The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone - Official Trailer (2020) Mario Puzo 

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Mario Puzo's The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone follows Michael Corleone, now in his 60s, as he seeks to free his family from crime and find a suitable successor to his empire.

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of The Godfather: Part III, director/screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola has re-edited the final film in his epic Godfather trilogy.

This new version, entitled Mario Puzo's The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone, achieves Coppola and screenwriter Puzo's original vision for the finale, which has been meticulously restored for the finest presentation of the Corleone saga's last chapter.

Mario Puzo's The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone will be available on Blu-ray & Digital December 8 from Paramount Home Entertainment.










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Renzzo Rodrigues Moreira
Blood sicilian.
TtotheP 3 órája
Wow so the 3rd movie reboot?
Átila Santos
Átila Santos 3 órája
Does Han shoot first in this one?
Astrid Ramirez
Astrid Ramirez 6 órája
i wouldnt be mad watching young Andy 'snack' Garcia, again
Astrid Ramirez
Astrid Ramirez 6 órája
eargasm listening the godfather song
Astrid Ramirez
Astrid Ramirez 6 órája
im on it
Kunal Jangra
Kunal Jangra 7 órája
Al Pacino is made for michael corleone
Vine Videos
Vine Videos 13 órája
What is this? Just a remake/release of the original Godfather 3?? What a waste!
D- Q.
D- Q. 14 órája
Paramount Pictures did Coppola wrong, giuing him one year to write, direct, and edit the picture in lieu of the six months he asked for to write an acceptable first draft. All so they could haue a photo play in cinemas for Christmas 1990. They also refused Robert Duvall's justified request for more money, and told Coppola to write Tom Hagen out. I am glad the studio gaue Coppola a chance to revisit and edit the mouie as he enuisioned it, although Duvall is sorely missed.
Rumi Gilani
Rumi Gilani 15 órája
Don’t wanna be a buzzkill but, this movie’s changes aren’t very major. I was excited for the alternate ending, but then it was pretty much just the same thing.
Free Bee
Free Bee 22 órája
its fitting that Vincent becomes the next don,since he is sonnys son and sonny was supposed to become the don too
Theodore Brown Jr.
Don't want to see a Remake! Want to see Andy Garcia take over the Family! Get to Work! 😀
Philip Cafaro
Worth watching to see if Coppola's re-edit can make a terrible movie merely bad
Tevya Smolka
So wait I am confused is this the true version of The Godfather 3 because I am lost
Samir Atalar
The Godfather legacy continues!
Ur boy Skinnywinny
“Why don’t we go take a drive?” “Why is there two people in the back seat?”
唐智余 Napja
spoiler, Michael died in the end of the movie
The Godfather Part III wasn't even a bad movie to begin with. People love to pick things apart.
The movie wasn't as well made as 1 and 2. They set themselves up for failure. That said, there is still no reason not to enjoy the movie!
DCUPtoejuice 2 napja
Yes please thank you wonderful
Max Frank
Max Frank 2 napja
Always loved this film.
Alejandro Rodriguez Dominguez
I believe is unnecessary i thought the godfather 3 was perfect. Just worst actors than first 2 but the rest is at same level. Do not understand why coppola has to fix anything just to complain With someone else. Coppola is the master
I-Dull 2 napja
Spoiler alert- Micheal dies
kemal pasya
kemal pasya 2 napja
the title just already told it lmao
Non Omys
Non Omys 2 napja
You can re-edit this piece of garbage all you want but you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
