The Mandalorian Season 2: The Latest Huge Cameo Has a Hidden Meaning - Canon Fodder 

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The Mandalorian Season 2 is back with another episode the live-action Star Wars series has not held back with including fan-favorite Star Wars characters in The Mandalorian Season 2. This time, Mando and The Child (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) make their way to Trask where Din Djarin hopes to find more Mandalorians so they can help him complete his quest of delivering The Child (a.k.a Baby Yoda) to the Jedi. Join host Max Scoville for this episode of IGN's Canon Fodder, as he connects the events of this week's episode of The Mandalorian with the larger Star Wars canon to see what it tells about the Star Wars show's future. For Mandalore!

Ever since the Lucasfilm and Star Wars dropped The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer, fans have been watching Mandalorian Season 2, keeping an eye out for characters like Boba Fett, Bo Katan Kryze, Ahsoka Tano, Baby Yoda, The Mandalorian, Rosario Dawson, Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian. The possibility of including characters from The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels has had fans excited from the Star Wars series' beginning. The show is becoming a favorite for fans of Star Wars. Theory videos have been made about The Mandalorian Season 2 and hopefully this season will lead The Mandalorian and The Child (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) back to the Jedi in The Mandalorian Season 2.
This is the way.
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Senior Venus Digital
this video was poorly put together and was basically something happens but we will get to that and then this happens but we will get to that and then this happens more on that later and this happens but we wont know that until later so lets go back to the second thing i said then the first
Just Imagine
Just Imagine 5 hónapja
Did she say Caladan? Um, Dune reference?
seigemo 5 hónapja
So Stat Wars is now Kingdom Hearts......
JwayneAdams 5 hónapja
Great episode
Sohaill Gandhi
Sohaill Gandhi 5 hónapja
This guy is a great host! They should have more of him on the channel
TheDaybid 5 hónapja
Yeah I was confused with this episode with the unfamiliar terms. Thanks for clearing it up Max!
Tegan Christianson
Tegan Christianson 5 hónapja
So is Sabine gonna be making an appearance? Seems fitting now that all the Mandalorians are getting the band back together.
iHaWkS15 5 hónapja
People need to chill complaining about side missions. By now it’s pretty obvious it’s an episodic adventure series. So each episode is going to have its own small story that ties in to the overarching story.
Rogue Jedi
Rogue Jedi 5 hónapja
Greedo shot first
Ken R.
Ken R. 5 hónapja
...Ummm, you mean 'Deadwood' star Titus Welliver.
Noah 21
Noah 21 5 hónapja
When’s the release date for the game ?
ajith manav
ajith manav 5 hónapja
Wait the baby isn't baby Yoda???? This is news for me I just watched the movies before starting Mando.... Should I watch anything else to understand the timeline better??
neonKai 5 hónapja
Those wannabe star wars elites who trashed clone wars and rebels all those years, im sure laughing at them now. I hope everyone who looked down on clone wars and never bothered are feeling left out.
Dylan Vital
Dylan Vital 5 hónapja
Always glad to see Max Scoville.
Zayne Wheeler
Zayne Wheeler 5 hónapja
I need a Mandalorian game to be released tomorrow! I wanna play as a Mandalorian!!
Ricky Cardenas
Ricky Cardenas 5 hónapja
Hear me out. Mandalorian style clone wars ft. The Mandalorians vs Deathwatch remnants vs Imperial remnants. starts at the finale of season 2 and season 3 is events of the war
John Luke Chica
John Luke Chica 5 hónapja
Another east er egg. When the child was playing with food and that creature latched on the child’s face was a reference to Alien
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 5 hónapja
This episode doesn’t explain why Death Watch Mandalore took their helmets off in Clone Wars.
The Captain
The Captain 5 hónapja
Because they aren't in the same cult as the mandalorian
Daniel 5 hónapja
Just being from the planet Mandalore, or wearing the armor does not make a warrior a Mandalorian. According to The Way Din is right in his POV. Bo Katan and her group are heretics skipping whatever parts of The Way they choose not to practice. The Children of the Way however might be no better by adding some additional rules. In the EU their helmets were supposed to be the face Mandalorians showed to outsiders(aruetii). Among their friends and family the helmets could be taken off. The planet Mandalore is culturally significant the same way Karakorum might be to the Mongols. The Mandalorians themselves are nomadic.
