Nintendo Switch - Official Trailer (Brie Larson) 

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Watch the trailer featuring Brie Larson as she plays Fortnite, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch.










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Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun 2 órája
I bet she doesn't even play videogames. She's just riding the hype train to avoid becoming irrelevant.
Platonymous 5 órája
fortnite? Brie Larson? Oh no... You’ve pissed so many losers off!
Fusions3789 21 órája
Why people hate her? i think her marvel movie was cool
star vision
star vision 21 órája
I love It
Vanessa Edwards
Vanessa Edwards 22 órája
Dislikes and likes are about to play tug of war right now
Selena Luna
Brie legend
Suburban White Dad
We don’t like you Brie. Go away.
Suburban White Dad
@Selena Luna the populous. If you don’t like me just because, thats just one person...doesn’t affect me.
Selena Luna
Whos we? We dont like you
STND OUT 2 napja
Guys please stop bullying Brie in the comments She doesn’t want to hear what a bunch of white males think of the trailer
Glitch 2 napja
Damn likes and dislikes ratio thou 👀
Mohamed AB
Mohamed AB 2 napja
IGN: Always posting the trailer of things years after its release.
what is this even a trailer for
Bruce W
Bruce W 3 napja
Incels still salty over Brie Larson's "white men" comment..
Brother Darkness Gaming
Lol, looks like the little man children are still at it
Gaming pulao
Gaming pulao 3 napja
Know that's overacting
My brie Larson ❤💘🥰🥰
Paulie Smash
Paulie Smash 4 napja
What about me... Paulie Smash!
Brayden 4 napja
Staying connected except you have to use another device to talk to your friends 😂
OGKendrickLamar Fuh
here come the hate comments...
Joseph Ryan
Joseph Ryan 4 napja
Lol this is a joke right
SRG 4 napja
Very cool Brie
Spider-Man 4 napja
Wait?! Captain Marvel plays fornite???
Pancake 4 napja
Knight_A 10
Knight_A 10 4 napja
0:15 Pushes the joystick, no movement occurs Me : Interesting..... 🗿
Dalem Silas
Dalem Silas 5 napja
Incels are still crying over the fact that my captain told them fK off.
Hey Brother
Hey Brother 5 napja
She kinda fake
Ahsan Ali
Ahsan Ali 5 napja
It's a shame they have such an annoying woman in that trailer😭
DuckVenom 5 napja
Love the switch, hate her
CardiacYew 3805
Hey remember that rumor of brie Larson playing Samus Aran in a metroid movie... Oh yeah it's all coming together
jhowie plays
jhowie plays 5 napja
wow! finally Nintendo's got a next-gen console!! Can't wait to pre-order!
Omar R
Omar R 5 napja
I don’t like Brie, but now she looks nice
Manodharan Rajoo
I'm getting one👀
the ranch B
the ranch B 5 napja
Selena Luna
Men hate her for just voicing her opinion and wanting diversity in film criticsm. They also hate her cause of captain marvel and she's a woman. Basically the misogyny
Jason Avery
Jason Avery 5 napja
Who else watches the Critical Drinker and came here to downvote this? 🍺
Raquel Araújoo
Brie ❤💙
Titan King
Titan King 5 napja
Sorry but this rich stuck up lady is going to make me NOT buy this... Fail Nintendo
Friendly Junco
Should I get this or a ps5
Thomas H.
Thomas H. 5 napja
I think, it's a nice video. And I like Brie Larson. (Man, all the hate in this time of age is really frighting. I hope we all can overcome it at some time in the future. Like Chesterton said: The essential things in men are the things they hold in common, not the things they hold separately. Let's hope he was right about that.)
I think I'm bleeding help
zaiwen3 6 napja
Captain Marvel traveled back in time to have a phone with a headphone jack
Xenopot Warwick
is this a personal attack or ....
Jack Darbyshire
Came here to see the amount of dislikes
Laserwurst 6 napja
they're doing a trailer for the switch and start off showing fortnite... oof
Pimp Lotion
Pimp Lotion 6 napja
Just bought the yellow switch lite
The Abcool
The Abcool 6 napja
She looks like Walmart Blake Lively
Route 1
Route 1 6 napja
Is this a personal attack or something?
kevin solis
kevin solis 6 napja
wow 10 fps fortnite with makeup ....
Shimamura 6 napja
She shows more emotion in this trailer than the entirety of Captain Marvel movie
Alex Cates
Alex Cates 6 napja
A load of rubbish
Ioannis Pantelidis
Lmao switch got woke? And I used to be a nintendo fanboy with my 3ds and all. I'd rather get a ps5 at this point.
Al V
Al V 6 napja
I hate the fact that you can’t message your friends.
