Spy City - Official Teaser Trailer (2021) Dominic Cooper, Leonie Benesch 

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AMC+ has released the trailer for its newest original series, Spy City, premiering exclusively in the US on Thursday, April 15. The six-part series stars Dominic Cooper with new episodes premiering weekly on the service each Thursday. The espionage Cold War series follows the awful dilemma faced by the English spy Fielding Scott (Dominic Cooper, Preacher, Captain America: The First Avenger), as he is sent to Berlin in 1961 on a mission to find out the source of the leak of vital security information. The Russians, it seems, know everything. Someone in Berlin is giving away all the secrets of the Western - American, British, and French - powers. Fielding has been given possibly the hardest job in the world: clean up Berlin. He must find out who the traitor is and expose, arrest, or eliminate that person.




2021.ápr. 6.






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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
ZX 2 napja
Hippocrates, M.D.
Is he a brit ? The best ones are always brits
RiTcHiE Rich
RiTcHiE Rich 3 napja
This feels awfully familiar with the courier movie starring Benedict cumberbatch..
DRE [DROWN] 3 napja
He's not a spy. He's a scientist from S.H.I.E.L.D and after their opens everything to public, he become a street racer, trapped to Fantasy World called Azeroth ended killed by Dark-Magical Hulk
DRE [DROWN] 12 órája
@The Lonely Pilot Ah the marvel movie, he's a steve bestfriend tho, along with Carter as founder of SHIELD
The Lonely Pilot
The Lonely Pilot 15 órája
Wait, is he from S.H.I.E.L.D the show or the Marvel movies?
AlfmanPT 3 napja
had to be amc
Panzer86 3 napja
Just make him the next James Bond.
Deepankar Kapoor
The Spy Preacher
Barely any howard stark comments, I'm disappointed in you internet
N3TH 3 napja
Hey is this the hotel guy from Home Alone Lost in New York
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 3 napja
Cooper trying to send his CV as Bond , but fail miserably
Mr. Blah Meh
Mr. Blah Meh 3 napja
Tinker Tailor Preacher Spy.
He’s the red spy...
Mathew AM
Mathew AM 3 napja
Dominic Cooper who played Howard Stark is looks like Sebastian Stan.
Douglasqqq 3 napja
Literally couldn't even sit through the whole trailer.
Nishit Kothari
Dominic cooper is underrated. Period.
Task Force
Task Force 3 napja
dino brewster 🏎
Aurik Kal-Durin
Anyone else think Dominic Cooper would make a great James Bond?
Hikari Sakai
Hikari Sakai 3 napja
AMC Theaters or the AMC that does The Walking Dead?
Allan Velez
Allan Velez 3 napja
Agent Stark
Stryder 3 napja
The lead here looks like they filmed the show with the role played by Karl Urban, then they all had casting remorse and deep faked Topher Grace's face onto Karl Urban's
xSMOKEx 3 napja
I'm a Diplomat & my fans wished I'd just kept being a dam Preacher! 😢
SilentHamish 3 napja
This just looks like he’s still playing Ian Fleming.
D K 3 napja
Is this mcu canon ?
Droolius Caesar
thought that was Topher Grace in the thumbnail
The Weppe
The Weppe 3 napja
He was first: Tony Starks father Main villain in Need for Speed King in Warcraft The Preacher And now an agent who looks like Bond Also he was Ian Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond
Manish Reddy
Manish Reddy 3 napja
Also the Devils Double
Grigori Rasputin
You forgot: A mentor for Abraham Lincoln.
Leo Fer
Leo Fer 3 napja
To everyone asking if he's 1- the preacher 2- from need for speed 3- ironman's father Answer: yes.
Ankur Sikdar
Ankur Sikdar 3 napja
The Devils Double.. one of his best
BalkanAgent 3 napja
Copper Dominic Cooper Preacher Dominic Cooper
David Hopper
David Hopper 3 napja
Great trailer bro
GooS ShpioN
GooS ShpioN 3 napja
2 🌜
GooS ShpioN
GooS ShpioN 3 napja
GooS ShpioN
GooS ShpioN 3 napja
А у кого-то 2ч ночи
When are filmmakers going to realise this guy cannot lead a movie.
MangaSword8 3 napja
Preacher pls
Nando Man
Nando Man 3 napja
David Kinoti
David Kinoti 3 napja
From Preacher to Spy
Ben Gall
Ben Gall 3 napja
This is what Bond should be right now
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi 3 napja
James Bond
Mr.Wayne 3 napja
@David Hopper Bond
David Hopper
David Hopper 3 napja
Batman 1
Batman 1 3 napja
Howard stark
AlCeeProd 2.0
AlCeeProd 2.0 3 napja
Cold War era Berlin, seems cool.
Lachlan Harrison
Howard, ru just pretending to be British to impress a girl
Talha Mohsin
Talha Mohsin 3 napja
15 million subs 500 views😥
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams 3 napja
Pako X
Pako X 3 napja
Is this the dude from Need For Speed?
Pako X
Pako X 3 napja
@Leo Fer oh ok my bad
Leo Fer
Leo Fer 3 napja
He was ironman's father too
Pako X
Pako X 3 napja
@GrindcoreNinja Oh ok my bad
He was in Preacher.
Einstein Ibraheem
He's literally the villain from the movie "Need for Speed".
David Hopper
David Hopper 2 napja
@BalkanAgent who was?
BalkanAgent 3 napja
@David Hopper by writing dumb comments
David Hopper
David Hopper 3 napja
@BalkanAgent how?
BalkanAgent 3 napja
@David Hopper just being a troll
Chuck Testa
Chuck Testa 3 napja
He’s an actor u dumb twat lol ofcourse hes in multiple movies
König Benjamin XIV.
Howard Stark Simulator
®ioT 3 napja
Comments came quick
Operator Matt
Operator Matt 3 napja
Still waiting for "The day before"
Fırat KARA
Fırat KARA 3 napja
Kadının tarifini black desert'de lizar karakteriyle yaptım.
Pedro González
Al ver la miniatura creía que era Peña Nieto
yo 3 napja
ay im early asf
Hamit Mustafa ÇAKIR
Is it preacher sequel ?
josh valenti
josh valenti 3 napja
More like Dominic Pooper
Einstein Ibraheem
nah mate,his acting in NFS movie was great
Reandro Mroas
Reandro Mroas 3 napja
Adea Kastrati
Adea Kastrati 3 napja
Bryle Serrano
Bryle Serrano 3 napja
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