PlayStation’s Answer to Xbox Game Pass + Deadpool 3 Writers - IGN News Live 

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In the PS5 vs Xbox Series X landscape, Sony’s Jim Ryan responds to Xbox’s Game Pass success. Meanwhile, MCU Deadpool 3 gets Bob’s Burgers writers, The Last of Us HBO series gets picked up, GTA 5 Online gets a big heist update, Black Panther 2 gets a shooting start date and new story details and The Mandalorian Season 2 episode 4 has a funny gaffe you may have missed. This is your News, Games and More for November 20th, 2020!










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isturbo1984 6 napja
What? Game Pass is Microsoft's answer to PlayStation Now. Sony just needs to be better.
tyrone blackshear
I have been saying this from the start I want Captain America by mistake go into Deadpool's world when Cap is returning the infinity stones. Deadpool will help Cap in returning these stones, it will be a buddy movie traveling through time which we know Deadpool has a time machine watch he got from Cable so that make it a perfect match Marvel's straight lace guy with the politically incorrect fowl mouth Deadpool. I can see it now Cap saying "Deadpool watch your language"... Being that it will be an R rated movie when Cap throw his shield at a guy and it will cut someone head off and Cap say with shock "that never happen before!" Deadpool yell out "Cap with the flying guillotine!" Deadpool pause " Hey Cap where can I get one?" Deadpool look over at the shield "Never mind I'm guessing Target"
KingAlpha 712
KingAlpha 712 7 napja
Ps now?
Rubin G
Rubin G 7 napja
I'm a life long playstation player but I have recently also subscribed to ultimate game pass and have been playing on my android. If Sony addopts this it would be great.
chahine gaming
Buy the serie x!
Abdulahi Abdulahi
Just buy a series s as a second console
Max 8 napja
Look like Sony love 💘 Game Pass ultimate 🤗❤
Wayne C.
Wayne C. 8 napja
The lady one the bottom left needs to get a damn mic!! She sounds like a 🤖
Terri Schwartz
Hmm I’m going to look into my set up because you’re right, it’s coming through sounding tinny. As you can see in the frame, I do have a nice mic set up 😊 seems like the audio input was messed up!
Bbb Kkkk
Bbb Kkkk 8 napja
Lets ruin these movies more by injecting and keeping half the writers as women. We do need a token black or double that .. Black female, double that
Rocco DeMaro
Rocco DeMaro 8 napja
When people laugh at non-funny things I get very uncomfortable. This was hard to watch :/
Boogerman 8 napja
Gamepass now has ea play too so we get a crap ton of games already ontop of ea games now
d i s g u y m a n
Mr. Dank Pepe
Mr. Dank Pepe 8 napja
PS Now is basically game pass.....
Mr. Dank Pepe
Mr. Dank Pepe 5 napja
@isturbo1984 and it has better games to offer than xbox so I don't know what your getting at
Mr. Dank Pepe
Mr. Dank Pepe 5 napja
@isturbo1984 ps now is a game subscription service
isturbo1984 5 napja
@Mr. Dank Pepe i literally just made that joke. and your comeback "no u"? lol.
Mr. Dank Pepe
Mr. Dank Pepe 5 napja
@isturbo1984 ur slow
isturbo1984 5 napja
@Mr. Dank Pepe exactly. took you a while to catch up, but glad youre with us now lol
Man, an 11 minute intro?!
Arturo Carmona
Entitlement /ɪnˈtʌɪt(ə)lmənt/ noun the fact of having a right to something.
Optamizm 8 napja
I wouldn't go back to GTAO until the PS5 patch comes out.
Gilberto Arellano
This my favorite episode so far!
Nick C
Nick C 8 napja
The problem with the american movie system is that it jumps from PG to R with nothing in between... In australia and lots of other countries, there is a M and MA ratings also so we can more graphic movies with swearing than just PG movies without them being R rated... Also some movies that are R rated in america are only MA in australia but are not cut in anyway...
SoSickRick 8 napja
The ratings in the Us is G-PG-PG13-NC17-R G- General audience PG - Parental Guidance PG13 - Parental Guidance fo children under 13 NC17- is rarely used and they now use PG-13/R R - is pretty much anything.
CineFlow Cast
CineFlow Cast 8 napja
Anyone knows the name of the song in the beginnig?
