The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4 Review 

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The Mandalorian's world-building continues to be its greatest strength as the show slowly peels back the layers of this "new era" with this week's latest episode "The Siege".










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The Light
The Light 3 órája
Bring it on Netflix man 👍
Fletcher Winser
Fletcher Winser 7 órája
There he is! The legendary star wars character! Guy in jeans! 4:00
Olivia Adel
Olivia Adel 9 órája
I caught Jean guy lolololololol 4:00
m0k0hh Napja
I think they needa have gorge locus writting it.
Dylan Baxter
How was this great, this was the worst episode In The series by far, Disney really has Star Wars fans on their toes after the money grubbing new trilogy
Tony S
Tony S Napja
Ahhh come on guys. This episode is sooooo weak. All the joke scenes were unnecessarily drawn out, the action sequences were formulaic and predictable, and there was just barely 5 min of meat to the episode. I'm beginning to hate this idea of just letting anyone direct an episode of mando. It's understandable if the show had more episodes in a season, but for a show that has only 8 episodes, it's kind of maddening. I guess it's clear now that the main arch of the story, only develops one step at a time per season.
I hope they don't work hard to justify Rise of Skywalker's shitty script.
N P Napja
Loved the episode
Tomasz Woźniak
This show was so pure without sequel trilogy references. Sequel crap shouldn't be canon
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes 2 napja
*The child eating macaroons* Me: He is french. Meet "bebe' yoda"
Lord Byron
Lord Byron 2 napja
Adorable... both baby Yoda and dad drinking at the same time...😅
Lord Byron
Lord Byron 2 napja
Black storm troopers will hunt down Baby Yoda !!
ArthurFellig 2 napja
Carl Weathers did an incredible job with this episode!
Gus Freundlich
ya personally i didnt like the blue guy i think his character was just annoying and his jokes broke the flow of the combat and i think the threatening to hurt him got old real quick
R S 2 napja
The banter between Carl Weathers and Mythrol was awesome. What an amazing episode!
Bette 2 napja
Cutest scene ever, when they both were drinking and the child watched Mando nearly showing his face while drinking, so cute.
Brian 2 napja
that was the first time the child is referred to as "him" not "it" i think.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 2 napja
DanFarrell98 2 napja
The serious tone got thrown out of the window as soon as The Child was introduced anyway
bonekolekta 2 napja
The Starwars formula is always the same - building a Death Star which gets blown up at the end and repeat.
A H 3 napja
They need to never ever ever try to connect this to the sequel trilogy
Dave Louie
Dave Louie 2 napja
In Star Wars everything is connected and the same goes for Star Trek. But I see what’s you mean. Let the show be it’s own story but it’s still connected because it’s Star Wars.
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 3 napja
Season 1 is very Amazing and for Season 2 i think it will be so much better if it become movie.
Ron-j Ignacio
Ron-j Ignacio 3 napja
Hahts nets hats nahsts gahsts
CWI Reviews
CWI Reviews 3 napja
I think they were trying to use Baby Yoda to clone Snoke for first order building! That would explain why Snoke is so powerful.
Whoopsy 3 napja
blah blah blah, 5 min of skipping there you have it season 2 4 episodes over, next this is so boring!!! meh!!!
Aness Amer
Aness Amer 3 napja
But which is better chapter 11 or chapter 12?
BACon Lover
BACon Lover 3 napja
If u look closely to the left at 18.50mark of the episode you can see a man standing wearing jeans and tshirt Thank me later lol
Lance Weisser
Lance Weisser 3 napja
Is it just me or is anyone else really bummed that Taika Waititi is not directing this show?
depholade 3 napja
I'm taking all bets for shadowtroopers
Dallas Kinard
Dallas Kinard 3 napja
"Dirty prequel word"?? Sit down.
plo617 2 napja
Thank you!
Shadow Ranger
Shadow Ranger 3 napja
0:56 'if you want to avoid using that dirty prequel word' *What did you say?*
troll randon
troll randon 3 napja
Episode 10 is the best
phetamine 3 napja
This episode was just to save and give explanation for unexplained misshap of snoke in last jedi and rise of skywalker.
