The Godzilla vs. Kong MonsterVerse: Every Major Titan 

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The MonsterVerse is Legendary's shared universe which positions the secret government agency Monarch at the center of an eco-system of monsters, or "Titans'' as they call them, both new and classic. After Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the latest chapter in this saga, Godzilla vs. Kong, pits not only the two titular Titans against each other but some new monsters as well - including Mechagodzilla! So let's break down every major monster in the MonsterVerse, from Rodan to Mothra, and Skullcrawlers to Mother Longlegs!

Godzilla vs. Kong is the long-awaited showdown between the MonsterVerse's most high-profile players: Godzilla and King Kong. Of course, there can only be one alpha, but there are other Titans introduced throughout the series, such as MUTOs, Leafwings, Warbats, Hellhawks, as well as Scylla, Methuselah, Behemoth, Abbadon, Baphomet, Bunyip, Leviathan, Mokele-Mbembe, Sargon, Tiamat, and Typhoon. With Hollow Earth now open to our world, the stories of the MonsterVerse can only continue to grow.
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Athanasius 5 órája
Give it time and WOKE culture will destroy this franchise and introduce feminism, transgenderism, and maybe critical race theory. I'm bracing myself for a transgender titan soon lol
Why does the Skull Island monsters and Hellhawks are even mentioned? And of course, all Titans that appear on novels, comics and even the ones that appear in KOTM are ignored Why this “every thing” videos almost always make this horrible mistakes
SaMoore llc
SaMoore llc 6 órája
6:50 seriously you didn’t include the cameo from Minilla you had the scene right there
Dastan Alfarizi
Dastan Alfarizi 8 órája
What about camazotz?? Where is it??
pr1me V
pr1me V 10 órája
Wow spoiler
Mirage 11 órája
The great Titan (Thanos) left the chat*
Mersadie Oliton
Mersadie Oliton 12 órája
Why are Humans cheering for Godzilla & kong They should be wishing form their deaths all Godzilla care about is killing other titans & dont care how many humans he kill the Government should be making more mechs
Zainal Smith
Zainal Smith 13 órája
This need to be made an open world game in monster universe
D. Kay
D. Kay 18 órája
You could def put a spoiler warning in there...
Mr Goober
Mr Goober Napja
Clearly they didn't learn from Kiriyu. You don't use the skeleton of a fallen titan and not expect it to become the Ghost in The Machine.
Don’t forget in kong skull island the sker Buffalo, spore mantis, mire squid Godzilla king of the monsters behemoth, Scylla, methuselah, queen MUTO These guys should all be added to the list, and also if they continue with the monster verse movies they will bring these guys and the others that were in the list back with Godzilla and kong and also we get more titans in the film series in the future both original and old and new titans, maybe and hopefully we could get a giant badass tiger or wolf titan or both and they act as allies to Godzilla and Kong
Justin R. Elano
Notice that Hong Kong has very big buildings that doesnt even exist. Plus the population of Hong Kong is around 7.5 million people (bigger than San Fransisco from the 2014 Godzilla) making this a lot of deaths since they started fighting in the night where people are having a meeting, a walk outside and sleeping. Also notice that in the 2014 godzilla, we have Elizabeth olsen was in San Fransisco when Godzilla vs Titans was happening In the second movie, we got to see a mother and son running away from Rodan in Isla de Mara Now in the Godzilla vs Kong, we only see people just people. No famous actors or anyone that we can get to see very close. Just no one. :P
Md Khan
Md Khan Napja
Mechagodzilla literally the strongest titan shown in the Monsterverse till now.
Chris Hutchins
Rodan looks like a skeksis from Dark Crystal.
Angelo Pontilla
King Kong vs Attack Titan please
DeVoe Walton
U mean the 2nd film
Fuck You
Fuck You Napja
Who wrote this damn video.....
AoT fans: We've been tricked, and quite possibly bamboozled
Chicago Made
They only won because of the satellite
Sahil Bhaila
Major Titans? Go back to biased game ratings IGN
I Have No Idea
Why is are oversized spiders and birds considered titans while leaving out the REAL massive titans?
Godzilla 0:33 King Kong 1:20 Mothra 1:56 King Ghidorah 2:34 Rodan 3:11 M.U.T.O.S 3:39 Skullcrawlers 4:17 Mother Longlegs 4:47 Leafwings 5:07 Warbats 5:27 Hellhawks 5:44 MechaGodzilla 6:04
Manu Xyz
Manu Xyz 2 napja
Milking content from this movie to it's last bit
Ratchet K9110
Ratchet K9110 2 napja
Hellhawks to grow giant size at 140 feet tall and 590 feet wingspan.
