PS5 Gets a Performance Boosting Update - IGN Daily Fix 

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In today's Daily Fix, the PS5 gets a performance boost, while Cyberpunk 2077 will ship on two discs for PS4. And speaking of PS4, Sony confirms cross-gen games like Horizon: Forbidden West and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are built from the ground-up for PS5.










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Smoke FZ
Smoke FZ 2 napja
Sony needs to fix where when you take out spiderman miles morales the PS5 disk, it just uninstalls for no reason
David Cherney
David Cherney 2 napja
Zac765 2 napja
Love the porter hoodie
Whadooyo Mean
Whadooyo Mean 3 napja
"Improves system performance and stability" - Every vague system update patch notes ever.
Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma 3 napja
I like how ps4 is still getting games n how ps4 ll play these games😂😂
The more concerning issue is the 120fps and making it harder on developers.
Arturo D.
Arturo D. 3 napja
Sony you need to hurry up to solve the CE-108255-1 Error. I'm tired trying to play Demon's Soul.
JDMEXforme 3 napja
This is why im waiting till April so i can gwt a New fresh up to date PS5. The first batch of consoles always have problems.
P X S 3 napja
Very pretty.
Willy Salazar
Willy Salazar 3 napja
Hows theres an update? Update tour stock!!
Mike B
Mike B 3 napja
Pray You Get One Station.
Nameless 3 napja
Sydnee sexy
sakhile 3 napja
what? please don't post useless videos. Playstation has been releasing "performance updates" since the Ps3
Ray 3 napja
I played some Cold War on PS5, no problems downloading it.
Shane W
Shane W 3 napja
Think I'll just keep rest mode off for now until it's been fixed. Given how hard next gen consoles are to find rn, I don't want to risk messing up the system.
Obliminal Gaymer
Looks Like I’m getting cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer at a later date just what I needed Sold
Aram Anderson
Aram Anderson 4 napja
This update crashed my ssd on ps5. Had to restore the storage 🤨
Sarouth Neang
Sarouth Neang 4 napja
Just get mine today. So excited
elck3 4 napja
congrats on your engagement/wedding Sydney!
Jsd1599 4 napja
Would be nice if I could actually buy one.....f@cking bots and scalpers.
Steven Panzarella
Why is no one talking about how impossible it’s been to get one?
Robin Pijnenburg
Me: Hey Sony what's in the update? Sony: Yes
Matt 4 napja
SpidermanMM looks and plays exactly like the PS4 Spiderman. But they're saying it was "built from the ground up for PS5". Yeah... Sure.
Stephen Sanders
she is so dumb Cyberpunk is going to be Delayed
When you gon let me f%@$ Ms Parker
Rhyde 5 napja
I'm here just because Sydnee. 😁
Mat O'laughlin
Dress more like this . It's more for you sid*.
Ben Paulley
Ben Paulley 5 napja
I literally only watch these to drool 9ver Sydney ❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰
Scalpers should be fed to hungry dogs
Jagdeep Singh Uppal
Don't like her and her very pretentious and fake persona...girl you at the wrong place. Sydnee Goodman and geek talks, a very bad combination.
Shloeb 5 napja
Where can I get that hoodie?
Aaron 5 napja
Miles morales and horizon are NOT built from the ground up for ps5. That's a blatant and utter lie. Both use the exact same engines from ps4. And both run on ps4. Even a lot of the same assets. Why lie about something like that? And I hope this update fixes the ssd. Cause load times are slower than series x.. when that fancy ssd was supposed to make up for less power than the series x..
nalong55 5 napja
Fix the external storage issues first!
Dj Fes
Dj Fes 5 napja
1:06 what childproof hell is this lmfaooooo 🤣😂🤣😂😂. Mines coming tomorrow thoughhhh lol
Harold Romero
Harold Romero 5 napja
I thought your were going to say 20 gigabytes
Manea Al Manea
No thanks, I'm happy with my Series X
M K 5 napja
Hey man can I ask do u any issues with ur xsx yet?
