The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3 Review 

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Between the plot development, tense action beats and thoughtful world-building, Chapter 11 is one of The Mandalorian's best episodes yet.










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Solaiman Sohan
End of the series you will know Palpatine is behind everything including this series
Cyril Smith VA
this episode deserves a 10
DRETUBE9 6 napja
Season 2 episode 1 was such crap, i gave up (for now)
Lucky You
Lucky You 6 napja
Bo-Katan is more Mandalorian than Mando. Wonder if there going to introduce Obi-wan or Darth Maul and the Death watch ,with a fight for the dark sabre and fight for Mandolore or at least for a spin off series. Here's hoping.
Easy 7 napja
Can you not?
Mr GoGs
Mr GoGs 7 napja
I'd honestly consider knocking off 3 stars simply for there only being 26 minutes of actual show footage, it's honestly not acceptable. come on Disney, you're better than this, you certainly have the money to make 50-minute episodes happen every week, the least you could do is aim for 30 minutes of showtime (not counting into & credits) every week... you still have a lot of redeeming to do after that disastrous & disrespectful trilogy mess.
ZOOM 15th
ZOOM 15th 7 napja
"This is the Way"..😂
Luis Peña
Luis Peña 7 napja
Narrator: If you want even more Mandalorian, why not check out these videos? The videos: we are resting, there are no videos.
TaylorCraft 7 napja
I love that ship design
Flight Train11
Season 2 finally getting started this episode deserves a 9
Mitchmo Delmar
Such a short episode... Wanna watch 4 free no ads no pop ups and no viruses.. Click my avatar to see I am legit..
TheXyks 8 napja
Best episode of the show thus far to me. Both Bryce Dallas Howard's direction and everything Katee Sackhoff absolutely shined this episode. And finally they adress Din's helmet obsession. Was already worried it was just lazy writing...
Jacob A
Jacob A 8 napja
Sasha tho 💪🏾
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 8 napja
Bryce Dallas-Howard ?? The actress is directing this episode ? Wow 😲
The Mandalorian
She directed one last season aswell
Richmond Aghia
Awesome connection, this show has
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 9 napja
I wish the ep was longer, amazing action. I hope we get 10 seasons
张亮 9 napja
好看 !我们ccp也喜欢看美国的有些价值观还是很好的!但是太欺负人了……大家就不能和平做朋友吗?非要欺负我们中国
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GodsOfWar 9 napja
I hope Bryce Dallas Howard directs a spin off series with Bo, Kosko and Axe.
Astony The God
Wait isn’t she Clair from the Jurassic world
Madudebro Uchiha
Very short episode .
Nathan Searcey
Best episode so far!
Zack San Agustin
Wtf bryce dallas howard did this??
rod axel
rod axel 9 napja
Bryce Dallas Howard is getting better as director.. I didn't like the ones she did in season 1... The table have turned.. Can't wait for Rosario Dawson aka Nurse Claire Temple of Marvel as....
Nigel Dean
Nigel Dean 7 napja
I'm hoping rosario really is her
Mild Misanthrope
rod axel That Seven Samurai episode with the AT-ST was one of the best of season 1.
Truben Studios
Read my lips: Soon, the Millennium Falcon will appear on this show (with Hans, not sure, though lets hope its Harrison with de-age VFX). Why you ask? Because Disneyland/Disney World WILL replace the (highly mediocre) Star Wars Land Smugglers Run Millennium Falcon ride with a Mandalorian story-line.
Truben Studios
The only thing wrong with this review is he gave it a 9 instead of a 10. This may be the best episode of the SERIES. Yes, the SERIES.
Joshua Clay Williams 61
One critique I have is that bo looks too young for the timline. As a reference imagine how much obi wan aged from episode 3 to episode 4
Matthieu Rego
@PixelAlchemist Miscalculation from the prequels. New Hope made him look like what he was supposed to be, a cool old space wizard. Once they had to go back they had to solve lots of stuff and the job was sloppy.
The Mandalorian
Yh, in episode 4 he is only 57 and looks 80, while in this episode Bo is meant to be around 50
obi wan being so old was just a miscalculation made back then. it was only around twenty years between ep 3 and 4, he should not have been that old
Matheus BR
Matheus BR 9 napja
Algum brasileiro aqui ???
