Nintendo Switch - Official Trailer (Awkwafina) 

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Check out the trailer to see Awkwafina play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.










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Mike Jagg
Mike Jagg 6 napja
@1:10 I think I saw polygon once post a pic of you. Weird Nintendo didn’t retweet it....
Fernando Jaramillo
HEY NINTENDO !!!!, wanna know my way to play you ditch the joy con, sell me the dock and tablet I rather play on a wired $20 controller then have to deal with joycon drift and a console price that hasn't droped not even a cent since launch. IF U WANT MY $300 IM WAITING FOR A ZELDA BoW system w game
George Washington
I am suffering and I want to die
At least it's better than Brie Larson's commercial.
evan ll
evan ll 9 napja
TF is an awkwefina? Sounds like a brita filter made from cigarette butts
mistergooji 10 napja
Not a white man or woman to be seen
Ryujinx 10 napja
gika kiknadze
gika kiknadze 10 napja
Yeeh you know mobail fake treiler game reaction this how it this triler fells like for real
David Molnar
David Molnar 10 napja
Pps vita for life
Doranvel 10 napja
For such an awesome console they really have the worst controllers.
Derick James
Derick James 10 napja
Кто йта?
Chris Winspear
Chris Winspear 10 napja
Glanced at title and misread. Thought we were getting The Beast! :(
Sparsh Agarwal
Sparsh Agarwal 10 napja
These people have never completed online. They're so humble
southeast05 11 napja
Nintendo: wHaT iS pArTy ChAT
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike 11 napja
Who the hell use this woman again?
SillyBuzz 11 napja
animal crossing for game of the year !
Deni Rogosic
Deni Rogosic 11 napja
I definitly must get a switch ☺
todd vincy
todd vincy 11 napja
so this makes us jobeless?
Darshit Mulani
Darshit Mulani 11 napja
I thought a new version of Nintendo is coming out.
I agree but I think that
Next up: Dahsahknee
MadeIInTokyyo 11 napja
I absolutely adore these commercials haha
A S 11 napja
Why would she play with a single joycon alone, and I like the fact that they acknowledge that they don’t have a built in party chat.
Spider-Man 11 napja
Of all people, Awkwafina was the last one I would have expected to do a video game commercial. And her dressed up as Toad should totally go viral. 😝
No one ever uses a single joycon. No one.
MrDill 11 napja
I thought this was a game I just wasted 2 mins of my life lol
SidG86 11 napja
Erm... Why did they use a laptop i stead of the nintendo switch online app for the trailer? Are they actually accepting that it's mostly useless?
SilverXT 11 napja
She lost cuz of the joy con drift
COQUI-COQUI 11 napja
Nintendo’s is for kids.
Twister 11 napja
610 per turnip horysheeeeet
Meove 12 napja
She got Koi, the best thing i can get is Black Bass
Killerwit Heynow
Grandma energy for daaaaaaays
240 G
240 G 12 napja
Crash Bandicoot costume = meme Toad = ¿
Squicx 12 napja
Much MUCH better from that parasite also known as Brie Larson
JD69Han 12 napja
Hey bud
jeff 12 napja
if only the switch had a platform that we can communicate instead of through laptop.
C Ramirez
C Ramirez 12 napja
smeagol is only slightly cuter
Junomaster 12 napja
Svetlana Pavlova
Are all actors non-gamers?
semzegt 12 napja
Isnt that the woman from jumanji 3?
Which ones’ the funny guy?
Млађo 12 napja
Asa Akira really let herself go.
It's a commercial for Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. Please change the headline title.
Jermaine M
Jermaine M 12 napja
Turnips for 510 Bells? I’ve never seen them over 220 on my island
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia 12 napja
“Faaaakkeee, she wasn’t fishing in the rain, when koi fish are commonly found in the rain
dion03suls 7 napja
Eddie Garcia lmfao, no need to get so angry over a 5 day old comment that 3 ppl probably saw dude 😂
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia 7 napja
@dion03suls “COMMONLY” does not mean “it needs to be raining” learn to read, dude. If you can’t tell, this is a joke
dion03suls 9 napja
Doesn't need to be raining
Justin Riley
Justin Riley 12 napja
These feel more like ads for these celebrities than the Switch itself.
Otherworld Laster
Switch has been out for years so I didnt get why they were just releasing a trailer and clicked out of confusion. Waste of time
Vassili Kioles
Vassili Kioles 13 napja
But still no Nintendo Switch Pro
dante bloodink
dante bloodink 13 napja
quien coño es esta china asiatica koreana?
