The First 17 Minutes of Oddworld: Soulstorm 

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Abe's back in the latest adventure in the Oddworld franchise. Check out the first 17 minutes of Oddworld: Soulstorm, played on the PC.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is a follow up to 2017's New n' Tasty - Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey, which itself was a from the ground up remake of the original Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey. In Oddworld Soulstorm, players take control of Abe once again, after the destruction of RuptureFarms. Soulstorm's story is inspired by Abe's Exodus, the sequel to Abe's Odyssey, but will not be a one to one copy like New n Tasty was.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.
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2021.ápr. 6.






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Callum Maciver
Callum Maciver 4 órája
So ign? When the review coming?
Phearak Cain
Phearak Cain 18 órája
as if he didnt even "YO YO YO" once
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Loomis 21 órája
Looks like a fun little kid's game
Den Maskerade Daskaren
Hello, Hello, follow me, Okey!
Issa Trap
Issa Trap Napja
Krishin Stephen Pillay
I've always wanted to play this game , never got a chance as a kid , but as an adult , you bet your sweet behind im going to play this
legiongamerworkBRUH ben
Abes hairdo is weird
Nathaniel Benway
They mean 10 min. The game doesn't start till like 7 or so min in
Kolin 2 napja
This was a brilliant game back in the day and still is
Levi Foster
Levi Foster 2 napja
Ah, escort mission the video game looks as awesome as ever
Alexander Ismajlvo
EyeEye 2 napja
Abe sounds like the softest creature alive
Yoru Kage
Yoru Kage 2 napja
Yet another puzzle platformer that only older people would know about
Ayoub Morjane
Ayoub Morjane 2 napja
abe voice is still the same back in 1997 amazing!!!
Mognodor 2 napja
The cinematics look great, the story seems very intersesting, but the gameplay is shite in my opinion... I've got higher expectations from a 2021 game. I'm gonna pass on this one
The Conclave
The Conclave 2 napja
Wont be playing this. Dont wanna break my PS5! Oh wait...I DONT HAVE ONE !!! 😡🤬
RS14 2 napja
Abe's Exoddus was one of the greatest games of all time.
Oswaldo Montes
How long is the game??
Bgdn Gbrl
Bgdn Gbrl 2 napja
Get freaky , get freaky , everybody in the house get freaky
Oyacomova 2 napja
Abe and his tribe escaped and found a new place to stay, the mullocks got killed at the ending cutscenes and now they are off the found their mother and to see why Abe got the sitches on his mouth. Also they are all brothers and sisters. So there is a sequel coming.
Oyacomova 2 napja
IGN: SOULSTORM 17 minutes of gameplay *only 9 minutes and 30 seconds of actual gameplay * Yup, that’s IGN for ya
Pier LeMort
Pier LeMort 2 napja
I'm boring 😔
Chris P. Bacon
Idk, kinda seems to be lacking the feel and atmosphere of the uoriginal. Just doesn’t look right to me.
Gurveer Saund
Gurveer Saund 2 napja
Not sure if anybody else is experiencing this but there are so many bugs with the gameplay 🤔 so disappointing!
James Pfrommer
Oddworld munch's oddsey is next to be rebooted
Real Talk
Real Talk Napja
Maybe not. That's a spinoff isn't it? Will probably stick to the main series.
Thoymas 2 napja
We have already New Tasty
Whats with the blue arrow? Double jump wtf? This is more like Mario than an Abe game :( oh dear oh dear
Theninjagecko 3 napja
Utter garbage.
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 3 napja
First 17mins lol, the first 8mins are the intro
Xanxus Uchiha
Xanxus Uchiha 3 napja
This game looks amazing but health bar really?
Frank Hernandez
Remaster oddworld strangers wrath
Dr Andracca
Dr Andracca 14 órája
They already did, they had a gen 7/8 HD remaster that is on PC/Mobile/ and the Switch, quite frankly all they need to do it just make it available for Gen 9 with a resolution boost which would take all of 9 seconds to do.
Scott Warley
Scott Warley 3 napja
This looks awful compared to the original games... Sigh
Deniz Erdem
Deniz Erdem 3 napja
Almost 9 minutes before the gameplay starts. What the hell kind of trend is this?
scuppo 3 napja
How many attempts did this run take?
scuppo 3 napja
8:24 minutes of opening cinematic smh
Kurtis Thompson
This has abit of an 'unravel' vibe to it 🤔
Laykou Lay
Laykou Lay 3 napja
Doubld jump???? Why double jump!! Omg oddworld is dead.... This game isnt survival anymore....its only action with double jump.....
Benno Furzmann
not gonna even download it
Aymen Saleem
Aymen Saleem 3 napja
This looks like a metroid wannabe
Najstefaniji 3 napja
disliking this game franchise is...sinful !