Oath keeper0_0
Everyone just wants PlayStation to open up the whole library
ElMUGERIEGO17 8 napja
Cashapp us if your generous. $BrenadaAguero
mzadas 8 napja
Its called ps now
isturbo1984 6 napja
I know right. PlayStation fanboy amnesia strikes again with these people.
I agree but I think that
They said answer to game pass as in something to compete with it
Victor Muniz
Victor Muniz 8 napja
11:09 Starts 12:22 PS5 Game Pass? 19:34 Deadpool 3 28:20 Stella is 🐐 29:25 GTA Online Heist 36:17 Stand Ben/Jeffrey+ 37:24 TLoU HBO Series 48:34 Black Panther 2 54:29 PS5 Download Queue Fix 55:26 Mandalorian Goof + Others 1:06:46 Ty John Borba
Hiei 5 napja
Thanks chief 🙏
Naufal Khairullah
thank you
JoeOh123 8 napja
Victor Muniz
Victor Muniz 8 napja
@Toyota Supra I would keep expectations in check, for now. All Jim Ryan said when asked how they would "fight" Xbox GP was that they had something, but not ready to announce. Maybe fold Now and PS+ into a single subscription? Strengthen the instant collection? He was purposely vague, so it's all speculation at this time.
Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra 8 napja
PS5 Game pass......Fr?????
Rangler Radar
Rangler Radar 8 napja
Why would you stop at 4 streamers. Come on in brace the Brady bunch.
quizkill 8 napja
As of right now. Xbox game pass is the best deal in gaming.
Optamizm 8 napja
Not really. PS+ collection is on top of PS+ and it has quality over quantity. Game Pass might be better when more first/second party Xbox games launch on it though.
Mat O'laughlin
Game pass to play games that have been out years. With the very few new ones. Eh PASS! ps5 please.
SoSickRick 7 napja
@Mat O'laughlin Then you won't play it at all. lol be a slave to your plastic.
Mat O'laughlin
@SoSickRick nah. I'll just wait till it comes out on the switch. Or not play it at all.
SoSickRick 8 napja
@Mat O'laughlin so you’ll be happy when Wolfenstein 3 is on Game Pass the day it releases?
Mat O'laughlin
@M. lit doom is eh . More of a wolfenstine probably didn't spell that right while driving. Bye yeah
M. lit
M. lit 8 napja
Yeah like doom eternal
Mikey Khan
Mikey Khan 8 napja
Time stamps would b epic
We totally eliminate the Black Panther character over an actor's death? That's just silly
Mutale Mwananshiku
@Abdulahi Abdulahi how is recasting spitting in the face of that movie u woild have a new actor continuing the role chadwick brought to life i think you would be spitti h in the face of that movie to kill of t'challa because that movie was about him becoming king and deciding the king he wants to be and to just kill him off because the actor died would be disapointing.
Abdulahi Abdulahi
@Mutale Mwananshiku this is different because Chadwicks panther meant more to African American people who face injustice everyday and he, Ryan and mbj portrayed that in a beautiful way. So for bp to just be recast after his death would be spitting in the face of such a monumental movie
Niko 8 napja
@stormshadow75x I mean it won’t be insulting because she did end up becoming the black panther
Mutale Mwananshiku
@SoSickRick either way characters have been recast from an actors death like the lead role for spartacus , and dumbledore for harry potter.
SoSickRick 8 napja
@Patrick B he is the first actor to die in a lead role of a billion dollar film that had him pass before the sequel not some reimagining years later. This is unprecedented.
narutodssunny 8 napja
Brazy T
Brazy T 8 napja
Thank you!
Mutale Mwananshiku
Why do people want shuri to be bp yes it happened in the comics but comic shuri is different from movie shuri she isnt a fighther like t'challa , she is too young and doesnt respect wakandan tradition. T'challa still has more stories to tell and killing off the character just because the actor died is misguided.
Mutale Mwananshiku
@Gilberto Arellano yeah right recast
Gilberto Arellano
@Michael Cote lmao right.
Michael Cote
Michael Cote 8 napja
@Coolest Burrito Recast him duhhh?
Coolest Burrito
What else can you do?
- Silver Crow -
bla bla bla bla bla bla
rafael pozo
rafael pozo 8 napja
they wont do it the same way
Ament 8 napja
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