Netflix's Jupiter’s Legacy - Official Trailer (2021) Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb 

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Based on the American superhero comic book series written by Mark Millar & drawn by Frank Quitely, Jupiter's Legacy will tell the story of the first generation of superheroes and their children, who've been tasked with continuing their parent's legendary ideals and have the job of defending the world.
Jupiter’s Legacy premiers only on Netflix on May 7th, 2021 and will star Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, Mike Wade and Matt Lanter.
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Paul J. Lazaro
Paul J. Lazaro 17 perccel
Power rangers
Stoned Venger
Stoned Venger 33 perccel
Now that's hot 🔥
agah kenechi
agah kenechi 4 órája
The BOYS is still in the lead.
H B 6 órája
Why do you horns go off when cars are tossed around in movies, there’s no one in it.
Dr Drakone
Dr Drakone 7 órája
Ok really hate those costumes Honestly it doesn't feel right
Tyler Olney
Tyler Olney 8 órája
Jassy Rahal
Jassy Rahal 9 órája
What? Who? Why? How?
Alan Rivas
Alan Rivas 10 órája
No cap looks like they out a lot of money into but I'd still watch it
JayKay420 18 órája
Alex M
Alex M 18 órája
pio 20 órája
Oh hell no
Tristen Hernandez
Tristen Hernandez 21 órája
Now that is how you do a trailer!
pyrosianheir 21 órája
Hmm.... Color me intrigued.
Paolo Pasaol
Paolo Pasaol 21 órája
Interviewer: *Introducing Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy's Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb!!*
Brandon 21 órája
Can we please get a movie where the world is NOT changing?
evinn 23 órája
What is this cw garbage
TheGreatSkate 23 órája
this looks terrible
Radegast 23 órája
Prepare for dogshit
Xavier Williams
Gonna be so dope
Christopher Wilkerson
Koji Kabuto
Ed Eff
Ed Eff Napja
Cool. It's what Warner / DC SHOULD have done (Kindom Come).
VanillaIce Napja
I've always believed that none other than Matthew Vaugh is capable to bring Mark Millar's work to life but we'll see, so far loving this.
Charles Christena
WTF, was that Anna Akana?
this looks like everything thing The Boys was parodying.
Square one Levi
CoLoNeLC4 Napja
The Boys for kids...
Zeke Odima
Zeke Odima Napja
The island of crete that's where jupiter is from
Samuel Sander
Sorry but this looks like sh*t. Glued on beards and bad costumes
This is what would happen if Walmart made a generic brand Avengers. Great Value Avengers if you will!
Wes Lee
Wes Lee Napja
This looks extremely promising. Someone remind me to watch it
Calion Napja
OK netflix OK
Dephside Napja
billy butcher : these fcking suits are fcking wankers
Feels like a low budget version of "the boys"😂
Mikey Onetwofour
Amazon makes the boys. Netflix makes the girls.
King Tutman
Boakye Agyeman
So this ppl too want to make a superheroes movie. Hw do we call their universe?
Taurus Wiggins
We can be heroes m
Tony Amzedel
LAME!!! Hero genre space is already crowded
pudgy panda
This looks like a teen/sky high superhero show but far more woke.....
Npc I'm knot
Diversity check list- yup we got it all.. and lets just wait for the money to come in..
Spyder Jean
Of course... one blk hero...lol gotta meet that quota
Yasin Moradi
It looks like a superhero version of Dynasty.
can pass on it then, knowing netflix and they approach to story telling Ive got a strange impression that Ive seen entire movie in this 2.5min trailer. This movie looks baaaad.
Renegade Biscuit
If you are a super hero, why do you need a silly costume?
bigdog thefamous1
Looks fun
Loki Napja
That kinda looks like the league of legeds font
Rig152 Medic
Everybody... "We need a new Watchmen movie" DC... "No" Netflix... "Sure we'll do it but without the copyright infringement"
Novak Kavon
Is it possible that all the creative people of the world just gave up and decided to just draw inspiration from comics and superheros? It's enough like really enough 🙀
Keith Barrett
just a troll
So some great CGI mixed with some of the worst I've seen. Ok.
dakarai mcbean
Netflix feels some type of way about Amazon prime "THE BOYS". Hopping on the superhero train
JaKe SwOrD
JaKe SwOrD Napja
Looks interesting. Cant wait!!
wat Napja
Looks to Woke for me..
