Monster Hunter Movie - Official Chinese Trailer (2020) Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa 

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Get a first look at Palicoes and more in this new Monster Hunter movie trailer from China!
Monster Hunter starring Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa is scheduled for release in 2020.










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linkzero 38 perccel
The film is set in Monster Hunter World: 0:21 Tony Jaa is the Field Team Leader 1:00 Hirona Yamazaki is the Handler ("Eh, pard?") 1:01 Ron Perlman is the Admiral 1:25 and Meowscular Chef at the end!
Rivendell Valley
RE Alice: Let's do this!
dwayne braulio
SHe using dual firesword on rathalos wtf HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Mr.Mohawk Doge
Tony Jaa's dialog is hilarious😂
Neo Ginseng
Neo Ginseng 2 órája
Welp, they got us in the 2nd half bois
Little horror
Little horror 2 órája
Wait a minute. Meowacular chef..and you can see the Handler and The Admiral at close to the 1 minute mark...they're doing this in the new world...
Colin Lapp
Colin Lapp 3 órája
Don’t see anyone talking about Gore Magala showing up in this trailer 🧐
Petranime 3 órája
This trailer is really double tap the feeling,,,
Why does this movie's quality look like 2010 tho, lol at least the trailer is better -_-
dwayne braulio
Your using 240p
Far A.R.
Far A.R. 4 órája
Milla again? Another RE-like movie?
Master Yoji
Master Yoji 4 órája
Considering different dimensions making it into the lore of MH WORLD aka the witcher event. I'm cool with the whole crossover. As long as the end result is a few people poking a giant monster with tooth picks to death is still there.
(Not so) Meowscular Chef. Look at how the massacred my boy.
Ruki 4 órája
no more "gatling gun go brrr" trailer?! xD
cabra Koky
cabra Koky 5 órája
Ya me emocioné más con la película ya la quiero ver :"3
Poncho Palito
Poncho Palito 5 órája
This is gonna flop 💯😆😂🤣
Sam Arcade
Sam Arcade 6 órája
1:11 GORE MAGALA?! that only means shagaru magala will be present as well
Shinosuke Beximaru
Cheap. China. Hollywood Movie. SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP
Sam Arcade
Sam Arcade 6 órája
wait wait wait WAIT!!! are they gonna do the sleep bomb tactic on diablo too?? HYPE!
annie weng
annie weng 7 órája
does anybody know what is the song in the background?
Chavez Joseph
Chavez Joseph 7 órája
it just keeps getting better
Dionett 7 órája
King Tao
King Tao 7 órája
Is anyone going to point out gormagawa is in this movie which makes it interesting to watch
AidilAfham 7 órája
why the eff wudn't they open with this trailer instead?
Michael James
Michael James 8 órája
Booce Bung
Booce Bung 8 órája
Is it me or did I see Ron Perlman
Lerra Dyer
Lerra Dyer 8 órája
Can we talk about why is Gore Magala in the New World???
Li Kiki
Li Kiki 9 órája
tony jaa's script :diablos nerscylla sssi diablos.......... the end
Daniel Magger
Daniel Magger 10 órája
Get Terry Crews to use a switchaxe in the movie and in.
Dennis Morana
Dennis Morana 10 órája
name of song?
Darth Exia
Darth Exia 10 órája
hahahahah nice
Frames in Review
Frames in Review 10 órája
The only thing understand is the music choice??? Like Monster Hunter has a great sweeping symphonic score and we're playing this?
The 10 órája
this trailer wasn't so bad to me
firestorm5432 10 órája
I never played the games is this based off that or is this unrelated?
Ewerton Ferreira
Ewerton Ferreira 11 órája
How many stunt doubles died on set for this one?
Dante Gameplays
Dante Gameplays 12 órája
"lets do this" xD that was cool
Chuwi Kitten
Chuwi Kitten 12 órája
That's still not gonna justify the fact that it's still going to be a military isekai (-.-') I see it as the previous trailer is a warning to how bad its going to be...
Maica Navarro
Maica Navarro 12 órája
This trailer is better than the other one.
Junoku 12 órája
Now all we need is the movie to play proof of a hero during the rathalos fight
Mighty Dingus
Mighty Dingus 13 órája
He forgot to tell her to put bombs on Diablos' head once he's asleep.
Kiergard 13 órája
I like it so much more.
jean-claude schwartz
The question is: will this film end up like all film adaptations of video games or will it be successful as Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu?
Christine King
Christine King 14 órája
It’s nice to see Meowscular Chef as a sign that we will see Palicos in the movie because every monster hunter requires a cute little Palico.
Nice One
Nice One 14 órája
This looks like it will be terrible
SSG_Ronnie42 14 órája
Made by the same hacks that insulted fans and butchered the RE films.
drv001 14 órája
Tony Jaa. Fk yeah!
Mickael Frimann
Mickael Frimann 14 órája
I think Milla really really wants a gamer BF. That's why she keeps making these choices.
root8ble 14 órája
this looks fun
Chris Theoc
Chris Theoc 14 órája
Why is every other trailer better than American one lmao
Dalavine 14 órája
We didn't get Nercilla in World but we get it in the movie :D And the Admiral!!! Yoooo there better be a Rajang in there for him to fight!!
