Total War: Warhammer 2 - Official The Twisted & The Twilight Trailer 

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Two new factions (Heralds of Ariel and Clan Moulder), two new legendary lords (The Sisters of Twilight and Throt The Unclean), new warriors and beasts, and more, will be available with The Twisted & The Twilight Lords Pack, available on December 3, 2020.

Watch the trailer to see The Sisters of Twilight face off against Throt The Unclean.










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Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 2 napja
didnt they promise to combine Warhammer 1 Warhammer 2 and Warhammer 3 into 1 MEGA ULTRA GAME PACK ? WITH ULTRA MEGA SUPER COLOSSAL MAP SIZE ?
Devin Espinoza
Devin Espinoza 23 órája
Yup its gonna happen eventually game 3 is still being worked on while they are also planning on one more dlc for game 2 after this dlc
KingOfMadCows 2 napja
I really like the music in this trailer, I hope they make a longer version for the game.
Prushin the Spirit
Nah. For some reason, they never release Warhammer soundtrack officially.
Romy Gupta
Romy Gupta 2 napja
Can we talk about the poor wood elf at 1:19, captured and about to be killed by Throk
Rob Silver
Rob Silver 2 napja
Dez Wattronica
You can tell they are having so much fun with this. This is clearly there money maker
Charlie1022 2 napja
So I guess Throt hasn't recovered from the humiliation Grimgor gave him.
beat thebans
beat thebans 3 napja
I'm concerned about a ratoger thats bigger than a dragon space marine skaven was bad enough a prospect but this is a bit much otherwise the rest looked interesting wood elves did need more not sure about teenage mutant dragon ogres though
Jacob M
Jacob M 3 napja
Just want a Total war Lord of the Rings
@K G it is, I agree. LotR Total War would honestly be gluten free Warhammer Total War. If they wouldn't pick Silmarillion of course
K G 3 napja
Doesn't this scratch the same kinda itch tho, if not more variety?
Michael Sierra
Doug Shepard
Doug Shepard 3 napja
it's a bit of a mix, most of the time the game plays like civilization but the battles are an RTS
Devin Espinoza
Rizky Andra
Rizky Andra 3 napja
What game is this? And what genre?? Moba? Rpg??
Zefyris D
Zefyris D 3 napja
that's a 4x. it's part turn based on the global map and battles are rts style.
Wertai Man
Wertai Man 3 napja
Its called Total war Warhammer.
Rise 3 napja
Total war. So part rts for battles and grand strategy for your territories
Tuan Hoang
Tuan Hoang 4 napja
Its cool and all but wouldn't these two have to walk half the globe to reach each other?? I mean Hellpit and Athel Loren is way a part
Zefyris D
Zefyris D 3 napja
the twillight sisters are accompanied by Ariel, who in the lore can make armies cross the world through world roots nigh instantly. She once brought several armies deep in Naggaroth like that just to siege Morathi's lair because she was pissed at her, and succeeded with taking her lair before any other DE army could come to help. They're adding that instant travel partially to WE with the rework btw. So distance isn't really that much of a problem for them, at least.
cl1cka 3 napja
Ture, but you have to remember that so far EVERY dlc, the lords are in the Vortex campaign as well. So I assume they will be included there as well.
Nikita Dovidchenko
Wait aren`t history of Fantasy Battles is finished?
Awesome Jedi
Awesome Jedi 4 napja
Question will they start in hellpit on mortal empires?
Awesome Jedi
Awesome Jedi 3 napja
@Zefyris D time to destroy kill man things up north
Zefyris D
Zefyris D 3 napja
Throt ? Yes, he starts in hellpit.
Shreyas Adhikari
Galadriel as the narrator?
Dale Daywalt
Dale Daywalt 4 napja
0:51 ouch!
Lunar 4 napja
Naestra and Arahan yesssssss!!! Sisters of Twilight are some of my favs :)
Mike Tran
Mike Tran 4 napja
The game that keeps on giving, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays everyone!
NXDH 927
NXDH 927 4 napja
So damn excited
Still waiting for the obvious Game of Thrones version of Total War. Not a mod, a dedicated game.
Gruntor Hawk
Gruntor Hawk 2 napja
@solwen honestly the new three kingdoms diplo is a little better. And unit variety was never that crazy before warhammer. It was bically just stat variations between nations.
solwen 2 napja
Game of thrones fun comes from all the diplomacy and backstabbing. The Ai can't handle that and that game would juste be a traditional TW game with few factions or unit variety.
Kinda want one for Legend of Zelda as well but uh.........Nintendo ain't letting that happen.
Raven 4 napja
I would prefer one in Star Wars universe: A new "Empire at War"
Chang Siah Lim
when the get the license to do that
james Michael
james Michael 4 napja
So no gameplay? Sick
Prushin the Spirit
This is a gameplay you see.
Upcast 3 napja
It’s a DLC reveal, what gameplay do you need? Lol
Magesh M
Magesh M 4 napja
Hi juno
HOT GIRLS TV 4 napja
Oh yeah 👍👍👍
Craig Roberts
Craig Roberts 4 napja
So.....any one else just hear Lady Galadriel as the narrator?
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill 3 napja
That’s basically who she’s based on.
Carsickness86 4 napja
Console version please
Jay Rutley
Jay Rutley 4 napja
I predict a lot of green glowing
My Name Thog
My Name Thog 4 napja
This game has taken over my life. Must kill-death all filthy cold blooded lizard creaturesez. Glory for the vermintide
suho slava
suho slava 4 napja
Are they going to make a new map or expand this one? It is getting boring.
Boar of the north