Sea 5 hónapja
I had to watch this show in German for an episode and it happened to be the same episode where “This is the way” became a motto. Now to me the way is actually “Das ist der Weig” or whatever it is in german
dzobie11 5 hónapja
The Jedi and the Mandalorians will become one..led by baby Yoda. I have spoken.
russko118 5 hónapja
please, mandalorian, i pray you: make the sequel triolgy non canon
muzillu 5 hónapja
beginning track ID??
sisepuedemaybe 5 hónapja
So our main Mando character is the Jihad while bo khatan is like secular muslims lol
NoireelHaQ ISMANeM
NoireelHaQ ISMANeM 5 hónapja
I'm a Muslim and I think the same as you
gortmundy01 5 hónapja
Be fair, she was great, but she's not the original Starbuck.
Daniel Acklam
Daniel Acklam 5 hónapja
This is the way
Hudson Hintze
Hudson Hintze 5 hónapja
The realization of this show being formatted like a video game is terrifying but cool. Like I love video game level formatting like anyone it's amazing but honestly I want the show to be able to embrace a multi-episodic story more often.
Raziou Sloth
Raziou Sloth 5 hónapja
i couldn't watch episode properly i kept worrying about the baby eating the eggs kept me distracted
George De Luna
George De Luna 5 hónapja
So is he Death Watch, because I could have sworn that Death Watch also take their helmets off in Clone Wars
Ivar Koedijker
Ivar Koedijker 5 hónapja
That was a mistake. He is a Child of the Watch. The Children of the Watch are a different group than Death Watch.
Jezza Lenko
Jezza Lenko 5 hónapja
I think you mean Bantha fodder.....
Lance 5 hónapja
Am I the only one who's not excited for Ahsoka Tano?
zachary Mcpherson
zachary Mcpherson 5 hónapja
Its gonna be another side quest next week
crithon 5 hónapja
.... but the Empire basically puts bullseyes on every project they work on. If they have poison gas, then there's a vacuum button like spaceballs style Megamaid. OH AND IT GETS DUMBER if Kylo Ren is involved.
Retal 5 hónapja
is ridley scot directing a star wars movie?
Lolly Humphreys
Lolly Humphreys 5 hónapja
lost boy
eddd_iii666 5 hónapja
I feel like the way it’s going to end is that Mando will take the dark saber and that Moff Is going to hire boba to capture baby yoda at the end of the season. And we’re going to have the chill feeling like Empire strikes back
DCstar 5 hónapja
Yeah cool video and all but MAX HAS A KID ON THE WAY!!
REXwillRISE 5 hónapja
Ahsoka self-proclaimed that she was NOT a Jedi. Who knows if Bo Katan actually knows this or not but what if Ahsoka guides Din to Luke?!
Special Order_937
Special Order_937 5 hónapja
@Its SpoRTan what ?
Its SpoRTan
Its SpoRTan 5 hónapja
@Special Order_937 fun fact that makes it worst, ben didnt any jedi at the jedi temple, palpatinr did...
Special Order_937
Special Order_937 5 hónapja
@Alt_F4 NOOOOOOO ! but would that retroactively make kylo a better villain 🤣🤣
Alt_F4 5 hónapja
My pray is that Luke won't train him, because if The Child stay with Luke, this means that later Ben Solo would kill him
Alt_F4 5 hónapja
@SpookyFox What? No buddy
Ultra instinct Grey
the forger is none other than rook kast,a remnant follower of the deathwatch and split faction led by maul(hencethe horns and jedi knowledge)
KungFuKenny #Ain'tNobodyPrayingForMe
I watched all of season 1 for free, I will continue with season 2
BadWords 5 hónapja
First I think there's no Boba Fett and they used episode one as a herring to introduce that Rex is already been sent to watch the mando. I think the razor crest will be dropped off on Tatooine for repair and Rex will offer Mando a ride to Corvus pretending to be some ex clone trader. I think the entire episode will be situations where Rex could either kill him or take the armor but doesn't for the payoff of who he really is in the end.
