We Made Shrek and the Mario Bros In Demon’s Souls - Up at Noon Live 

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We’ve created some hideous monsters in Demon’s Souls gorgeous character creator! Plus, is that the toughest console launch title ever? In other news the Hitman team is working on a James Bond game, codenamed “Project 007.” Finally, if you’re looking to paint your PS5, we have some basic tips on how to do so without totally gunking up your expensive new system.
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Martin Luther Yung
yo no problem. Even though it feels rushed it still a great episode!
Achilles Eels
Achilles Eels 9 napja
emre 11 napja
elder scroll ıv oblivion character design > all game character design
Oken 13 napja
More like 'The Mask 1994'
CyberThug1080i 13 napja
PS5 HDMI 2.1 Bandwidth of 32GB/s capped and also Slower than Xbox Series X's 40GB/s 😏
Takyon 12 napja
@CyberThug1080i k
CyberThug1080i 12 napja
@Takyon And you're a troll. What is the point are you arguing again?
Takyon 13 napja
@CyberThug1080i You're brain dead bro
CyberThug1080i 13 napja
@Takyon Oh, so you're saying you've purchase a Samsung QT 8K TV. Don't you think you overdid it a little bit? You won't get any real use out of that 8K TV for quite some time.🤔 Well a word of advice. Be careful how you clean that anti-glare coat, it really is delicate. Or did you just go to the Samsung site and picked out the most expensive TV you saw? Then came back here and posted the model name.
CyberThug1080i 13 napja
@Takyon No, The Q90T 120hz, HDR, VRR, 1440 @120hz HDMI 2.1 TV. The one that was recommended by Microsoft and Samsung at the beginning of all of this.
The Cognizant
The Cognizant 13 napja
Please delete this video
Ryan Spear
Ryan Spear 14 napja
Loved the Comedy button reference at the end there
Itari Wasashi
Itari Wasashi 14 napja
this is one of my favorite talk shows/podcasts keep it up!!
Aengus lewthwaite
That shot of their producer shaking his head at the mention of technical issues was golden
Alexio Quaglierini
That's on me...
acdnan 13 napja
ErosLikesGames 14 napja
CooterCritters The GameCat Adjacent
When they said Demon Souls was the hardest launch title, I started thinking of Sega and Altered Beast and all those old games that i think I'd still have more trouble with than any Souls game.
Detective Sadback
😂😂😂 me and my sister played altered beast back in the day
Parallel 14 napja
Greetings IGN, I am producing a game called Parallel. I put it on Steam and I count on everyone's support. 🙏
Huzaifa Niazi
Huzaifa Niazi 14 napja
Damn I love these guys, ign couldn't be the same for me without them.
metsallica 14 napja
Why so short? :(
Sawyer Griffin
Sawyer Griffin 14 napja
How many Scoville units does Demon Souls get, Max?
alexis chawaf
alexis chawaf 14 napja
You guys are awesome...love the sense of humor!
I Turned Myself Into A Pickle Morty
I’m super excited about 007! 007 reloaded is one of my personal favorites
Anthony Horton
Anthony Horton 14 napja
Annnnnd it begins
Lol look at that room Brian is in. Wonder if he's a fan of red letter media's nerd crew?
Shraddha Roy
Shraddha Roy 14 napja
Help you dost
Captain CJ 97
Captain CJ 97 14 napja
Oh lord
Joseph Ocasio
Joseph Ocasio 14 napja
That Shrek looks more like a green Thanos.
nicoduran98 14 napja
Ty Poncho
Ty Poncho 14 napja
shrek 1!
Parzival 14 napja
Did they just straight-up steal the Shrek idea from CrankGameplays? Because he posted a video where he played as Shrek in the game, literally only an hour and a half or so before this stream.
Matt C.
Matt C. 14 napja
No, they stole it from Iron Pineapple.
Brian Altano
Brian Altano 14 napja
I tweeted mine a few days ago and encouraged others to do the same. Ethan is a friend of mine. Hope that clears stuff up! Anyway, SHOW ME YOUR SHREKS
Dezco 14 napja
Nah, Crank straight up took the idea from Brian - one of the guys in this video. He states that he took it from him in the first 2 minutes of his vid lol
Tracy Martell
Tracy Martell 14 napja
Iron pine apple wants to speak with you.
Ryuma Kozuki
Ryuma Kozuki 14 napja
Where is donkey
Ooopshie 14 napja
JAD 14 napja
He looks like Shrek mixed with Lord Farquaad
Rai Hanzo
Rai Hanzo 14 napja
The fanfiction that must remain hidden for eternity
JBennett9571 14 napja
That Shrek is giving me handsome Squidward vibes
John Doe
John Doe 14 napja
Sexy Shrek
SectionEight 14 napja
Handsome Shrek
Ramah Jones
Ramah Jones 14 napja
Mad someone said it first 😂
gtone339 14 napja
3:20 Shrek!
Brad 0
Brad 0 14 napja
Best content I have ever seen from IGN
Victor Muniz
Victor Muniz 14 napja
IGN edited the video. I'll fix all the timestamps. Done. 00:07 Starts 00:43 DeS' Character Creator 01:51 Shrek 04:11 Mario 05:45 Luigi 06:38 DeS + Dificult Launch Games 13:18 IO's Project 007 19:52 PS5's Custom Plates
Hersh Hiwa
Hersh Hiwa 14 napja
Not all heros wear cape
SectionEight 14 napja
Not all heroes wear capes
Victor Muniz
Victor Muniz 14 napja
@Vipul Doshi If you feel like it, sure. Really, though, I'm just glad to hopefully help and spread some love.
heroinfather 14 napja
Damn u quick
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi 14 napja
want a like?
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