PS5: How to Game Share and Screen Share 

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If you're feeling a bit generous or just need some help in a particularly tough game, watch this video to get you set up with Game and Screen Sharing on your PlayStation 5.

Game Share allows you to let your friends take over playing your PlayStation 5 games over the internet. Using this feature, you can let your friends take control of your PS5 game and give it a whirl. If perhaps you're struggling with a certain difficult game, using this new feature added with PlayStation 5 they could even help you through a difficult portion.

In addition to game sharing on PS5, your friends can even just sit back and just watch you play. You'll be able to start a party and allow up to 99 friends join in and watch you play.

Stick with IGN for so much more on the PlayStation 5 and the next-generation of gaming.
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Luke Zade
Luke Zade 20 órája
I can't figure how to get it working unless my friend is being dumb on his end
007JAVAID 3 napja
I got the ps5 i gave my ps4 to my son and i was playing call of duty on my account on ps5 then my son loaded up gta on my account on ps4 and it kicked me off my call of duty on ps5 i am ot happy about this at all pin this comment so everyone knows
Thunder PlayZ
Thunder PlayZ 4 napja
if anyone of my friends play bugsnax they are no longer my friend.
Michael Pickett
I don’t have game base as an option
MrHandss 7 napja
screen share is so badass. was in a party with 2 friends. we all have ps5s. they were both playing demon souls. they were both able to start screen share and watch each other's screens while playing their games still. no lag or low quality. (they used picture in picture) i was also watching one of their screens.
Marcus Aurelius
Why do you have to set up party? Is there any way to just watch them play when there online?
Chief Crowie
Chief Crowie 9 napja
What if my friend doesn’t get a ps5 and I do and we tryna game share
DoctorSilva 10 napja
Is it possible to have twitch open while playing a game?
Elvin Almonte
Elvin Almonte 11 napja
Can 3 friend with PS5 do Game sharing?
Filipe Ferreira
Filipe Ferreira 12 napja
PS5 can't share screen/share play with players on ps4.
Sharq Bait
Sharq Bait 13 napja
I have 1 question. Can you have multiple people watch you play a game with game share?
Sadaboutspace Imhereanyway
Amazing. I couldn’t find the shareplay option for the LIFE of me!
Dovydas Kristupis
Looking to game share on xbox I have ac valhalla and watch dogs legion and more looking for cold war dm on insta dkristupis
Joku 14 napja
If anybody tryna gameshare demon souls for cold war ps4 games and ps plus message me @Jokusu on psn
Jodie Brown
Jodie Brown 14 napja
Hi, how do you watch HUrun whilst gaming on ps5?
Cxbi 15 napja
So can you not share your screen with someone who is on a PS4?
Ashleigh Samuels
Can I share play ps5 to a friend on ps4?
ツ90sanimeツ 15 napja
Up to 99 friends can join💀💀
Yummy Kiwi
Yummy Kiwi 15 napja
Game sharing isn’t workin on my ps4 need help
Silver Raven Moon
Can you screen share from ps5 to ps4?
PSYCHO 13 napja
Victor Valencia
Victor Valencia 16 napja
Can you game share ps5 to ps4
Wesley Schmidt
Wesley Schmidt 16 napja
Can you gameshare ps5 games to a buddy who is on a ps4?
Brother Uturn
Brother Uturn 17 napja
I wish It didn’t use ps plus
K 17 napja
Wtfff I had no idea about the game share feature, that's insane!
K 13 napja
@PSYCHO Did you even watch the video? This is not the same game sharing. It allows you to control your friends ps5 and play a game they are sharing
PSYCHO 13 napja
Please tell me you're joking. The PS4 has had this feature for the past 2 or 3 years. One person owns the game and your friend from across the world can play it from your system.
Gregory Nichols
Gregory Nichols 17 napja
Has anyone tried play share with a ps4 owner?
PhoenixLion 17 napja
Friends? What’s friends 😂
DeVaunToon 18 napja
Can you do this between Ps5 and PS4 though???
PSYCHO 13 napja
Nope. Not at the moment. People have tried already.
Can the ps5 share play have more people watching also dose it finally have a unlimited timer or at least longer?
EPIC Bryce
EPIC Bryce 18 napja
Can I still earn trophies if I were to share play with a friend and play a co op game with them?
kingkazma 95
kingkazma 95 18 napja
Can ps4 watch me play on my ps5?
Kyutona tenshi
Kyutona tenshi 18 napja
2:29 did you this on purpose right?????????????
Martin GG
Martin GG 18 napja
What if i want to share play a game from my Ps5 to my Ps4 friend
Pat Russo
Pat Russo 18 napja
Im sorry to flex on everyone but can i game share with 2 friends?