LaCokaNostra81 13 napja
This is ableism. You can't find a trans woman of color in a wheelchair?
Free meleee
Donovan Smith
Donovan Smith 13 napja
Watching someone with an animal crossing addiction really shouldn’t make people want a switch lol
Павел Ларионов
So Nintendo Switch players can not have video chat without another device.
Arotrol 13 napja
laptops are sold separately
Nicholas B
Nicholas B 13 napja
mehdi amri
mehdi amri 13 napja
What ?
Hero Acer
Hero Acer 13 napja
Where's the Switch pro dammit!?
Kaeln Larien
Kaeln Larien 13 napja
where the hell is the stabilization? why is the camera shaking so much
Bradley C
Bradley C 13 napja
Bro I already own a switch why am I watching this
Скубут 13 napja
what the hell was that
Ryuk 13 napja
She is like a male Ken Jeong.
TheSilent Knight
Next time we need an all American hero..... JOHN CENA!😁
Andres Garza
Andres Garza 13 napja
Who tf is she?
Krillinish2 13 napja
Where can I buy that Toad hat.
GameDevil Bitch
GameDevil Bitch 13 napja
She so cuteew
Guillermo Alexis Morales Campusano
Nintendo, why don't you have public lobbies
rexagon pentagon
Why so many dislikes?
Phillip Shagnasty
she gonna use 1 joycon then wonder why she lost...
Saikat Banik
Saikat Banik 13 napja
Nintendo is out of competition right now
Sammy Jankiss
Sammy Jankiss 13 napja
This is just so...bad.
ShadowHumor 13 napja
Nintendo died with N64
El de las trufas
What we want: Breath of the Wild 2, New Mario, Metroid 4, etc updates What Nintendo gives us: Almost daily videos with unlikable hosts, irrelevant info and cringey acting
Im Hectic
Im Hectic 13 napja
i thought this was announcing the Switch Pro or something
jorge castillo
jorge castillo 13 napja
Can you use the joy cons without the strap attachments?
R Flani
R Flani 13 napja
Lame AF
Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell 13 napja
They're just pointing out how shitty their online service is. Why did they make this?!
Steven Ramirez
Steven Ramirez 13 napja
Did the Nintendo switch just get released wtf with all these damn commercials 😂
deadend79pe 13 napja
I'm more interested on their laptop than the switch to be honest.
Nuggy TheBear
Nuggy TheBear 13 napja
Their video chat seems to be in 4K. That's pretty impressive...
mjac28 13 napja
"We all see it...... We all see it...."
Ryan Hunt
Ryan Hunt 13 napja
Who is she?
who s that noname
13 napja
Daniel Godoy
Daniel Godoy 13 napja
What was the point of all this
Awkwafina vs Khabib Who got the best hat? My money is on Nora!
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 13 napja
Lmao who’s next? *Amy Schumer*
Jose Castellanos
I’m shocked at how civil the comments are... they’re not, but at least people aren’t attacking her for being a woman.
lozza b
lozza b 13 napja
...why would people attack her for being a woman 😂
super razor
super razor 13 napja
this is what we need for celebrity commercials
Rowan Llew
Rowan Llew 13 napja
It’s so nice to see Danny Devito get work
BiryaniBoy 13 napja
This is one of the more confusing ads I've seen, since I was thinking it might be an upcoming movie as the Nintendo Switch has already came out.
renato2354 13 napja
Wait, a trailer for what? Hasn't the switch been on sale for years?
SomeRandomGirl [WhoLikesWriting]
Awkwafina likes Godzilla and koi fish? SHE'S CLEARLY A WOMAN OF CULTURE-
A Guy Stuck In The US
This a forced woke commercial, us minorities aren't falling for it. And her voice is nasty.
Tremayne Douglas
Go to NOOKVALLEY on etsy 🦃🤖
Marciano Morisson
Cool she found a Nintendo switch in Jumanji
cell718 13 napja
I like how they show you have to use another device to talk to your friends.
EvilPerson XXIV
EvilPerson XXIV 13 napja
Is this someone we are supposed to know?
matzer1110 13 napja
Sooo what are they advertising 😳 games that have been out since its release o think ille stick with my ps5
ZexyJedi 13 napja
15 FPS Official Trailer
Latino Chico
Latino Chico 13 napja
I love her voice
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