MandalorianZ 9 napja
Alright, this was actually not a bad review, even if I disagree with it, but it gave me some insight to why people enjoy it, which is what I was looking for. Also, someone is going to call me a hater of the show, I love the show, I just wasn't fond of this episode.
ArtCruiser 9 napja
Ive noticed something....this series is strictly for knowledgeable Star Wars fans. Those that have interest are forced to look up who all these characters are. And to look up the lore as well. Something Disney wants all of to happen. What im worried about is the tired formula. If by chance they decide not to show us either Bobba or Bo Katan again, simply to tell us about their respective spinoffs...then we have a problem. But unfortunately most SW fans really dont care about any quality it seems.
Rashied Sabir
Rashied Sabir 9 napja
This episode was phenomenal, but I’m just waiting for next week when we get to see Ashoka 😭😭
Vince Oh Myyy
Vince Oh Myyy 9 napja
This is the way
kovLor Sangalang
Soo when is demons souls review coming?
DarthRaider 9 napja
So this is a 9 but the other 2 were 7s? 🤦🏻‍♂️. They have all been somewhat equal to me. Only bad thing about this episode is how short it is
Matthieu Rego
Female director my friend.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 6 napja
The other episodes were useless filler. They should've been far lower than a 7
Jermiah Russell
This was my favorite in a while, since it actually served the plot lol
maccail 9 napja
Am I the only one who isn't a fan of the tie-ins with the animated Star Wars shows? I quite enjoy this new era of Star Wars that The Mandalorian is exploring, however the last two episodes leave me feeling pessimistic about the series going forward (and a bit nervous about the Obi-Wan series too). Season 2 started strong with that first episode, but now it's looking less like a "space western" and more like a kid mashing their action figures together. Am I alone on this?
Matthieu Rego
Right here with you buddy. I don't like prequel stuff and the simple fact we are having prequel material on something that happens after the original trilogy is like this huge stretch of time that's only there to tie-in with fan service.
j b
j b 9 napja
I'll be awaiting a ps5/ series x Mandalorian game ...
The Mandalorian
That would be the best RPG ever
Christopher Calderon
This episode was awesome, the best so far in the series.
ClikkClak YT
ClikkClak YT 9 napja
IGN has a continuity issue with their reviews
The Mandalorian
flipboi952 9 napja
All clone wars fans screamed in this episode
jcnba28 9 napja
Next week's episode will be 20 minutes long lol
Oscar Lyles
Oscar Lyles 9 napja
This is the way
Lone Haven Gaming
Spoiler fing warning
Gd2knw 9 napja
Keeps getting shorter & shorter by the time the last episode comes itll just be 15 mins 😂
Erickgv 9 napja
@Dean Gulberry specially for this episode where you have Bo Katan and casual fans don’t know who she is so they should’ve spent more time explaining, maybe with flashbacks or just them talking about their past
Dean Gulberry
Dean Gulberry 9 napja
Finally someone said it. This episode was only a half episode. I want more mando 😭
Erickgv 9 napja
*Title drop*, *credits*
Gunman 9 napja
1:58 Why, --WHY the shot from Rebels, why not a shot of her from Season 7 of The Clone Wars???
Oh Aww Geez
Oh Aww Geez 8 napja
Because her hair became shorter after the end of the clone wars.
35Antonio 8 napja
Whaw whaw
pizhhh out
pizhhh out 9 napja
Because it's her latest appearance, chronologically.
Heroman 9 napja
This episode was great!
? 9 napja
Everybody loving Mando but there seems to be a review bomb of RT audience score, it was at 92 before and now at 84. Most of them sounds fake tho.
Leon Besa
Leon Besa 9 napja
I have a question guys. Should I watch the Mandalorian without watching any of the Star Wars movies or should I finish all the 9 episodes (movies) of Star Wars franchise and then start watching the Mandalorian? Thanks!
Leon Besa
Leon Besa 8 napja
@The Mandalorian Ok, thank you!
The Mandalorian
One of the reasons the Mandalorian is so great is because of the fact that anyone can watch it without being confused. If u just wanna watch some great tv, then go ahead. But if u want some extra lore and a broader picture of what is really going on then I suggest finishing the movies. And FYI, mandalorian is set between episodes 6 and 7
Melonsus 9 napja
I hope u gave it over 9. Cause it cant get much better.
Kujichagulia Self-Determination
I cannot wait for WWE's Sasha Banks to kick some more butt in the Star Wars universe!
brnt rln
brnt rln 9 napja
Ah yes time to pirate again.