Ratchet K9110
Ratchet K9110 2 napja
Monsterverse spin offs, prequels and solo movies for Godzilla, Kong, Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah.
Szeltovivar Sydroxan
Godzilla vs. Kong might have a super dumb script, but man, is it one entertaining movie!
Antonio Montana
Radek Huňa
Radek Huňa 2 napja
Where is Doug?
Joshua Jireh Marasigan
So are we gonna forget the big mammoth ape hybrid (Behemoth), giant spider squid face (Scylla), and a freaking walking mountain tortoise (Methuselah)?!
Rohan 2 napja
Let's not forget that mecha godzilla Humans best mechanical creation ever died of short circuit... If that isn't laziest writing ffs
Aiden Eastwind
COMING NEXT: Godzilla vs. Corona! Godzilla: DAMN! Another fight?
King Ghidorah - The Three Headed Monster
Creatures from the Monsterverse: Methuselah, Yamata no Orochi, Kraken, Margygr, The Skeleton of Anguirus, SkullCrawlers, Scylla, Behemoth, Typhon, Quetzalcoatl, Amluluk, Mokele-Mbembe, Warbats, Godzilla, Myself, King Kong, Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism (MUTOs), Mother Longlegs, Rodan, MechaGodzilla, Leafwings, Sker Buffaloes, Mother Longlegs, Spore Mantises, Hellhawks, Mire Squid, Skull Island Deer, Baphomet, Sekhmet, Abbadon, Tiamat, Leviathan, Sargon, Bunyip and Unnamed Hollow Earth Titans.
•• 2 napja
Monsterverse > mcu, dceu
Soreen 2 napja
can't wait to see Gamera
Geekly Goods
Geekly Goods 2 napja
Would love to get more monsters like Destroyah and Jet Jaguar. If they want to go the more popular route they could crossover with Cloverfield or Pacific Rim
Michael 2 napja
Godzilla 2016 is honestly the only well directed movie out of the entire universe. All of the rest of the films just feel like cheesy fan fair.
Mr. B
Mr. B 2 napja
You got to remove that king from kongs name .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Geekly Goods
Geekly Goods 2 napja
LMFAO right?! Ain’t a king no more!
Suji Ks
Suji Ks 2 napja
Most of these are not even titans
Haz Melz
Haz Melz 2 napja
Is it just me or is this video all over the place
Kameraun Yates
Can you do a video on mecha kong or where he at in the monster verse just stuff about him coming up
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas 2 napja
A few things we needed in future MonsterVerse movies: - A Mothra standalone - Godzilla vs Destoryah - exploring more on the Hollow Earth - Gigan - Kong’s race vs Godzilla’s ancestors prequel - Behemoth - Bringing back Lt. Ford Brody and his family - Human characters are more well written -
Kush Garg
Kush Garg 2 napja
They forgot about a few Titans that appeared in final moments of "Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)".
Uhrich Zac
Uhrich Zac 2 napja
The bouncy mimosa accordingly meddle because bumper accordingly tumble pro a shivering egypt. cautious, tight exclamation
Phead128 3 napja
Kong basically almost died and got killed by Godzilla.
Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth B. 3 napja
You mention minor monsters that aren’t Titans but fail to talk about 3 titans (granted not specifically named) that debuted in king of monsters? Do your homework
Jason Williams
Did Godzilla end up killing all those Titans that pledged allegiance to him at the end of King of Monsters? Because they said in Godzilla vs Kong that Godzilla attacks and defeats every Titan that emerges.
Muaaz Akbar
Muaaz Akbar 2 napja
The comics show that no, he sent them to hibernations a few years prior to GVK. The movie proves it as well because it shows "Titans Dormant."
Jesse Berryman
You didn't even mention half of them 🙃🤘
Teshiku 3 napja
Much more in the comics
Richard Emanuel
They forgot the monsters from GODZILLA 2... :(
DeepState 3 napja
Er...title says every major titan. Video glosses over the actual titans introduced in KotM and spends a lot of time on minor beasties...
Pete Junior
Pete Junior 3 napja
They let Godzilla win against kong and to satisfy kong fans they let kong beat mecha Godzilla
WX - 78
WX - 78 3 napja
When mechagodzilla goes crazy you ever think that it's knig cadora because it's his skull that's making the connection?
Curtis Haan
Did you guys even hear the mechs roar? it literally had king Ghidorah chirping sound in it..his consciousness took over when they gave it the hallow earth juice
Geekly Goods
Geekly Goods 2 napja
Oh most definitely. My assumption was that it was the spirit of King Ghidora that did that
spid3rman90 3 napja
That wasn’t even all the titans lol
Pikachu 3 napja
This video is just going to completely ignore Behemoth the cool Titan with the tusks from GKOTM?
