OPINION: Scalpers Selling $2000 PS5 Consoles Suck 

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Securing a PlayStation 5 was incredibly difficult this year for a million reasons, which makes the shady eBay reseller market even more disappointing than ever.
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Brian Altano
Brian Altano 19 napja
Hey everyone sorry my video output looks like it was filmed on a Game Boy Camera during this segment. I have fiber internet and I guess it just decided to be crappy that day! Either way, thank you for watching our video and please tell your friends not to spend $2000 on a PS5! Love, Brian + IGN
William Mearns
William Mearns 20 órája
lol prob just gunna jump one of the sellers XD
Jason Cohen
Jason Cohen 3 napja
@KK Daze They make most of thier money from people buying the games to so you would think it would be in thier best interest.
KiwiVibes 6 napja
@KK Daze They actually lose money. All of those scalped consoles result in a massive loss of revenue in unsold games and services that actual gamers would have been purchasing on that console. Scalpers ruin everything. Even for the people who make the products they scalp.
Thirsty 10 napja
Bill Gears
Bill Gears 12 napja
Retailers can fight this all they have to do is sell the item like the 1930s in store only
Kenny Arcia
Kenny Arcia 7 órája
Well there is here a dickhead to selling his ps5 for 1000 euro 😡
Stephen Aitcheson
Stephen Aitcheson 17 órája
Imagine giving scalpers the finger and NOT buying a PS5 for 2 grand...... Sony will eventually Re-Stock shelves, Then those f#&kers are stuck with thousands of dollars in hardware that they can't sell. Win/Win
The Glitch Counter
The Glitch Counter 19 órája
I mean you could learn to code yourself. And make a bot to buy yourself one.
X In LA 20 órája
Bro if you are in a bad spot financially you shouldn’t be buying a new system lol, don’t worry about us reselling them.
Todd H.
Todd H. Napja
How does one have the money to buy a bunch of PS5s if they’re broke and need the money?
willmek Napja
The solution is simple stop buying from scalpers. Buy only from reputable stores. If people quit supporting this it wouldn’t be a problem. This is exactly why I’ll never buy from a scalper. Have patience you don’t need to be the first person on your block with a ps5.
Devin Laster
These guys sound like a couple of BETAs. These are games people not food.
cube scoper
Y'all clearly haven't ever traded in Falador before
Martin Bodnar
Saved for months to not get it because bots, I'll just wait till restock
Daecoth Napja
Here i am patiently waiting for a collector's edition system while enjoying my PC
Ron S
Ron S Napja
Let's reserve some of that rage for the retailers too. They could slow down the scalping by using verification software (like Captcha) to stop or even stop the bots, but they won't do it. Why? A sale is a sale. Scalpers are just another customer to them because all they care about are the sales numbers.
Me and my friends were talking about this, just wait for more systems to be released, let the scalpers deal with all those systems thinking they were gonna make money but end up getting stuck with 5+ systems 🤣🤣🤣
Yeshua 777
Yeshua 777 2 napja
So selfish, not letting people enjoy the consoles... literally mass buying consoles smh
justin tran
justin tran 2 napja
Woah, what a stand out opinion IGN such bravery 👏 👏 👏
Enigma Productions
these scalpers need to be buried under a prison
Joe vita
Joe vita 2 napja
The people who leak scalpers addresses are the heroes we need, and deserve
Chris Borel
Chris Borel 2 napja
PC Scalpers are just as bad especially with the new Graphics Cards
David Neraas
David Neraas 2 napja
Im in no hurry to get the ps5 console. The ones who are to blame for this are sony and Amazon and all the other dealers for not having better system security to detect bots and people trying to cheat the system. Again im no hurry to get a ps5 mostly because im Dilling to wait until the infrastrucure gets better. It lacks monitor compatability etc.
Eric Montiel
Eric Montiel 2 napja
I literally havent bought anything for myself for about 4 months to save for this only to have it bought out by these douchebags
Cheryl Mclorn
Cheryl Mclorn 3 napja
Imagine ruining Christmas
I am not a believer, but if there is a hell, I hope there's a special place just for them where it's hotter than anywhere else.
2dradon2 3 napja
Not buying from scalpers means they lose.
honghong nguyen
Boycott scalpers !
I got 3
andriod 16
andriod 16 3 napja
here is a trick...Don't buy it.
Tejan Singh
Tejan Singh 3 napja
People with their PS4 activated as their primary console should get first priority to pre order directly from their ps4. If they can sell game pre-orders then their can sell their consoles through it too. Solves the scalper problem and also promotes serious enthusiasts and gamers. I'm sure there will be stock left for people who want to get into PlayStations. Stock should also be limited to one per customer. Sony should do something for the next wave of stock.
AidedFlyer1 4 napja
The way I see it, those extra $600-1000 you're thinking of spending, you can buy a lot of games and accessories with that. Just wait to get one at regular price 👍
LilBunnyFoofuu G
I think scalppers should get knocked down and scalped so we know who is doing it xD bet they wont after that.