Qam 5 hónapja
Baby yoda is a she lol
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown 5 hónapja
Help me, this is takes place b4 or after clone wars
Sølvi Naja
Sølvi Naja 5 hónapja
After return of the Jedi.
Ja Ads
Ja Ads 5 hónapja
Great stuff , so much bette than the last 3 films, much better writing,
Gabriel Amaya
Gabriel Amaya 5 hónapja
I see a lot of people complaining about "filler" episodes but I was under the impression the the Mandalorian is a series where the plot and storyline is a vehicle for adventure, action and world building and not the other way around. It's an episodic adventure series is it not? If it were a mini series I would understand but it isn't, its contributing greatly to world building and back story. For example: episode 9 contributed mildly to story, other than the Return of Boba Fett and his armor, but it expanded the world of the Tusken Raiders and humanized them. Before, they were represented as brutal savages with limited civility and organization. Now, it's canon that they are intelligent, organized and dedicated survivalist. Rough around the edges, sure but savages they are no longer. This is what I love about this show. The "detours" that more deeply canonizes amazing corners of the Star Wars universe outside of the Jedi and the Sith.
BakaOuji 5 hónapja
true, but i dont really understand that people keep complaining about mandalorian have no story plot, i really enjoyed every episode.
Jezza Lenko
Jezza Lenko 5 hónapja
Yeah totally...little adventures...it's a TV show after all...I freaking love it
Adrian Blair
Adrian Blair 5 hónapja
Asohkas appearance was already confirmed
saishowaguu2 5 hónapja
Baby Yoda will become a force-weilding Mandalorian ruler.
Ozkrow 5 hónapja
Mando will get the dark saber and real Boba fett will kick some storm trooper butt while wearing his armor. It is the way.
27mitcha 5 hónapja
Yeah, but how about that Military-Industrial Complex?
Hypo Xiatrix
Hypo Xiatrix 5 hónapja
This is getting creepy like moma`s basement elation cheering from a steam award. Dude get a girlfriend or a silicon Star Trek doll. .. nough said.
EnochoftheNine 5 hónapja
It is a nerd channel... A nerd taking about nerd stuff. It can grind my gears as well... But nerds really dig this stuff. This is a better turnaround for star wars than most people expected to happen given the last films. Let us have it, world'll be in ruins by the time we're dead anyways.
brooklynstylee 5 hónapja
Oh man. I tried skipping that 15 second commercial about 3 times... just gave up.. (random useless comment I know)
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt 5 hónapja
Bo Katan doesn’t really look like she’s aged at all
Xavier Ferreira
Xavier Ferreira 5 hónapja
I wish the episodes were longer
YehoshuaBenTorah 5 hónapja
I am the one who says baby Yoda is actual Yoda who was perhaps pulled through the world between by Palpatine before he went for his free fall that disabled him for a few years? Maybe Palpatine was trying to stop the jedi before they could be trained by Yoda. Or Yoda had a child, the other besides Luke!☺
Danny Buell
Danny Buell 5 hónapja
I really hope the last season of this show is a final showdown of Mandalorians, new republic and ashoka vs. the imperial remnant, thrawn, and Gideon
Whitey 4000
Whitey 4000 5 hónapja
So....what was the hidden meaning? Did I miss something?
Escar1ot 5 hónapja
Id be down seeing rey and ahsoka rebuild the Jedi order
Soviet Smoker
Soviet Smoker 5 hónapja
What’s a Rey?
rds2 Studios
rds2 Studios 5 hónapja
To be honest I thought they were also gonna talk about that thing that got on baby yoda face because I thought it was a nother alien reference
Tarik Suday
Tarik Suday 5 hónapja
I did not think I would be saying it but I am loving this season just as much as the first, if not a little more. All of it has been fantastic so far and I love where the story is headed. Roll on, chapter 12!
Obi Wan kenobi
Obi Wan kenobi 5 hónapja
I haven't seen the mandolorion at all
DARTH ASH 5 hónapja
I really hope the sequels are discarded as non canon
Kevin Ruby
Kevin Ruby 5 hónapja
Loved the video. But you eye line looking at the prompter is distracting.