Julián de Sevilla
mecha godzilla was such a dickhead
N1ic1o 3 napja
What do you call when kong hits rodan? Kong-pow-chicken I'll see myself out.
Amanda Anaya
Amanda Anaya 3 napja
Sorry Kong, but Godzilla is more badass
JX_A 3 napja
yo Godzilla vs Mothra remake needs to happen
JX_A 2 napja
@Geekly Goods ikr
Geekly Goods
Geekly Goods 2 napja
Would be SUPER down for that!!
Obama_ Yo_Mama
No spoiler warning... hmm
GiantCondor 3 napja
So you mention the Leafwings, who aren't necessarily Titans because they're like the size of Eagles. You even mention MUTO3 from KotM. But you leave out Behemoth (the fan favorite of the new three kaiju), Scylla and Mesuthela out of the titan list?
Slim Reaper
Slim Reaper 3 napja
Fr he mentions 4 ft tall birds and misses out on 400 ft tall actual Titans
michael w
michael w 3 napja
I'm a little disappointed the writers got a bit lazy and simply listed all of the other titans as "defeated." Kinda waters down an attempt at a "Destroy All Monsters" film.
Muaaz Akbar
Muaaz Akbar 2 napja
Dont worry, its called defeated because they all bowed down to him, they are currently dormant.
Frito 3 napja
Thank you for not calling them "mewtos"
AzA 3 napja
Also the Founding Titan is pretty op for being able to control other Titans.
90's anime is the best
They need to make a mothra movie next!
Cryptid Liker
Cryptid Liker 3 napja
"Every Major Titan" Skull Island fauna and Hellhawks included
Idan Leizerovich
Mechagodzilla is not a titan
the developer
the developer 3 napja
Hi stranger scrolling through the comments 👋🏻
Angel Rosas
Angel Rosas 3 napja
Should've included monsters from the comics
AKA TopDeck
AKA TopDeck 3 napja
So we talk about all the minor monsters that showed up in Skull Island and GvK, but don't even mention the original kaiju that debuted in King of the Monsters?
Corey 3 napja
Too Many Kaiju- IGN
Jeffery Flood
Jeffery Flood 3 napja
Can someone explain to me how godzilla just shrunk in size so they could make a godzilla vs kong
Muaaz Akbar
Muaaz Akbar 2 napja
Wow you really dont know about the monsterverse
He didn’t kong grew they said in skull island king wasn’t fully grown yet
bowser wowser #TeamGodzilla
Every Monsterverse titan: Mentions leafwings Methuselah, Scylla, Behemoth: Non-existent
Creus Anthony Rodrigues-Rodney
It's iGN lol, once they say X its always y
Hexarious Gaming
Hexarious Gaming 9 órája
@Shriyansh Pandey 5:46 what do you mean there here.
Shriyansh Pandey
Also hell hawks 🤷‍♂️
A Williams
A Williams 3 napja
Most work put into a lazy video ever...
Aryantz H
Aryantz H 3 napja
even the wood monster
Adrian Nunez
Adrian Nunez 3 napja
This feels like a very rushed video because you guys missed a few of the animals from Skull Island and the three other Titans introduced (with screen time) in KOTM
Chen Xiongxiong
No. It's just ign journalism. mediocre at best
Someone Irrelevant
3:12 the music and the video fit together so well.
natethethird3 3 napja
Can’t wait for biollante when ever that happens
As long as we get Destroyah or Gigan i'm fine with the monsterverse ending edit: Minilla
@Geekly Goods indeed
Geekly Goods
Geekly Goods 2 napja
We neeeeeed Destroyahhhh
Deepankar Dhar
Did they just forget My Behemoth, Methuselah and Scylla
Loris Selviansyah
@Daniel Tokunaga godzilla took them to rest
Daniel Tokunaga
GvK sure did. After putting in the effort to design and name them in KotM, they get written out in the opening credits?!
Bong X
Bong X 3 napja
Not lastest but last. No more Godzilla film from legendary pictures ended contract with Toho
Chen Xiongxiong
@Duc Minh Ngo it does well and got high rating. Critics and audiences like it but we still have no sequel talk whatsoever..
Duc Minh Ngo
Duc Minh Ngo 3 napja
If it does well, there is likely to be more.
Dennis Henri Bautista
where is the founding titan?
Fanaticalplel 3 napja
Will there be more monster verse movies?
Badabing Bing
Badabing Bing 3 napja
Completely depends if this makes enough money and most importantly if Toho gives the ok
Zen Master
Zen Master 3 napja
Need less humans more titans
Korra 3 napja
Give. Me. MOTHRA!!!
