Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate - Official Terminator vs. Rambo Gameplay Trailer 

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Watch the trailer for a look at gameplay and see who wins in Round 2 of Terminator vs Rambo.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate launches on November 17, 2020.










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renaldy kharisma
Terminator: strength Rambo: agility
keinish77 6 napja
This is so dumb. Its gonna be a hit
Jovany Martinez
it be dope if T1000 was there. I mean he can make a sword threw his body so it would be so dope
Jovany Martinez
yea I think characters like Jason alien and predator is better
RAMBO is in the game now? Are they adding all the 1990s action icons?
Kevin Hurh
Kevin Hurh 9 napja
What if they made talion a dlc?
GuyRification 9 napja
They need to make a fighting game with only famous characters. TONS of 'em.
E Palacios
E Palacios 9 napja
Its over John...
Russell R.
Russell R. 9 napja
Didn't the game already have these two guys, or what?
TheMilkman 9 napja
Weird hearing Old Stallone’s voice on young Rambo
Raging Kiwi TV
IGN where you have to watch a game trailer before you can watch a game trailer.
Saša Todorović
Zachary Brooks
Missed opportunity for the Terminator to show his internal skeletal structure as he took damage. By the end of the brawl, it could be a few pieces of flesh hanging from his metal frame.
Theo 10 napja
why feature old Terminator instead of the young one?
Philip Tombe
Philip Tombe 10 napja
Nobody else: Some anime Loli: dada da dadum dada da dadum. The Terminator theme song
imraw719 10 napja
Looks exactly the same as the last 5 mortal kombat games
johnny rhodes
johnny rhodes 10 napja
1992 called, they said, "Meh."
Nikos Mpoutzaras
no more mortal compat please no more hahahahahahaha
Nigel 10 napja
The only detail that is really getting to me is Arnold's bike, its an inline twin while the HD Fatboy is a V-twin.
Floatingtable Studios
Inaccurate. The terminator doesn’t really bleed outside of the flesh suit.
tom ryan
tom ryan 10 napja
How much is this pack going to cost? Think I already spent an extra 80 dollars for the other characters not really tempted into spending more
Tony Florez
Tony Florez 10 napja
So we all agree the Mortal Kombat is just Super smash for Gen Xers now right?
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez 10 napja
t1000 should be next
Artist Odyssey
Artist Odyssey 10 napja
The biggest issue people face when fighting a Terminator is that it looks human. I don't think Rambo would have much of an issue identifying and destroying a terminator. In the woods with just his wits I'm not sure. But with Full access to weapons besides John Connor. Rambo is most likely able to kill terminators. Or he'll disappear off the grid so it cant find him.
highwaysurfin 10 napja
No, Rambo's arrow would not be able to penetrate the iron skull of the Terminator. Also, the Terminator is immensely heavy and could not be thrown by Rambo (or any human). (only by other Terminators, T-1000, etc.) In my opinion, the Terminator's inclusion into MK 11 is quite lackluster...
RAZOR 10 napja
Young version of the Terminator would had looked cool from T2 or T1
C Hammy
C Hammy 10 napja
Rocky vs the Governator
A .V
A .V 10 napja
It’s cool but who cares about Terminator Woke fate? Should of been an 80s or early 90s Arnold model Maybe a variant skin from commando or something which would line more up with Rambo
Juan Dennys-Cruz
Damn, this was awesome
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett 11 napja
Bill Doe
Bill Doe 11 napja
Mortal Kombat is just pathetic with all these movie characters in the game now LMAO
RafaelSantiago Support King in the North
Rambo would have won irl
Σάββα GT-R
Σάββα GT-R 11 napja
Now it's time for Neo and John Wick
BhaiAmiGamer 11 napja
There is a fight is going on Terminator : Wait a sec let me get my bike 😂😅
donnie ter maat
donnie ter maat 11 napja
Daaaaamm thats just brutal! I love it!🥰
Scott Don Jordan
Did sly do the voice over?
Kerath 11 napja
This was THE rivalry of my childhood. I pity the fools who said that Rambo would've won.
Zed Kiba
Zed Kiba 11 napja
Oh wow i use to play Mortal Kombat in the arcade days to see it now with the Terminator and Rambo is just Epic.
spqninjapl 11 napja
This is the Definition of word EPIC.
Haresh Kalyan
Haresh Kalyan 11 napja
Arnold fans here, click a like 👍👍
oscar gomez
oscar gomez 11 napja
Lame fatality
Amon Willow
Amon Willow 11 napja
wat they health on 😭
avg joe gaming
avg joe gaming 11 napja
This just shows terminators ultimate is pretty meh no xray vision
Ankit Ray
Ankit Ray 11 napja
1:52 the best scene
Walesky Alves Meneses
Rambo Cortou Prego Exteminador o Pica 🇧🇷🇵🇹🇧🇷
Okgamer Jack22
Okgamer Jack22 11 napja
Now put Gordon Ramsey next
William West
William West 11 napja
I been a vet ,just like pelican bay.not flags
Genotypic 11 napja
Damm rambo and his plastic surgery looking fine like age wine
D L 11 napja
If only Arnie was lending his voice to the character.