They always expand it with every new dlc
fixer10091994 4 napja
Wait a minute...are those Zoats?
Prushin the Spirit
@Iceysteel not really. Old arts made them look more unique, like anthrofied brontosaurus. Now they are just reskinned dragoogres.
Iceysteel 4 napja
Indeed it is, They got a bit of a upgrade from their original art as Zoat's look much better now.
Rancidtunip 4 napja
They are my favorite race, but another Skaven lord? We already have the best lord Ikit Claw !
wv77m 3 napja
We were bound to get clan Moulder before Warhammer 3, it would have been silly to get clan Ritkus and Mors but not clan Moulder. In the lore they are one of 4 major skaven clans (along with Pestilence, Skryer and Eshin).
Rancidtunip 4 napja
@Henrick Girard-Martineau meh, I think they only picked Throt so he could be paired with ghoritch, just like the twilight twins are going to be paired.
Henrick Girard-Martineau
yeah but the moulder clan is a very important clan in the lore ( moulder vs norsca would have been better lore wise)
Nye Nye
Nye Nye 4 napja
How about we just make this the most disliked video for no reason
Devin Espinoza
Nye Nye
Nye Nye 3 napja
@Jared Alexandeson why not
Celtic Akuma
Celtic Akuma 4 napja
Jared Alexandeson
Erish 4 napja
Yes more skaven :]
MrBurg 4 napja
Yes-yes you mean?
isaiah baller
isaiah baller 4 napja
anyone else wish that they made a ps4 port...
isaiah baller
isaiah baller 3 napja
@The_Drop Bear PlayStation recognizes mouse and keyboard...
Killershootin 69
@The_Drop Bear playstation 4 and probably 5 recognize mouse n keyboard.
The_Drop Bear
The_Drop Bear 3 napja
How the hell would you play total war on a controler.
Killershootin 69
Yes ps5 needs it
el atik
el atik 4 napja
the music on this video is so cheap
Kozi Ray
Kozi Ray 4 napja
Warhammer 3 😮 ??? oh just a new DLC, i sleep 😴
Zefyris D
Zefyris D 3 napja
@ShadowWolfRising confirmed not being the last.
This is either the last or 2nd to last DLC for 2, 3 is gonna be coming sooner or later.
Brujo Hernandez
I absolutely love old rts games like warcraft, starcraft, AOE, c&c but i always felt that total warhammer games are a steep learning curv so always steered away.
Gruntor Hawk
Gruntor Hawk 2 napja
Total war tends to be not to bad because economy and combat occur separately. So it's totally battle micro without worrying about a base. (Hence total war).
The Lightless
The Lightless 4 napja
I'd say StarCraft is much harder but Total War has HORRIBLE tutorials
Devin Phillips
It may feel that way but if I can figure it out then anyone can lol
Nemanja Charapic
It took me a while to get into it, and i love TW games, but once i clicked with that one faction and understood how the game works fully ,it became my obsession. Like in other TW i dont usually play all the factions just some but in here i played through all the campaigns. It really is the ultimate mix of fantasy and strategy. Give it a try, go with some easier factions like High Elves or Dwarves
Randall Ezno
Randall Ezno 4 napja
When will tw Warhammer 3 gonna be release?
amr kotb
amr kotb 4 napja
@SaicaFox maybe but what I am 100% about it willnot be norsca or beastmen or chaos because they repeatedly said that they willnot be touched untill warhammer 3 so what of there is another dlc vampire vs dwarfs
SaicaFox 4 napja
@amr kotb One more dlc after the wood elf one. Based on this reddit tweet from devs I predict we see WH3 in Q3 2021.
amr kotb
amr kotb 4 napja
@Chang Siah Lim in the reddit post I believe
Chang Siah Lim
@amr kotb when did they say this is the last dlc for warhammer 2?
amr kotb
amr kotb 4 napja
@Wazuuf also they said all chaos related factions will be overhauled in warhammer 3 not warhammer 2
cutez0r 4 napja
The Sisters Ping and Pong. Just drop a Skaven nuke on them and continue the meme
Crystal Gamer
Crystal Gamer 4 napja
Thrott the Unclean is so relatable
Karl The Slav
Karl The Slav 4 napja
It'll be Febuary until SFO is updated and we can actually play it tho..
Doug Shepard
Doug Shepard 3 napja
SFO never takes that long to update especially for lord packs
Bayofthe91st 4 napja
well you know the drill....
Malcolm Lu
Malcolm Lu 4 napja
lol as usual
LoLuzable 4 napja
zea nine gaming
Symbiote Seeker
We need the Ogre Kindoms!!! Please Warhammer ll i beg of you!
solwen 2 napja
@Patrick Clarke They will. 100% sure.
Jagore 4 napja
Probably going to be a primary race in total warhammer 3 along with chaos daemons, chaos dwarfs, and kislev
Blake Collins
Blake Collins 4 napja
They're gonna be a game 3 race, their homeland isn't in game 2's map
Patrick Clarke
I am almost certain they will be a race in TW III
Majd Hussam
Majd Hussam 4 napja
Parallel 4 napja
Greetings IGN. I'm producing a Rpg game called Parallel. It's on Steam and I want to bring it to consoles and cell phones too. I count on you.🙏
Polruss Tomakriss
Wrong place to promote, hook yourself up with a kick starter account, way more to grab from it thàn youtube
yrm159 4 napja
Oh hey it's you
Xd Faze Hybrid
Splashlord 4 napja
GetRektFN 4 napja
*“BE HONEST WHO'S BEEN A FAN FOR A LONG TIME?”* “¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵T̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜo ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙŞ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🍇
Oofer Doofer
Oofer Doofer 4 napja
What’s funny is that the dumbass who originally owned this account actually fell for one of these
Devastating gamer
Lol 1 second Btw im gonna remember this comment until i get 1 million subs
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