Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground - Official Release Date Reveal Trailer 

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Watch the latest trailer for the upcoming turn-based strategy game for a glimpse of one of three customizable armies--the eternal Stormcasts, the ghoulish Nighthaunt, and the rotting Maggotkin--you must lead to victory through roguelike single-player campaigns or defeating other players in online PvP.

Conquer the Mortal Realms when Warhammer: Age of Sigmar launches on May 27, 2021, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.
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Lord Wacho
Lord Wacho Órája
wtf xd
Kim Schwartzbach
Kim Schwartzbach 3 órája
Colour me interested!
Axehilt 6 órája
Age of Sigmar just really just doesn't seem to have the troop design quality that Fantasy or 40k have (at least Creative Asembly and Fatshark's take on Fantasy).
lancourt 6 órája
Hmm looks interesting, some customization *CARD PACKS* Theeeeere we go!
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells 6 órája
Oh thank Sigmar this isn't a filthy mobile game! :)
manuviraj khare
manuviraj khare 7 órája
Where Warhammer Fantasy?
LightBeam Studio
LightBeam Studio 7 órája
jade .jade
jade .jade 8 órája
Is it juat me or has there been a huge surge in warhammer related games? Im not complaining though
VaeSapiens 8 órája
No skaven, no buy-purchase from me-me.
Ashley Newman
Ashley Newman 9 órája
Yay another turn based warhammer game. Nah.
Natalie Hensley
Natalie Hensley 9 órája
aww yay looks exciting!! Love age of sigmar can't wait to play it in the form of a video game!!
ave92me 9 órája
Wow, is this it GW? Is this the "masterpiece" that should have eclipsed warhammer fantasy greatness? Hope you fail hard in everything related to age of shitmar
Роман Кравченко
да черт бы вас побрал ГВ! нахе_а опять карты? сделайте вы уже нормальную игру, а не это карточное дро_ево.
espiraku 9 órája
Destruction players raise up againts this society that negate our right
BramGaunt 10 órája
Yeeeah... . Nope.
Robert C
Robert C 10 órája
A card game warhammer. Amazing!
The Candlemaker
The Candlemaker 10 órája
At least they're staying true to the source material by pretending that Grand Alliance: Destruction doesn't exist.
Grom Hellscream
Grom Hellscream 10 órája
TheKingMaker 13 órája
Lol is there anyone more greedy than GW ...
Emiliano Merendino
Emiliano Merendino 13 órája
A bit too simple for this age, but nice
Ben Wadhams
Ben Wadhams 13 órája
Cool and all but why are they catering for a universe they borderline killed while more or less ignoring 40k
sevenlift 14 órája
are they have skaven or lizardmen?
JC 15 órája
Age of Shitmar
SilverHelm 22 órája
Seriously?! Enough with the damn strategy games Warhammer! Make something actually interesting and not going to put everyone to sleep.
Rekeiji Napja
Theres already a hex based AoS arena game, its called Underworlds. This is just more disappointing pseudo mobile game stuff.
Wilson Napja
Hope AoS will never make into total war series
Pie Crust
Pie Crust Napja
looks like another warhammer flop
Wow, another bland looking GW licensed game. At this point, they are about as common as Primaris releases.
Grayson Waechter
PC, PS4 and XBOX? Don't those game developers have phones?
Glen Dawe
Glen Dawe Napja
This looks like a mobile game....especially with the card system for heroes.
Cheeky Gnome
This is horseshit
Péter Magyar
Péter Magyar 3 napja
Why are they making a garbage mobile game looking 💩 for consoles?
Ulysse 3 napja
Yay another Cash grab warhammer game, sure i'm gonna put 40$ in this game when TW WH 3 is just around the corner
Captain Razz
Captain Razz 5 órája
Isnt the nature of a video game to "grab cash"? also this is an Age of sigmar game not a warhammer fantasy game. they are also clearly different styles of game so they really dont compete with each other at all. so TLDR your a winging little Snotling.