Jared Hart
Jared Hart 9 napja
Easily the best episode yet
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle 9 napja
Haven't been this excited for a show since breaking bad
Caboose Knight
Kathleen Kennedy demands more female presence..... Obi Jon Favreau....you're our only hope.
Cbom123 9 napja
35 minute episode is dumb af
Cbom123 9 napja
@Jonathan S. yeah thats what makes me want another 25 mins added on lol
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. 9 napja
Ended up being one of the best if not THE best episode so far
David M
David M 9 napja
My fanboyism was strong in this one This is the way !
Oh Aww Geez
Oh Aww Geez 9 napja
I can’t believe we’re actually getting Ahsoka Tano!
LOL Get Distracted
Reviewer: "Sasha Banks" Me: Visible confusion
chapman2001 9 napja
The acting in this is awful Bryce Dallas Howard shouldn’t be a director
Flight Train11
@Kislay Parashar this is the best episode of the season by far plot driven
Benedek Nagy
Benedek Nagy 9 napja
@Kislay Parashar that episode had flaws too though. The shootout scene in the beginning was sloppy. On the storytelling part it was top notch tho.
Kislay Parashar
This was literally the best directed episode of the show after the Taika Waititi one
Dark Spartan
Dark Spartan 9 napja
Bo katan is in her 50s but looked 30 lol
The Mandalorian
Ah, IGN got it right for once.
Darzo 9 napja
I want more star wars TV shows.. Much better than the recent movies
Con Man
Con Man 9 napja
Man...do?I 🙄🤕
Airsoftkid 9 napja
Surprising that he didn’t kill them at the end
Vincenzo Federico
“Not every episode needs to have this much plot” *complains the last 2 episodes had no plot*
Bout time you came around
Because Science
They gave it a 9 your welcome
Caesar TG
Caesar TG 9 napja
Seriously the best episode/piece of Star Wars content in the last 5 years, I was crying pure nerd tears with each name drop 😂
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 6 napja
@GlideSlidey Last Jedi was the worst star wars piece we will ever see in our lifetime. I hope you're joking
I'mTheReverse 8 napja
@Jex Lorin It had to be Ahsoka vs Maul to have the same emotional impact. The whole emotional center of the fight is about Sidious, Anakin and Order 66. It only works when it’s Maul and Ahsoka.
GlideSlidey 8 napja
Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released in 2017, so you actually mean 3 years.
K8nk 9 napja
@Jex Lorin I guess I’ll just agree to disagree
Jex Lorin
Jex Lorin 9 napja
@K8nk This would have been the first time they saw eachother since Maul killed satine. In that fight, we might have seen something in Obi Wan we have never seen before: rage
Hide The Chicken
This reviewer gave episode 1 and 2 a 7/10 and this episode a 9/10? I know its just opinions, but come on....
Benedek Nagy
Benedek Nagy 9 napja
I feel like episode 1 would have been a 7 too if it was not for the boba armor and the cameo. The actual plot and content of the first episode was nothing major imo
Derek Jean
Derek Jean 9 napja
I do like episode 1 for the world building at least.
Pope Yoda
Pope Yoda 9 napja
1 was great,2 just felt filler imo
Derek Jean
Derek Jean 9 napja
Well to me nothing really happens in character development or plot wise in 1 and 2. They were filler episodic episodes.
Killer Boy Snap
As soon as I heard Ahsoka Tano, I cried of joy.
Hossett Tren
Hossett Tren 7 napja
@Oh Aww Geez love the clone wars..best stories for starwars universe
Oh Aww Geez
Oh Aww Geez 9 napja
I’m so excited for that as someone who grew up with the Clone Wars.
DaddyWarBucks 9 napja
This was the first episode I watched 2x in one day that alone deserves a 10 in my book 🤷🏾‍♂️
Brando 9 napja
More like 11/10, watched it 4x. Best episode of S2 so far.
crispy rock
crispy rock 9 napja
@Asad Ijaz the fillers aren’t 10s tbh
Asad Ijaz
Asad Ijaz 9 napja
Every episode is a 10
Ray Solo
Ray Solo 9 napja
More Bryce Dallas Howard please.
Eyes Emoji
Eyes Emoji 9 napja
best episode so far in the whole show
Better than ep2
Bum Bum
Bum Bum 9 napja
Can somebody explain why is this getting reviewed every episode?
GeneralKnife 9 napja
It's popular and it's a weekly show.
