Unboxing the Amazing New Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball Machine 

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We unbox and try out the latest Marvel-themed Stern pinball machine, Avengers: Infinity Quest (this is the Premium version). Infinity Quest has some great innovations, a fast-shooting layout, and a game that's easy to learn but hard to master. The surprisingly gravity-defying tangle of ramps and wireforms is very cool, and makes your shots feel acrobatic. It's a perfect theme for pinball and chock full of shots that match characters and actions in the rules. Especially cool are the vertical Avengers Tower ball lock, the Dr. Strange spinning disk and subway lock, and many shots you can combo and loop. Infinity Quest combines rules inspired by some of pinball's best games with a perfect theme, a totally fresh and fun layout, and nearly every shot seems to be a twist or a new take on a classic.
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That pinball machine looks really fun to have & play! It would look great anywhere like in a game room, arcade, man cave, restaurant or anywhere else for people to have fun playing it.
Dedi Kurniawan
Dedi Kurniawan 17 órája
Donnelly Nowak
The embarrassed shoe astonishingly tap because step unlikely join pace a adhesive desire. wiggly, complete glider
Cary Hardy
Cary Hardy 2 napja
Something to clarify for those interested in purchasing a new pinball machine like the one in this video. You will need to purchase through a Stern Pinball distributor. You can do some googling to find someone near by or you can go straight to FlipNoutpinball website for all the info you need. He is my distributor.
Brendon Marks
Brendon Marks 3 napja
I've played this pinball machine in Australia. Its a seriously awesome game.
Thomas Gainey
Thomas Gainey 3 napja
The best one is the iron man 2 one
Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis 3 napja
Is this going to be available digitally?
GI PsychoTwitch
Well time to go get a bank loan
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 3 napja
Slick 3 napja
My stepdads friend has this and it’s super dope!!!
never forget
never forget 2 napja
ecesar 3 napja
Where is the box?
Steve Le
Steve Le 3 napja
Thats what im wondering too... unboxing video without a box... ook
InfinityZous 3 napja
Moomra 911
Moomra 911 3 napja
Need a purchase link in the description...
Michael Lockwood
Does IGN really have a secret underground test bunker (and is it really underground)?
kevin agee
kevin agee 3 napja
3lement2010 3 napja
This kinda of makes me want to buy a pinball machine despite never playing one in my life.
Santiago Dunbar
Around 12,500 new
matirishhh 3 napja
Or get Marvel Arcade1up Pinball machine. Its relatively cheap at 599. But only if you find one.
Noah Sties
Noah Sties 3 napja
try visual pinball on pc, it’s free and community made and let’s you play most modern pinball games on your pc. sorta like an emulator
kevin agee
kevin agee 3 napja
they're as expensive as a car
Is this a full size pin?
Jeffrey Mason
Jeffrey Mason 3 napja
Awesome pinball machine
Jake K
Jake K 3 napja
Right in time for Covid! Wait...
ً 3 napja
what's up with the day before game, there was supposed to be a video from the gameplay by now on the IGN channel
Nicholas Kozer
IGN you have two MCU box sets and this clearly you guys must be wealthy because middle class people have to save up a lot to get that.
Richie 3 napja
Fascinating arcade pinball machine!!
Lil Goten TV
Lil Goten TV 3 napja
I’m starting to believe that secret IGN underground bunker filled with pinball machines could be real
Fırat KARA
Fırat KARA 3 napja
O sapık böyle iğrenç bir şeyden hoşlanmaya programlandıysa beni yargılayamazsın kadın.
elkaTAsas 3 napja
IGN Pls What’s going on with the day before pls say something @IGN
Big Black Glock
Kill the rich
Then there will be a new rich, and you would have to kill everyone with any money because some people would have more than others. And then there would be people with more cows, and so on until nobody is left.
Elibbb1111 4 napja
You can play it with 6 stones
Big Black Glock
Cannabis R Us
Cannabis R Us 4 napja
Bet its hard to find in Canada lol
Operator Matt
Operator Matt 4 napja
The day before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snazog 4 napja
The Day Before ?
Waheed Abdullah
Why can't there be a holiday called, "Free Stuff Day"?
Waheed Abdullah
@GAMEOVER Yes, but this is a pinball machine
GAMEOVER 4 napja
there is it called free comic book day
Nathan Burns
Nathan Burns 4 napja
IGN Pls What’s going on with the day before pls say something @IGN
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