Kikyo 3 napja
Warhammer 3 TW funeral game
Chaotic Neutral Giraffe
how many warhammer games are coming out this years, i'm loving it!!!
fot ppd
fot ppd 3 napja
where the zog are the gits?
Jacob Shabazz
Jacob Shabazz 3 napja
Warhammer has more games than Mario at this point.
Alex S
Alex S 3 napja
Пока что выглядит как смесь героев, десайплов и так будто мне придется искать это в рейде. Ждем первого греймплейного ролика, надеюсь он развеет мои опасения
staalforsfh 3 napja
Here to downvote the 6 year old Ground Marine jokes
racspartan1 3 napja
Nice 👍
Kimochi san
Kimochi san 3 napja
give Dice licence to make Warhammer 40k battlefront
Captain Razz
Captain Razz 5 órája
@ragnarok ivae people already think age of sigmar is too big a setting for total war. 40K would be ridiculous and they might as well join up with paradox at that point
Edward Winnington
Two money grabbing firms working together?
ragnarok ivae
ragnarok ivae 9 órája
Or total war Warhammer 40k
Smol pp
Smol pp Napja
EA and Games Workshop together? a heresy that would call for an exterminatus to fix that mess
yuck. turn based garbage
Eloy Lopez
Eloy Lopez 3 napja
Can y’all please give us another space marine game it doesn’t have to be a part twofold the first space marine game which is still one of my favorites can be a whole new game or better yet let’s us play as the Primarchs oh my Emperor that would be the sheeeit.
Benjamin Burdige
Looks like the same tired and overused crap we have been getting from GW recently.
Santiago Ramos
Cool trailer and all but this is just turn based doodoo. Call me when you go real time.
D C 3 napja
Gladius 2? Lol
gab olivarest
gab olivarest 3 napja
So interesting lore... but they keep making crap
M Stach
M Stach 3 napja
They really just releasing a new Warhammer game every other week huh?
What heresy is this
Jordi Capdevila
Do not tell me why, but it remembered me to mobile phone game.
ChaosRus 3 napja
Why this game looks like mobile? Is it port from android? And ofc there will be donate and cards to buy as in all mobile garbage games...
A P 3 napja
There will be not
HyprHotshot 3 napja
the amazing customization is literally just recolors haha
Pietro Figura
Pietro Figura 3 napja
Looks just as awful as the Age of Sigmar board game
Ryan Of the Howling Report
Then you haven't even played AoS
Leandro Cardozo
why do they keep making these cheese like gamessssssssssss
Guillermo Mendoza
For switch
Cid1 3 napja
Looks great.. But not really interested in turn based video games.
azneatdog 3 napja
They made it into a turn base mobile game..... what a let down.
This seems very underwhelming. Looks more like a mobile game than a game for console/pc.
Herald of Nurgle
@Ryan Of the Howling Report that might be true but this not one of them
Ryan Of the Howling Report
Even some of the best console and PC games can look like they run on mobile
cenkiss2331 3 napja
NVS 4 napja
More turn based garbage. Hard pass.
Excessive one
Excessive one 4 napja
Seems fun
Commander Bohn
Age of Sigmar... I'LL PASS. The Old World and TWWIII soon.
Bimmer Mike
Bimmer Mike 4 napja
Mobile game on pc
Helmut Stein
Helmut Stein 4 napja
Ah always love me some costumization
II 4 napja
Less Sigmarines, more Space Marine 2!
ALDB 4 napja
Krzysztof Jakubowski
It's cool and all,but I'm gonna go and paint me some miniatures instead.
Mar P
Mar P 4 órája
Can’t even find the pleasure in miniatures anymore with how much they been gutting the tabletop rules and way of playing
The Candlemaker
The Candlemaker 10 órája
Spoken like a true gentleman.