Reverax 3 napja
Another garbage ps plus "PS5" game yeah right
Markus Aistleitner
Epic, will buy me a PS5 only for this game!
otogigamer 3 napja
Surprised this game is out seeing how Lorne Lanning hated the game industry. Thats why he left to do short films.
ArachnoZach 3 napja
Rango vibes
Dylan F
Dylan F 3 napja
Well abe doesn't look like abe. The timeline is completely different.
Stinkyremy 3 napja
souless remake, they lost what the game was
MrXelnagakail 3 napja
Wait, this game isn't 1 kit KO?
kar12894 3 napja
the voice acting in oddworld is so masterful
Nimrod Momma
Nimrod Momma 3 napja
Nazzu Arru
Nazzu Arru 3 napja
abe's back!
shazboz 3 napja
something about this just screams indie game. the animations and sound design are crappy
Andrew Gardner
Man, I’ve loved these games for decades. The structure of the first one gives me chills to think about. Yes, the opening act escaping Rupture farms is legendary. But then you find yourself in the wilderness, the colour palette changes and you’re given a beautiful mount to ride. Then the wildlife are introduced... The facehugger like creatures and the bull/scorpion looking horse things scared me, but felt so alive in their behaviours. Leading up to the incredible silhouetted final trials, where you apply all of your knowledge to get through them alive. And then you return to Rupture, completely OP with super powers and get some righteous revenge. I’m so excited to see the dedication to emotional storytelling in this opening. It’s not afraid to be earnest. And doesn’t step on the horror of Abe finding out it’s all on his shoulders again, with silly humour. The humour is totally part of the world and design, but the story and toll the characters suffer is never forgotten.
Johann Avila
Johann Avila 2 napja
Underrated comment.
ThisIzWizz 3 napja
nailed it
Mic Edwards
Mic Edwards 3 napja
this looks fuckin sick
PrimaDeluxe 3 napja
Kind of worried about this game. Lot of changes made to the formula.
t r
t r 21 órája
What changes? Looks the same to me
Zer0nite 2 napja
@LoowisK Don't care about the story elements being changed, I'm talking about the gameplay.
LoowisK 2 napja
@Zer0nite That's because it isn't Abe's Oddysee, it is Soulstorm. Plus Oddysee came out in 1997, of course it's going to look different, plus it's the story being expanded on after the events of the first game.
Zer0nite 2 napja
Same. It barely resembles an abes odyssey game.
G-MX1 Channel
G-MX1 Channel 3 napja
Esta bonito el juego, llamativo.
G-MX1 Channel
G-MX1 Channel 3 napja
Adivino, 1800p y 60fps ?
Arabia_Felix 3 napja
Where is the review ?
Ali 3 napja
This feels very much like the end of Exodus, I’m excited to see what they’ve done. Does feel like that whole putting out fires was a bit long though
Dylan F
Dylan F 3 napja
Its not the end of exodus. Its based after rupture farms and apparently when you saved 300 mudokuns lol
Reckless Tv9
Reckless Tv9 3 napja
NK 3 napja
Ahh yes! The perfect game for the "Devs React to Speedrun" series lmao!
BIG DADDY 3 napja
This looks great. Now if we can just get this on the Switch.
Will Stack
Will Stack 3 napja
£45 smh
F.J Tabb
F.J Tabb 3 napja
Man I'm loving this game so far!
EJ Plays
EJ Plays 3 napja
Well that’s repetitive
Bobby Edwards
Bobby Edwards 3 napja
Every game is
Mensch gebliebener Sterbehelfer67
Feels NOTHING like the original.
NotWithout Consequence
If they wanted to eradicate those muds they should have brought flamethrowers. That brew is like ethylene
michael tan
michael tan 3 napja
Played for an hour, not that fun tbh
Pier LeMort
Pier LeMort 2 napja
Me too :/
Cyrus 74
Cyrus 74 3 napja
Not having fun either. 7 hours in
عبدالمجيد الفارس
You didn't work for me in the Saudi account.
عبدالمجيد الفارس
@far cry 1 Thank you
far cry 1
far cry 1 3 napja
Change language of the system to English
skorpioflo 3 napja
Compared to the first PS1 classics, this is pretty underwhelming...
Tony Geddes
Tony Geddes 3 napja
They’ve done a great job with this. . ,
dick baggins
dick baggins 4 napja
This game had like 0 marketing just came out on epic games store randomly today. Whoever's in charge of marketing needs to get fired lmao.
