Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle - Official Battle Royale Trailer 

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The 64-player experience, Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle, is available now on Google Stadia. Check out the launch trailer.










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Valmar Victor
Valmar Victor 10 napja
Esse jogo funcionaria muito bem no Android e no IOS
nuts and bolts
nuts and bolts 14 napja
Ok, I have no clue why everyone is talking about stadia, so someone please explain the problem
Mateusz Szulecki
@Ryancoolgaming the one and the beggining
Ryancoolgaming the one
Look at the end of the video
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 15 napja
How does it look worse than the original?
ScreamTV 15 napja
Hey this looks pretty cool Only on Google Stadia Hey this looks pretty dead on arrival
ZX GALAXY 15 napja
Looks amazing! 😁
Fatgum 16 napja
sunchips18 16 napja
This looks really fun! But it being on Stadia means it’ll be dead on arrival, unfortunately. :/
Insane Potato
Insane Potato 16 napja
this is awesome didn't expect this at all🔥
That_Other_guy 16 napja
Me: “oh cool, a Pac-Man battle royale.” *stadia logo pops up* Also me:.......oh
Klark Griswold
Klark Griswold 16 napja
Put this on switch and you'll make a killing. Oh...stadia...I see you want this game to flop.
trish wells
trish wells 16 napja
No way in hell am I going to play this........."............. on stadia. For sure on gog or my Nintendo switch.
Desmond Joyner
Desmond Joyner 16 napja
This looks awesome can I get it on my PlayStation
Dylan Tortosa
Dylan Tortosa 16 napja
Its great to see salty tears when people complain about Pac Man being available on Stadia. Just try it out and see
Metal And Magic
Metal And Magic 15 napja
It's not like it's that crazy of a game anyway. It's just another Battle Royale game but this time it's Pac-Man... Not a big loss for me!
Minitte 16 napja
I'm ready for cooking mama Royale
Никита Распутин
Why only Stadia? Switch would be better
So pac mans are cannibals. Thats dark 🤣
Isaiah Tso
Isaiah Tso 13 napja
There was an arcade Pacman Vs game, where everyone was a pacman and you either bumped them into a ghost or eat em with a power pellet
InfernoShogun 16 napja
New Pac-Man game? Awesome!! Battle-Royale? Alright, still looks cool. On Stadia...? Why...?
Wixo 16 napja
The thing looked interesting... until I saw it was for Google Stadia, then I lost all my interest
E P 16 napja
Can’t wait for the uno out battle royal
Orbitz ツ
Orbitz ツ 16 napja
Cant wait for botw shrine battle royale. You start with 3 hearts and get random shrines complete shrines to get heart pieces and the orbs. The orbs are a currency sydtem. You can sabotage the other players by sacrificing some orbs and spawning a guardian or something at them. It will also have a timer that works like super mario battle royale.
I blinkjfg I
I blinkjfg I 16 napja
I was genuinely excited until it started with the Stadia logo. Guess I’ll have to wait until it comes onto literally any actual console 😒
Grant Podue
Grant Podue 16 napja
Kevin Valencia
Kevin Valencia 16 napja
i need this on the switch.....
sonic7270 16 napja
It was all cool until Google Stadia attacked. I’m sure with enough convincing, they will move it to like PC and Switch.
Bruh 16 napja
Jeez why does everyone not wanna play it anymore just cuz it’s on a stadia haha.
Ares Donachelo
Ares Donachelo 16 napja
AlienSam25 16 napja
Xbox one ??Soon ??Please.
Glitch Michaels
Glitch Michaels 16 napja
You had me until the stadia logo
Charly Chaker
Charly Chaker 16 napja
Next step FIFA Battle Royal Madden Battle Royal Candy Crush Battle Royal ultimate edition of doom Skyrim battle Royal, Tamriel super dragon edition (exclusivity PS5 for another reedition)
Nathan Zadrozny
Nathan Zadrozny 16 napja
Me: This looks great **Stadia Exclusive** Me: I give it a month Squidward: I give it 11 minutes
Ricku 16 napja
Now, I am hoping for minesweeper battle royale :D
TheRexTera 16 napja
Genesis Inferno
Genesis Inferno 16 napja
They could've at lease put this game on Xbox One this would be fun xD
Silver The Hedgehog
When stadia has better games than apple arcade
Dan W
Dan W 16 napja
The battle royale we deserve
Zero Sponge
Zero Sponge 16 napja
Reminder that there's an actual "Pac-Man Battle Royale" arcade game. Granted, it was before the BR boom, hence the gameplay is different than the actual BR format here.
