Star Wars Republic Commando - Official Launch Trailer (PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch) 

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Lead an elite squad of Republic Commandos on a mission to infiltrate, dominate, and annihilate the enemy in Star Wars Republic Commando, available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Check out the launch trailer.
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2021.ápr. 6.






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Bobby Sixkiller
Bobby Sixkiller 19 perccel
The graphics look like ps1,garbage.they should've made a real sequel.
Luis Cervantes
Luis Cervantes 21 órája
Remaster it !
Moises Vargas
Moises Vargas 22 órája
I'm definitely excited for this. Wish it would be remastered but better than nothing.
Luis E Morales Falcon
Disney is so over ruining SW that they had to return to old SW.
Phased Muscle
My fave Star Wars game. Wish they’d do another one or something
Gameland Napja
Plain old Port, It looks lazy
C S Napja
If buying this means a sequel may happen then I'll do my duty...and it's a big duty.
cribs mcgee
oof. this game is not gonna sell well.
B4TTL3__ CR33D
Idk bois sounds to me EA just wants a cadh grab.
Victor Zhao
Isnt this been on Xbox BC since forever ?
Casual Insanity
Vode an...
Amanda Anderson
Yes sir another star wars game
Fosty 2 napja
Damn kids these days.
Dany Desmarais
oh nice they still make nintendo 64 graphics games in 2021 !!
Edward Barton
Edward Barton 2 napja
Favorite star wars game
A's World
A's World 2 napja
Mate!! some shockers today, why does this has PS2/3 graphics!
gadzi madzi
gadzi madzi 2 napja
Because this game is 16 years old xD
Exu 2 napja
*looks at Remaster* Me to Lucas: *your tactics frighthen me, sir*
Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien 2 napja
PS3/Xbox called, they want their graphics back
Noah Schlegel
Noah Schlegel 2 napja
No Xbox?
SPICY MEAT 10 órája
it already is on xbox
Jowsh 2 napja
It’s been on Xbox since 2005
tristin clapp
tristin clapp 2 napja
Hope unleashed is next.
Mark Henkel
Mark Henkel 3 napja
This is a April fools joke, right?
TheGamersNL !
TheGamersNL ! 3 napja
No pc :(
Jowsh 2 napja
It’s been on PC since 2005
What remaster????
CGL Wolf
CGL Wolf 3 napja
Why not xbox? Edit: nvm it’s already on xbox
Leokeyx Leokeyx
it was hell of a game
Nomomom Mask7
Nomomom Mask7 3 napja
Grustniy Kv-2
Grustniy Kv-2 3 napja
TheCrowncard 3 napja
hmmmm so lazy aren't they
gadzi madzi
gadzi madzi 2 napja
What do you mean?
Adam Topor
Adam Topor 3 napja
Just you wait for people to mod this graphically
Ash 3 napja
Imagine this in frostbite or cryengine 3.
showmik akand
showmik akand 3 napja
Many will say it's a full blasting game but to me it's a full strategic game
forced in a mold processed and sold
CrackHead Energy
Give us a sequel not the same bloody game on current gen
James Hickey
James Hickey 3 napja
How about that clones song? Love when expanded universe games rerelease
Ulo Magyar
Ulo Magyar 3 napja
No remake and they dare release on the PS4 and PS5, this is disgusting
Jowsh 2 napja
How dare they release a nostalgic, ahead of it’s time, absolute landmark of a game on newer gen consoles so people don’t have to buy a whole Xbox 360 for it 😐
HANUNIJA 3 napja
Do not take the corona vaccine. Warn others! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!
gadzi madzi
gadzi madzi 2 napja
@HANUNIJA I'm getting The vaccine and you can't change it.
HANUNIJA 2 napja
@Jowsh It is the mark of the beast
Jowsh 2 napja
Bro, I’m Catholic and I’m getting the vaccine.
Marsquatch 3 napja
Wtf did they have different voices
Alex G
Alex G 3 napja
We need a remake or an expanded remaster, with new campaigns
Johnny Diamondhand
Still not 60 FPS for the switch LMAO
Derek Amsden
Derek Amsden 3 napja
Don’t they all die?
Derek Amsden
@Fosty thats rude
Fosty 2 napja
Thanks fuckhead
Perian 3 napja
Imagine releasing a game with these graphics in 2k21 on PS5. They should've done a full remake.
Kevin Hernandez
just release the old battlefront 1-2 on the nintendo switch!
Ribamech h
Ribamech h 3 napja
graphics are great for 2005
MondVogel 3 napja
yayyyy 20 yr old graphics
SPICY MEAT 10 órája
this game is from 2005
16 year old graphics
Shaheer Chowdhury
best to get it on switch, I'll get it during May the 4th deals and great time when the Bad Batch comes out.
Just do a remaster what the hell
Why doesn't it come as a remake or remaster?
Vevencio Torres (124vevtorr)
Remember to get bacta!
Mario Greco
Mario Greco 3 napja
Everyone loves this game! It did so well and I've played it through so many times! Why haven't they remastered or made a sequel?!! 😭😭
Alfonso Solivan
Finished it please make the new one
Robbie Csuti-Royea
Hopefully we finish get the sequel
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 3 napja
Jonathan Abate
kinda mad this is just a port, it legit looks the same just no longer 720p
oldspice051 3 napja
Glad a new generation can enjoy this gem! This trailer really doesn’t do it justice.