Hide The Chicken
@Bum Bum For some shows. They also review each episode of Westworld as they come out.
Bum Bum
Bum Bum 9 napja
@KBibbler oh. I didn't know that. So they do these for popular series that have individual episodes coming out every week?
KBibbler 9 napja
@Bum Bum No, they used to review GoT and TWD every episode
Bum Bum
Bum Bum 9 napja
@Hide The Chicken I'm not saying it should not. I don't understand why this is the only series they review each episode
Good Putin
Good Putin 9 napja
Never trust a Quarren
The Mandalorian
I learned the hard way
Atticus Shure (student)
Amazing episode
metaDot 9 napja
I came here looking for mandarins.
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
joe bond
joe bond 9 napja
All the casuals hating cus they ain't seen clone wars lol, whilst the nerds are absolutely loving it
Emmanuel 3 napja
@My Way, The OUTLAW Way You are one of the few who think she is overrated. Jedi is most of star wars television and movies is about and it's what the majority want to see so they will continue to put out jedi content.
My Way, The OUTLAW Way
I have seen clone wars and i still think Ahsoka is overrated. I'm tired of Jedi crap, i want Mandalorian lore, culture and story, enough with the Jedi.
Emmanuel 8 napja
@Elijah Olson watch clone wars you'll like it ALOT.
Elijah Olson
Elijah Olson 8 napja
I've seen literally like two episodes of that show and didn't get a single reference and this was still one of my favorite episodes so far. It was SOLID GOLD.
Oh Aww Geez
Oh Aww Geez 8 napja
Don’t care if some don’t like it, this is what we wanted the sequel trilogy to do. Fans who watched the animated series should be rewarded.
Star Lord
Star Lord 9 napja
This is the way..
Woozy Dreams
Woozy Dreams 5 napja
This is the way
Gregory 9 napja
Din Djarinn
Din Djarinn 9 napja
HuskieGames 9 napja
This is the way
Muhsin Ahmed Yassin
Darth Derp
Darth Derp 9 napja
The other characters that isn’t the mando is what saving this series besides baby yoda
Darth Derp
Darth Derp 9 napja
The first two episode didn’t really have little action when there is action it’s towards the end
joe bond
joe bond 9 napja
'Saving' this series? It's one of the most popular shows ever made I don't think it needs 'saving' bud
superjboy16 9 napja
After binge watching Clone Wars and Rebels last summer, I feel so rewarded with this episode. I love how they brought these awesome characters back. Star Wars is being saved by actual fans now!
PapaPalps 6 napja
@Hugh Jass mmmmmmmmm
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 6 napja
If doing the bare minimum is considered being "saved by fans," you are exactly the issue with modern star wars.
Ricochet Nkweso
chapman2001 8 napja
@Vallhell Killstar fr
PapaPalps 9 napja
@Vallhell Killstar mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Omar Ghorab
Omar Ghorab 9 napja
Took you long enough
AdamREALTALKNOW Tschetschener
When will it be available?
I'mTheReverse 9 napja
About 23 hours ago.
Niall Harrington
Its already
noah dness
noah dness 9 napja
The clone wars connections were strong with this one
hater splater
hater splater 8 napja
@The Ostrich Prove your brain
BlackNoir 9 napja
@Niall Harrington yes you are right..I am talking about Dave Filoni! He was director of Clone Wars..thats why Bokotan and Ashoka are coming back
Niall Harrington
@BlackNoir no he is co producer the main producer is jon favreau who is happy in the mcu and was also the executive producer the iron man and avengers movies
BlackNoir 9 napja
I mean the producer of Clone Wars and Rebels is also a main producer of Mandolorian
randomnobody playthrough
@I'mTheReverse You're welcome.
Tim Grafton
Tim Grafton 9 napja
Top comment !!!
Brendan Vas
Brendan Vas 9 napja
Best episode of the season so far
DarthRaider 9 napja
I thought it was pretty much equal to the others except super short
Isaac Altman
Isaac Altman 9 napja
@xMedian Agreed but Ahsoka's appearance will hopefully be the best
xMedian 9 napja
@Anime Boi best episode of the show so far
The Ostrich
The Ostrich 9 napja
@Oisin Grehoe Prove it
Oisin Grehoe
Oisin Grehoe 9 napja
@The Ostrich are u roasting it
Albi Fe
Albi Fe 9 napja
Suh dude
Jude WS
Jude WS 9 napja
First or something.... Who cares
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