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The Mandalorian Season 2 has been a non-stop action ride so far and this week's episode of the live-action Star Wars series directed by Carl Weathers, Din Djarin and The Child (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) find themselves headed back to Nevarro to help some friends kick the Empire off the planet. But that's not all! While on the mission, The Mandalorian learns new details about what The Empire wanted with The Child (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) in the first place. Join host Max Scoville for this week's edition of IGN's Canon Fodder. This is the way!

So far, The Mandalorian Season 2 has fully delivered on the promise of action and intrigue we received in The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer. The Mandalorian and The Child (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) have already met new allies like Cobb Vanth and Bo-Katan Kryze, so who's next? Fans are eagerly awaiting the appearance of Ahsoka Tano, but in this episode, Din Djarin and The Child (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) head back to Nevarro and learn new secrets that tie their adventure to Emperor Palpatine and even Supreme Leader Snoke. The newest Star Wars villain, Moff Gideon, is up to no good as he's clearly messing around with the clone technology previously used by Emperor Palpatine.

And while we're on the topic, you know what's a great Star Wars video game? Star Wars Dark Forces. Mostly because that game includes the Dark Troopers and if you're still reading this YT description you've probably already guessed: yeah the Imperial Dark Troopers are back in the game. But we still have so many unanswered questions: Where is the Darksaber? When will The Mandalorian meet Ahsoka Tano? Well Dank Farrick, we don't know but we'll continue to watch Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2. This is the way!
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Rainer Wahnsinn
Rainer Wahnsinn 26 perccel
I think the volunteer was baby yoda. The scientist had a short time with him and his blood was so valuable because he is small and can olny lose little amounts from time to time, so it‘s rarer. But it problably isn‘t true because they something other coming
Alumlovescake Órája
yuvraj01 Órája
From what l have read, Ahsoka will only appear once in this season, and will be more prominent in Season 3..if true she is set to appear in next week's episode rather than this week..
Beati3 4 órája
IMHO Boba Fett will end up being the volunteer given he's the unaltered clone, and hates Jedi with a fiery passion.
yusef deria
yusef deria 7 órája
Cloning = Star Wars force unleashed starkiller project
Cammy Watt
Cammy Watt 10 órája
I've got no intelligent input but I did like the bit where that wee green frog man spewed.
Terrell Grier
Terrell Grier 10 órája
I’m just going to go ahead and post my theory. In some way, I think Rey (or a member of her family) may somehow be connected to the “volunteer”...making Rey somewhat connected to Sidious. Hey healing powers resemble Baby Yodas and the first time we got to see it in action so there are definitely some similarities between the two. The only thing that doesn’t quit match is the timeline since Rey is 19 in TFA and the Mandalorian is set 25 years before that. So I’m interested in seeing how they tie more of the sequels into the show since there are little to no answers to any of it lol.
Joshua Merchan
Joshua Merchan 10 órája
Why couldn’t the writers/creators of Mandalorian make the Ep 7,8, & 9?! They’re doing a wayyy better job.
Splashlord 10 órája
Alberto Soto
Alberto Soto 10 órája
Show has audio description for the visually impated. That voiceover calls the dark troopers.
Alberto Soto
Alberto Soto 10 órája
cPolonium 11 órája
Did they ever say how many M-count Luke had? I wonder if he had more than Anakin did before he was Vader.
Mason Ginn
Mason Ginn 14 órája
I seriously hope they don’t tie in the sequels, have it be something else
drnick55 15 órája
Is it me or is the opening bit with baby yoda and the wires a lot like baby groot with the death button from guardians of the galaxy 2
En G2
En G2 16 órája
How does Anakin have that much M-count while Sidious could force choke Dooku on the planet where he was?
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 20 órája
this entire plot would have worked great if the movies hadnt come out , now since the mystery is kind of gone its just nice to see it but there is no excitement plus the last jedi kind of killed alot of stuff , i mean just look at luke he was supposed to be the superman of star wars and all we got was some kind of a plastic man
Bryant Susilo
What if the volunteer is bobba fet
zerosub Napja
Yada yada
levitan71 Napja
ah you lost me at sequel trilogy. *thumbs down*
Brokkoli OMG
i just hope ahsoka doesnt die in this series.