Jeremy Kunayak
Jeremy Kunayak 16 napja
I wonder how Billy Mitchell going to cheat this version of Pac Man?
Lipples 76
Lipples 76 16 napja
Jesus Christ ign. So many trailers today
uriel ventura hernandez
Stadia??? hahahah F
Ball-Steve Johnson
Who cares about Stadia?
Jerome McCalla
Jerome McCalla 16 napja
Just give me world 4.
The Prime Tyme
The Prime Tyme 16 napja
Can you even find 64 players that actually use Stadia?
WOLF FORCE 16 napja
Saw this a while back and still think the same thing. It looks like it'll be pretty fun but the fact it's on Stadia just kills it for me
SFalcon 16 napja
I love Pac Man and this looks really fun, wish it was on Switch tho. Anyone in here actually use a Stadia???? Lmao
Dylan Tortosa
Dylan Tortosa 16 napja
I have it. Got the game. Its fun and plenty of people play it. Don't believe what the sheeple haters tell you. Stadia didn't cost me anything
Geraldo Selvia
Geraldo Selvia 16 napja
Pretty cool!
Peeraxel lmao
Peeraxel lmao 16 napja
Here before it’s viral
Frank Costanza's Lawyer
Kinda click bait. I wouldn't have bothered watching this if the video had Stadia in the title.
Rambrus0 16 napja
Yes because your time is so special that you cant watch a 1 minute trailer...
Rashad Williams
Rashad Williams 16 napja
*Yaaaaawn*.....When is this dropping on a system people care about?
dipset kory
dipset kory 16 napja
The end of this clip completely ruined all my hype lmao
Eric Anthony Ramos
Only on stadia ?
Shialaubeef 16 napja
Stadias dead af
zant 16 napja
I guess I’m one of the few that got the free stadia last week
Pac-Man Main
Pac-Man Main 16 napja
Such an amazing game for such a not so great system.
Rambrus0 16 napja
The system itself is amazing i tried it myself, but it is expensive
BonbonSTH 91
BonbonSTH 91 16 napja
Pac-Man fortnight,
Frost Wolf
Frost Wolf 16 napja
Meeh I'll wait till its on Steam.
SomeAustrianGuy 16 napja
Yea... wanna know the problem? The stadia never even had over 64 players
B B 16 napja
Only on Stadia? I'll pass. Let me know when it's on xbox, or ps5, or switch, or pc, or any other platform.
SoloAirplane319 16 napja
Pancake 16 napja
is this really a stadia exclusive?
Ryan Newby
Ryan Newby 16 napja
Ryuketsu 16 napja
Why..... this concept is so cool for a pac-man game. Why the hell did you have to make it a "Stadia" thing?? You really think there are 64 stadia users out there?? You'd be lucky with the 6 remaining users on that shitty dying platform.
Guilherme Garcia
Why this remenber me a game of other franchise recently released🤔
Matt T.
Matt T. 16 napja
This could be successful if anyone owned a stadia
jason presti
jason presti 16 napja
So they made a game the entire Stadia community can play at one time! :)
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez 16 napja
So basically another super mario bros 35 anniversary trope !
Just when I think 2020 can’t surprise me anymore you drop a trailer for a BATTLE ROYALE pac man.......... not sure how I feel about the way things are going lol
Sterner Stuff
Sterner Stuff 16 napja
I can't lie... this looks FANTASTIC!
vleeth 16 napja
please no stadia
cactus pot
cactus pot 16 napja
Pac man battle royale
I came up with this ages ago no joke
Alex W
Alex W 16 napja
On Stadia: Pac Man Death Noises
Ego 16 napja
Oh...it's on stadia...*Walks away in disappointment*
Anthony Crocilla
I enjoyed the demo on Stadia. I intend on buying the game. I encountered plenty of people playing it at the time.