Yootub Apesta
Jupiter's Legacy? Whiny millennials with superpowers.
Brigham Young Smith Torres Sánchez
Se ve fino señores
Everybody wants to be in a justice league 😌
skyler vanderpool
A gritty deconstruction of the super hero genre... original
Bruce Wayne
Looked like The Boys or Sky High Somebody always dies Captain America: But that doesn't mean you stop Superman: Take a break! Die & comeback! Hamcock: Go to prison & comeback
Ash Adam
Ash Adam Napja
nowerdays so many superheroes movie come out....
Pizza Jeans
Do we really need another one of these? 23 marvel movies, 8(?) DCEU movies and at least a dozen shows about super heroes? Where’s the creativity?
Dawg is Ironman the main villain?
Black flag
Black flag Napja
Great ! More super heroes 🙄
Woosher Dooser
Whaat is th3 m3aning oF th1s???
Emil Jones
Emil Jones Napja
So it's, "We can be heroes" but just adult's.
Haad Asad
Haad Asad Napja
Honestly - doesn’t look that great. Looks like a cw production
Woostty 2 napja
Looks cheap and low budget.
Jim Haire
Jim Haire 2 napja
"The world is changing" - Mike Stoklasa
Jon Creed
Jon Creed 2 napja
Marvel Disney+ needs to go big...REAL BIG...Squadron Supreme Universe!
ServisofrRD 2 napja
what kind of Shazam is this?
jkang9905 2 napja
Super Jesus...... on a superficial judging the book literally by the cover it's a no from me Dogg ( in my Randy Jackson voice)
Riverboat Gambler
Another superhero series? Why is the television and film industry so void of new ideas?
Mike Oakes Hart
So what the point of wearing costume without trying to hide you identity? Cosplay?
oliver hillary
"The world is changing" We need kong, the world needs kong....
Midtown Funk
Midtown Funk 2 napja
Joshhhhh nooooo why are you that broke
Joshua Nawa
Joshua Nawa 2 napja
Can’t believe they added the movie to the trailer ❤️
Jeric White
Jeric White 2 napja
Stop making these shitty superhero no-budget shows already
Gyrospeter 2 napja
2:14 when you order Superman's first flight in Man of Steel on Wish or AliExpress...
John Cho
John Cho 2 napja
Sorry, I'll stick with The Boys.
JadinReid 2 napja
Justice leauge on a budget
Paavo Hasheela
CW 🙄
VeritabIlIti 2 napja
Will watch just because of the director. If it's anything like the Kingsman films, it'll be great
TheBigBoss 2 napja
Got Watchmen vibes from it because of elders and the younger heroes. But this looks so bad.
ii ii
ii ii 2 napja
Watchmen had nothing to do with elders and younger heroes
Eric Kowalczyk
TheBigBoss 2 napja
The action scenes and the cgi look so bad.
Zachery _Perkins
just a Netflix "The Boys" but with CW quality
Easy Media
Easy Media 2 napja
Subijoy Acharya
This looks like a serious unfunny SNL sketch made by Michael Bay
Joey JoeJoe
Joey JoeJoe 2 napja
looks profoundly dumb
John MC
John MC 2 napja
Who else think this is Netflix's ripoff of The Boys
ANT-METAL 2 napja
Title: NASA has close up pics of Jupiter IGN viewer : who else thought this was a sequel to something else with "Jupiter" in the title? 1K likes
Calis Ten Leafs
kenaiStaR 1
kenaiStaR 1 2 napja
Im probably the only one who has enough of Superheroes and capes.
Riverboat Gambler
Nah. You're not. You're definitely not.
Christos Philippos
It's a crossover between mos,watchmen and power rangers. Wtf!
Na Nou
Na Nou 2 napja
the bad guy is Darkseid ??
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 2 napja
Fr would giv dis a shot while flying in a plane eating my airline food with their complementary peanuts
ChriS Hawk
ChriS Hawk 2 napja
Looks like garbage.
Roshan Abeysekera
Looks terrible
dre g
dre g 2 napja
this screams B- Watchmen to me
J. Durga prasad
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