Jeremy JMIAH Williamson
WHY DID YOU THINK AHSOKA WOULD BE IN THIS EPISODE when WE CLEARLY KNEW Dave Filoni was directing the 5th episode... NEXT Friday?!!??! WHY NOT JUST USE SOME COMMON SENSE?!?!? Why should I listen to any of your theories or anything when you can't even get small details accurate?!?!
Lord Byron
Lord Byron Napja
Mando will inject himself with baby Yoda’s blood and turn into Superman-dalorian.
Mad Brawlic
They want an army of Sith again. I didn't watch episode 9 but heard all the horrible things. "I am all the sith" yeah we can see that now. Obviously it's a threat of force sensitive empire sith soldiers that would give them complete control over the galaxy since they don't have Jedi to contest with anymore. Mandalorians can kill Jedi so I am sure they can kill sith, queue the rebuilding of Mandalore and destruction of force sensitive clones.
Dean Humphreys
this was an awesome episode. maybe we will see Kyle Katarn show up? that would be epic!!
Shut up
Shut up Napja
I hope the cloning is not linked with Palpatine/Snoak. The mandalorian shines because it's not bogged down with the movies' convoluted plot and instead focuses on world building.
Jared Guffey
Boba Fett could be the volunteer.🤷🏼‍♂️
KEG 8793
KEG 8793 Napja
Deffo dark troopers and maybe snokes in the tube
Chris G
Chris G Napja
K can we stop calling them "Side missions" each episode so far has furthered the main narrative. Which makes them the opposite or filler...
Darth Comrade
I don't think they're clones. When the Empire says "volunteers" we all know what that means. Anyone remember the Shadow Troopers?
whyp 7 órája
Guinea Pig Everyday
Dude why keep calling it 'side-mission', there is no main or side mission, its an episodic instead of serialized tv series. Not everything has to be plot
Crash Test
Crash Test Napja
Let’s not forget.... they destroyed the lab... no more snoke.... hopefully...
Darrlo Silay
You'd think that the body rejected the blood because the Midichlorians choose which body they reside in? They are sentient.
Angry HD
Angry HD Napja
The creators of Mandelorian single handedly SAVED the Star Wars franchise. May the Force be with you.
Daniel Cadewood
@Ying-Ling sadly it needs a miracle and a ton of hard work by people who actually know what star wars is and should be.
Ying-Ling 8 órája
they’re definitely keeping it alive. Star Wars can’t be saved lol
BarnyWaterg8 9 órája
@Daniel Cadewood that is the way.
Daniel Cadewood
Thank Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni and of course George Lucas for starters. I hope we all get to a point where they (this iconic trio might I say) are head of all that is star wars.
crithon Napja
I wished they did an Arrested Development reference, they already shook hands, and zoomed in on their arms. Why not stop at Burger King "what a wonderful restaurant!"
shalakilimoQC 2 napja
At the end of the episode, there is also Cara dune being mention that she came from Alderaan. Could this mean that she is somehow related to the Organa family?
The Yautja 360
If your from Earth, are you and a total stranger related? Other than the fact that both are Earthlings?
irishboy664 2 napja
honestly, maybe it's cause i was 8 when phantom came out ( was already well versed) but midichlorians never irked me the way it does some fans
Aunt Vesuvi
Aunt Vesuvi 2 napja
Thanks, Max! 🌟
Jonathan Riccardi
I highly recommend you watch this video if I'm right here Snoke shall turn out to be Jorus c'boath a few years ago I made this animation because I like his character or Xizor is also involved with Jerec
Leonardo Talavera
2:12 I feel like Gill gets me
Bruce Jackson
Bruce Jackson 2 napja
So does this mean baby Yoda dies eventually.
Jesse Malone
Jesse Malone 2 napja
Mauf is the volunteer I bet he’s trying to obtain force powers
Shahab Nasimi
Shahab Nasimi 2 napja
They ( Disney ) thinks the jedi order is a cult that's why we will never see more than one jedi ever I'm telling you all right now moff gidden will kill the entire jedi order n then Ben solo will do it again 😡😡😡😡😡 is there something wrong with peacekeepers ( jedi knights )
Alexandros Theodorou
Looks like they are making Power Armor. In Legends they had Power Armor but it was so expensive no more than 100 Suits were made. But when they were used they were almost unbeatable. The Human could fight inside of it or get out of it and the power armor could fight without the human.