AJ B 3 napja
Man memories of renting this for OG Xbox back when Blockbuster was still a thing. Glad this got a remake it’s a gem of a Star Wars game. L
Largentina TM
Largentina TM 2 napja
This is not a remake.
Hatchet Harry
Hatchet Harry 3 napja
Looks well dated..........😏
Hatchet Harry
@ColetheKing2002 re released for ps4 and ps5 but haven't updated anything......
This game came out in 2005
Damian Nichols
They haven't forgotten
TEE MAC MB 3 napja
Dam this is lazy
batedwig1 3 napja
Will this support multiplayer?
Jowsh 2 napja
Lance Thibodeaux
Why don't they just remaster it with some possibly new content instead of doing this? Granted PC has been playing this forever with mods to fix graphic and resolution, but still. A sequel would be nice too. JS
Joe 3 napja
Remaster it!
Major Tom
Major Tom 3 napja
This game must be free
Dr Doge Lennyson
its not. why would you think it is?
Release Jedi power battles
Nspinicelli 3 napja
Because remasters are overrated? Like... come on its 2021
87Tempests 3 napja
PLEASE do rogue squadron next!!!
Andre 3 napja
We are still not gonna get a sequel. This is just Disney trying to make some of that Starwars money back.
SkyGaming 3 napja
my dude its possible to get the sequel you know who makes the games now LUCASFILMGAMES bro its not Disney yes Disney own it but Lucasfilm games is the identity of the star wars games
Simply TheBest
..it was available 15 years ago XD
Shovel Man69
Shovel Man69 3 napja
Free bacta for all If a commando was running for president
ellisland8 3 napja
Great game however graphics aren't the best deserved the final fantasy remake treatment.
Loi 3 napja
It looks exactly the same. Are they really gonna release it like this?
elbrunoloco00 3 napja
This has been on Xbox for ages
Jowsh 2 napja
Ok, and same with PC. Your point?
KillerTacos 4 napja
Nostalgia! Remember when Delta Squad showed up in Clone Wars? Those were the days
Glacial Goose
Glacial Goose 4 napja
The hell is these graphics in today’s day and age LMFAO
Jowsh 2 napja
You can tell that this kids like 9 years old
Dr Doge Lennyson
its a game from 2005
D̴E̴A̷D̴ ̶ B̸U̶N̴N̶Y̸
2005 kiddo 😳👈
Alex Montoya
Alex Montoya 4 napja
We want a sequel!
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia 4 napja
What happened to sev?! U cant just leave us hanging like that then say f it let's just remake it !
Devin Brent King
Still multiplayer online?
RAZERCOREX24k 4 napja
Nice game trailer
Mikhail Ivanov
Bro wake up its 2005
Josue Rosa
Josue Rosa 4 napja
Please tell me this has online multiplayer.
The Cones
The Cones 4 napja
No online co op or multiplayer? Lol wack
Yunsano 4 napja
So excited!
Raymond Auger
Raymond Auger 4 napja
Why does this look so much worse than on the Series X? Isn't it the same exact game? Please tell me they didn't have to reduce the graphics because the Switch can't run it..... This was a 2005 game....
Monkey Ball
Monkey Ball 4 napja
FINALLY a game my ps4 can handle LooooL
vtecx626 4 napja
I've been waiting for a PS5 to play this 20 year old game
Fosty 2 napja
You can buy a ps2, or xbox
Regan Parenton
This is lazy af
Heliosphan 4 napja
Another lazy remake. Just make a whole new game for next-gen and call it Republic Commando 2.
John Wolverine
It's not a remake (or even a remaster), you shouldn't even call it one.
Manolo Carvalho
Pelo menos parece que não vai dar.enjoo igual apex legends
earl jones
earl jones 4 napja
Sweet PS2 game
earl jones
earl jones 4 napja
@Jar Jar Binks ahhhhhh, too high tech
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 4 napja
This was never on ps2. It was only on pc and original Xbox. Ps2 would have a hard time running this.
- Baluta
- Baluta 4 napja
Imagine not having retro-compatibility... 🤣
John Calcano
John Calcano 4 napja
So this is what Halo look like on the Nintendo Switch.
Georges Abi Antoun
Hakzxx 4 napja
Wade Australia
First we get Clone Commandos in BF2 and now this. This has to be a sign that Republic Commando 2 is in the works. 🙏
Joshua Everitt
We should get this remastered
Jack Henry
Jack Henry 4 napja
The original trailer was infinitely better
Mark Tonna
Mark Tonna 4 napja
Next we need to get; First 3 Harry Potter games (PS1/PS2/Xbox/Gamecube) Shrek Super Slam Digimon Rumble Arena 1 and 2 The Punisher Ps2 Dead to Rights Peter Jacksons King Kong The EA James Bond Games The Hobbit Two Towers Return of the King
TaylorCraft 4 napja
Fosty 2 napja
Nah bro this is like NES graphics
Alex Ramey
Alex Ramey 4 napja
We need more narrative driven, military campaign style fps games for star wars. No Jedi or Sith. Just a band of brothers fighting in a war beyond their control.
ttc9able 4 napja
Man it would be cool if they added multiplayer.
snoopyvsme 4 napja
Is this also coming out on the PS2?
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