Shy Pedlar
Shy Pedlar 18 napja
Can I do this with my friends who are still on Ps4? I have a ps5 and they have Ps4 I wanna know.
Chr15Payne 17 napja
Nope. I tried, they just don't see anything for them to join in the party
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 19 napja
Was my life worth it???
Johnny 19 napja
My friends went to pc 🤢
JiGGY TRiLL 19 napja
Im selling my ps5 , I got the ps5 for my nephew but he’s too young to play, somebody text me on insta if interested @flxcko.wrld
Mr. LittleRedemption
Zak 19 napja
Guys we get it you have no friends
cruzee1021 19 napja
I have a ps5 I just need a friend 😥
Schoolboyz92 19 napja
for a couple years now I couldnt game share with my belguim friend ps4 8.00 fixed that
PSYCHO 13 napja
Maybe his or your NAT was the problem on your router.
Wixked Kitty
Wixked Kitty 19 napja
How long does the screen share and PS5 shareplay last tho? I hope it's not the same 1 hour limit like on PS4
Daniel Mazz
Daniel Mazz 19 napja
wait so if u don't own the game u can play theirs
Tom Tinker
Tom Tinker 19 napja
What about the session length, are you still restricted to one hour at a time, and always need to restart shareplay after that? And can you still only shareplay with one person in the party? I mean with a maximum of 99 party members, why not 99 pictures in pictures? :P. Nah for real, on Ps4 you could use SharePlay with only one party member at a time, 4 people would be nice though.
adom626 19 napja
Does game share last more than 60 minutes?
Aycor 19 napja
Can i share on the ps5 Games and ps plus to my 2 Account on the ps4
PSYCHO 13 napja
Game sharing and play sharing are two different things. You can only share purchased games between two consoles at a time as far as I know.
BangJarum 19 napja
Care to support my gaming channel. Your subscribe means a lot to me.
Rashaad Bell
Rashaad Bell 19 napja
Anyone figure out how to get ps5 chat audio through tv while using dualsense for mic? There is a workaround you need an audio only jack for, but was wondering if it is an isolated glitch or widespread.
Shihab Musa
Shihab Musa 19 napja
Hope xbox gets it soon
Space Dandy
Space Dandy 19 napja
Xbox better
Kazz Kaz
Kazz Kaz 19 napja
"Congratulations on having friends" line of the day😂😂
outlawoku 19 napja
Hold up he just said 99 friends can join a party
Lol, this will be useful to all ps5 who's console hasn't already bricked.
Random Gamez
Random Gamez 19 napja
99 friends in a party!? Cool! Like I have friends 👁👄👁
Awakened Beast
Awakened Beast 19 napja
I was luckily able to secure a PS5 yesterday from PS direct 😂😂. Should’ve arrive by Monday/Tuesday.
I think the picture in picture function is the only new thing?
PSYCHO 13 napja
Correct. PS4 already had the other stuff for years.
Chebinator 19 napja
Can I look at my friends screen or let him play my games if he has ps4 and I have ps5.
Brittney Taylor
Brittney Taylor 20 napja
Wait...so I don’t need 2 copies to play with a friend over the network?
GroMyke H.
GroMyke H. 20 napja
I need a friend first
WestSideCamper 20 napja
Step 1: Get ps5 Difficulty: I enjoy dying
Tritun 20 napja
I don’t have friends
Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma 20 napja
Fps drop !
Crystaldabber 77
Literally this was a feature on xbox one but got discontinued due to mixer being dead sadly...
Cry vein
Cry vein 20 napja
Can i watch HUrun while playing though???
Joe The incredible
Screen sharing is also on ps4... I've tried it... and it works fine
God Of gaming
God Of gaming 20 napja
Can you share play with 4 people
DeZod 20 napja
First time using a playstation ign? This has been on PS4 for years. The only thing that's new is picture in picture mode
BissjeTommy 20 napja
- Hey Man, can you help me with this boss? Ill just share my screen and controls with you - Sir, this is a Wendys
Tiffany Scott
Tiffany Scott 20 napja
Anyone older than 30 want to be my friend
Justus Mittler
Justus Mittler 20 napja
This isn't new. You could do this on the ps4
Waleed Muhammad
Waleed Muhammad 20 napja
Isn't this basically share play
Connor Fewlass
Connor Fewlass 20 napja
This isn't actually game sharing in the same context as PS4 where you set a friend's ps5 as active
Loocheena 20 napja
Getting a PS5 is hard enough, let's not even talk about getting a friend and one that has a PS5 aswell
Big Boss
Big Boss 20 napja
How bold of you to assume I have friends.