Alex Esther
Alex Esther 2 napja
The storm troopers mention TK 421 in passing. I don't believe the clones were snokes. They were just failed clone troopers. Probably what Kylo mentioned to Hux about bringing back clone troopers in one of the movies cause the Empire was trying to small scale kamino technology to raise an army. Maybe the Sith army in Rise of Skywalker?
Sandra Thompson
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Gustavo Ortiz
Gustavo Ortiz 2 napja
Thought the end showed Darth Vader troop 😅
I feel like the volunteer could be (I hope not) one of rey’s parents, not his child, but their partner, since palpatine wanted an heir to the throne. Just a loose speculation I guess
Aaron Coker
Aaron Coker 2 napja
Max is the Man!!!
Ørjan Aasen
Ørjan Aasen 2 napja
was it in the IGN review of this episode, or "star wars theory", who mentioned Snoke's theme was playing in the background while they were in the lab?
isa arif
isa arif 2 napja
I knew it was snoke as soon as the music hit
Dermot Campbell
The volunteer will be Ahsako, and she won't be a volunteer, she probably sacrifices her own escape for baby yoda to escape.
Mani K
Mani K 2 napja
Gotta say, that Leo meme really cought me of guard
Jesse Gill
Jesse Gill 2 napja
*Leo laughing meme
Benny M
Benny M 2 napja
i love chubbs hes cool
The Judge
The Judge 2 napja
Great video IGN.
What are Mini Chlorines?
Julian Payne
Julian Payne 2 napja
i really hope those weren’t failed snoke clones. please leave the new trilogy out of the mandolorian.😩
chakkra69 2 napja
Sadly, that won't happen. They will use the TV series to fill up the gaps in those movies, just like they did with Clone Wars and the prequels. Although I do really wish for them to just declare that crap non-cannon.
SewFieSie 2 napja
Hariz Ilmani
Hariz Ilmani 2 napja
That's what I was guessing, he's a fanatic mandalorian wannabe. Fella purged mandalore to make himself feel like a bigger warrior
SewFieSie 2 napja
That is actually a imperial light cruiser and its that massive ,,it can only carry 3 or 5 tie s
Jacob Glaser
Jacob Glaser 2 napja
I think this show needs to distance itself as far as possible from the prequels and sequels. Original trilogy and expanded universe are cool though.
BangJarum 2 napja
Anyone care to support my channel? Drop by and subscribe. Your support means a lot to me. Tq
casey 2 napja
I'm so hyped for dark troopers. Dark forces is one of my favorite star wars games.
Adrian Delgado
It is just as I expected. Drath Sidious. It's possible that he was trying to heal himself. Or at least the body that he currently possessed for his own. And the Empire was going to use the child to do it. But something tells me that the Bounty hunter and Asoka will not let that to happen. As for this volunteer, I believe that it's none other then the other last of the Jedi. Either it could be Cal Kestis or Ezra Bridger. It is possible that by the end of this series, this entire plan did not work. So the emperor started to shift his focus on building the 1st order and the final order so he can clear a path to a swift victory. And of course made Snoke to turn Ben Solo to the dark side to set everything in motion to draw out his blood relative, Ray, and at long last destroy the Jedi and revive the Sith forever.
Preethi Nair
Preethi Nair 2 napja
Rick Grimes shows up in mandalorian
Preethi Nair
Preethi Nair 2 napja
@Jesse Gill yes exactly😂
Jesse Gill
Jesse Gill 2 napja
E 2 napja
My guess is that they are trying to clone Palpatine (since its after jedi) and they want to use the child. But the mando stops it in the end and they have to find another blood source that sets up the sequel trilogy.
JayyJ 2 napja
The plans the two guards were destroying were the Starkiller Base plans, the donor is baby yoda, and I want to say that is an early version of Snoke in the cloning tank (just my theory)
You missed the Family Guy Blue Harvest Easter egg. No railing.
R F 2 napja
The scene when the Mimbanese mechanic was told he would “be rewarded in the new era’, was a foreshadowing to The First Order.
obibyn 2 napja
Missed the IG-11 Statue! On Nevarro. Can be seen in the background when the heroes walk into the school.
Muneeb Hamza
Muneeb Hamza 2 napja
So looks like Baby Yoda will die at the end of series whenever that will be.
Matthew Fry
Matthew Fry 2 napja
If you watch that scene with Moff Gideon with audio description on, the voice over says “immobilised Dark Troopers” So it’s confirmed. We’re getting dark troopers.