bill gabe sibarani
This was the trailer that I can't refuse to watch
Edgar Allan Poe
Hyped for this 👍
Blazersaint 2 napja
Q approved?
Subash Grg
Subash Grg 2 napja
Godfather II was the best in whole triology hands down!
Ashutosh Sharma
Liked before even watching the trailer. The power of Godfather series can never be topped by any of the modern films and ofcourse Al Pacino can never be compared to these so called actors that just depend on looks and the steroid injected bodies.
Muhammad Khizar Hayat
I think this a new movie
TomSmith 3 napja
Should’ve asked slash to do another theme
Sigma Soldier
Sigma Soldier 3 napja
I was hoping it was a godfather video game.
Giancarlo Duncan
It insists upon itself.
Ari Canaan
Ari Canaan 3 napja
Nothing new in the trailer
H0L1DAY1 3 napja
Nice but I personally didn't like it
John Synajie
John Synajie 3 napja
Wow this PS5 graphics look great 👍🏾
SIMCARZ 3ny 3 napja
I was thinking maybe they should of remastered Tom Hegan in it as well but as an alien at first Michael is shocked to find out that Tom was an alien all this time but is easily convinced when he is given special powers and a ray gun and together they take control of all the casinos and because of Toms space connections and access to UFOs go on to become intergalactic space Dons👊 then maybe the Godfather 3 can win some credibility
S A 3 napja
MFPhoto1 3 napja
The Godfather III got mixed reviews when first released. Quite a few were negative. Seeing the re-edit should tell us if this truly was a contractual obligation movie, or if Coppola really took it seriously.
Zakee Naqvi
Zakee Naqvi 3 napja
Spoiler alert! Michael dies
MFPhoto1 3 napja
Maybe he rises from the grave as a vampire this time. ;-) Still it should be an interesting film.
dark Gam3r
dark Gam3r 3 napja
right time to game the mafia 1 remake
Clint Tube
Clint Tube 3 napja
Do I need to watch the original before I watch this?
karuan max
karuan max 3 napja
Seriously Black
This was the biggest let down I thought they were gunna make a new film I was gunna be like this is the best news of 2020 but remaking the original 3rd godfather actually fits more with how 2020 has actually been!!
MFPhoto1 3 napja
It's not a re-make. It's a re-edit of the original film, supposedly the way Coppola wanted it to look.
Mehdi Juventino Gaming HQ
So Remastering movies now?? What's next? Buy a DLC to see the movie ending...
Brendan Milburn
Remastering movies have been around since VHS days. And Laserdisc helped really introduced director's cuts. This is nothing new. This is the director's cut of Godfather Part 3.
Peter 4 napja
The Coppola Cut!
Zack Dack
Zack Dack 4 napja
Spaceballs 2: the search for more money.
Birdieupon 4 napja
So did they use CGI to make Sofia’s performance at least watchable / remove her?
7easton7 2 napja
Replace her with Jar Jar..
Tharsan J
Tharsan J 4 napja
lit ep.
Rob Greive
Rob Greive 4 napja
The Godfather Saga concluded in 1974
Uccisore28 4 napja
Why tho
El norteño Feliz Mx
Es la version extendida de la parte 3
Martin Girdwood
I'll edit a version they can't refuse.
J Rod
J Rod 4 napja
Poor Sofia... they just dumped all her scenes
Rashimoto 4 napja
Lmaooo I saw this on IGN and assumed it was a game. I was like "damn next gen is insane" before I realized it was the actual film 🤣🤣😂😂
Gladiator Spear
Did they remove the two cousins falling in love with each other???
Intentional Fruition
The quest for more money.
Jamie Clancy
Jamie Clancy 4 napja
Hell yeah. Goodbye Godfather Part 3 Blu Ray standard edition.
MaraudingStar 4 napja
The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Spoiler Alerts
Tony BlyCry
Tony BlyCry 4 napja
Zafra Zafra
Zafra Zafra 4 napja
Well spoiler alert, I guess
Pasha Rustamov
nothing could've made 2020 better, i'm so excited!
Alessio f
Alessio f 4 napja
