Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate - Official Rambo vs. Terminator Gameplay Trailer 

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Watch the trailer for a look at gameplay and see Rambo vs Terminator face off in Round 1 of the fighting game.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate launches on November 17, 2020.










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ian thomas
ian thomas 12 órája
Looks garbage they don't even look like the real characters
tha Beast84
Cody thinks
I love sly but honestly the terminator would decimate John Rambo right ?
Arjay 82
Arjay 82 2 napja
Since they have all the lisences tbey need to just make an Expendable style fighting game with every major action star using the MK engine.
RAMBO is in the game now? Are they adding all the 1990s action icons?
ArLDeN19 Game Girl Gaming
Next will be bruce lee of enter the dragon. Chuck Norris will be OP
Isaia Costa
Isaia Costa 4 napja
everytime you think "this must be the killing blow right" the game is like "what, that? aint but a scratch"
Dave of the Dead
so when are we gonna get Pinhead from Hellraiser? cmon hes perfect for this game
Veidt Gothzalez
Has anyone ever seen Rambo: Last Blood?
Awesome movie!
Carmine Guida
Carmine Guida 4 napja
Wow the graphics for BroForce are a lot better than I remember.
INXISIV 4 napja
Thank you MK for making this possible, finally.
YungWarLord 4 napja
Ngl that fatilty was sick
Nav Sohanpaul
Nav Sohanpaul 4 napja
*IGN is turning MK11 into Epic Rap Battles of History.*
Linda Bedwall
Linda Bedwall 4 napja
YES.... yes yes yesh
Does Terminator take no damage while blocking with his back? and is it a talent or skill?
how is a machine bleeding with organs?
DerkuiDerkui 5 napja
I already seen this match-up in Celebrity Death Match back in the 90s.
Glad they ended the trailer the way they did with Sylvestor killing Arnold...kinda deserved that after that Dark Fate disaster.
Jaiquan Fayson
They need a Commando skin so we can have Rambo vs Commando!
bye692001 5 napja
Now all we need is John McClane and we are set
henrlima87 5 napja
Takes an exploding arrow to the chest: "Finish him!" I love mortal kombat.
Tuns of Buns
Tuns of Buns 5 napja
If anyone could beat the Terminator with a knife it would be Rambo
Savage Wooloo
Savage Wooloo 5 napja
Remember this two guys have some beef irl
Rambo / Terminator same universe confirmed. Said every geek.
Calimike 5 napja
Terminator should it bleed oil then blood 😄
Julián fredes
Que épico el final
Peyman 5 napja
arnold vs rambo biggest question of 90s kids who could win
Mohammed Furqan Ahmed
The 2 legends fight..this is soo coooll
Jenazad 5 napja
Whaaa.... no one liner for Rambo?
Jarodenema _
Jarodenema _ 5 napja
the terminator has blood?
Cow Holy
Cow Holy 5 napja
Holyshit , this is EPIC !!!
Dante ewe
Dante ewe 5 napja
Fortune son start playing
mastakrafsta 6 napja
I just soiled my self 😊
Caseko CSK
Caseko CSK 6 napja
Who needs John Connor? We have John Rambo! Guess the Terminators were chasing the wrong John all these times...
KING Merlin
KING Merlin 6 napja
Also include Vandame & Chuck Norris 😎
Danish Shakeel
The crossover we all needed...
daniel voss
daniel voss 6 napja
I wanna see a video of arnold and stallone play this game against each other
Sad Affleck
Sad Affleck 6 napja
*_Next DLCs are going to introduce_* *Cordell Walker* *Nico* *Machete* *Nikolai Rachenko* *Luc Deveraux/GR-44* WB's plans in the future: changing _MK_ brand in an 80/90's Movies' Action Heroes fighting game! *_I 400 Calci, by NanowaR of Steel intensifies_*
Vedant 6 napja
This is the most friendliest fight I have ever seen
Ramatjyot Singh
So unlike superman machines bleed
A E 6 napja
How is this mk anymore? It breaks my heart to see people even supporting this
Now we just need Judge Dredd
Darius Spencer
bro my younger self wouldn't believe this if I told him
Shovine Kazama
Rambo should've been dead a long time ago in this fight. Lol. Cool moves.
L Yagami
L Yagami 6 napja
Ngl this game has died off quickly ...compared to injustice 2
They made Stallone in his Prime but Schwarzenegger is still old?
Santos Zambrano
And my dream fight with Kronos vs Thor in Mortal Kombat
Santos Zambrano
Or maybe like a rated R version of Avengers in Mortal Kombat
Santos Zambrano
I would like to see the Killer Instinct Fighters in Mortal Kombat
R T 6 napja
Fuk Arnold
Melo Shen
Melo Shen 6 napja
Is this even Mortal Kombat anymore?
