PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X - 8 Games Loading Times Compared 

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The next generation of gaming has officially arrived, se tested eight different games to see how fast each of these towers of power can get you in to the game! Each was was tested using the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X internal SSD.

Games tested are Red Dead Redemption 2, No Man's Sky, Fallout 4, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Final Fantasy 15, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Watch Dogs: Legion.
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Higher Órája
I'm just saying.... literally ALL the hype I heard was around the ps5, I even forgot there was a new xbox and that people still buy those 🤣🤣
jon bejarano
jon bejarano 3 órája
Plot twist: The real generational leaps haven't even began yet.
Rashed Abu Zahra
Rashed Abu Zahra 4 órája
I don’t think UBI released a patch to optimize games on Series X yet.
Sathvik Kilari
Sathvik Kilari 4 órája
wow, I did so much in my 5 sec
Malcolm 8 órája
Xbox series x is better in my opinion and easier to learn
LUCAS HOUSE 11 órája
So basically get what your friends have lol
Ranger 12 órája
Ps5 faster loading for new gen games and xbox faster loading for old gen ☺️
Dr WGA Labriskagni
Dr WGA Labriskagni 13 órája
Billie Goatface
Billie Goatface 14 órája
Seems like xbox loads backwards compatible games faster but Sony has the next gen
Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario 17 órája
My 980 pro Samsung m.2 is faster
rayan A.P
rayan A.P 17 órája
Isn't stream loading more important?(I'm ps5 fan but didn't see this one yet)
Nathan Rorke
Nathan Rorke 22 órája
How is Xbox a couple seconds slower on new games but obliterates in backwards compatibility?
Damjan Gaming
I mean for being marketed as a super ultra ssd of Playstation 5 But in reality Being 2 seconds faster
Some Random Trap
so the ps5 loads games i actually want to play faster... nice
When I want to play, I don't want to see loading screens. When I want to see loading screens I straight go to HUrun.
Max Napja
Xbox series X owners enjoying Game pass ultimate with EA Play 💯%
Kevin Lachance
Seconds have never felt longer lol
Fozzq Napja
If only actual loading bars were that accurate...
The way the PS5 was advertised seems very disappointing when considering the fact that it's self proclaimed fasted ssd can't even keep up with some titles. The amount of hype Sony created with the Playstations SSD was misleading.
Nikkos Napja
Xbox won the race😂
Cristian Napja
I would say just one thing, a lot of the games that are shown in this video, are not optimized for the new generation consoles.
Shery T
Shery T Napja
buy xbox if u like going backwards in life
spotlifetv 2 napja
So no huge advantage on the Hard drive side. I was thinking the PS5 would scream thru vs Xbox and its nothing but a couple seconds or so. Wow...
Big Ern
Big Ern 2 napja
Sure wish i could experience the luxury of fast load time but i guess thats going to wait until the middle of next year 2021
shame on xbox
Sohayb Hassoun
Basically, watching this entire video is equivalent to load RDR 2 loading on the "previous" gen consoles 🙃
Serious _Filip
1:20 the comparison
Rock Master Bro
i mean that 2/3 second difference makes sense when your loading a better graphic version of the game....
Spratdragon 2 napja
The way Sony was marketing it. No loading times. I thought they would blitz xbox. Apparently not.
Rohail Mushtaq
We shouldn’t even need to compare, get both consoles
صريح العباره
Ahmad M48
Ahmad M48 2 napja
The backwards compatibles is a little bit a problem in the ps5 but the ps5 would win in a game made for xbox series and ps5
Cedsoncole 2 napja
Tomaslebadas cashin
Ps5 is maybe faster but for 30 fps its useless
Japneet Virk
Japneet Virk 2 napja
Wow this guy did series x vs ps4 for some of them not ps5
Cedsoncole 2 napja
You done crying
Nameless 2 napja
Ps5 all day baby
Raouf Hd
Raouf Hd 2 napja
So sony who spoke a lot about its breakthrough ssd and loading times ended up behind xbox whose team didn't really talk about it almost at all.
Mohammed Naveed
I am not impressed,they said zero loading time😭
Cedsoncole 2 napja
Back in my day, we had to blow into the cartridge first before even waiting for the game to load
Stelios Karaoglanis
Still the same on my old N64 and I have no clue why it does the work lol
English Ice
English Ice 2 napja
Anyone notice how ps5 loads quicker every time?
Supercharged Steve
Even with all the money and resources Microsoft has, Sony builds a better system. PS5 FTW 😎
Australia's Best Blood Sausage
Cool story. Did you find 5 bucks ?