maybe someone is interested: coda means tail in italian
Salvador Pladevall i Bien
In this case, the end of a tale.
Ismail Efe
Ismail Efe 4 napja
Turkish godfather Polat Alemdar🇹🇷🇹🇷
Martian Ju Ju
Martian Ju Ju 5 napja
So will this be on Netflix?
Lick A 9V
Lick A 9V 5 napja
Can we just....not?
J Nelson
J Nelson 5 napja
At last we'll know Baby Vito's real name.
I’m so excited for this. Finally, Godfather 3 as it was meant to be seen
sephiros9999 5 napja
The Godfather The Coppola´s cut
Edgar Arroyo
Edgar Arroyo 5 napja
They did not show even a peak of anything new in these trailers. Just the titles talking about it lol
Steven Essa
Steven Essa 5 napja
larry robinson
Not soon enough
Butter Craft!
Butter Craft! 5 napja
I hope al pacino frappacino makes an appearance.
Suraj Arya
Suraj Arya 5 napja
I though this was trailer for new Godfather game :(
BUGG20 5 napja
Lies Michael died in part 3 lol
BUGG20 5 napja
Damn I thought this was fan made that's why i went str8 to da comments section this is part 3 remastered oooops
a m r i s t a r
I already know how Michael Corleone died. There’s nothing new here. They should have made a Godfather 4 instead.
Matt Horning
Matt Horning 5 napja
Hopefully this can show Paramount there's interest in this franchise and they'll make the prequel (yes, there's a prequel book that is incredible).
Conor McThanos
Ok but why remaster the worst movie in the saga?
Brendan Milburn
I mean, it was more to make a director's cut to help improve the worst movie, Paramount is saving the remasters of the other two movies for the 4K release in 2022 for the 50th anniversary.
absentary 5 napja
"just when i thought i was out... they pull me back in" -Michael Scott
Fix 5 napja
undead9999 5 napja
I almost believed they were going to redo the godfather. My heart skipped a beat. A new chapter 3.... well this is an offer I can't refuse
Warren 5 napja
Just when I thought I finished watching The Godfather, THEY PULLED ME BACK IN.
Fakakda Dad Productions
Not even the godfather is going to have me getting Covid at the theater.
jon 5 napja
great title, morons
BigChun Gaming
Wait so only the 3rd one??
Shantanu Sharma
Are you serious?
Secular Crusader
A remake of an awful movie. Just what we need.
Brendan Milburn
Not a remake, a director's cut.
joanne sferrati
why not?
Ivan O'Sullivan
The guy that thought He was out but is now pulled back in : 😪
Daniel Rocha
Daniel Rocha 6 napja
Funny how Sofia Coppola has been “disappeared” from the trailer.
Daniel Rocha
Daniel Rocha 4 napja
@Salvador Pladevall i Bien “dad?”
Salvador Pladevall i Bien
Don't you mean "cancelled"?
Daniel Rocha
Daniel Rocha 4 napja
@Ninja Tony yes let’s hope it’s been reworked out of existence
Ninja Tony
Ninja Tony 4 napja
No it's not. People that have seen early screenings have said that her parts have been reworked to fit much more smoothly into the film, and really do the character justice.
Lucifer Morningstar
The legend has come back again!!!
Whats CODA Stands For Call Of Duty Again?
@Ninja Tony Child of Deaf Adults
Ninja Tony
Ninja Tony 4 napja
No. You seriously don't know what the word Coda means? Are you serious?
Umut bozaba
Umut bozaba 6 napja
Monarch BLUE
Monarch BLUE 6 napja
So it's just "The Godfather: the Coppola Cut"?
NaturalLaw isTheSolution
No it's "Godfather Part III: The Coppola Cut"
Lesha Mitin
Lesha Mitin 6 napja
Book Godfather is more opened and without fantasy of Coppola
Rekt Lord Onegaminus
Lmao yeah... I was excited until I realized it was part III. So much wasted potential
Paco L.
Paco L. 6 napja
just when i thought i was in, they pull me back out
Manuel Hernández
J Nelson
J Nelson 5 napja
Eso sí
Thisiswezza 6 napja
Al’s voice is just insane
Deny Suhendra Project
Is this alternate ending or something?
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