New World: 11 Minutes of Group PvE Combat 

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Check out a chunk of group player-versus-enemy combat in Amazon Game Studios' upcoming MMORPG, New World.










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Yoo Butters
Yoo Butters 4 napja
Any news on Coming to console ? This would be dope on the series X!
Lord Coy
Lord Coy Napja
I’ve heard some rumors that it might be so. Mainly chat in comments sections. Some people point out the few abilities available at one time as a sign of favoring console. But who knows. Hopefully!
Alejandro 5 napja
is it the HUrun compression or was this captured on piece of toast?
Chef Gamer
Chef Gamer 5 napja
that combat looks like cry for auto targeting.
Ghostly One
Ghostly One 6 napja
Yall whine so much it's ridiculous. Personally after the preview i cant wait to play it next year. Yall need to set goals off your computer ffs. Buncha over indulged entitled/enabled types.
Contre Marfia
Contre Marfia 6 napja
game looks poos
Ghostly One
Ghostly One 6 napja
game's great u should try it when it's out.
The Jehu
The Jehu 6 napja
cool! I'll stick to ESO
Trazerade 5 napja
cool! ESO is garbage
PotatoBro 7 napja
feels like a fantasy version of remnants from the ashes, idk why, it just does remind me of it
Havoc 8 napja
slow asf.
Blackout 8 napja
All the design work put into the game there should of been a lot more different looking weapons not legendary epic blue grey hammer/axe/musket/bow/sword/staff n all levels n everything looks the same. Combat issues fixed and the other issues fixed this will still be fun asf tho
Demetrius 8 napja
Will this game ever hit console?
No teamwork whatsoever, what a bad squad of players.
mizaru84 8 napja
I like that the combat animations have impactful feel. Combat seems quit ok so far.....hopefully the rest of the game delivers...
Treyur 9 napja
IGN making the game look bad with these interns who have no idea how to play.
YarlieYeep 9 napja
Don't be fooled by the terrible player in this video. I played a HUGE amount of the Preview and it blew me away.
simone bergamini
Is it me or it actually looks better?
offir arafeli
offir arafeli 9 napja
looks cool
Charming Villain
Typical IGN gameplay video.
Funchan 10 napja
why did the cloak stick to the knight's feet? are we in 2005?and reviewer have no clue how to play a game..
Ghostly One
Ghostly One 6 napja
get off ur comp. go outside. you've no clue how to do that do u?
Horde or die
Horde or die 10 napja
It looks interesting, but the sound design is horrible. Or maybe the combat sounds are too high idk.
Ogikay 10 napja
They should bring this to consoles as well
Ogikay 3 napja
Wtf is going on with the lighting?!?
darksword XIVVII
i hate the limit of having 3 skills only. I feel it takes away from the joy of MMOs when you work your way towards a sick rotation and keep learning cool and new abilities with class specific NPCs
TheDouser 10 napja
Well technically you now have 9 skills with the changes they made with the cooldown no longer affecting your other weapons. So you can use the 3 abilities of each of the 3 weapons by switching weapons mid combat.
Marcus Wright
Marcus Wright 10 napja
The UI looks really cluttered
DrVince 10 napja
Lol amazon again? I hope they learned their lesson
Draylynn Taylor
Draylynn Taylor 10 napja
Is that a game chat in the bottom right? Looks awful.
indieANER 10 napja
Looks very generic and boring..
Nadi Jung
Nadi Jung 22 órája
not at all
NekoKuma 10 napja
Ak47 10 napja
i see alot of people getting into this
John L
John L 10 napja
No parrying??
Itharius Napja
Not like Dark Souls, although you're expected to dodge into light counterattacks to break the enemy's guard.
Ylendeth 10 napja
Other than WoW, the MMO genre is dying. Actually even WoW is slowly dying. Why are they wasting their time and money to do this? Just cancel the game already.
MeGusta868 10 napja
Genshin impact is better
Sleepy Otaku
Sleepy Otaku 10 napja
This game better comes with a free Amazon Prime subscription.
Derman Canitez
It's not you have to purchase the game
Dad's Dojo
Dad's Dojo 7 napja
It's not you have to purchase the game
Harrison Liddle
Harrison Liddle 10 napja
AGS needs to realize how bad they make the game look by throwing journalists into the game with no clue how to play.
supra dupra
supra dupra 10 napja
Wish they would just have some one that designed the game play it
chris whiskers
chris whiskers 10 napja
They're bad at it too lol.
wildan rosyada
wildan rosyada 10 napja
This is the kind of mmorpg game that i like
Marcus Kane
Marcus Kane 10 napja
So you like generic garbage games - got you.
husleman 10 napja
This looks better than when I last saw it. I like the slower, more skill based combat like dragons dogma, monster hunter, dark souls and this game looks to have that type of combat which is a massive plus for me. This game is now on my radar. seems they took their criticism of the game to heart and did something about it.