No One
No One 6 napja
I demand Micky Mouse for A playable Character. Micky Mouse conqueror of Dimensions
Wentworth Miller
John Clawed Van Damn Bloodsport please. Bolo Yeung too, with his "bup brick not hippback"!
Allan Cyrus
Allan Cyrus 6 napja
Uma merda!! Desgraça de MK colocar personagens nada haver!!! TNC !!!! VIROU UM LIXO ESSE JOGO!!!!
Bennie c
Bennie c 6 napja
amazing 😎
Rui Nunes
Rui Nunes 6 napja
All we wanted was the real Stallone face and T2 Arnold.
zaphron28 6 napja
I didn't know the terminator was made of flesh and bone.
Midwest Fireplace
We need Chuck Norris!
Ever Mind
Ever Mind 6 napja
01:27 "Gueda Ove Ria"
Ramy Samman
Ramy Samman 6 napja
the pain on rambo´s face doesnt make sense
Ahmadreza Chehrehara1997
arnold will probably be mad after watching this xd.
But make an open world like Just cause but with RAMBO no? :(
Ultimus Atlus
Ultimus Atlus 6 napja
Ah, the fight we all hoped for. "Arnold, without Arnold" VS. "Actually cool Nightwolf"
GOKU BLACK 6 napja
They put a young Rambo but they couldn't put a young terminator from terminator 1 ....
Krešimir Ćosić
How much gore do we want? Yes.
Gaming A.D.D.
Gaming A.D.D. 6 napja
That was pure 80's/90's magic right there! 😥😢😭 It beautiful man, ITS BEAUTIFUL! BTW I wish there was a no HUD option like this.
METAL1ON 6 napja
Wish this soundtrack was in the game and selectable for any stage as it is tense as fcuk.
Elite 1984
Elite 1984 6 napja
Too bad they didn't have a young Arnold from T2.
Ricardo Rey
Ricardo Rey 6 napja
Esto es por meter con mi zona Jaja
Brucci Wayne Music
Arnold watching this like "damn wtf ".
Reese Sanchez
Reese Sanchez 6 napja
Man they are really milking the both of them
plutoburn 6 napja
That sunset helicopter shot is gorgeous.
Ivan 6 napja
Why Terminator is bleeding?
Drag0n 6 napja
Super Boomer Bros
Traveon Cooper
What the Terminator don't have blood
First name Last name
Um...that fatality was fire!
Syan Reeze
Syan Reeze 6 napja
Wait...Terminator is now normal human?
Cole The Incredible
Now DREDD had to be put on here. With Karl Urban voicing him. That would be sweet!
bluehood xp
bluehood xp 6 napja
Arnold vs sly never thought I'd see the day.
Lord Carlos II
Winner fights robocop
HenkkaArt 6 napja
Kinda ridiculous to have Terminator in a fighting game who would be invulnerable to almost everything Rambo can through at him and not even have Terminator to shed his skin from damage in the fight. Like, when he blows up it would have been neat to have his skin burned off, revealing the metal endoskeleton. But yeah, whatever. Style over substance, I guess.
Primeiro de Abril
Rambo wins... 😔..... Only in dreams.
That Vision
That Vision 6 napja
BlueVader4323 6 napja
Imagine going back to the 80's and showing this at the arcade.
Luis AR
Luis AR 6 napja
They would sh1t their pants even im the mid 90s..
Pablo Smith
Pablo Smith 6 napja
Mortal Kombat has officially jumped the shark.
Jagdish Pattnaik
Everyone waiting for this
kindergarten cop vs demolition man
Asteroid 2020
Asteroid 2020 6 napja
So why is it that even though I have mk11 ultimate, their still charging me for the kombat pack? I bought ultimate for extra money to avoid that.
Alex Vostox
Alex Vostox 6 napja
*01:58** I don't get it. Shouldn't that exploding bullet bandoleer killing Rambo as well?*
Skysick 6 napja
Anybody remember Mortal Kombat?
Spank Rocket
Spank Rocket 6 napja
jesus rambos fatalitiy lol i cant wait
Bennie Baber
Bennie Baber 6 napja
Should have an Easter egg for them being in broforce
Affliction Gamez
Rather have spawn
Sugar ray
Sugar ray 6 napja
I really wish they made Arnie they way he looked in the first movie. Attire and all. Then it would have been perfect.
pretty sure its in the game already as a selectable skin.
alex alex
alex alex 6 napja
Terminator .more blood . OK
Ben Kadlec
Ben Kadlec 6 napja
What if....Doom...
Franz Josef Basco
Wait, the terminator bleeds?
Bloo 6 napja
1:24 how tf do you survive this
BlockABoots 6 napja
Maybe NR Studios should go back to Arnie and ask if his sure he doesn't want to do the voice over now!!??
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