The Mosquito Coast - Official Trailer (2021) Justin Theroux, Melissa George 

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Adapted from the best selling 1981 Paul Theroux published novel of the same name, The Mosquito Coast is a harrowing adventure drama series that follows the dangerous journey of Allie Fox (Justin Theroux), a brilliant inventor and radical idealist, who uproots his family to Mexico after suddenly finding themselves on the run from the US government.
The Mosquito Coast also features Melissa George as Margot Fox, Logan Polish as Dina Fox and Gabriel Bateman as Charlie Fox, Neil Cross as the Writer and Rupert Wyatt, Jeremy Podeswa, Natalia Beristain, Tinge Krishnan, Claire Kilner set as the directors. Mosquito Coast will premier April 30th on Apple TV+.
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Shane Chabot
Lost me at "Apple Original"
Yeshaiyah White
Apples answer to Netflix's The Ozarks
Libran Divo
Kimberly Elise!!
Aerodus 2 napja
So no mosquitos? lame
Sifat Shams
Sifat Shams 2 napja
"This is the girl." Turns out he really meant it.
Drew Evans
Drew Evans 2 napja
Justin Theroux is no Harrison Ford. Not even close
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 2 napja
Wolfwind2121 2 napja
What's the songgg
Takoshi Hitsamaru
Pretty fuckin' done with Mosquitos recently, ey.
already exist original from Peter Weir 1985! with Jeff Bridgess!
James Koehler
James Koehler 2 napja
"Adapted" from the 1981 novel? Yeah....no. Not at all. Might have been interested in that.
Naldz Hobby Side
interesting 😎👍
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins 2 napja
I’m not sure the producers of this read the book.
Hamad Ali
Hamad Ali 2 napja
SOS My Hamad Ali in All Video Watch HUrun SAVE USE LIKE
Ashley Richards
Trailers nowadays: 3 min movie This trailer: 0 min 0 sec movie
Where's the giant mosquito? Wtf is this!!!
Might actually get Apple just to watch this
Charles Cochran
Uhhhh... no... that's not the same story. looks like crap that doesn't understand its source material. Boo.
Adam Albrec
Adam Albrec 3 napja
So Skipping this. There's NO WAY it can measure up to the previous film.
Christian Savage
Christian Enoch
An Apple "Original"
ComiXProvider FTW_02
Kevin Garvey’s life before reuniting with Nora in Australia.
Behemoth666 3 napja
Matt T
Matt T 3 napja
Who all thought this was going to be a re-make of the Harrison Ford film? How is this even "adapted" from the same book?
zZiL341yRj736 3 napja
What's that song in the beginning?
ne0tic 3 napja
Seems like a great movie!
??????? Wheres harison ford
Oranjmuse Meyer
Another remake... invest in original content!
ComiXProvider FTW_02
Can’t. That doesn’t make money. Recognizability makes money.
Pink Panther
Pink Panther 3 napja
Basically Apple Tv's version of The Ozarks....
Wastelander 101
Great. Another remake.
Alfred Christanto
solid movie.
Sheikhiyan 3 napja
Will Just watch for Just-in, he is a superb actor, His 'The Leftovers' series is a must watch
Michel Baggio
Michel Baggio 3 napja
In Mexico your eyes auto turn into Sepia
ALLAH-CHOD 3 napja
This just shows how Corona is overrated and Malaria is the real danger
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey 3 napja
Jodi Houareau
Jodi Houareau 3 napja
Shout out for the book! This looks very different.
looks interesting, shame no one will see it
Wasn't this a Harrison Ford film with Helen Mirren that came out in the mid 80s?
Far Flown Falcon
@Simon Salatandre The original film is well worth a watch.
Simon Salatandre
Yes it is. Except in this remake Allie is running from the government, when the novel and the original suggest he left on his own terms growing fed up with the American Dream, consumerism, and the threat of nuclear war.
Pranjal Mishra
Watch movies at least you will learn something
John Robinson
John Robinson 3 napja
Where's the ice machine?
Uncle Jessy
Uncle Jessy 3 napja
Finally something worth watching from Apple
Fred Leeland
Wolfwalkers is supposedly a GOAT animated film
JamboNo5_ 3 napja
Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Servant, Mythic Quest, For All Mankind, Defending Jacob, Palmer, On The Rocks
Michel Baggio
Michel Baggio 3 napja
@K M nope. Maybe 1 and 2 episodes. The whole thing was a lame
K M 3 napja
Defending Jacob was great
Rag Vaibhu
Rag Vaibhu 3 napja
watch ted lasso its the best show they have.
ifStatement 3 napja
So they're headed to the Mosquito Coast.
was curious towards the begining but then using Grandson? Yea, I'm sufficiently enticed and interested now!
AR1 U 3 napja
lets see Paul Allen's CARD ?!
Tomi Banks
Tomi Banks 3 napja
It’s just Ozark with mosquitoes
Luke MC
Luke MC 3 napja
Both Justin and Melissa are in Mulholland Dr.
