NBA 2k21 for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Review 

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NBA 2k21 for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 reviewed by Ben Vollmer on Xbox Series X. Also available on PlayStation 5.










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Mr XYZ 17 órája
It's $10.79 on Stadia. Does it worth $10?
M. M.
M. M. Napja
Defensive AI during pick and rolls adjust over the course of the game, as they would in real life. For example if Steph gets hot from shooting threes off pick and rolls, the AI will start to switch harder. This is all accoring to Da_Czar, 2K's AI dev.
jss w
jss w 2 napja
This is the worst Next-gen 2K has ever made.
Natetendo83 3 napja
lol this guy saying the WNBA is an important addition.
klazzikk 3 napja
I'll just stick to quick match online.
Joel Segura
Joel Segura 3 napja
6:23 why would anyone make that build
JPOG7 TV 4 napja
I’m not sure if the dislikes are due to gamers hating on ign for giving a decent score or nba fans for ign giving a low score.
Steven Martinez
I could agree. And slapping kobe on there for sales adds to the disgust
icewolf95 5 napja
People on the hate train for the new 2k🤣 if you don’t like don’t buy it.... but most of y’all still be supporting it 🙄
Otto Buck
Otto Buck 5 napja
60 bucks a year for a new soundtrack. The game stays the same
Jake Tiopira
Jake Tiopira 5 napja
Gambling simulator 2k21
Air Moon
Air Moon 6 napja
2k don’t even understand wtf I had to go thru just to play a game I brought back in September lol
Tyson Finn
Tyson Finn 6 napja
It really makes you feel like your constantly forking out cash!!! 10/10
Savoy Beats
Savoy Beats 6 napja
I like the new 2k... its been about microtransacrions ... either you wanna play it or not
Rossi Brewster Nelson
It’s ridiculous how negative everyone is, why complain about something we can’t fix, yes there are micro transactions, but don’t let that stop you from buying the game. The game does seem to have improved a bit. Play NBA2K because you love the NBA and basketball, this game will never be perfect, and we have to except that but I don’t understand why everyone is so negative about this game, maybe just buy one 2K every 2 years.
Christian Dave
Matthew Edwards
This game legitimately addicts you like a casino. I found myself nearly pulling the trigger on buying VC just to improve in myteam. It’s either that or just a crazy grind. Not worth it either way.
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Khalil Amaz
Khalil Amaz 8 napja
y'all hating on the Brooklyn Nets forreal in this review. Y'all do understand they prob gonna be in the finals and win it this season right?
D Bechtel
D Bechtel 8 napja
Haven't seen it mentioned. But props to Ryan McCaffery's basketball IQ
Mr Luk
Mr Luk 9 napja
Looks better obviously. But underneath that shiny car paint is the same core build
All Suave
All Suave 9 napja
More like 1/10 ..... please another developer make a REAL BASKETBALL GAME!!!!! .
Jay Brown
Jay Brown 10 napja
This is my 25th 2K 2K 11 2k 16 still the goats
tkghhhhh 10 napja
I don't understand how they made LA Noire like 10 years ago and it had one the best face mocap and animation to date and why these game companies dnt use the same technology. I dnt know cos the facial animations in these NBA games are so stiff they always throws me off given that it's supposed to be a graphical showcase🤦🏾
FreshPrince Gaming
I Said the same exact thing 🤦🏾‍♂️ lol
patty blub
patty blub 11 napja
Can anyone help? The Game looks kinda blurry durying fast movement. Is there anything I have to adjust ? Ps5 Version
Bizzy Gamer
Bizzy Gamer 11 napja
Casino Royale 2K21 😂😁😂
Bizzy Gamer
Bizzy Gamer 11 napja
This game dosent look next gen at all NBA 2k14 was a better representation
Conner Productions
Unnecessary grinding? Literally the point of my career is to make your player better and better as time goes on. That's how it should be. The problem is the idiotic 2k community that complains about microtransactions, and then spends 100 bucks on vc.