Marcus Kane
Marcus Kane 10 napja
Didn't see any skill involved in this pathetic gameplay display at all.
Mr Godzilla
Mr Godzilla 10 napja
lol looks like a fancy mobile game 🤣
Raydenf1 10 napja
Wait amazon games. They doing another concept like Crucible?
Sage Popo
Sage Popo 11 napja
The game actually looks more fluid than what I played on the preview, this actually looks more enjoyable
ENGR 11 napja
I actually really love the changes they've made! Really excited for it, but i'm shocked at how bad the people are who are playing in this video lmao like that one guy couldn't hit a barn with his arrow he's so bad! lmao again really excited for the release! Enjoyed the beta event and happy about the combat changes they are making! also happy to see more PvE group content being added in, new enemy types, etc! I just hope they plan on sticking with the more Sandbox MMO style vs a themepark MMO.
The Joker
The Joker 11 napja
Looks pretty interesting like the concept of it.... I like it
Lelouch vi Britannia
Hopefully this doesn't get cancelled like the 1st game I honestly enjoyed Crucible.
King Slayer
King Slayer 11 napja
Kinda reminds me of dragon age
bakernation 11 napja
This actually looks pretty dope
Wildboy789789 10 napja
It is amazing, i played the demo
Piwi 2.0
Piwi 2.0 11 napja
I still don’t know what to think about the new cooldown per weapon.
Lord Coy
Lord Coy Napja
Personally I liked it how it was because it KIND OF(kind of) took the gas out of prioritizing ability rotations and stuff but oh well
Xamsuka 11 napja
poor edalye, just wanna some healing. and no one heal. lol
Dante P
Dante P 11 napja
Only interested in the plague doctor
Saeko 11 napja
Give them chance guys, be positive. From what I see here the game can still be improve. I hope they succeed
kevin boelhouwer
love the aesthetic, will have to try it to know if it feels fluid though (magic trailer was very stiff)
ChicagoDefense 11 napja
Patrick Hennig
Patrick Hennig 11 napja
the combat sound effects sound like fifty shades of opening-a-wine-bottle
Patrick Hennig
Patrick Hennig 11 napja
this looks pretty, but the animations are very stiff and the gameplay seems very lackluster. release is under a year to go... i have a feeling this wont see release either, just like every other amazon game.
DBESS 11 napja
Homare Tokutomi
Homare Tokutomi 11 napja
Is this going to be on ps4 or ps5?
chris whiskers
chris whiskers 10 napja
Neither PC exclusive.
Scott Fuller
Scott Fuller 11 napja
Hopefully PS5. It looks controller friendly.
John M
John M 11 napja
Played the preview, this game is dope. Talked to a lot of Randoms in-game during the preview. Most really enjoyed the game. Going to assume the people complaining haven't actually played it.
chris whiskers
chris whiskers 10 napja
Played it, love it, have withdraws :( :( :(
Kyle Creamer
Kyle Creamer 11 napja
That's how it works though, isn't it? You watch trailers and gameplay and whatever else for game, decide if you like what it is presenting you and then you buy it.
John M
John M 11 napja
@ShroudedShrew Early 2021. January if we are lucky.
ShroudedShrew 11 napja
Any news on when we can play this?
Seba Aullador
Seba Aullador 11 napja
For me is official....Gamers have started to lose brain matter and the comment section is prove of it
michael cerniglia
“Is prove of it” is proof of it too
YOSH! 11 napja
This seems promising.
seth shiro
seth shiro 11 napja
Why everyone hates this game? Looks fine to me, just not next gen
Nadi Jung
Nadi Jung 22 órája
everywhere crybabys, so annoying
KoilBooly 11 napja
Y'all gotta relax with your fascination with graphics and appreciate games for what they are
Imma continue playing genshin
Almond 11 napja
At least it sounds kind of nice
n00bonastick 11 napja
i can't tell if the game is bad or the people playing it. I'm not opposed to the combat. i prefer that over the over the top combat style in most asian mmo. something more down to earth vs the look at me i'm a super hero style combat. but this is a terrible way to showcase.