Suhadisgood 11 napja
I might buy the PS5 version cause I’ll get another trophy set but for PS4 and Xbox one Xbox series x since there are no trophy and achievement sets I’ll pass
Kai TV
Kai TV 11 napja
I’m sorry were they showcasing Rambo? Because I feel like I want to buy the Arnold skin now instead
Bancho Batchoy
Bancho Batchoy 11 napja
1:18 What you all came for.
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Всем привет, хочу замутить сборку компьютера в стеле Т800 у кого какие идей есть ? Только не наклейки и рисунки, щас в разработке водянка с колбой как во втором фильме с рукой, и радиаторы на опере в стиле процессора!!! И потдержки видео карты куклой т800
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes 11 napja
This gonna be on PS5. Must Kop!! \(◎o◎)/
huricane threeonesix
How can Rambo lose in his own trailer
Captain Forsyth
Captain Forsyth 11 napja
Skynet went back in time to stop the one thing that could defeat them. Judge Dred- I mean Rock- Rambo, yes Rambo.
TNT BOI 11 napja
Arnold and Sylvester are now gonna enjoy playing MK together 🔥.
Federico Giuliano
Rambo = American master, other countries can't compete.
Dam Sen
Dam Sen 12 napja
1:17 k8 that was awesome
Aakash Srivastava
1:37 that's badass
Aakash Srivastava
How the hell is a terminator bleeding?
Aakash Srivastava
@Moon Knight not all of them...... You caught me
Moon Knight
Moon Knight 11 napja
Do you not watch any of the Movies???
Zeratul 12 napja
“Why you pushin’ me?”
ArthurLee Brown
ArthurLee Brown 12 napja
Every 80's child just collectively peed themselves.
Eoin Okeeffe
Eoin Okeeffe 12 napja
These Mortal Kombats really need a ref. I mean, seems like it's not really about fighting skill if you're allowed to bring a motorcycle and a shotgun... And, be a robot, I suppose.
BonesNeverLie 12 napja
They really need Bruce Willis’s John McClane.
Gunwant Daga
Gunwant Daga 12 napja
Honestly Rambo 😂
Jeric Quim Quirante
Its enough to make a grown man cry...
MaxMadV8 12 napja
This needs Brice Campbell...
Sonnenabend 12 napja
Should send this video back to 1980s.
Alpha Toad
Alpha Toad 12 napja
1:18 that's like something out of a movie! Sick!
Moon Knight
Moon Knight 11 napja
You're PFP picture looks like the Battle Toads version of TMNT 2014
Weasel Biscuits
Weasel Biscuits 12 napja
Having Rambo win the match would have made for better marketing.
SpookieBoii Resilience
Since Rambo is the featured DLC character I thought he was gonna win but I guess not. In real life this would happen indeed lol great battle.
INRI 12 napja
Ill like to see T800 fight General Grievous.
jake poh
jake poh 12 napja
Can we have mad max for the next MK
Kenneth Melo
Kenneth Melo 12 napja
This alone plus Spawn makes this game worth buying
Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan 12 napja
I need Chuck Norris now
Sandeep Sarkar
Sandeep Sarkar 12 napja
Rambo stabs Arnold with sharp object: blood spills out Me: Seems legit for a humanoid robot.
Christopher Acosta
Why, why couldn't they get Arnie? Why!?
Nikith Lal
Nikith Lal 12 napja
where is chuck norris
Purple Spark
Purple Spark 12 napja
Now that I think of it, a Terminator movie with Rambo as the main protagonist would have been so dope!!
Boogerbong Bootycplap
Racing Badg3r
Racing Badg3r 12 napja
man i wish i could play MK this smooth😂
Frost B
Frost B 12 napja
Doesn't feel right without Arny's voice
###### 12 napja
😳 WT.....HELL
Wasif Ali
Wasif Ali 12 napja
We need a Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester & Castiel pack.
kenpachi465 12 napja
Take my money
John Novel Ravancho
How would Arnie & Sly react to this?
Infinite Jest
Infinite Jest 12 napja
This was my dream as a kid
KuroCartoonist 12 napja
Arivin Arif
Arivin Arif 12 napja
They should make chuck norris 😂
j carter
j carter 12 napja
they should make a rambo versus terminator movie
Winston Campaign
1:38 lmao
Marco Morales
Marco Morales 12 napja
They went this far to give us these Hollywood characters but they never gave us shaggy
ov3rdos311 12 napja
They even have the rights to use Shaggy as he is also owned by WB.
ChaosMechanica 12 napja
Most of this felt like two old guys fighting on a hiking retreat
FreshAfroman 12 napja
Realistically The Terminator wins 10 times over
Overshare 12 napja
I thought this was a rambo trailer thou?!
Brother Darkness Gaming
Why does terminator have Johnny cages bike
Killah Kwen
Killah Kwen 12 napja
Let me guess Chuck norris is next
Solaris0071 12 napja
If it bleeds, you can kill it!
adam ortega
adam ortega 12 napja
Riddick would be cool
MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Rambo Ending MK11
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