Cyrus 74
Cyrus 74 3 napja
Agreed, it wasnt even possible to preorder it on psn. The fb group has like 400 followers. Unbelievable, imo they expected this game to flop, thats why they struck a deal with playstation
Ciaran Lynch
Ciaran Lynch 3 napja
It had loads of marketing by PlayStation
Ayman N. El Qady
Really hoping to see Abe meets Stranger in their upcoming games
Asian Import
Asian Import 4 napja
Fun fact: this is the dev’s first new game since 2005. Everything else in between has been HD remasters, ports, and one remake of the original 1997 game. Also, Soulstorm is technically a retelling of the second game: 1998’s Abe’s Exoddus. So for 24 years, these guys have been milking the same 2 games.
Joseph Dart Jr
There are 4 main series Oddworld games, not 2. You even mention the last one being released in 2005, how did you mess this up? Abe's Odyssey, Abe's Exodus, Munch's Odyssey, Strangers Wrath. Sure, New and Tasty might be a remake at its core, but that's like saying the Final Fantasy VII Remake is just a pretty looking Final Fantasy VII; the game is different enough to have 3 times as many Mudokon to save compared to the original. So no, they have not been milking the same 2 games for 24 years. Munch and Stranger got more attention than Abe for over a decade, and now we got one Abe remake and a new sequel in 7 years, but somehow it's "milked".
Noob Abyss
Noob Abyss 4 napja
Owh 3 hours ago the moment this video out, the cracked version for free also out lol.
stan theguitarkid
Why does this remind me of Conker's Bad Furday
Caio Calejon
Caio Calejon 4 napja
Chuck Rustle
Chuck Rustle 4 napja
This game pissed me off back in the day. But was still an alright game.
Nathan Young
Nathan Young 4 napja
Chat wait to play the old world games were so dark and gritty so glad they are keeping the series going
Nelson Idr
Nelson Idr 4 napja
"This is Rapture Farms..."
Mirko Viola
Mirko Viola 4 napja
No this is Patrick
Captain Jeoy
Captain Jeoy 4 napja
This game was Made with Unity 🔥🔥🔥
Jo Gr
Jo Gr 4 napja
hope for a switch version. loving the abe guy
bob loris
bob loris 4 napja
For all of you newcomers, this game is hype to us OG fans who played this series in the ps1 era.
Zer0nite 2 napja
Newcomers won’t know that this is nothing like the originals.
Kavey so Wavy
Kavey so Wavy 3 napja
Oh damn !
Kris R
Kris R 4 napja
This ain't Abe, chief. This is crash bandicoot
mona jo
mona jo 4 napja
looks crap game 44$? really
mona jo
mona jo 4 napja
@Mike Banks 😶😐 ooh
Mike Banks
Mike Banks 4 napja
Free if ps5 😂 ima try it out
Jhon Dumaop
Jhon Dumaop 4 napja
First and last to play this gamr.
James Lopez
James Lopez 4 napja
Let my people free!!
Brendan Lawrence
Has it been almost 25 years? Glad to see you back, Abe; can't wait to play.
Brendan Lawrence
@Sam Ctm At least it won't be as clunky and demanding as the original, as far as controls.
eXo 4 napja
Gameplay starts at 8:26
UND King
UND King 4 napja
Who’s here because it’s free for PS PLUS
Mike Banks
Mike Banks 4 napja
Mondo Prime
Mondo Prime 4 napja
abe's so cute
Killagunz5 4 napja
The graphics are great but this isn’t my type of game
Bobby Edwards
Bobby Edwards 3 napja
You didn’t play the first one?
Stylish Steamy
Why are you here then
CosmosColour 4 napja
Лин Ксяо Tony
Hello fourth finger
Mappy Bc
Mappy Bc 4 napja
Those PS3 graphics in 2021. Isn't this supposed to be a PS5 game?
Real Talk
Real Talk Napja
It's a PS4 game that's been ported to the PS5. Obviously the development began way before the PS5 came in to the picture. Anyways, they're an independent game developer and Lanning alone does most of the artwork and voices himself.
lorand 20
lorand 20 4 napja
Hello is this game out on ps plus on ps 4 i want to know??????
New Age
New Age 4 napja
This actually looks fun
Samuel Gratkowski
why wouldn’t it? it’s Oddworld
Datatsushi 4 napja
"All oh Ya!!"
Bruno Martins
Bruno Martins 3 napja
Git em
Odie Guan Hock
Wtf health bar? Incoming Dev reaction to speed run video
itsgeofoo 4 napja
But y is it a side scroller tho
Daniel Ostling
Because it's a remake of Abe's Exoddus which was a side scroller? What do you expect, Oddworld Baseball?
Haman A
Haman A 4 napja
Is this game difficult?
Mirko Viola
Mirko Viola 4 napja
You can choose the difficulty but in general i'd say medium-high difficulty
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