Jack Rodarte
Jack Rodarte 11 napja
If you have to wonder if the guy from IGN is bad a playing games then you're not familiar with IGN. You basically have to be bed at games to work there
Cid Ignis
Cid Ignis 11 napja
I can totally tell you that for the one second the person showcasing this did the right things the combat looks responsible, at least on physical combat. But you can tell this person doesn't game much when you see its throwing arrows at the tentacle itself instead of the big bulb underneath that shows the HP bar.
CN Wred
CN Wred 11 napja
You can extrapolate that the combat is pretty solid. Whoever's playing is just extremely bad at... games in general by the looks of things. All the clips from IGN are like this.
Jonathan Cesari
Jonathan Cesari 11 napja
This game looks legitimately terrible.
Nadi Jung
Nadi Jung 22 órája
Are u blind..?
Kenny FromthaA
Kenny FromthaA 11 napja
Will this be coming to ps5? Or only PC forever. Because this game actually makes me want a PC now
chris whiskers
chris whiskers 10 napja
PC only as far as what's been issued
Ta Ab
Ta Ab 11 napja
Ta Ab
Ta Ab 22 órája
@Nadi Jung they're not hating. it's not human it's item it's product we are saying our opinion. stop been p0ssy and sensitive 🤢🤮😫
Nadi Jung
Nadi Jung 22 órája
Why are people always hating for no reason lol
Thomas Prime
Thomas Prime 11 napja
idk but its like remnant from the ashes lvling combat ,and i like it,
Samuel Caron
Samuel Caron 11 napja
This looks like a mobile game 😂
Kenny FromthaA
Kenny FromthaA 11 napja
This looks nothing like mobile games lol this looks PC only.. I doubt it will even come to ps5 and xbox
gamer480 11 napja
Mario and Zelda also looks like mobile games..
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 11 napja
I see no reason to buy this while i can play games like Destiny 2,WoW and ESO for much cheaper prices
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 10 napja
@Mappy Bc lmao😂😂
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 10 napja
Mappy Bc
Mappy Bc 11 napja
@Ta Ab Close but nope. Scam Citizen is not even a complete game yet and it has squeezed more than half a billion dollars from Cloud Imperium's worshippers 🤣.
Ta Ab
Ta Ab 11 napja
Wow is the most expensive game ever. people who playing it from release date until now the spent thousands $$ just to be allowed to play the game.
Devonte Plummer
Devonte Plummer 11 napja
Idk how I feel about this
MVP MatthewS
MVP MatthewS 11 napja
“To The Early Squad That’s reading this” Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it! Stay safe everyone and stay positive🥒 My dream is to hit 100 subs,Just Trying To Make My Mom Proud!
It isn't that it looks bad or not fun exactly, but the model rendering and world design are taken out of games from 10 years ago. Amazon has the funding you'd think to hire more talent, but this isn't an example of something that can grow going forward given the games released now or soon to be.
YarlieYeep 9 napja
@MassiveAttackFan Fair enough then, but before writing it off I urge you to play it and see for yourself :)
@YarlieYeep Sorry, doesn't pass the eye test for me.
YarlieYeep 9 napja
@MassiveAttackFan I'm assuming you haven't actually played it? Even during the Preview this game blew me away with the size of the world and the fantastic lighting. The towns are littered with people, shops, houses and guilds. Each new area you fight in had a different style along with the enemies.
@MrRMSR Eh, there's ways to scale back and still reward people who have high end PC's or consoles. In the case of this game, the world design is just generic. I'd have zero enjoyment walking around a world like this.
ClarkusMarkus 11 napja
@Kenny FromthaA This definitely doesn't look like a game from 10 years ago. I seriously don't understand people nowadays complaining about 2018-2020 era graphics and claiming they look like they're from 2010 or 2005. Not every game is going to look like the Unreal Engine 5 demo just because new consoles are being released at the same time. Red Dead Redemption 2 had some blurry textures that made it look older too. Same with Ghost of Tsushima. The best parts of those games' graphics were the models and lighting. This gameplay shows a lot of fog in the environment, so that naturally affects the lighting.
Avaira 11 napja
Boring. Players cant grind like that for monthes and years. Really wrong maded part of the game core.
g2gfaf 11 napja
im sorry but this game looks really wack
Nadi Jung
Nadi Jung 22 órája
Wtf no
Kenny FromthaA
Kenny FromthaA 11 napja
I highly disagree
Tia Dave
Tia Dave 11 napja
like this for no reason