Barracuda 6 napja
Plays video games, but hates men... Confusion of the highest orda!
Jonathan 6 napja
So are they gonna be in stock now
Flikz 6 napja
I guess someone had to be the one to hire her
Kam Sivertsen
Kam Sivertsen 6 napja
Oh look, the gaming community's favorite gamer girl.
preston heil
preston heil 6 napja
Well tom holland should be next
John Preston
John Preston 6 napja
So by buying Nintendo products, I would kind of being giving my money to Brie Larson... well, not gonna happen
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 6 napja
I don't get it. Why are you making a trailer for a console that was out 3 Years ago!
SPARTAN-B301 6 napja
You know how I know It's all fake? Because, she eats Carbs at the beginning of the trailer.
Spencer Coulon
Does anyone actually believe she plays videogames?
Alex Shaw
Alex Shaw 6 napja
I feel like this console already came out? Idk maybe I’m just crazy
Dont even know wat to say....this definitely is up there with the most disingenuous ads that have ever been made in HUrun....Larson is not even on my top Million ppl i think of when i think of celeb casual gamers celebs let alone pro celeb gamers!
Buda Yen
Buda Yen 7 napja
Nintendo switch play fortnite Me: Ewwwww.
Hugo Swanepoel
Her boyfriend looks like a young Gavin Belson.
Shakeel Ix
Shakeel Ix 7 napja
Playing switch but trailer shows ps5 version of fortnite photoshopped on the switch...
Marco Marc
Marco Marc 7 napja
chump change33
Theory: Captain Marvel is Noobmaster69
Al Wilkins Burgos
she better play monster hunter rise 🔥
Firemaxo 7 napja
Was that Brie's boyfriend towards the end there?
Desmond Jackson
Captain marvel is playing game😂
Ammar Nabi
Ammar Nabi 7 napja
At first i thought the guy was jace norman
Kendall Mahan
Kendall Mahan 7 napja
Why does this have dislikes there is no fun to be had in gaming at all she simply played her switch and it got so many dislikes
JohnC Chaleunrath
Why isn’t her joycons drifting?
Tha Marshall
Tha Marshall 7 napja
Nobody cares
Arkhemiel 7 napja
Staying connected? I just emptied my friends list because I can't send a message of any sort to half of those people. If you meet someone in game there is no connection.
Konnor Smith
Konnor Smith 7 napja
I felt a personal attack
Iks Ferrera
Iks Ferrera 7 napja
why everyone hating on brie
JayZtunning 7 napja
Instead of youtube reccomending us this , Nintendo does it instead.
Sergeant Wolfie
Okay am getting this
CaptainCrack 7 napja
Don’t mind me, I‘m just here for the comments
Clone trooper 66
Brie is playing fortnite because season 4 is out and it’s about marvel and she plays Captain marvel in the mcu
JustYour AverageGamer
Nintendo is the first company I would think of to re release a trailer 3 times for a device launched like 4 years ago 😂
Lemus Logic
Lemus Logic 7 napja
Tim Apple
Tim Apple 7 napja
Me “I can’t hate Brie Larson anymore she so fake and a poser” Nintendo “hold my beer”
SnakeTheJake 7 napja
Me: Eliminates Brie Larson Brie: *Is this a personal attack or something?*
Alexander Sokolov
At 0:46 you can see young Gavin Belson from Silicon Valley
Muhammad Luthfi
When the nintendo switch 2 pro come?
MAGIC6782 7 napja
They made a trailer for a console that has been released for 3 years
David Armendariz
I think we can all agree that brie larson doesnt play switch.
john noble
john noble 7 napja
Casting person
The Spaceman
The Spaceman 7 napja
0:32. You can thank me later. Let’s be honest, it’s the only thing we like about her
IHazShort 7 napja
Brie Larson plays Fortnite??? Still??? Ok.
Saba Kikadze
Saba Kikadze 7 napja
Great one more thing that will make me not buy an nintendo swith EVER
Alex Aly
Alex Aly 7 napja
So she was playing nintendo switch the whole time while the avengers were busy collecting the infinity stones. It all makes sense now.
Caleb Bojang
Caleb Bojang 7 napja
Nintendo switch the movie
Ryan Wheeler
Ryan Wheeler 7 napja
Emir Game
Emir Game 7 napja
¿why is to disliked?
Timmy Two Times
Why would they hire the worst human in the world!? I’ve never seen someone hated by so many
broccoli assassin
what's this all about, I don't understand? is this a new switch version or something?
Angelo Embradura
but no captain marvel skin?
DarkHawk 317
DarkHawk 317 7 napja
I never expected Nintendo to stoop this low. Not because this could be, I don't know, 3 years old, but because it's Brie Larson the one we see there, basically the very embodiment of the left.
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