Guinea Pig Everyday
YES! thats awesome
Molitov Michelle
Just let the new Trilogy die ffs. Loved the episode but concerned they want to keep trying with the new trilogy. It failed, move on and forward. Mandalorian is fantastic, keep it that way!
Dynarush333 2 napja
Dark trooper droids are probably being added so Ashoka can destroy them with her lightsabers without dismembering a human
Jesse B. Gill
Jesse B. Gill 2 napja
I thought the same thing
Gunner070 2 napja
Possible hints to a new version of the "Reborn" project (might be far-fetched but enough dots connect to make me think it's possible) and Dark Troopers in the last scene! Watch, the "volunteer" ends up being the new version of Desann (or at least the same species) or Jerec or Tavion. I might be getting my hopes up too high but I smell a re-introduction of Kyle and Jan!
jaime torres
jaime torres 2 napja
Drew Napja
No one likes family guy bro
Gerardo Rodriguez
Now we’re getting somewhere of how Snoke was a clone of Palpatine
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez 3 napja
Is anyone else going to mention how hot, thick and busty Cara Dune is???
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez 2 napja
@Xlike a beast tf does that have to do with how she looks?
Xlike a beast
Xlike a beast 2 napja
She's also a major conspiracy theorist. Hard pass.
wortelkip 77
wortelkip 77 3 napja
I think the experiment is to make snoke And eventuly a new body for palpatine. And in the last scene possible (dark troopers) that that is somthing moff gideon is working on in secret
yuvraj01 3 napja
Well quite literally they are "dark troopers", simply from their colour! And the fact that there aren't a few of them, clearly these are no regular storm troopers, but are being developed, along the lines of Universal Soldiers, ready to be unleashed when Gideon wants them..
Nick Scanlan
Nick Scanlan 3 napja
Was it just me or was a bunch of the Storm Trooper dialogue really familiar? Like did they take it straight from the original trilogy?
516tigergirl 3 napja
I have theory that “the volunteer” might be Finns parents (or grandparent, I don’t know how close this is to the sequel series). It makes sense if the volunteer is tied to Finn. For one thing, when we meet Finn in The Force Awakens, he’s a stormtrooper aka on the dark side. Then he rebeled and joined the Residences with Rey and Poe. The second evidence is it was confirmed that Finn is force senstive. It could because a relative of Finn’s volunteer to have Baby Yoda blood tested on them and now have Midi-chlorians in their blood. Then everything can just be genetics where Finn inherited those Midi-chlorians aka becoming force sentive.
Neb Milbourn
Neb Milbourn 3 napja
Boba Fet is the volunteer!!! He was following Mando to collect the child himself. If he’s injected with the Midi-chlorians they can clone him again and have a whole new clone army of force weilders.
Ying-Ling 8 órája
No lmao
Good Putin
Good Putin Napja
Keith Talaga
Keith Talaga 2 napja
I see 2 ways they can take the original donor story. 1. The easy way Anakin. the Darth Vader comic heavily suggest that the Emperor was trying to clone Anakin. 2. They could take a chance to finally bring a EU character back and have it be Mara Jade.
Dean Oosterhof
I think the same.. Like Jango in the prequels 😉
rtswift 3 napja
I had to watch this video to ensure what I just saw in epsidoe 4. Mind blown
LooLeReX 3 napja
When Mando, Greef and Cara were entering the school you could catch IG 11 statue in the background.
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez 3 napja
IG 11*
44 Magnum Games
We was Jedi’s
betting “the volunteer” is ben solo/kylo ren
Reese X2
Reese X2 3 napja
Doubt that Kylo is ether not born yet or he just not even apart of the dark side
Rudy Aguilera
Rudy Aguilera 3 napja
Maybe this volunteer is connect to rey
Kide Howard
Kide Howard 3 napja
The blue guys name is a clear reference to Thrawn....you guys missed that. Mythrol...Mithraw? That cant be a coincidence
Robert Wainwright
The volunteer FennicChan?
