting launched since last week.
Moonpie Mars
Moonpie Mars 2 napja
Please keep Thane Alive
Nafehur Rahman Khan
The only new thing is my boy Shepherd's badonkadonks hidin' in plain sight. Unacceptable !
Homohuc Dulgi
Homohuc Dulgi 2 napja
Answer: NOTHING. It's the same old game, sold for outrageous price, bought by desperate gamers who have nothing else interesting to buy, because it's easier to keep selling the same thing and making millions than to do anything new. Greatest premiere of the year - 14 years old game for full price. Games are dead.
Sammy Gupta
Sammy Gupta 2 napja
Nice bait
Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen 2 napja
Can’t wait to play through the first two games and then maybe half of 3.
Ewolf5150 Napja
None of 3!
Hanzo Yamazaki
How about a better ending 🤓
Phil E
Phil E 2 napja
Now with improved elevator experience.
Joel Monserrate
Joel Monserrate 9 órája
Yes about time
Foxtrot 2 napja
Bet she has more fun with the stories than just reading ads off a script in these videos lol
Defected Anonymous
Wtf she wearing hideous
Blender Boy
Blender Boy 2 napja
The bugs
XMegaJuni 2 napja
What’s new is the money they make from you for a game thats not even a remaster
Chahail Naidoo
Never played Mass Effect, always wanted to. But since it's all 3 games together, wouldn't there be a way for Mass Effect 3 to "scan" the choices made in other games to then effect the ending?
Cejao 2 napja
You already made a video talking about this stuff the day before. nothing new here.
Johnny Mcclain
Everything gets a remaster except metal gear solid series?...... alright then.
Does anyone actually care about these games anymore? There's so many better modern games to play
J 2 napja
Mass effect legendary edition 60 is too expensive for remasters
Scott2781 2 napja
van 2 napja
Seems a great game, heard this was a masterpiece. Can't wait to try this game out!
van Napja
@Matt Farmer :)
Matt Farmer
I'd say, as a massive fan, go in to enjoy it, not to compare it with what you've heard. It's an experience for sure but by no means perfect. And that's coming from a guy with hundreds of hours in these games
Nemesis Prime
Nemesis Prime 2 napja
Here for the queen❤
Dan K
Dan K 2 napja
Lg projector in background... Nice
Nicholas Levy
Nicholas Levy 2 napja
We want jade empire
Anthony Tobi
Anthony Tobi 2 napja
I've never got to play mass effect back then . Looking forward to this.
Hanzo Yamazaki
Be prepaired for a great story,the gameplay is bit outdated but it still works 🙂
Hardy Lion
Hardy Lion 2 napja
Crossing t’s and dotting i’s is 70’s years old but you wear 1930’s pyjamas?
Derrick Marsh
Derrick Marsh 2 napja
Hold up did she say no mass effect 3 multi-player
Jesse 2 napja
Jacques Skudder
Nice pj's
Blood Blossom
Blood Blossom 2 napja
Still not complete without multiplayer
I've memorized her apartment.
That's not creepy at all
SEAL 2 napja
thats no place for a disco ball.
This game being on game pass day 1 should be getting announced any day now.
Michael Damon
Michael Damon 2 napja
Why does it feel like the "thing" is getting longer?
Edward Blodgett
What's new is why people won't buy! Lol
Jt Yt
Jt Yt 2 napja
What's new will for starters you can say all the censored stuff that wasn't in the original that's all you need about this garbage cash grab.
joe smith
joe smith 2 napja
Deveyous 2 napja
The thumbnail tells me I've seen to many Tobey Maguire Meme videos
Vincent Napja
i'm going to put dirt in your eye
Nafyo Toons
Nafyo Toons 2 napja
The ending of Mass effect 3 LE is truly FIXED?
Ry Mental
Ry Mental 2 napja
Sid why are you still in your pyjamas?
Tajer Aich
Tajer Aich 2 napja
Cool pajamas. 👍🏾
Scott Barnett
Scott Barnett 2 napja
Did they get rid of the awful shotty from ME1? Lol
Dan Bee
Dan Bee 2 napja
Did anyone notice the camera motion was not on the legendary edition? Why would anyone get rid of that part, its a big part of the game.
balsanova 2 napja
Probably just a choice for modernization. Heavy camera shake is cool sometimes but when combined with motion blur can turn the screen to mush and be distracting. Feels like game devs recently have been trying to roll that kind of stuff back recently.