SwitchUp 2 napja
Marketing: Next Gen will have zero load times This video:
Charged Dreamer
loading screens like fast travelling, going in and out of buildings, door opening animations, squeezing through tight spaces will be eliminated over time with next gen only games
Shrimasis 2 napja
Optimizations will take some years, after that loading screens will be mostly negligible
Hugo Uribe
Hugo Uribe 2 napja
Ps5 is faster with next gen versions and Xbox is faster with old versions. Makes sense. Ps5 wins because I’m not playing old games on next gen
dubster82 2 napja
I expect xsx to load last gen faster, I expect ps5 to load new games faster. Its exactly what this video also showed. But I think everyone can agree that regardless, they're both pretty bloody fast and much better than we had before!
Luis Miranda
Luis Miranda 2 napja
I was led to believe that the PS5 has some psycho fast loading.
It does just not for last gen games, ps5 is faster for current gen games while Xbox series x is better at last gen games
Moe Aln
Moe Aln 2 napja
Seems both are pretty slow
Moe Aln
Moe Aln Napja
Cedsoncole compared to what they've been advertising.
Cedsoncole 2 napja
Compared to ????
Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma 2 napja
Old games are not optimized well enough on ps5. In new games ps5 ll win. Nice
Rogue Legend
Rogue Legend 2 napja
Remember back in the day during the PS4 & Xbox One days we had to endure loading screens everytime we start up a game then more loading screens throughout the game and everytime we died in a game? Times have really changed.
Dominater 9937
Xbox fans Holla!!!
Sankalp Panda
Sankalp Panda 2 napja
That difference in Hellblade though :O
L Jj
L Jj 3 napja
Next gen loading 2 seconds slower but backwards 10 faster>>>
Gerel Len
Gerel Len 3 napja
Xbox: You had me in the first half but I took over
rperez949 3 napja
These guys really comparing load times of last gen games?....Yet the PS5 which is the only console with actual next gen launch games is loading the game from start in 7 seconds or less and levels in 2-3 seconds. Come on man IGN, this video is garbage.
abdoulfatah aden
My respect for the xbox went up
BMW Royal
BMW Royal 3 napja
Better load times, 200gb more of storage, and and a faster processor lol
Quete Importa
Quete Importa 3 napja
They optimized BC on XSX because they knew they lacked current gen titles? Once this gen gets of the ground and people forget to play last gen games, PS5 will outperform XSX, although not by much maybe? Exited to see how this progresses
airforcexy air
I want to see how long it take to load a PS5 game after having to delete another game to make room. Or, how fast can you cycle through 6 games. The framing of these comparisons is biased. Yes, technically, from starting up a game, it should load faster. But you’re leaving out all the minutes (even hours) you save on Xbox due to bigger SSD and the time saved with QR.
CosmiCandy 3 napja
I'll miss phone check times during loading screens.
anthony alvarado
There goes my "loading screen" pushup challenge.
New Message
New Message 3 napja
Microsoft fan boys Damage control is here!
Captain Obvious
Yeah x box won it for me.
Micah Thomas
Micah Thomas 3 napja
Ok so XSX load backwards compatible games faster than PS5, but PS5 load next gen faster than XSX. GOT IT.👍🏿
AIAH 3 napja
Xbox Series X: "They had us in the first half, not gonna lie"
fried potato
@AIAH they're both un optimized the reason qhy xbox load older games faster because of its raw cpu power but when it will get patch they're both gonna be faster and the raw throughput of the ps5 will be faster than xbox series x
AIAH Napja
@fried potato I didn't know that? Are they optimized for Xbox thou?
fried potato
fried potato 2 napja
Ye the old games that are not optimized for the ps5 load slow huh? Who wouldve thought
Lucas Faria
Lucas Faria 3 napja
E fake, nem deve ser o xbox, pois em todas as comparaçoes ele sempre sai na frente ,por que que este nao? devem ter pegado o one ou o series s ,. o xbox series X tem 12 TeraFlops, enquanto no ps5 tem 10.8,em termos de rapidez o xbox series x ganha.
Moon cretyre
Moon cretyre 3 napja
TLDR: XsX loads old gen games way faster / ps5 loads new gen games a little faster
xln_ alexandre78
This just made it worse for me...
root8ble 3 napja
Xbox was more aggressive about loading time... I thought it was better than ps5 actually
wyall on
wyall on 3 napja
I'll get a ps5 just for the dualsense
Denis Sultu
Denis Sultu 3 napja
cross-platform games are not optimized to take full advantage of the PS5 SSD, I/O and compression tech. The devs gotta make sure the game is structured to work on both platforms and they won't create two completely different games for each console. First party titles and exclusives tho, you just need to look at ratchet and clank for some impressive demo of the PS5 tech. The Xbox cannot instant load entire worlds for example. It will get better with time as devs discover ways to take full advantage of these features. For me personally, the PS5 is the clear winner. The Dual sense controller is a game changer and the incredibly fast data processing of the PS5 might make games that were not possible before.