No one
No one 3 napja
amazed ign didnt give this episode a 1 since it had gina in it. you would thin ign would be one of those weirdo's that cyber bully gina cause she wont put pronouns in her bio. xD
"There's no guardrailes" For some reason I laughed at that line.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 napja
I actually belted a lol at that one xD
Kaydan Munger
Kaydan Munger 3 napja
It really make you feel liked a mandalorian
Macca 3 napja
Best episode of the mando so far I love it!! Epic
Jack Trotter
Jack Trotter 3 napja
Who else just watches this because they don't have Disney plus?
stocktownguy 3 napja
Gina as Cara is awesome! We need more time with this character!
Mark Boman
Mark Boman 3 napja
Gina carano looking thicck in this episode
CM 3 napja
Please don't say they're linking this to the dire sequel movies. Mandalorian is redeeming the Star Wars name, it'll be such a shame if they drop the ball at the last minute, undoing all their hard work
Jansen Art
Jansen Art 3 napja
Was not happy to hear "M-count".
Michael Wood
Michael Wood 2 napja
Like as not, it is Canon. As is cloning force sensitivity (Snoke)
Feebo 3 napja
These episodes haven’t been that satisfying, they could have expanded more on the cloning but everything always gets left for next week
My Way, The OUTLAW Way
Can't believe Carl Weathers directed this episode, WELL DONE!
Anime Boi
Anime Boi 3 napja
I Just Watched Episode 4 After School I LOVE THIS SHOW SO DAMN MUCH. I Can’t Wait to See What Moff Gideon Plans Next and Ansoka Appearance.
Matheus BR
Matheus BR 3 napja
Algum brasileiro aqui ???
klompb 3 napja
I do wish they made the stormtroopers a bit more of a challenging opponent.
LordFolgers 3 napja
I was bummed at first we weren’t getting Ahsoka, but turned into a pretty plot heavy episode. Heart was pounding, worrying about Baby Yodes. And I disagree, I really like the humor added by side characters, it doesn’t ruin tone. Think it replicates humor of original trilogy well while not trying too hard
Dante 3 napja
Wouldn't it be more likely that the bodies in the bacta are either the test subjects for imbuing midichlorian blood, or palpatine clones? In TROS we saw Palpatine had Snoke clones lying around his personal building so that was likely something he more or less did by/for himself. In an Empire that just fell due to losing it's Emperor, wouldn't it make sense to try and bring him back? Anyways, great episode imo!
Ed Wassermann
Ed Wassermann 3 napja
it was clunky. maybe they should take more time to produce a season.
munch crunch
munch crunch 3 napja
Is it me but in the new episode there’s a girl that looks like Rey when she was young
Pratulya Anjas
Next episode is going to be directed by Dave Filoni, that means Ashoka Tano is going to appear baby!!!!!!
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 napja
The next episode is titled "The Jedi."
Noah Kamrowski
I'm hoping the snoke thing is and misdirection, please!
Rishi Ramesh
Rishi Ramesh 3 napja
Please don't make episode reviews. There is no point in reviewing a single episode each time. It makes sense to review an entire season and give ratings for it.
Krillinish2 3 napja
Crazy Gideon
Solomon Korte
Solomon Korte 3 napja
I swear IGN mandolorian reviews are the worst
luciano trivelli
Ign reviews in general
Karan Joshi
Karan Joshi 3 napja
It just needs 10more minutes of runtime maybe. Character beats are going too fast , even still it's the best star wars since the OG trilogy.
Andrew Hannigan
I really hope this leads to aa reveal for starkiller as canon even if he's nerfed somewhat
Din Djarin
Din Djarin 3 napja
So does anyone here know how to get rid of blue macaron stains on fabric?
Ken Masters
Ken Masters 3 napja
How can such a big woman have such a small gun?
MikDan 88
MikDan 88 3 napja
You guys wanna see some blue barf? No? Too bad.
Gaurav Kolarkar
A weak episode imo
Tinkerbe11 3 napja
I love the funny characters in Star Wars. I don't like cation movies that take themselves too serious. I'm more into humour than action, and Star Wars has both.