Andrew Graziano
Is she seriously wearing her pjs?
Raychii521 521521
You destroyed the Mako! You are just pampering the weak!
Bryan 2 napja
Wondering if they will slightly alter the ending as a set up for the next Mass Effect..
Alexander-Maurice Mill
@Kevin Lay they already said mass effect 4 will be in the Milky Way, and hinted that they are likely going to retcon some things around the ending. See the Teaser on the official Mass Effect channel. Liara's crowfeet also suggest that she's at least in her 200s-300s at that point.
Reggie Herod
Reggie Herod 2 napja
@Zoltan dude where’s my car?
Zoltan 2 napja
@Kevin Lay The ME: Andromeda is in another galaxy. ME4 is back in this galaxy, set AFTER the trilogy, and not parallel to it.
Kevin Lay
Kevin Lay 2 napja
the trilogy has ended, the next mass effect is in another galaxy... so why should they go out their way to alter the trilogy
Zoltan 2 napja
That would just confuse the hell out of everyone, if there would be a future-altering change... And besides that, they just need to pick one ending (probably destroy), and it is a perfect setup for any later story.
Zunorichi01 2 napja
No multiplayer? A little sad about that
Razear 2 napja
Sydnee picked up her shirt from a bird's nest?
DarkBlu117z Crookedneck
Yeah Mass Effect Legendary Edition:)
Matt Oxberry / PigeonOnAStatue
Sydney - As always, love the pyjamas!
Big Boss
Big Boss 2 napja
Hey Sydney do you still read comments?
Big Boss
Big Boss 2 napja
Please time stamps
Majora's Covid Mask
This host just seems like a bubbly fake that doesn't even play games.
Alloy the Defender
The woman looks like an RL version of Miranda Lawson.
Daddy Pool
Daddy Pool 2 napja
Who's here from the ign story boys?
Luis Felipe González
Is it going for switch??
Crazy Uncle Crispy
hopefully but as of right now no
Jeff May
Jeff May 2 napja
Is it Halloween?
Brosky 2 napja
git rid of those fuccin hit markers plz
Graphical intro is waaaaaaaaay toooooooo loooooooooong!!! 😕
D Skipper
D Skipper 2 napja
Best damn video game ever made.
😳 Oh, wow! That's a top someone's wearing?!
Hector Vega
Hector Vega 2 napja
The new intro should come with a seizure warning!! 🚨🚨
Hastomo Hadi
Hastomo Hadi 2 napja
Never play all mass effect games, definitely going to play the game on ps5. Besides in the legendary edition, player can play as the female shepherd in all 3 games 🤗😳🤗.
Crazy Uncle Crispy
you could play as femshep in all 3 games before there just wasnt a definitive look for the default until ME3
Cyb3r Ne0n
Cyb3r Ne0n 2 napja
Asian heat👀👀
Whatever billy
Remixed music? I'm worried.
Jt Jose
Jt Jose 2 napja
Better be able to toggle it off.
Carlos Huiskens
FYI to anyone that didn't know yet but the Legendary Edition seemingly doesn't truly include 40+ DLC's unless you count every weapon and armor you can download as a single DLC.
The only DLC missing is Pinnacle Station for ME1, which the general concensus is that it's a rather pointless DLC in the long run with no actual story impact whatsoever, and certainly won't be missed. If there's a DLC people don't mind gone from the game, it's exactly that one. Otherwise, the Legendary Edition will have all of the important story DLC including Citadel, and will have all the preorder bonuses, limited edition items, and cosmetic DLC.
Crazy Uncle Crispy
@Adam Finlay and that single ME1 DLC had no use outside of grinding XP and loot so considering the XP rebalances to ME1 it holds almost no purpose in the MELE
Adam Finlay
Adam Finlay 2 napja
Its every dlc besides 1 of the ME1 ones. Yes dlc weapons and armour do count
w4rren. w
w4rren. w 2 napja
Still no ring insight, we In the end game now Bois
Sad Bastard Music
She's just wearing PJs lol
what happened to the daily fix playlist? what the eff man
Not been updated for like a WEEK or so. Really bad. What the eff indeed. Channel is just too cluttered to subscribe to it
Brojangles 2 napja
"Crossing their Is and dotting their Ts"
David FN
David FN 2 napja
Ansersan 2 napja
This is a toned down daily fix
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