Lala Land
Lala Land 5 napja
Well I just got my daily fix
MercuryFripp 5 napja
so THIS is the daily fix...I was just simping in the stories
Christopher Semo
Sony is so anti consumer. Why not tell it’s customer base what’s in the update? Why is there no communication regarding the on going ps5 issues? Do yourself a favor and go with Xbox.
Trader60 5 napja
Needs a stability update
mark anthony
mark anthony 5 napja
ps4 games are slow and the updates are intermittent
steven310250 5 napja
I hope cyberpunk doesn't cause next gen consoles to crash or brick them. I really want to play cyberpunk on my ps5 and Xbox series X.
rizwan101 5 napja
Didn't she mean PS5 enhancements?
PhantomRaven 5 napja
My PS5 update was 800mb
Poeta Records
Poeta Records 5 napja
I got both systems and I can’t stop playing demon souls on ps5 😩
It's Dawson
It's Dawson 5 napja
Did they solve the crashing?
nawaf khaled
nawaf khaled 5 napja
So it doesn't support 1080p 120 hz
Shaurya Shrivastava
Where cat? Show cat!!
Olkv3D 5 napja
You need her Snapchat for that.
RedC Gaming
RedC Gaming 5 napja
Yea thats a click bait title for sure
Stewart Purves
Have a dig at Xbox?
Kyle Dimetri
Kyle Dimetri 5 napja
Please fix y’all title. It’s a Stability update
MKB 144p
MKB 144p 5 napja
Boy knack 3 will push the PS5 to the limit.
Rodimus Prime
Rodimus Prime 5 napja
me: what's in the update? sony: yes
2 discs for Cyberpunk. Last time I had to disk swap was the old Amiga days. :) About time they got rid of discs.
infa008 5 napja
How come I can't like this vid a hundred times
SirHappyGames 5 napja
I hope that Cyberpunk 2077's multiplayer aspect will actually be co-op in the story and not some PvP stuff. That would be AWESOME. Especially on next gen consoles and such.
Tony 5 napja
Where is the apex legends 120hz mode?
Anthony A
Anthony A 5 napja
My ps5 has been crashing quite a bit lol. Twice on demon souls in the middle of a boss and on miles.
mostmost1 5 napja
@Anthony A I couldn't even get one
Anthony A
Anthony A 5 napja
@mostmost1 yours not working?
mostmost1 5 napja
Atleast your system working
DJ_LOONIE 5 napja
PLZZZZ Cyberpunk let it have adaptive triggers!
Mousa Ibrahim
Mousa Ibrahim 5 napja
is her dad's name saul?
Olkv3D 5 napja
I've never seen an episode of Breaking Bad.
Mousa Ibrahim
Mousa Ibrahim 5 napja
@Olkv3D ok I’ll explain the joke, there’s a fictional character in a show called breaking bad named saul goodman. That’s it.
Olkv3D 5 napja
What do you mean how? I ain't a internet access scientist person.
Mousa Ibrahim
Mousa Ibrahim 5 napja
@Olkv3D how?
Olkv3D 5 napja
I don't have internet access.
William McLelland
When is Sony going to fix all the crashes and bricking why has ign failed to comment on this issue
Mattt 5 napja
Does she have an OnlyFans? IGN: "Playstation 5 got a big update, we at IGN are clueless about what it's actually for so lets waste a few minutes and guess about what it COULD be for, then upload a video to waste viewer time."
Holborow 5 napja
Its hard to know what any PS update is for as they are never transparent about anything...
Jay Gunny
Jay Gunny 5 napja
I’m glad my ps5 had been running smooth and quiet with no issues!!!😎😎
Corn POP
Corn POP 5 napja
_"Built from the ground up for PS5"_ *Press X for raytraced doubt.*
Eeshan Keni
Eeshan Keni 5 napja
3 mins to say what couldve been said in 30 seconds
Chris Cunningham
At least Ign is consistent at finding awful presenters!
