The Djinn - Exclusive Official Trailer (2021) 

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The story follows a mute twelve-year-old, Dylan Jacobs, as he discovers a mysterious book of spells inside his new apartment. Grieving the loss of his mother, and feeling isolated from everyone except for his father, Dylan performs a ritual that promises to deliver his heart's desire: to have a voice. But he soon discovers that every gift has a toll when a sinister djinn arrives to collect his soul. Now trapped in his new home with nowhere to hide, Dylan must find a way to survive until the stroke of midnight or pay the ultimate price.

The Djinn, written and directed by David Charbonier and Justin Powell, opens in theaters and is available on VOD and digital on May 14, 2021, via IFC Midnight.
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Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 8 perccel
And of course, the adults don't believe him..
Drabs 57 perccel
Jesusedu 18
Jesusedu 18 3 órája
So... Wishmaster?
بعد منتصف الليل
*Quite Laughing in Muslim* ...
tallmanT14 9 órája
How do you pronounce it? D-jinn or just jinn?
saintcoder 9 órája
In real life, Djinn is allergic to cat's fur. So, to prevent any Djinns entering house, the house's owners should take cat as their pet.
Shah Nawaz
Shah Nawaz 9 órája
The Djinn and the kid are gonna be best friends and the dad is gonna get super jelly and try to do cool stuff with his son to win him over but in the end he'll fail and the Djinn will end up teaching him what it means to be a true friend and a dad and then murder them both in their sleep I'm calling it now!
scuppo 11 órája
Call Aladdin
balren 12 órája
He should have turned off the breaker
Ideotics 13 órája
WHERE ARE YOU? GIVE US A SIGN?? Oh! TVs ON! Ghost event in living room! Go go go
Ω 20 órája
This gon be bad
jordan peterson
jordan peterson 20 órája
Well I'm interested. That's a rare thing for me to say.
SgtThUND3R 22 órája
another trailer that spoils the twist, great
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher Napja
Could someone explain to me why a book about Djinns has a pentagram on its cover ? Isn't a pentagram more in line with Christianic beliefs ?
Dang Ngo Van
Home Alone horror version?
Francis Napja
If Baby yoda was a human haunted by his adopting father
Абдул Вахид
Ahh yes, Djinn and Tonic
Zain Mushtaq
Fun fact: the word "Genie" is the anglicized form of "Djinn"
Johnwick Winchester
Plot twist: The Djinn directed this movie
Rajiv Kamal
Plot twist: This is actually the Mandalorian's latest bounty
Carlos Silvério
nice ending
The Jazz King
Dick Hammerbusch
Peter North
Achillès Napja
If you want to see a Horror franchise about Djinns watch Dabbe a Persian horror franchise. Its amazing
One room horror movie :)
Why a Djinn? Summon a succubus for Fs sake...
Anthony mylett
Where's Sam and Dean when you need em
Apparently this dumb kid never watched "Evil Dead".
Ryan Gonsalves
Someone call Chris Hansen...
Dragoner Productions
Home Alone but this time it's with a demon that wants to murder him, can't wait to see what wacky gadgets he uses!
Rexxy Waxxy
I'm pretty sure Hollywood doesn't even know what djinn is
mary jane
mary jane Napja
that looks awesome
Baroness Cobra
Metroid Hive
When your movie budget is $32.50
Shaheer Chowdhury
spoiler, it's Kazam the genie!
William Lai
Some how they confuse Djinn with a western demon.
Chicken Draws Dogs
Somebody call Yennefer...
Sweet Trap Magi
First 20 sec, " hmm... Hell yeah dad what's the wifi password , gotta get these kills and wins ..
Goblinoid Supreme
Djin just wants the kid to make a wish and he keeps sperging out having a panic attack.
Incognifto AR
Another american remakes nobody ask for. Please always watch the original, guys.
The Djinn is the suspect from Detective Conan
Young Multiverser
Totally should have been a wishmaster reboot
The description looked generic but the film itself looks interesting. It switches between a human arm and the demon arm when it reaches for him, perhaps there's more to the story.
Kid finds book Demon finds kid
Tino Ms
Tino Ms Napja
so no ones gonna point out that the kid could be seen his dad as the demon because his dad get abusive when his drunk like he becomes someone else OR maybe im looking to much into this
dlz124 2 napja
The Djinn is just all the Cyberpunk 2077 bugs combine from the kids mind, tormenting him from ever purchasing the game in the first place.
Charles Brossett
Next time you see a strange book with a inverted Cross or star on it DO NOT OPEN IT
Michael Wilkinson
Real quickly the djinns hands change to a person on the bathroom scene could this be foreshadowing that the boy is crazy
The Truth
The Truth 2 napja
Who even told this child to open up abandoned books and summon unnecessary sh!ts????.. Smfh!
kelechi ojobor
So no wishes?