Ace emulation
Ace emulation 4 napja
I will wait until this PS5 is stocked back up. So I can buy it at $499 like a normal person.
D I 4 napja
I think both Sony and Microsoft should do something in the future to prevent this since any systems that are bought by scalpers is going to eat into their revenue since those systems will never make it to the hands of consumers who are the ones that ultimately buy video games.
Kenny aka TI
Kenny aka TI 3 napja
It's mostly up to online retailers to prevent this and why would they care. The retailers still get their money
The Tiger Power
When it’s February or March I bet they’ll finally be enough for all of us. At least I hope.
Kainthemain 4 napja
People should just not buy them. The buyers are part of the problem
In Solace
In Solace 4 napja
Shoutout to the G’s only increasing the price by less than 100
[black Saw] johnny Hex
And then some of these scalpers are getting robbed by posting pics on Twitter of how much they owned are you suprised you kind should have figured that was going to happen
[black Saw] johnny Hex
I’m Shocked Sony hasn’t made a statement regarding this issue seriously youd think a company that is so rich to make a moral statement and they don’t even acknowledge it and scalpers should all be pushed in a hole full of zombies and get ripped apart
Jason 4 napja
The best way to get these scalpers back is to not buy it for that price. Just wait it out and be patient. More will be available in time.
Bo Hansen
Bo Hansen 5 napja
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 5 napja
It's not just PS5 scalper's it's all scalper's that can go F themselves.
Kilroy was Here
I’m over here not able to find a single Xbox, but the scalpers have like 12 of em.
Damian Perez
Damian Perez 5 napja
If they had enough money to buy that many consoles in the first place then they are far from having a tough year.
David Adams
David Adams 5 napja
Solution to dealing with scalpers...just don't buy from them...SIMPLE!
Comics Lamar
Comics Lamar 5 napja
I see people selling just the ps5 boxes for thousands. Only they put it in small print so people might accidentally buy it thinking it’s a console. It’s so damn shady.
Alwyn Campbell
Why do people buy? If you see the price that high....who's buying them?
Sam Bachand
Sam Bachand 5 napja
This is a fact ofc the sick there just jerks for doing this
dom20four 5 napja
What is Sony doing to stop this! Why is Ebay allowing scalpers to take advantage of people? They are just as responsible for allowing this or not having a system to prevent this.
a roblox player guy thing
No offense, but you're an absolute moron if you buy a PS5 for a couple thousands from eBay. Just sit down, have a drink and wait. Be patient.
Yusuf Virmani
Yusuf Virmani 5 napja
Think you should tell the viewers also that if they buy from scalpers there is a chance that if it’s faulty then they may not get money back or also warranty issues they will have not having a proper receipt of purchase from an official dealer.
IronMax418 5 napja
I blame the ppl buying from scalpers
miliboy0522 5 napja
You people are pathetic
JonGabriel Minney
scalpers wouldnt have a business....if people didnt buy from them. customers fault for worshipping plastic. and as a content creator...you are the media. you have the power of influence. come together with your fellow creators and organize a boycott of these companies and scalpers until everybody folds. think it doesnt work? Rosa Parks and MLK would disagree. they did it with no internet. the power of the purse is like forward, down, diagonal and strong fierce. shoryuken
Darren Henderson
Seriously needs laws to stop this been trying to buy Xbox series X since launch but scalpers clear the shelves in seconds. If they made 20 million consoles then this would t happen
Apollo 6 napja
I thought it was funny at 0:53 the look of Annoyance. When the other guy tried to Announce it but the Guy total Takes it and out Speaks him 🤣🤣
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 6 napja
Its called free market man... such a dumb rant... There are so much more important issues these days and this one gets a ign rant... ridiculous, it is what it is, its never going away either.
Infiniteyeet 12305
Freedom comes with responsibility something being legal doesn’t equate to it being acceptable behavior . IGN mostly makes content focused on video games and electronics. What else do you expect them to talk about ?
My real name is I AM
Guy who knows nothing about Karma: Karma does exist. Yeah, thanks for clearing that up...
funky monkey
funky monkey 6 napja
OPINION: Bad Guys are Bad
why 6 napja
Finally, something that me and IGN can finally agree on.
Jeffrey Xiong
Jeffrey Xiong 6 napja
Scalping should be a crime.
Matt Paczensky
You know what people should do. Go onto eBay, bid on all these scalpers ps5, bid to win on them. and once you won... cancel it! Just to make sure they don’t make a penny and to waste their time. And keep on doing until they give up and sell them at Retail price.
DONVITO_817 6 napja
PS5 is the Drug? Nah I'll wait till next year.
The Drizzle
The Drizzle 6 napja
Don't forgot to place blame with Sony also...it's as if these clowns want all this to happen to continue building up hype for their pS5. MS in the same boat
Friendly Junco
I got mine for free
Ivan Exell
Ivan Exell 6 napja
Not even an opinion. It’s a fact!