William Gorham
It's not to Clone Palpatine, it's Dark Troopers he's trying to make.
jrc 05250
jrc 05250 5 órája
Star Wars theory said Snoke's theme played when they zoomed in on the experiment
Alex Hein
Alex Hein 3 napja
@Niall Harrington the darks troopers look like they’re in phase 1 can’t wait until they’re in phase 3 in the last episode of season 2
Niall Harrington
@Musiccer the audio description said they were dark troopers
Jake Dangerfield
I feel like since they were talking about mediclorians they wanna make the Dark Troopers force sensitive, hence why they want baby yoda so they can somehow drain the force from him. Just a theory though
Spicy Sausage
Spicy Sausage 3 napja
@William Gorham the more likely option is dark troopers, but it could be a pre snoke clone because the shape of the body is similar to snoke. My personal theory is that it’s a pre snoke clone which In turn is a failed palpatine clone which explains ros
ViMo 3 napja
Guess who will save Mando from the Gideon in the next episode - Ahsoka Tano.
Anthony Mendoza
@Supreme Leader Masked Marvel Filoni would not allow that to happen. At least not yet.
Supreme Leader Masked Marvel
what if Moff Gideon kills Ahsoka
hotman718 3 napja
Spoiler but do you think Greef betrays Mando? I didn't catch how they put the tracker on Razor Crest. Who did it? Was it the guys who repaired Mandos ship? Aren't those guys working for Greef Karga.
Yung 125
Yung 125 3 napja
Nah greed is with mando , the guy who was repairing the ship wanted the reward from the empire.
Bubbly Jubbly
Bubbly Jubbly 3 napja
I just love how tiny The Child is in Greef’s hands. So adorable.
MrJackben32 3 napja
Amazing episode as usual, absolutely loved the scene with Gideon and the dark troopers, plus snoke In the bacta tanks, can't wait for next week where I bet Gideon and ahsoka duel each other
deltavagen 3 napja
Gina is so sexy
hotman718 3 napja
I loved episodes 1,3 and 4. 2 was decent.
Stablemable2 3 napja
For some reason when some viewers see clunky or clumsy from characters in Star Wars, they make it sound more alien than the aliens in Star Wars. SW is not Masterpiece Theater.....clunky and clumsy is what Star Wars do.
Help me reach 2k plz
To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 👐 read my name btw thx..
ItsMeExn 3 napja
Wouldnt an ak be like hella guud as a weapon?
Task Force
Task Force 3 napja
Watched the episode and finally happy to see Moff Gideon is back from S1 and now want to see Ahsoka Tano .
Geoff 3 napja
Worst series on Disney+
@Anthony Mendoza Don't listen to him, he's just trying to bait people
Anthony Mendoza
Why? Please expand
Adeel Ahmed
Adeel Ahmed 3 napja
Its not on netflix lol
Stealth Watch
Stealth Watch 3 napja
What I didn’t get is that doesn’t this take place during the clone wars so how is Ashoka tona a Jedi master ( is what i would) and at then end when moof reveals he has and army of darth Vader’s Aninkian isn’t darth Vader because this is proably taking place during the clone wars. I am probably wrong but I just wanted to rest my case.
zengamer21 3 napja
@Tom VG Ahsoka left the jedi order. So, while she is powerful with the force, she is not a jedi.
Tom VG
Tom VG 3 napja
This takes place after Rebels, Ahsoka was already a Jedi master then. She's an adult now, not the padawan she was during clone wars. Also those aren't Darth Vader suits but probably new Dark Troopers.
Hotshot Dragon
This was the best episode to date
ThumbsUpMan 3 napja
Gina carano is way too overweight.
ThumbsUpMan 3 napja
@Owais Al-rawi . Of course it affected the show. I can't get image of jaba the hutt out of my mind.
ThekidMarl 3 napja
Guessing you're from twitter
Owais Al-rawi
Owais Al-rawi 3 napja
In what way does her weight affect you or the show in the slightest , your just being an arsehole
Majickbeats 3 napja
That Mythrol scene cracked me up when he shat himself after seeing Mando again 😂 "I believe you two have already met" *tssssssssss*
Alex Hein
Alex Hein 3 napja
Little mist thing pops out lmfao
Erika myers
Erika myers 3 napja
I got that on Disney Plus
alex 3 napja
If you think about it what's the point of reviewing an individual episode of a show like this If you're watching this video you probably already saw it, it's cool to see other peoples opinions sometimes It's not like one ep will get a low score and someone will decide to skip it like a movie, it's a linear TV show with a story that builds up You really can't judge each episode fully until at least the season as a whole is out
Shyam Madhavan
The best episode by far in this season
Joachim Lothrik
I wish it stayed smaller... but gotta connect it with the bigger parts of the franchise I guess. Dull.
Joachim Lothrik
@Tom VG if it turns into "filling in the gaps" for the last trilogy...