Daniel Leung
Daniel Leung 5 napja
That dj potaro hoodie
Brett Favor _
Brett Favor _ 5 napja
dont know what it fixed but i could finally download my ps4 cloud saves over wi-fi after the update
Anyone else watch this on mute with subtitles? It’s like dragging your fingernails across a chalkboard.
Jay Dub
Jay Dub 5 napja
Please don't go back to the studio and the skimpy clothes.
Francisco Lopez
Sydnee idc about the ps5 but you’re fine 🔥
Olkv3D 5 napja
Francisco Lopez
@Olkv3D *anyone who is*
Olkv3D 5 napja
Anyone who isn't.
Francisco Lopez
@Olkv3D who tf uses dweeb🤣 💀
Olkv3D 5 napja
Nivek Datadin
Nivek Datadin 5 napja
Hope 343 drops xb1 🤢
Sir Dan Dandy
Sir Dan Dandy 5 napja
If you dont know what the update is for then whats the point of this upload?
Kenneth raiford
what boost mode ps5 is overlooked what she said is not no boost mode its a security patch so Sony sends a patch that doest fix what needs to be fix 🤣😂 glad im not a playstation fan
Sir Dan Dandy
Sir Dan Dandy 5 napja
Wow , now they can brick even faster!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow Leviathan
Haven't had any issues with my PS5.
Magpie 5 napja
What are useless video all we found out was the size of the update you useless b***h
Dragon Fist
Dragon Fist 5 napja
Ps5 definitely crashed a couple times. Once with the external drive plugged in and once without
sadniqqahours 5 napja
Where are the number's to explain the performance change.
FN Imjustábunny
Pls 1440p at 120hz...i bought a 1440p monitor hahhaha then next thing i know it doesn't support it
Vini4us 5 napja
Pocahontas in a hoodie has no idea whats she reading on the teleprompt.
Vini4us 5 napja
The click bait is real with this one.
suho slava
suho slava 5 napja
Multiplayer is never coming to Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk multiplayer is separate project.
Paul Glover
Paul Glover 5 napja
Unconfirmed reports hahahahhaha girl watch youtube there confirmed by everyone including you...........in this video hahahhahahaha
Rasul Avtorhanov
Sydney = gorgeous
My China
My China 6 napja
Just got my message to say I can come pick up the PS5 tomorrow
BraunerMaroc 6 napja
0:20 ps5 is not out in Europe -.-
moonlighter 6 napja
xbox series L is a joke lol
Holborow 5 napja
you sound like you have personal issues, get help.
infernos Dante
Will this update help me obtain a ps5??
Baldarsar 6 napja
sydnee you are such a beautyful woman , im speechless :)
Olkv3D 5 napja
Baldarsar 5 napja
@Supervisor JD wtf, i'm just saying she is beautyful, if you have a such a sick mind then nobody can help you !!!
Supervisor JD
Supervisor JD 6 napja
Stop being a creep
"boosting performance update"... Yeah buddy, you mean a patch, right?
BTMaverick707 6 napja
I love that everyone seems to forget that Playstation was saying their ps5 games wont be on the ps4 and making a big deal about it.
Maurice Norfleet
People have selected memories
mjolnir112 5 napja
"We believe in generations"
[ DEADMAN ] 6 napja
Let me just buy it already gosh...
Alexander The Great
aaaaanddd this is why i never buy a system at launch. Oh wait .......😡
PatchyAdam 6 napja
Had my ps5 in rest mode since day 1
JeraldMo 6 napja
because of this update my console is coil whining so loud
Squirrel Lew
Squirrel Lew 6 napja
I don't care about all of these, I just want to see Sydnee. And im happy.
Ion Side
Ion Side 6 napja
performance boosting? but the video says something else.
G D 6 napja
Junior Lifter
Junior Lifter 5 napja
With all the PS5 issues these people are having, what’s the rush?
Release day in UK is coming up I think
BangJarum 6 napja
Anyone care to support my channel? Drop by and subscribe. Your support means a lot to me. Tq
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