Mecha Robots
Mecha Robots 3 napja
Wow hellblade surprised me the most 🤣
itsnova Louise
Until this video I have only seen one game load faster on ps5
Nedas Paul
Nedas Paul 3 napja
Basically 2 seconds to no difference
Faisal Munayam
2 seconds faster loading times or 2 tflops more power? 🤔
Kira The Renegade
I expect these difference to become major in a couple years when games are properly using the SSD. And that 2 second difference might turn into 10.
Rishav Nath
Rishav Nath 3 napja
Test anthem loading screen ..
ProtossEvo 3 napja
So, even in the games optimized for the new gen, PS5 is far from doing "double" the Series X speed. Worse, when BC games are on the arena, Series X not only manage to beat PS5 loading, but it does for a much better loading times than the Ps5 does on current gen games, in comparison. Everyday, I see/read something new and bad about the PS5. It looks like MS caught Sony by surprise, showing a much more powerful console, and they had to pick up the Ps5 project in the middle of the development and hurry up things. Oh, just today, more videos of PS5 freezing games all around the internet.
ARandomCEO 3 napja
try comparing spider man oh wait
Cedsoncole 2 napja
Sasi Bruni
Sasi Bruni 3 napja
PS5 won
Cedsoncole 2 napja
Scott Riley Adrueno
Why does the background music reminds me of The Sims?
KPK 3 napja
Both are blazing fast and are just a couple of seconds apart.
AgentHitman 3 napja
Does anybody actually choose a console based on loading times?
AbrahamZX1 3 napja
No game is utilizing the full capibility of PS5's SSD yet. Not even Miles Morales or Demon's Souls. Later in the gen we'll see miliseconds load times on the PS5 and less than 10 seconds load times on the Series X. The real benefit the PS5 SSD will bring is not having to have what the player can't see in RAM. It will be able to load in assets as you turn the screen in games that maximize the SSD throughput. That will give the PS5 a huge performance advantage in games.
DtoonerGames 7
interesting, PS5 has better current gen loading times but Series X has better last gen loading times
Asclepius 4 napja
Red dead 2 takes that long, what a joke
Giorgio Duse
Giorgio Duse 4 napja
I personally think that some xsx ''old'' titles may be faster to load also because they have been optimized, while they weren't for ps5
Don Bebe
Don Bebe 4 napja
Notice how the PS5 loads optimized games faster than the Series X. Xbox fans were quick to downplay the SSD of the PS5 with the comparison between the two consoles on unoptimized games😭
Hrushikesh Gouda
PS5: WE HAVE THE FASTEST SSD!!! I AM SPEED!!! XBox: ... okay. hold my load times and game switch.
Jopaco 4 napja
Consoles have their place however if you really want to unleash a powerful beast you can't beat a PC for gaming.
Zenzuu 4 napja
Even though it's not a comparison you guys should've also shown PS5 games that are built specifically with PS5's SSD. Astro's Playroom, Spiderman Miles Morales, Devil May Cry 5, Demon Souls...etc all only takes 2 or 3 seconds to load. That way people will actually know how fast it really is if it's been taken full advantage of.
Julian Cosma
Julian Cosma 4 napja
Most of Bethesda's games will load like a year faster on Series X/S than on PS5
Darian Broadhead
Because the people who play video games for hours on end REALLY care about saving 30 seconds on loading screens.
Man Vs Games
Man Vs Games 4 napja
Ps5 is dim and less brightness
krazy tattoo
krazy tattoo 4 napja
Xbox is the best!
Ps5 loads next gen games faster
Miguel agf
Miguel agf 4 napja
pfft. xbox? please.... I rather get a PC and a PS5 for its exclusive
Brandon Hitt
Brandon Hitt 4 napja
You’re failing to realize the Series X is running the games at a higher resolution and frame rate. While the PS5 is weaker when it comes to CPU and GPU
Rayyan Amir
Rayyan Amir 21 órája
Haha shut up , boy.
idkwtbid 999
idkwtbid 999 4 napja
I would expect the backwards compadibility to be faster on xbox because theyve been doing it for like 5 years
Benzy Of Benzy
I think this possibly misses the point. This is genuinely not a head to head issue. The PS5 will generally load new gen games a bit faster, and it won't be long before new gen is all people will really care about. Regardless of that though, loading a massive openworld environment in 20s rather than the old (who knows how many) minutes on ANY console is a game changer.
Tho Athome
Tho Athome 4 napja
Bias video because no third party are taking advantage of PS5 storage yet. The SSD on the Xbox is a old technology so developers can get the hang of it day one but the PS5 is using new storage technology which developers have not understand it yet.
Shadow15k Ryans
PS5 = Better Next Gen Xbox Series X = Better Backwards Compatibility
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