Clan Van Der Linde
The first order is in the unknown regions at this point. Moff Gideon is trying to make himself force sensitive or make those dark troopers force sensitive. There’s no point in trying to connect the Disney trilogy to this cause that’s just going to re open the divide.
jbiel 3 napja
Which might lead to... Ashoka Vs Moff Gideon wielding the darksaber
Brandon Coomar
The show is going to explain where the first order came from
Trell 3 napja
They trying to clone Darth Vader
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 napja
If this is all being done to help Palpatine regenerate, then why doesn't he just have Gideon or anybody take the child, deliver it to Exegol and then force drain it (just like he did in JJ's shitshow)? Why does he need to have all these doctors and clones when he can just have the child delivered?
Will 2 napja
He can only drain diads in the force im pretty sure, at least that’s what they implied, because the connection is so strong
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 napja
He is altering the story, pray he does not alter it any further..
Florian Ebner
Florian Ebner 3 napja
Because A) they seemingly can’t capture the kid B) I’m not sure wether Gideon knows that palps is alive C) Palps only realised on EP9 that he can drain people.
ADITYA RAO 3 napja
Shadow Troopers.
M4TTR4W3SOM3 3 napja
When the storm trooper fell down that hole his scream sounded similar to when the emperor fell down the hole
Krillinish2 3 napja
Have we just completely forgotten about Boba Fett or....
jbiel 3 napja
@Drake Jones that would be so badass, having boba fett, Mando, bo katan, etc teaming up for the final battle
Drake Jones
Drake Jones 3 napja
Some think he may team up with Mando cause he won't like the way the new empire is trying to use the cloning process given he's a clone himself
RHINOTIME117 3 napja
Just reminding me of how terrible the sequel trilogy is, too bad
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh 3 napja
It felt like we had lost any base leeft to argue with the marvel fans
Phase 1 Dark Troopers.. but fortnight generation IGN wouldn't know anything about that even though a rendition of the phase 2 models were in starwars rebels. Im surprised that the host knows..About the only Host at IGN that knows anything
Jesse B. Gill
Jesse B. Gill 2 napja
The guy who produces these videos knows his stuff too
Kevin Krame
Kevin Krame 3 napja
Moff Gideon and his crew aren't really apart of the same splinter group that form the First Order, so I doubt they're doing anything setting up Snoke. But I like that his endgame is for him to be imbued with the Force himself via blood transfusion, because clearly that's how that works lol
Ian Bean
Ian Bean 3 napja
Snoke was a strand cast. Not a clone. And that's not Snoke, he was made on Exegol.
jbiel 3 napja
I'm really hoping this is the case and they don't tie Mando into the sequels
DarthMaster52 3 napja
thank you for clearing that upp ian
DarthMaster52 3 napja
@Blue Checkmark yeah i like the movie but he should have been his own guy and had palpatine be in his kyber crystal ring or something idk
Blue Checkmark
Snoke clones were one of the stupidest ideas JJ Abrams came up with for Rise of Skywalker, and there was a lot of competition.
Booboo Tittleman
I love that this show is subtlety building The First Order. Secret bases, new tech, and Snokes (maybe even Palpatines?) in tubes. This show is a love letter to all three trilogies and I love it.
jbiel 3 napja
@DarthMaster52 but I really don't think he wanted to do anything related to the sequels
DarthMaster52 3 napja
@Blue Checkmark cough cough clone wars did that for the prequels and with filoni by the wheel whatever he does will be great think about that
Booboo Tittleman
@Blue Checkmark They already made ‘Life Day’ canon in the first episode.
Blue Checkmark
Trying to legitimize the stupidest film in all Star Wars history is a HORRIBLE idea.
Anyone else having a hard time considering Moff Gideon a threat when his forces lose, like, so hard every time? Don’t even send the heroes packing, don’t get to kill off a red shirt, it’s every Imperial dead, every time.
Isaac Gomez
Isaac Gomez 3 napja
Dark troopers are Official Canon and where briefly shown on a Star wars rebels Episode.
Isaac Gomez
Isaac Gomez 2 napja
@XxCAPT NINJAxX Star Wars Commander the Mobile game i believe in 2014 actually also had a Dark Trooper III Unit you could build aswell. The one in the Rebels series is in S3 E9 i believe . It's defined as a " DT Imperial Sentry Droid" but the armor and appearance is heavly inspired by the Legends DarkTrooper III and the ones briefly seen in Mofs Ship seem as the I or II phase Dark Trooper but no the small suggestive hints always pointed towards Dark Troopers of any Teir being already Canonized.
@XxCAPT NINJAxX yes really...
not really.
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