Syed Saqib Hussain Rafiqi
My only question: WHY?!
theunraveler 2 napja
Should just get the Djinn from the Wishmaster series....he was a lot more entertaining
Nin9211 2 napja
"keep the change ya filthy human"
Ariel 2 napja
Just call Sam and Dean or Geralt and finish the movie in five minutes
father 2 napja
better call Geralt
Roquette Attaquer
Santana T.
Santana T. 2 napja
This movie is about a kid that's kidnapped but can't fully comprehend what's going on until he is left alone and his mind start running wild and he realizes he needs to escape
Where is geralt when you need him
James Films
James Films 2 napja
This better end with a strapping lad named Geralt shoving it in a jar
Branko Djordjevic
SirHixen 2 napja
Who are here for Golden Sun?
wtfbopolz 2 napja
Do all ghosts have to turn on the TV?
Daimo's Studio
The kid reminds me of Joseph Gordon Levit.
Infermitori 2 napja
That smile reminded me of insidious....Interesting.
Szeltovivar Sydroxan
Is this a remake of the Iranian movie Under the Shadow?
Commander Cody
This movie looms like such a cliche
Nafehur Rahman Khan
Home Alone 5
N Flores
N Flores 2 napja
The dad is a nephilim
Codyconor1234 2 napja
Din Djarrens origin story looks kinda weird
Tran Anh
Tran Anh 2 napja
Djin in real life, doesn't grant you 3 wishes but makes you wish you never been born =))
mad chainsaw • 666 years ago
The djinn still has a mouth so it can grant 1 of my wishes 😏
luis castanon
luis castanon 2 napja
So home alone but with like a demon?
Reichsführer John Smith
The same title with Turkish movie
mimic 2 napja
1:42 ROSE skin on Modern Warfare
kitty cat
kitty cat 2 napja
Young Alladin meets Djinn
Fate Interlude
Then geralt the witcher takes down the djinn
Joshua Box
Joshua Box 2 napja
Is this the ninjago type djinn?
YAIPZ 2 napja
Why is my mind just screaming "FOUR!! "
The Djinn is simply trying to make contact with the boy to find out if wants to extend his car's warranty or not and isn't getting a straight answer.
Eros Jagat Pulagana
wait, no will smith?
Loell DeBach
Loell DeBach 2 napja
Another "Jumpscare: The Movie"
Black Broly
Black Broly 2 napja
Home alone the lost chapter
Naldz Hobby Side
What!!?? the Kid got Bored then decided to do that summon thing and now he's Hiding 😑😑 Great!!
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts 2 napja
It's a cheap film to make they couldn't even afford furniture for it
Matt H
Matt H 2 napja
Damn leave your kid home once and he summons a demonic entity Wtf?
This entity is actual real. They cause big trouble for humanity on all fronts; domestic, social, political. BIG PROBLEM
Shreyas Adhikari
The Djinn is just mad the mute boy can't ask for three wishes and free him
Meter Marker
Meter Marker 2 napja
Bismillah! Bismillah! Bismillah Rafmana Rahim!
Brachyion 2 napja
Ok so we got emf level 5, ghost orbs, and spirit box boys. It's a Djinn, lets pack up and go back to the van and check to see if we missed any objectives.
Raijin 2 napja
Parents these days, not telling their kids to never summon a demon without adult supervision.
John Duchovny Ugale
After this, he will turn into Rambo for the sequel
Anindo Adhikary
Modern day Aladdin looks cool
Bradley MacDonald
Wish master remake when?
Aquib Hussain
Aquib Hussain 2 napja
*Home djalone*
Nappa 2 napja
a friend of mine actually told me a lot about djinns, since they are a huge part of his culture and religion. they are neither malevolent or are they benevolent. they are more or less like people: some are just there to cause mischief like a 10 year old pranking others, some can help you build an entire temple in a week, and some are just psychos.
Prinny Dood
Prinny Dood 4 órája
@ASHITAKA THE GREAT Genie is a djinn 😅
@caneta bic 48 cores thats a genie
caneta bic 48 cores
and some of them are blue will smith
Kristo Akbar
Kristo Akbar 2 napja
a prequel of Ed Warren Saga
Nignucs1 2 napja
That Kid is going to HOME ALONE that demon! I'm talkin' paint cans, broken glass, and the wet bandits... TAKE THAT SATAN!
Smooth Operator
Wish master got more aggressive. He said damn waiting for the wishes, he's moving on his own time.
Promist NG
Promist NG 2 napja
Thumbnail : drowning kid meme
Jack Red
Jack Red 2 napja
Predicting that the Djinn is a metaphor of his father actually abusing him.
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