I love the picture in picture mode for trophy hunting with a friend nice feature 🤗
Jodie Brown
Jodie Brown 14 napja
How do you turn this on please
Squads Laughing
Squads Laughing 20 napja
You can use it to "Cheat" in multiplayer competitive games like rainbow six siege
Philip Poulsen
Philip Poulsen 20 napja
“Screen sharing is a brand new feature added to the PlayStation 5.” Uh, no, it’s a feature on PS4 as well, and has been for years. Granted the implementation on PS5 is more elegant with PIP and so on, but the fact that IGN doesn’t even know basic stuff like this speaks volumes.
Alpha Games
Alpha Games 16 napja
Ali Hadi Babar
Ali Hadi Babar 19 napja
ign are for casuals
007JAVAID 20 napja
Ok so will my 2 ps4s still be able to play my games i downloaded or will it deactivate 1 of my ps4s cos my ps4s are going to my kids and im gettin ps5 and i want to play on my acc on ps5 and my son gona play on my acc on his ps4 and daughter on her ps4 on her acc with my acc set as primary on her ps4
Levi Verzyden
Levi Verzyden 20 napja
Max, are you dating Janet Garcia? You sly fox...
SonTalks 20 napja
Extra Hard Mode: *get a friend* Ultra Mega Hard Mode: *communicate*
Thanos Does weird things
Super mega crazy hardmode getting a ps5
Tristan Parsadh
Tristan Parsadh 20 napja
I'm so done consoles have just surpassed pc by miles
Kala 20 napja
Can I watch ny friend play his os4 on my ps5?
Normal Person
Normal Person 20 napja
Sharing is a brand new feature is this your first time using a playstation
The key to screen sharing is love. When you're in love the screen shares very easily but when you're not in love the screen sharing is spotty, non-committal, and conditional. Also screen sharing for Last of Us Part 2 stops working after golf club cameo because that's tainted love....you fool!!
Rudy Aguilera
Rudy Aguilera 20 napja
Also do you need to invite people in order to have a party like how it is now
Pahoa Productions
Is there a video out that shows how to take the gameplay videos you’ve recorded on the ps5 and transfer it to your mobile device ?
AlbyNYC 20 napja
Wait so you can play any co-op game over the internet with only one person actually owning the game?
PSYCHO 13 napja
This feature has existed on the PS4 for the past 2 or 3 years. Shocking that you've never known about it.
Alexander Almas
Alexander Almas 18 napja
That’s correct feature is also on PS4
Prince of Duval
Prince of Duval 20 napja
Can you game share a PS4 title on your PS5 with someone who owns a PS4?
twoof 2
twoof 2 20 napja
I'm still watched this even though I don't have a PS5
Kormega 190
Kormega 190 20 napja
Can I share play with my PS4 friends? Because I can’t
Bundy 2180
Bundy 2180 12 napja
Yeah I think only ps5 to ps5 🤦🏻‍♂️
Stoinks Jay
Stoinks Jay 17 napja
Don’t think so. I tried. Didn’t work.
SamD253 20 napja
That’s dope
PSYCHO 13 napja
Nothing new. PS4 has had this for years. Picture in picture is new.
RickOShay 20 napja
Wow the physics and animation is so bad in this game - it's become so arcady. I suppose I shouldn't complain - it's meant for 10 years olds.
Nhek Zero
Nhek Zero 20 napja
Damn, I can't tell if this video is to help us or demoralize us even further.
Its_ruthless 20 napja
“Congratulations on having friends and a ps5” i dont have both 😭
Kodi Gennrich
Kodi Gennrich 20 napja
Please explain WTF the thumbnail is and not what it looks like.
Bruh 20 napja
Does this work if the other person doesn’t have a ps4
White Wolf
White Wolf 20 napja
Does anyone know if you can still account share with someone to share your game library with them and vice versa like on ps4?
White Wolf
White Wolf 17 napja
@RaNdom wow! That's intense, I wish I would have known that sooner
RaNdom 17 napja
@White Wolf yeah bro in ps4 it works and ps5
White Wolf
White Wolf 17 napja
@RaNdom wait what? If I have ps plus for like the next few years my bro doesn't have to buy it if we are game sharing?
RaNdom 17 napja
@White Wolf haha even ps plus
White Wolf
White Wolf 18 napja
@RaNdom thanks for the info! Cant believe sony is still gonna let me do that xD
jaync704 20 napja
Does it work for more than an hour?
PSYCHO 13 napja
Doubt it but I hope that changes.
Ygee 20 napja
"Congratulations on having friends and a PlayStation 5"
black skull
black skull 20 napja
Quit being a show-off you f****** b**** you have the PlayStation shut the fuk up
JettTheWolf 20 napja
Lmao I would if my PS5 didn't keep freezing up.
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