N30 _
N30 _ 11 napja
If you don't buy the face mask in My player you catch the virtual version of Covid-19 which will makes match making and grinding extra difficult!😂😂😂
Lucky 11 napja
IGN 0/10: *No Social Distancing in The Stands*
Sore Wolf
Sore Wolf 12 napja
They didn't cover my career for the wnba
Martin Discomfort
My 2k elitist friend just told me with a serious face that this game is bigger/more complex than games like Cyber punk, single player games...he was willing to spend 800 on a ps5 just for “next gen” 2k? Toxic group
bobby fulerton
bobby fulerton 12 napja
If you’re going to buy the game, spend an extra 20 and get the mamba edition then you’ll be fine on VC. Grind after
elchugilito 12 napja
This should be called Microtransaction 2K21
Miles GBTL
Miles GBTL 12 napja
The Same Game
French Tickler
French Tickler 12 napja
NBA2K21: 1. Better load times 2. Better graphics 3. Horrible button delay 4. Ridiculous microtransactions 5. Mycareer story is the same 6. Better defensive movement Pretty much in the middle. 5/10
zZiL341yRj736 12 napja
Wow it's 2K22, and 23.
Tweefurs Tech
Tweefurs Tech 12 napja
Still looks like a frustrating game to play. Is there not an NBALive this year?
Ariel VII
Ariel VII 12 napja
What about fps? 120?60?
Sosah 12 napja
A 7?!?! How a 7, it should be a 4
David Baker
David Baker 12 napja
John Woodruff
John Woodruff 12 napja
Micro transactions aren’t going anywhere in this series, why? Bc it makes millions and millions EVERY YEAR on them, bc people will spend. 2k is never just going to say, hey, let’s stop making money just bc game sites are lowering our scores. Why? Bc the nba 2k sells big EVERY YEAR. In ten years there will still be micro transactions and there will still be people crying about it. Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast that we have all created.
Royal Boyle78
Royal Boyle78 12 napja
IGN is garage and has been for years now.
Maurice Nelson
Maurice Nelson 12 napja
How many times can y’all get ripped off...... and tricked.....💭👀🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️???
Random 12 napja
I’ll always refer to this as NBA 2K Pandemic
Dav Jandro
Dav Jandro 12 napja
why is this video only 1080p
Ralph Gaspar
Ralph Gaspar 13 napja
The game is like this, its because there is no competitors right now when it comes to basketball video game. So even if the game is like a casino disguises as a basketball game, more people will buy the VC. Like the fruit cellphone 😆
Anthony 13 napja
Where is the social distancing 😂😂😂
Ora Monika
Ora Monika 13 napja
2k MT = My Team. In reality MT = Micro transactions.
Aaron Whisenant
Aaron Whisenant 13 napja
Stop being so easy on them! This game is predatory
Joseph Wright
Joseph Wright 13 napja
But is the game WOKE?
Ciri The Witcher
It's literally the same sh*t but with "improved graphics" and sh*ttier servers.
Edward X
Edward X 13 napja
This game is rated "E" = "Earning" $ 💰 for micro transactions!
Mil T
Mil T 13 napja
The player movement is not fluid lol
Hofni Amwaalwa
Hofni Amwaalwa 13 napja
They should work on the hunched backs that players have.
M-roy22 13 napja
Guys if you don’t play 2k don’t worry about the MTX, Some people go hard but the game still fun if you’re a regular player
ZeroChill 215
ZeroChill 215 13 napja
brendan barva
brendan barva 14 napja
Ea sports gonna make a comeback in 21
ZeEaXmAn 14 napja
Who thinks 2k14 is goated
U CALL Dr JONES 12 napja
Like 15 better 🤷🏼‍♂️
sonicfanboy2 14 napja
OMG...5 minutes? My thoughts and prayers.
Jozu Kennz
Jozu Kennz 14 napja
NBA 2K21, as the name says, you gotta be at least 21 to gamble in this casino simulation with NBA theme.
Kirk Baures
Kirk Baures 14 napja
Still don’t understand why this version couldn’t be on PC
Mar Jon
Mar Jon 14 napja
IGN love to promote gambling to kids.
The Dude
The Dude 14 napja
I don't want open World in a Basketball Game. When I want that I play AC or GTA. Put the focus on the Gameplay!!!
Nicolas Lureau
Nicolas Lureau 14 napja
the first sentence of this review is exactly the opposite of everyones expectations. new console means we expect jaw dropping change. it was the case with 2k14 ps4. This game looks like a patch. the city is interesting but please, the game looks the same. and that VC stockmarket should get regulated by relevant authorities. sh****y review deserves less than 7
Kyle Chin
Kyle Chin 14 napja
The truth is if you have the next gen console and you have been a fan of 2k21, people will still buy this game. I have never purchased VC but I have never had a problem with the my player grind. Once you get to your 2nd and 3rd players, VC comes a lot easier. You can definitely still max your player to 95 in just one season.