TheRandomNoob13 5 hónapja
Is the thumbnail a nod to the movie old boy?
lalo 1245567899413aqwp197
Ahsoka tano is lame to me,so my hype went down after.
eeshkawumba the logical
The vast majority of the fandom disagrees, so it’s understandable that they would include her.
FWDC Norac
FWDC Norac 5 hónapja
We're watching Pedro Pascal's revised negotiation for more scenes with less helmet play out in real time. They had to share advance scripts where his character leaves the Death Watch and let's go of his helmet restriction to calm his nerves.
Christopher Bloom
Christopher Bloom 5 hónapja
Did Bo Katan actualy meet Yoda in clone wars?
professor granpa
professor granpa 5 hónapja
Did anyone needs an explanation of who Katie sackhoff was?
When Bo-Katan showed up I was so geeked out 😃 and when she said ahsoka I was just like 🤯😁
Nini Davis
Nini Davis 5 hónapja
I think Din Jrin with unite them ..or they will unite to get the dark saber back ...just so much more we have no idea of ..
Ummf 5 hónapja
Honestly? I dont give a f about the Red lady's storyline and any of the epic stuff that it teases. The Mandalorian is about THE mandalorian and baby Yoda's small adventures along the main quest. Like Samurai Jack. Taking it all and mix it into a major galaxy wide conflict the stupidest thing they can do. I hope they will keep it small.
Liam English
Liam English 5 hónapja
I hope it all leads to a movie length episode of the taking of Mandalore
Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips 5 hónapja
BEST EPISIODE YET! I love this show!
Musiccer 5 hónapja
I would really enjoy this show more if the episodes actually had a straight forward plot that has big impacts and implications. The plots of the single episodes simply don’t overlap and aren’t really connected. It feels like side quests is a video game. I want to follow the main story though 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
な6IXLXRD 5 hónapja
If this was Netflix Bo Katan would be black. I'm black btw, but I'm just saying. Netflix can't cast for jack.
な6IXLXRD 5 hónapja
@Oh Aww Geez That's honestly not much of a difference, tbh. Being an adaptation is all the MORE reason actors should look exactly like the characters they're directly adapting...hence "adaptation". Canon gives shows liberty when it comes to that. Mandalorian could've easily slapped any woman in a short red wig (black or white or Wookie), called her Bo Katan, and it would've been canon because they decide what is and isn't cannon whenever they want. But if this was an adaptation, those same liberties don't exist; Bo Katan shouldn't look any different from how she looks in the media they were adapting (which is why if they ever did a Clone Wars adaptation, the actress here would be PERFECT for the role). To provide a better example, if JK Rowling was allowed to make a Harry Potter show and every episode was canon, then Herimone's race, Ron's gender, and Harry's sexuality would change every other season because it's all canon.
onterio pearson
onterio pearson 5 hónapja
Oh Aww Geez
Oh Aww Geez 5 hónapja
The difference is Star Wars isn’t an adaptation of something it’s all canon, except EU.
Spider 5 hónapja
Declan Whelan
Declan Whelan 5 hónapja
Did nobody, catch the alien face hugger references? The baby and the soup scene? Or the tentacled creature climbing up the ropes in the cockpit?
Keshawn Fowler
Keshawn Fowler 5 hónapja
Isn’t that the same officer from rise of skywalker
Declan Whelan
Declan Whelan 5 hónapja
Something to sit down, watch and forget about the krap going on in the real world for a while!
CrackHead Energy
CrackHead Energy 5 hónapja
this whole video was pointless most diehard SW would know all this
Purge Trooper 51
Purge Trooper 51 5 hónapja
Wait what if they find Ahsoka and/or Sabine, and then she/they leads them to Ezra, as Ahsoka is technically not a jedi, although Ezra is?
Heroman 5 hónapja
The best episode of the second season and one of the best of the show so far!
Sean Lann
Sean Lann 5 hónapja
Ahsoka would crush Moff Gideon like a bug
Aurang 5 hónapja
Mandalore the person was also mentioned. A deep cut from Kotor, but awesome to hear Mando mention the next leader will be called Mandalore.