MikeWhoCheese Harry
Still not buying it, Need more Palicos.
raindrain1 14 órája
pfahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha but why though ahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha the poor Meowscular Chef ahahahahha I'm crying for real here ;_;
Pryme Kut
Pryme Kut 14 órája
Supah Sayin Rick
Supah Sayin Rick 14 órája
I honestly don't even know how I feel about this lol
Syakirin57 14 órája
Now this is how you make a trailer, my faith has been restored.
Nescapre 16
Nescapre 16 14 órája
time to milk this movie in the next few years just like resident evil
thatoneguy1821 14 órája
are we just gonna ignore that milla jovovich is now the face of bad video game adaptations?
ShamanKing77LaTale 15 órája
what's up with shitty rap music?
Juan Joxe Higuita
Know the name?
Dark Power
Dark Power 15 órája
Why does the palico looks like a robot doll from the 90s about to hunt me for eternity... Jesus the dark gem netflix series did a bit better.
Slideshow20j 15 órája
K the palico from monster hunter world is more sassyier then ever
Sabastian Weagley
Sabastian Weagley 15 órája
Totally getting Pacific Rim Vibes. Even the "Monster's" look just like the Kaiju
Arun K. Jako
Arun K. Jako 15 órája
Wtf is a Global Leading Shock Release
Op Animu
Op Animu 15 órája
Is she the resident evil Actress?
Cody James
Cody James 15 órája
Looks a hell alot better then the military focused one
Op Animu
Op Animu 15 órája
dd329167 15 órája
Still seems B O R I N G..........its going to flop like M U L A N 😂
Emporer Tivurnis
Emporer Tivurnis 15 órája
That whole bit about the ancients using the monsters to guard their stuff is complete bloody bollocks lmfao. The monsters are at war with the humans and wyvernians because of the horrific things they did to them yo. Guess this movie is just like the non-canon side games that get released lol.
Illidan Stormrage
Illidan Stormrage 15 órája
China always know what to do with Movie Trailers.
lilmonstercc1 15 órája
They added the military belement to cansh in on that sweet sweet military check they get for even including them no matter how little they do. Quit whining, military wepons have been used on monsters before yall are just fake fans and wouldnt know.
pockylovingranger 15 órája
Holy hell this made me even MOAR excited for the movie :D
Mathew Cruickshank
Mathew Cruickshank 15 órája
THERE. ARE. PALICOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wise Oldman
Wise Oldman 15 órája
Resident Evil wasn't enough. Milla is here to spoil another sigh!!
kabie bebe
kabie bebe 15 órája
It's official Tony Jaa has become Dante Basco
dovalle 16 órája
How satisfying is it to see a Cephalos get decapitated like that? It makes me happy.
Samy Basile
Samy Basile 16 órája
What could make this film be decent, is the fact that the game doesn't really have a deep storyline
Berk YILMAZ 16 órája
Worst game, worst movie.
Aarón Martínez
Aarón Martínez 16 órája
Wasn't this movie released in 2019?
Wambologie7 16 órája
Denis Seres
Denis Seres 16 órája
Well, honetsly, after this trailer, I'm hyped for this. For REAL!
Thomas Leaf
Thomas Leaf 16 órája
this looks like a totally different film than the first trailer. it actually looks like a MonHun story...the weapons and monsters look right and the Palicos are in too...interesting that this trailer is for Asia and looks waaaaay better than the US trailer.
Philip Cohen
Philip Cohen 16 órája
Is that gore magalla at 1:15 or kushala doara? Hard to tell.
Dragonsheart 55
Dragonsheart 55 16 órája
I just hope they have palicos.
cybernako088 16 órája
Palico!!!! Yes the kitty is why i watch.
viperanaf 16 órája
0:35 chat capability in MHW
Muh Ikhsan
Muh Ikhsan 16 órája
Who making this trailer??.. He choose the wrong song
Brendan Whitaker
Brendan Whitaker 16 órája
Milla Jovovich plays the same character in every movie shes in. Youve already seen this before
arsetothem 17 órája
this so painful to watch.
Ashley 17 órája
Starship Troopers vibes
jose salazar
jose salazar 17 órája
Hell yeah Gore Magala!
Rahul Saha
Rahul Saha 18 órája
Name of the song played in this trailer
Let's Talk Horror
Let's Talk Horror 18 órája
See they saving the best weapon for the meat of the movie can't wait for some Hollywood Lance play 😆
Alvin De Rama
Alvin De Rama 18 órája
At 1:09 the size of Milla and the Rath looks weird, then at 1:10 when Milla is at the air, the Rath's size suddenly doubled!?
FIS Studio
FIS Studio 18 órája
White washing aside. As someone who's played the games, Milla Jovovich looks/is way to old to be a newby hunter, she's old enough to be a parent or grandparent in the game.
Alex Wijnmaalen
Alex Wijnmaalen 18 órája
These trailer guys get it! Get rid of the military, put in lots of Monster Hunter, et voila!
Dean Vance
Dean Vance 18 órája
I guess it's starting to show "all the things"...but "all the things" a 'Monster Hunter' movie doesn't necessarily make. We shall see...
Jayjay 19 órája
This started to look interesting.
Noodah 19 órája
Nooo they massacred my boy. Why does he look covered in dirt in this version.
Deni Rogosic
Deni Rogosic 19 órája
Amazing 👍 milla is back ✊👍
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