Jimmy Salzer
Jimmy Salzer 14 napja
This guy has no right to review this game as he’s clearly never played any other 2k. mans is calling mycareer “myplayer” and is criticizing the AI even though nobody plays against the AI
Matthew W
Matthew W 14 napja
ok so the gameplay looks buggy... this is awful
The Street Fighter
Wow people acting like optional payment stuff are ruining there games! You people have poor taste!
WillyM415 14 napja
If you're someone who buys the same exact sports games year after year.... you have ground beef for a brain
Kwijiboz 15 napja
Putrid is the best adjective for microtransaction, bravo
legendxix 15 napja
Is it just me or the colors look very bland - greyish, almost like the game has a retro 70s filter on its presentation.
Kelly Huffaker
Kelly Huffaker 15 napja
"Never has there been a game that feels like you're really playing basketball on a real court.....since 2k20"
pete smart
pete smart 15 napja
Sadly nothing has really added to single player for years, it all focused on making money off vc.
Peter Harry
Peter Harry 15 napja
He really was saying MyPlayer instead of MyCareer. Mans didn't even show how much better it is making your OWN build this year
Rcade now
Rcade now 15 napja
Nice faces and lighting...but the rest still look like zombie puppets, crowd look like high res ps3 models.
Rcade now
Rcade now 15 napja
My Casino...no thanks.
Nurein Kizito
Nurein Kizito 15 napja
This is the first nba2k ign review where they actually speak out about the huge vc problems
InfiniteCaliber 15 napja
Jokes aside it’s probably the best 2k in years
lionhart419 15 napja
At least they're not spitting on us and telling us it's rain like EA. Yes microtransactions are weak, but at least if I wanna just start a League it's not the same franchise mode from 2012.
Aexerial 15 napja
Simple, just don’t play MyCareer. MyTeam is easy f2p, you just have to utilize the locker codes. I was able to get a team filled with pink diamonds. I mostly play MyLeague, because it is a _basketball simulation_ game after all. I just like experimenting with different scenarios and seeing what happens. It’s really fun.
SugarShan3 15 napja
Honestly this is the best 2K since 2k16
DB800187 15 napja
It honestly doesnt look as impressive as i expected it to. Meh.
TUTruth 15 napja
Did they mention it is $70? Also to me it seems it should look even better.
Andrew John Young
Isn't this the new gambling game that has a basketball side quest?
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce 15 napja
The myplayer grind is the best part of the 2k games. I wish that they would make it a little easier and completely remove micro transactions for anything in the game. Unfortunately I double they ever will
Jayson Fresco
Jayson Fresco 15 napja
Rating on this 2kshit must be 2
OUR WAY TV 15 napja
I can’t touch this cash grab.
Tim Scripture
Tim Scripture 15 napja
Why aren't PS5 and Xbox Series X reviews in 4K??
LonghornsLegend 15 napja
A lot of people are gonna try to hate on this because it isn't perfect, but at least 2k gave everyone a legit next gen game to pickup day 1 and be excited about. They at least tried new features, modes, etc to put work into the game. Meanwhile if you enjoy football games, what is EA Sports doing for Madden for next gen? I think anyone who loves football would appreciate this type of effort instead of patting us on the back for updating player cards to show what team they played for🙄
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes 15 napja
Is no one going to talk about that windmill poster at 2:19? Just me? Word.
Stats85 15 napja
Getting it when I get PS5 future videos of 2k21 on my HUrun channel Stats85
The dude
The dude 15 napja
they put face mask in the game hahah. china
muxz 15 napja
Can't wait until they micro being able to start the game. Sounds fun.
Shelvin Simmons
Shelvin Simmons 15 napja
Won't get my money again
gh0stiepi3 15 napja
AlbieLukas 15 napja
FIFA really needs to take tips from NBA it has a really detailed single player
Richard Sotolongo
NBA2K modern thieves of this gaming era.
Mariah E. P
Mariah E. P 15 napja
The community is a bunch of tards who cheat use glitches makes the game horrible
Willson Pontoh
Willson Pontoh 15 napja
Lets vote,Like for buy, comment for not buy
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