Marlon du plooy
Was hoping this was a big budget horror movie about mosquitoes 🦟
Kaylin Naidoo
Kaylin Naidoo 3 napja
It's the tiktok song!
Total Protonic
So no one involved with this production actually read the book, did they? Or realize that The Mosquito Coast is an actual place...in Honduras (not Mexico)? Did no one stop to think that giving Allie Fox a legitimate reason to flee to the jungle (if this series even makes it that far, talk about Hobbit-izing the opening paragraph into a whole season) by making the government out to get him undercuts the themes of the novel?
Total Protonic
@TheGuileRaven And the 2002 adaptation of The Time Machine was directed by HG Welles' great-grandson, doesn't make it any less of a garbage film.
TheGuileRaven 2 napja
The lead actor (who is also working as a producer) is related to the book’s writer, so....
HoodRich NiteNite
Thought this was a movie about killer mosquitos Never judge a movie by its title
Gervie Macahia
Same thoughts lol. Haha
Cme-lft 2 napja
Probs would have been a better trailer if that was the case
HoodRich NiteNite
@Vergel Velasquez you make a solid point
Vergel Velasquez
A Soap
A Soap 3 napja
The human centipede: "Allow me to introduce myself"
Betreyal Justice
iam waiting for the fly hills they say it will be a buzz
HaloGalaxy 3 napja
Better equip ur bug sprays
Alex Vostox
Alex Vostox 3 napja
*American Government are the bad guy? That's new*
Claptrap Revolution
@Lp K amen.
Renegade Biscuit
It was when the book came out and the Harrison Ford version.
Lp K
Lp K 3 napja
Always have been it's just now the rest of the world is calling you are evil to your face
SPOILER: Allie will invent an Ice machine, moves his family in the jungle, and dies at the end.
Climate Realist
Another banger, another subscription.
Jewish Nazi
Jewish Nazi 3 napja
The husband dies in the end. Really. Not kidding.
Jewish Nazi
Jewish Nazi 3 napja
@Retribution892 he dies in the book, man. 😢
It’s not even out yet lol
It's a shame that Justin hasn't gotten anything major since Leftovers. Hope works out for him.
chicken legs TV
it also amazes me that he wrote Iron-man 2 and also co-wrote Tropic Thunder with Ben stiller, it shows that he's multi talented man.
Treadstone TM
Treadstone TM 2 napja
@Recson Production Yes. Probably the most underrated ever
Recson Production
it was a amazing show.
io-zh ik
io-zh ik 3 napja
Marco Vinicio
Marco Vinicio 3 napja
This looks so similar to Ozark, but with more action.
Vergel Velasquez
Marty Byrde disapproves
Grim Concept
Grim Concept 3 napja
More excitement lol
The mosquito coast with harrison Ford is way way better!
Grim Concept
Grim Concept 3 napja
@TRILLION CROWNS Lol.. okay...
@Grim Concept ur obviously obsessed with ur phone....
Grim Concept
Grim Concept 3 napja
@TRILLION CROWNS fair enough but you're judging a movie you haven't even seen Lol. Technology CAN make art better by the way.
@Grim Concept dont have to see it, humans lost their imagination to technology in recent years....
Grim Concept
Grim Concept 3 napja
Have you seen this?
NetScavenger 3 napja
No Mosquitos?
Cnote 3 napja
Why have almost all the trailers I've seen lately been terrible and look like movies that aren't worth watching?
Versusdelyxe 3 napja
damn Nr 11
Dharmvir Bharti
the man in the thumbnail looks like billy butcher from the boys.
Grant Hamlin
Grant Hamlin 3 napja
Nah, that's Kyehvan.
Oscar V
Oscar V 3 napja
Hmm not really
Nova Knight
Nova Knight 3 napja
Where the Mosquito?
Earth Sector 260
So, something like Ozark?
Ns Tirta
Ns Tirta 3 napja
TD 3 napja
Generic Movie with Generic actors and Generic music will have Generic ending
Sukhbir Singh Sodhi
It’s a series
ty 3 napja
@SupahMarioStyle generic humans
With a generic comment 🤔
ty 3 napja
Deadass tho
unitor699 3 napja
the movie is not about mosquitoes
N1qq Fury
N1qq Fury 3 napja
Getting us ready for that 'Last of Us' series
The HoochGoblin
Is this supposed to be a re-make of the Harrison Ford Mosquito Coast, if so it looks very very different.
randomnobody playthrough
The Local Drift
Its looks different from the book and 80s film but has the same element of a crazy dad uprooting a family to central america
John Robinson
John Robinson 3 napja
@Paragon Bourne The book and movie were very close. This doesn't resemble either.
Bear 3 napja
@Total Protonic Jesus Christ he just said what the trailer said in the intro lmfao
Total Protonic
@Paragon Bourne Could you point to the part of the book where it turns into an action plot about fugitives on the run from the law in a cat-and-mouse game to get over the border to Mexico? What chapter does the cartel show up in?
Alfred Jr
Alfred Jr 3 napja
Never been this early before 😁
John Denver
John Denver 3 napja
#2 here
AxelTheKid 3 napja
yeehaw 3 napja
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