Chaotic Neutral Giraffe
@David Neo no no, let him, the way they cost he might buy 3, and also the paints..
Interstellar Synthesis
Same! HAHA
David Neo
David Neo 3 napja
Yeah...at the price of a game you can get like 1-8 miniatures ...way better deal ;)
godlike119 4 napja
Looks like a shitty mobile game tbh
Andrea Dworkin's ghost
age of smegma
сергей асланян
Why not rts(
Ryan Of the Howling Report
Sure it's turn based, but frontier development is working on an RTS for AoS
Patrick Pedersen
Try and look up total war: warhammer
masterxk 4 napja
For the emperor!! The emperor protects!!!
RazorX53 4 napja
This is just hideous
Rick de Graaf
Rick de Graaf 4 napja
Anyone know when darktide is releasing? Can't wait for that game!
Tempe_ Estus
Tempe_ Estus 3 napja
Don't expect anything from fatshark, just look at vt2 now
Spike Bebop
Spike Bebop 4 napja
Mehdi MALEK 4 napja
Why AOS looks childish compared to the old world ?
Ryan Of the Howling Report
It depends on how you look at it, Fantasy Battle had more of a medieval feel, while AoS has more of a High Fantasy, Steampunk feel
Patrik 4 napja
No Orruks?!? Heresy!!!
Siegorius 3 napja
@Skaven Brad95 my bad, was on my phone
Skaven Brad95
Skaven Brad95 3 napja
@Siegorius those are Maggotkin
Siegorius 4 napja
There's some at 0.56
Serj Ilyin
Serj Ilyin 4 napja
“Astartes” vibes in that mask design
Gabriel Melnik
Dante from Devil May Cry
Looks kinda Meh..
strike Spider45
Hey where is the day before
cristian rodriguez
Austin Ashcraft
You know the Warhammer community and this is what you give them?
Ryan Of the Howling Report
They're a small studio, and who knows they may have more stuff coming up
Mostafa Haque
Mostafa Haque 4 napja
James.T .Adams
“Oh a new Warhammer game, maybe it’ll be-“ (Is turn based) “Aaaaand I’m instantly disinterested”
Smol pp
Smol pp Napja
@Gabriel Melnik it's turn based to a point yes, but the battles are in real time and the visual spectacle of those battles more than makes up for it.
Gyy Tgy
Gyy Tgy 3 napja
Yeah needs to be RTS
Gabriel Melnik
Total war warhammer 2 is turn based an is one of the most played games in the warhammer franchise
didold 4 napja
This is just beautiful
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Heh. "Hero". In Warhammer...
Randall Ezno
Randall Ezno 4 napja
Do you guys not have phones?
Be Gay Do Crime
@Patrick Pedersen *As those words were muttered by Randall, the slow tapping of nails on a chalkboard transformed into a screech as Randall dragged his nails across the board*
Patrick Pedersen
That's the sound of dragging nails on a chalkboard
Sam Leroux
Sam Leroux 4 napja
The day before ????????!??
Where the day before?
Crimson Hunter
Came before it get full.
Рысь 4 napja
Игра-говно инфа сотка.
Mathias Vennnestrom
8th comment
tutorial boss
tutorial boss 4 napja
why does it look like a mobile game...
The Candlemaker
The Candlemaker 10 órája
Because it's a Focus Home Interactive game. Not exactly a publisher associated with high quality.
Killer Instinct
@OpalescentGames shut up what do you know
@Killer Instinct uh no they arent this game was made with creating a video game that feels like the board game and encompasses the core rules as much as possible. For all intensive purposes this game is an exact adaptation of Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Javier de Prada
@Killer Instinct The game has no mobile version as far as I'm aware.
DoggyPoo 4 napja
​@Maveth The Reaper They hated him because he told them the truth.
Chow Alex
Chow Alex 4 napja
first minute!
Ranveer Bhavsar
2nd comment
Stantastics 4 napja
Brandon M Soto
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