Joey Vlahakis
Joey Vlahakis 5 hónapja
I Love Ashoka but I always assumed that Luke was the most powerful force wielder after return of the Jedi. is there some lore that clears this up?
Olle Selin
Olle Selin 5 hónapja
4:00 2D animation in a CG show?
Joint Venture
Joint Venture 5 hónapja
No more speculations. What happens, happens. This is the way.
Yavuz 5 hónapja
No, Mando will not be taking his helmet off anytime soon... Wonder why? Disney sells more toys this way. That's why
DikWitCheezz 5 hónapja
Bo Katan should be like 60 the time scaling is whack
pookiewood 5 hónapja
Amazing job on Bo-Katan
tileman17 5 hónapja
tell me Sasha banks doesn't look just like Sonequa Martin-Green a few seances
The Oracle
The Oracle 5 hónapja
So now cohesion is a Easter egg?
jay travers
jay travers 5 hónapja
I’m still gob smacked realising it was Bryce dalas Howard that directed the episode. None of her work striked me as being anything close to transferable to mando or Star Wars kinda stuff. Must have had close help tho from filoni considering how big the cameos are.
jay travers
jay travers 5 hónapja
@Reso 914 Oh no man dw I didn’t think you were x. But yeah all the more power to her, great work so far.
Reso 914
Reso 914 5 hónapja
@jay travers I only found out recently myself! It blew my mind, I wasn’t calling you out, I’m just as surprised. She’s amazing
jay travers
jay travers 5 hónapja
@Reso 914 Noooo, I remember solo being Ron Howard. Only now am I releasing that was her dad tho. With that said tho I can understand this as her shadowing him somewhat now. episode 4 is defiantly new news to me tho and I still never struck her as doing this kinda work.
Reso 914
Reso 914 5 hónapja
She directed “SOLO” and mandalorian chapter 4...
Zack Radeka
Zack Radeka 5 hónapja
I think there’s one correction here, we know he is a member of the Children of the Watch, but we have no clue if Din is a member of Death Watch. All we know is he was saved by Death Watch. They are two different things and we are unsure if they are the same at this time.
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 5 hónapja
I took her line saying “you’re a child of the watch” as meaning he was a foundling raised by Death Watch.
Barbara Godin
Barbara Godin 5 hónapja
Was Dagoba actually Yoda's home world or just where he landed his pod and settled in? If the empire wiped away life on Mandalore (instead of giving it the Alderaan treatment) it's kind of logical to expect the they would have done the same to Yoda's home world, especially if they're a force sensitive race and not part of a normalized distribution of force sensitive sentients throughout the galaxy. Basically what we see happening is that peaceful civilizations like on Alderaan are wiped out completely while the homes of natural enemies are poisoned or otherwise incompletely destroyed by single reactor blasts from the death star.
mark 5 hónapja
Wouldn't obi-wan be the most experienced force user at this point?
Rebekkah Davi
Rebekkah Davi 5 hónapja
No. This is set 5 years *after* Jedi. Obi-Wan has been dead for about 11 years.
David Gould
David Gould 5 hónapja
ffs that is not a cameo
DUB AA 5 hónapja
The second Bo Katan revealed herself it confirmed ahsoka, I mean who else would she know besides a friend of Obi? Then when she said Ahsoka I got goose bumpsss
Its SpoRTan
Its SpoRTan 5 hónapja
Maybe ezra
Ethio Funny
Ethio Funny 5 hónapja
I love this show
CT-5736 Bladez
CT-5736 Bladez 5 hónapja
Uh yeah bo katan is returning, she is after the dark saber and Moff Gideon has it. Din has the child which Gideon wants.
John Linde
John Linde 5 hónapja
Bo Katan: "Mandalorians are stronger together." Caesar files a lawsuit against Lucasfilm.
Sea 5 hónapja
Mando together strong
kyloben14 5 hónapja
Din: you are not a mandalorian! Bo Katan: you merely adopted the mandalorian creed; I was born in it, molded by it; I never saw the glimering stars of the galaxy until I left Mandalore by then it was blinding....
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