Tom VG
Tom VG 3 napja
Nothing confirmed yet, might just be a crazy experiment by Gideon. And if it should connect in a way that is explained properly I have no problems with it
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 3 napja
Ep was ok, nothing special. Pretty short again
Elibbb1111 3 napja
This is de way
Anakin Skywalker
Inca Kasugatani the fifth pillar/Kylo Ren the sith lord Plot Inca Kasugatani was a high school took somewhere in los santos city in 1992 they are attack meet White-Clad Charon turn into Evangelist's eyes and destroy Shinra before leave and become Kylo Ren itself The great Sith Templar Empire Yona living the shadows and living the darkness Inca so painful transformation and became the sith lord Kylo Ren to destroy hidden leaf and haijima industries.
Luke M
Luke M 3 napja
It was okay. I kind of predicted some parts of it. Though one thing that bugs me. An editing error, that appeared during the elevator scene. For a spit second the door closes and does it, again.
Luke M
Luke M 3 napja
@zengamer21 I’d hate to rewatch the episode, now. It’s bad enough I watch enough hidden Easter egg videos and on hidden meaning with some breakdown videos. It did kind of bug me with the short distance running. Part of me wants Gina to get in fighting shape, while at the same time understand. She’d like to relax a bit. Which sounds bad. Recalling the episode. I’m cringing. Just 😖
zengamer21 3 napja
Worse than that... there's a guy in jeans and a green shirt for a couple of frames that somehow made it into the final cut at 18:54.
GrillGuy 3 napja
Absolute banger of an episode
Jackie Logan
Jackie Logan 3 napja
Baby Yoda raising arms
The Mandalorian
This isn’t a review. This an episode recap.
troll randon
troll randon 3 napja
@MatiZ815 No
MatiZ815 3 napja
I disagree. There was a lot of constructive criticism here.
Brian Ng
Brian Ng 3 napja
It's a summary, but there is some pros and cons on the episode. So, it is close enough to a review. And there is a grade point at the end.
Simu Soul
Simu Soul 3 napja
This is the way
- Wojo -
- Wojo - 3 napja
I think that’s palpatine not snoke
Eveline Caroline Huang
Who is He!!! Where is that Green Creature Come from?? 😨😨😨
Eveline Caroline Huang
@Ricardo 🐸🐸🐸
Ricardo 3 napja
Lord Madara
Lord Madara 3 napja
I like to wait till all episode then watch just like season 1 it's worth it
Tom VG
Tom VG 3 napja
Since it's an episodic series watching them one at a time works well. I binged first season and now watching season 2 from week to week, both are very enjoyable. I like reading the conversations after each episode, missed that while waiting for first season to finish.
RoseParamore1 3 napja
A sido un super capitulazo, me ha encantado y me alegra que se le de mas tiempo en pantalla a otros personajes y no solo a Mando. Adoro a Cara Dune con mi alma. Baby Yoda es un disfrute total como siempre. A mi se me olvido por momentos que estaba viendo una serie, parecía una película. 9/10. This Is The Way.
RoseParamore1 3 napja
@Dominick S Boba seguro aparecera mas adelante.
Dominick S
Dominick S 3 napja
Si quiero ver mas personajes y no solo mando tambien como boba. Donde fue Boba?!
RoseParamore1 3 napja
@andy hernandez ???
andy hernandez
Ricardo 3 napja
Sipping coffee watching the review right after finishing the episode. Balanced as all things should be
Jamar D
Jamar D 2 napja
More like "This is the way"
The Lord of Guidance
Your profile pic is very balanced.
Маленький Йода такой милый
Sonia Roy
Sonia Roy 3 napja
Help you me plz
David M
David M 3 napja
Baby Yoda eat frogs and Macarons Me : That one must be french
GameBlast 2 napja
The Mandalorian
This is one of the best episodes so far, if not the best. And FYI baby yoda failed his star routes test and I am very dissapointed
Anakin Skywalker
Yes. where is Haumea second pillar AKA daughter of emperor palpatine/darth sidious?
I'mTheReverse 3 napja
@Anakin Skywalker English isn’t your first language, is it?
Anakin Skywalker
@The Mandalorian my name is Anakin Skywalker AKA stormtrooper Toa Jaller 1899.
The Mandalorian
@Anakin Skywalker ?????
I'mTheReverse 3 napja
He also failed at the wires task.
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