Daz uk
Daz uk 6 napja
Sony need to hold stock back and reduce the price by 50 dollars .... for a week to make the scalpers sell ....... Problem solved
Grahm Allport
Grahm Allport 6 napja
Would rather wait a few months until PS5 has a more solid Stock.. rather than give my money to a robbing scalper demanding alot more, then what its actually worth.
Antwon Carmon
Antwon Carmon 6 napja
At the end of the day it’s stolen merchandise and we should get it back if they selling more than 3 red flagem and getem back
UnTru 6 napja
Use the replies to this comment as messages for scalpers
Juan Carlos Valqui Yohann
It is funny beause in Peru Retailers went ahead scalpers, and they are charging the equivalent of 850 USD for a brand new, retailer sold PS5. And even so, they were out of stock even on presale.
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 6 napja
and here we are 2 weeks later and nothing has changed. the problem with bots and scalpers is even worse
Wiremu Connor
Wiremu Connor 7 napja
This is the only time I would love communism
Martin Ward
Martin Ward 7 napja
Hardly thieves if they buy them. It's the desperate gamers who are to blame for all of this.
NoorAzmi 7 napja
Sony, do you know that scalpers steal your money by simply making your customers short of budget to buy your softwares? Most of their money go to the scalpers in the first place. Do you realize this?
E A 7 napja
Opinion more like fact
Barris42 7 napja
Didn’t that guy who tried to hoard hand sanitizer for selling, get it confiscated by the government?
Carson Wolford
Opinion? That’s straight facts, bro.
Adam Penn
Adam Penn 7 napja
This video expressess all my feelings
Youngindy21 7 napja
If someone has fallen on hard times due to the pandemic, then how can they afford to buy multiple PS5 units that cost $500 a piece?
mikael englund
In the free-market you are allowed to buy how many items you want. This is much better than the alternative
Infiniteyeet 12305
Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
Exauce Mayunga
I can't blame them, it's business. If I could do it, I would too🤷🏾‍♂️
Laurentiu Dumitru
I will be really surprised to find out that Sony have nothing to do with this!
Tony Esquire
Tony Esquire 7 napja
How can Sony not have millions of these units ready to go?
The GaMerCat
The GaMerCat 7 napja
A possible way to prevent scalping is dont make the console available for purchase in the website, maybe place a “notify me when available” button, then when ps5 stocks come, people who pressed the “notify me button” will receive a private link for purchase which they need to access through their email, i doubt the scalpers can make so many email accounts, open them individually, click on the private purchase link sent by the retailer and purchase a ps5, also, one private link must only be limited to 1 ps5 purchase.
Darin Thomas
Darin Thomas 7 napja
This fixing to some Turbo-Man Sheet.
Mr.LEGENDARY 7 napja
The ones that disliked this are scalpers
K Cal
K Cal 7 napja
I don't know if I'm more mad at the people that are buying them overpriced or the people that are scalping
Mr.LEGENDARY 7 napja
Why don’t they do pre orders again in waves one per person 🤧
Thomas Boehmer
Just wait for a half year and they are every where Available
Real N
Real N 7 napja
Make a captcha or soemthing so the scalpers can’t get it obviously they want them to get it
Mike Randy
Mike Randy 7 napja
I find it funny that the scalpers always want to meet at a police station because they are scared of getting robbed, yet they are robbing others. 😆 🤣 And no I'm not hating. My fiancee was able to secure a PS5 for her son and a XBOX for me when they were first released.
Monkaround 7 napja
What do you mean opinion post this is just pure facts of hating scalpers
Elijah Begley
Elijah Begley 7 napja
I'm not charging 2k but I have one for $1500 or a cash option for $950 for local pick up. I'm not a felon so I carry a legal .40 Smith & Wesson for issue prevention.
CodeactioN 7 napja
During a pandemic too. Selling them for a price that know can go to food or something
kmj2318 7 napja
This is bad logic
charles norwich
Only buy from authorized retailers. Let the Scalpers keep the consoles, even if they sell below the retail price.
Wilson Padilla
let star a union , don't buy to scalpers .....we can do it together. 2000 for ps5 no warranty
Wilson Padilla
let star a union , don't buy to scalpers .....we can do it together.
Wilson Padilla
let star a union , don't buy to scalpers .....we can do it together.
Kiwi 8 napja
“Opinion” everyone knows this is not a opinion, it’s a fact
xd sagecat
xd sagecat 8 napja
i say we kill them all kill them all only if they are rich and not doing this because they are having a hard time
Pop Clutch Co.
remember when sony said they were gonna take care of their pre existing customers first? Lmao 😂 yeah i still havent gotten a message askin if i would like to purchase one directly from messages, sony slipped and let all these people make money off there shitty plan😂
Is the PS5 Worth It?
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