Three Voices Media
Available on WHAT?
Akko 16 napja
First Tetris, then Mario itself and now Pacman. Now only thing missing is space invaders battle royale and my life would be complete.
vista1456786 16 napja
I didn't even know that existed 0_o
GALAXY BOI 16 napja
Guess people forgot about the Bomberman one that stadia did
PMC 16 napja
Wait for Pong: Battle Royale
A1Golden Runner
A1Golden Runner 16 napja
At least we still have puyo puyo br to wait for
TheLuhya 16 napja
This looks pretty fun! Too bad I don’t have a stadia
No One
No One 8 napja
Finally someone not shitting on stadia
Wixo 16 napja
Nobody does tbf
Redjed's Vlogs
Redjed's Vlogs 16 napja
Namco, I don‘t know what Phil Harrison has on you, but it must be bad.
JJ Elson
JJ Elson 16 napja
Didn't even know 64 people owned a Stadia.
dazzaburger 16 napja
Stadia is going down the same path as Ouja
Robert Krupa
Robert Krupa 16 napja
I love how people complain there are no games on Stadia but then get upset when a game comes to Stadia
Xenomorph Soldier
@Robert Krupa well maybe, because that’s more of a reliable console, but who knows i guess
Robert Krupa
Robert Krupa 16 napja
@Xenomorph Soldier that’s why I don’t blindly follow the word of others. If I did I miss out on a lot of great games. Trust me if this game released on the switch or Xbox it would just be another “value”title but in Stadia it gets peoples attention. Would you given this a second look if it said only on Xbox?
Xenomorph Soldier
It’s not about the games itself, if you seen the reviews on the Stadia you would know why no one likes it, just another Ouya
BirdBoy •
BirdBoy • 16 napja
Maybe it’s different people idk
Tchitchouan Inouane
this is dumb
thiagots85 16 napja
Gaming Demons
Gaming Demons 16 napja
Hey the is pretty cool. Brings me back to the early 80s but with multi-player
Matias Reinhardt
pacman nunca se fue....
Caleb Watson
Caleb Watson 16 napja
Can't wait to crank some 90s in pac man
Sean Keigher
Sean Keigher 16 napja
The pac is back 😁😁😁😁😁😁
David Prodigy
David Prodigy 16 napja
Looks fun and different
ZYMON X 16 napja
Who tf has stadia
Thiago de Oliveira Romeu
Akshay 16 napja
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee 16 napja
Utku Güner
Utku Güner 16 napja
Comrade Seanski
Comrade Seanski 16 napja
pacman BR is a great idea i just hope it comes to other platforms
Nathan Callaro
Nathan Callaro 16 napja
Tetris battle royale Mario battle royale Pac-man battle royale Finally I have them all
Grey The Skeleton
No, not yet. SONIC BATTLE ROYALE. Please stop SEGA from even trying this.
Korey Baird
Korey Baird 16 napja
Love the game so far it's super fun
NYCGamefreak 16 napja
Great idea and I like it, but who uses Stadia? Seriously?
Anthony Crocilla
I use it. It's not the greatest thing since sliced bread. But I'm a casual gamer nowadays. But it's better then the Ouya. Remember that?
Andriano 16 napja
Oh, nice, always wanted this kinda PAC-man game on Swit... “Stadia logo appears” Oh... ooooohh.
Sagacious Eagle
Sagacious Eagle 16 napja
Gonna give it a try if it launches on normal game stores like Steam or Epic.
m mib
m mib 16 napja
Luckily it's only on stadia
Lenin Armando
Lenin Armando 16 napja
2019: Tetris Battle Royale 2020: Pac Man Battle Royale
Shawn JamSome
Shawn JamSome 16 napja
Can't wait for 2022: Pong Battle Royale
GRAv111 16 napja
2020: Mario Battle Royale 2021: Frogger Battle Royale (Wait that actually sounds cool)
Michael Vincent Beltran
2021: Cyberpunk Battle Royal
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