A-Bomb777 3 napja
U forgoy Scylla Behemoth and Methuselah
Curtis Baker
Curtis Baker 3 napja
why is there a sun in hollow-Earth???
KSTopNotch 2 napja
To keep stuff warm yo
Duc Minh Ngo
Duc Minh Ngo 3 napja
Why do these 90000-ton 400ft monsters exist?
El Niperoo 23
El Niperoo 23 3 napja
You missed the giant spider and mammoth titans at the end of King of the Monsters.
Muaaz Akbar
Muaaz Akbar 2 napja
@Joshua Jireh Marasigan It already has, Godzilla was worried about Ghidorah coming back and he was right, apparently you are under a spell when ghidorah is alpha, so he sent all of them to hibernation, the podcast says all titans are dormant and that titan sightings havent happened for quite some time.
Joshua Jireh Marasigan
@El Niperoo 23 Apparently, the upcoming graphic prequel novel to GvK, "Godzilla Dominion" will explain the other Titans' absence.
El Niperoo 23
El Niperoo 23 3 napja
@A-Bomb777 Ah ok. My mistake.
A-Bomb777 3 napja
They said Kong and Godzilla were the only ALPHA Titans still alive as Ghidorah was killed and Mothra hasn't been reborn yet. As for the others they're probably back to hibernating
ameer nurhaqeem
@El Niperoo 23 or the all the monster just go back to sleep because u know Godzilla always the one who balance the world Godzilla the alpha so maybe Godzilla make the monster go back to their place so the world can be balance again
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
The humans learned: Do NOT take Godzilla's likeness without his permission. He's bringing his lawyer. His lawyer's name is Atomic Breath...
Cypherius 15 órája
@GameBlitz 24 wait why do you have the same name as him?
Cypherius 15 órája
@GameBlitz 24 this one is fake and chases for clout
GameBlitz 24
@GameBlitz 24 Could be multiple people with the same name. You never know
GameBlitz 24
GameBlitz 24 3 napja
Are you the only account with that name or is there multiple people?
ty gamer
ty gamer 3 napja
Pushplata Sagar
You forgot lots of titans
Rose Marry Church
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Uhrich Zac
Uhrich Zac 3 napja
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Valentino Tarhan
Let them fight!!! 🦍🦖👊🩸🔥
Geekly Goods
Geekly Goods 2 napja
YES!!! Match of the century!
Rob Rich Porter
In KotM, Godzilla and Mothra were the only two alpha titans that could naturally coexist and aid each other, without requiring submission from one another. This is because they are both protectors of Earth and balance keepers. In GvK, Godzilla basically deemed Kong worthy to be an alpha without the need of submission, as long as he keeps the balance and protects the Earth. Godzilla, Mothra, and Kong are the Earth’s protectors so far.
Shriyansh Pandey
@Bailey Kong couldn't fight the warbat alone, how can he be alpha of hollow earth.
Arcad1010 2 napja
nah... kong didn’t submit but he knows godzilla is the kotm.
Szeltovivar Sydroxan
Because every King needs a Queen.
disr.pt 2 napja
@Rob Rich Porter guy's a warrior, he would rather die with his honor intact than living in submission
Rob Rich Porter
@Nicx Genesis Kong lost at that moment, but he didn’t submit. Him roaring back at Godzilla was an implication that he would rather die than submit.
The Rice That Smiles back
Even if you brought all these Titans to the real world, the humans would still be the real monsters.
Zackk Balderas
Let’s go!! More monsterverse 🔥💪🏽😁
Times New Roman
Number 1 the humans in the movies evidently too strong to not get away from them in these films
Geekly Goods
Geekly Goods 2 napja
LMFAO they’re used to it by now 😂
ItsTheKris 3 napja
They are kaiju
Maxzeto Souza Dos Santos-Rodriquez
The monsterverse is so diverse
Allan Romero
Allan Romero 3 napja
So what ever happened to Camazotz, wasn’t that supposed to be in Kong vs Godzilla?
GiantCondor 3 napja
No Camazotz is from the graphic novel that's coming up. Just like that other thing, Shinomura was in the prequel comic to the 2014 Godzilla.
Bailey 3 napja
He is coming in a graphic novel that will be a prequel to GvK
Gizmo 3 napja
Why isn't James charles in the monster verse?
AlexBlue2000 3 napja
If Godzilla feeds on radiation like Superman does that mean that he could get stronger?
Richard1234 3 napja
Yes. Radiation makes him grow larger and stronger
Marcello Martinoli
Léteznek ma még KALÓZOK?
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