Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changes - Original vs. Remastered Performance Preview 

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes are looking impressive in this early access footage provided by BioWare which takes a look at improved Mako controls, a revamped Noveria, and combat changes in the original Mass Effect. Referred to by fans as Mass Effect Remastered, this version of the game will take a look at the extensive changes in the original Mass Effect as well as some subtle changes in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 within the Legendary Edition of the series.
For more information about the changes found in Mass Effect Legendary Edition be sure to check out the latest blogpost from BioWare for more.
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IGN 4 napja
It was great getting to talk with BioWare about the care they put into this update to the Mass Effect series. Will you be picking up Mass Effect Legendary Edition this May? I know I will be. -Destin
simon graves
simon graves 12 órája
Where the video about what they removed and why
Mantas Napja
Same care as they did to Anthem?
Grean Kung
Grean Kung Napja
The fighting fish on mass effect game ?????????????
Limit Man
Limit Man Napja
It's not as if the current Bioware has the talent to make new games anyway, even their remaster is subpar at best.
Arsalan Ahmed
Already pre-ordered Legendary Edition on Steam. Now I'm just waiting for the game to release
Occams OX
Occams OX 20 perccel
Did they fix the ending? Because that’s by far the biggest problem with the series.
Lash 30 perccel
They supposed to leave Mako alone as it was tho xD All fun was about not being able to control it XDDD
Frederick Allen
Frederick Allen 52 perccel
Love this game so glad to be able to play it on Playstation 5 console on May 14
Sebastian M
Sebastian M Órája
14 years for this? come on
J Stovall
J Stovall Órája
Of course, the REAL question is: do we actually get a Tali face reveal scene, or are they going to stick with that stock photo on the side table nonsense?
Error404 Órája
cmon let me in, Aria is expecting me
J T 2 órája
So the game just looks like mass effect 3 now
Sergeant Cyro
Sergeant Cyro 2 órája
...really trying to push femshep, huh?...
patrick sharpe
patrick sharpe 2 órája
Old was gold. How about fixing the ending to 3.
Green Grugach
Green Grugach 2 órája
IGN tool : Graphics are night and day. Also IGN tool : Graphic updates are subtle.
Green Grugach
Green Grugach 3 órája
Lighting bloke : How many lens flares should we put in? Bioware Execs: Yes.
maskirish 3 órája
My favorite franchise (team ME1) !
maskirish 3 órája
Thank you
Pedro Joao
Pedro Joao 3 órája
What about helmets and armors for party members? In Mass Effect 2 you cant really change anything about them.
Liara T'Soni
Liara T'Soni 3 órája
Please do have animated backgrounds for steam profiles.
R B 5 órája
So they removed weapon restrictions for certain classes completely...? That seems odd.
Rick Jac
Rick Jac 5 órája
Andrew McAllister
Can't wait to play it once again
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 6 órája
Cant wait to roam about the citadel dlc in even better graphics
Jayhawk 6 órája
The graphical improvements are pretty minor. Disappointing.
Anders Rasmussen
Anders Rasmussen 6 órája
The branched conversations were 98 % illusion of choice. The developers even admitted to this. Only a few key conversation choices had any real impact on the outcome and story line.
Ghost Gamz
Ghost Gamz 6 órája
This looks so promising. Mass effect for me hooked on this game style and it'll be great to relive the experience
X-Station 6 órája
*$60 Dollars Day One!*
UrDaemon82 7 órája
Nah, I'm done with ME
Lost Cause
Lost Cause 8 órája
You could have patched Andromeda and finally leleased the promised DLC´s.
What a lazy remaster
xxDuo 8 órája
I’ve already played through these games before. I’m not wasting money on remakes/ remasters.
FunteX 9 órája
In no way worth a replay, just for this very minor graphical upgrade . . . FACT stated, stands, and this release is forgotten . . . . =P
Stuart Lutes
Stuart Lutes 9 órája
These visual overhauls rarely impress, unfortunately. The crisper graphics only serve to make the environments look more sparse. The visual tricks employed in the originals suited the limitations of the hardware at the time. The lower framerate, the film grain, the lighting bloom gave the old games their own beautiful film aesthetic which really transported you to another time and place. This next-gen sheen on old-gen geometry may be technically better but it doesn't MAKE it better and usually serves to sanitise the soul of the originals. Better character face models, load times and glitch fixes are welcome, however.
___sodapop 9 órája
Freakk47 10 órája
So just post processing effects and some lighting changes. Ok
Joseph Roberson
Joseph Roberson 10 órája
"They killed you once before and all it did was piss you off." - Garrus Vakarian
archerversuslight 12 órája
Don’t preorder. .earn the lessons of the past
Nicholas Fisher
Nicholas Fisher 12 órája
Cant wait!!!!
Roman W
Roman W 13 órája
1:19 "there are no longer class specific weapon restrictions" that is literally how ME1 has always worked. Well done doing zero research
Chief 13 órája
Parkour X
Parkour X 13 órája
Я думаю не стоит предзаказывать,ведь на ранней стадии полюбому будут баги
Atma Ghost
Atma Ghost 13 órája
So games are pretty much like movies nowadays... devoid of ideas, relying on old ip’s , remasters, remakes and sequels.. give us something new ffs
Jayyy667 10 órája
And censored. Sheeple love it
Владислав Михалицкий
Looks better than Andromeda
Moonstar the Peace Keeper
Derrick Matthews
Derrick Matthews 14 órája
The mall made mass effect 1 for me
danielpogreb 14 órája
please tell me special ammo is no longer an "abilitty" and evryone can use it
Lotlot Lumanog
Lotlot Lumanog 15 órája
Ito poh bah
Roger Zhang
Roger Zhang 15 órája
I'm more curious on whether ME1 is still so difficult to aim. Does it still shake, or more like ME2&3 now.
Selvokaz 16 órája
Boosting in the mako does not look like you're going any faster.
Vipul Gupta
Vipul Gupta 17 órája
Why not put the entire interview on here, I'd watch it.
jake the snake
jake the snake 18 órája
Time to become the Batarian Races greatest public enemy all over again
shabberto 20 órája
The frame rate on the original is cooked!
GeneralZkar 20 órája
no mention of the abyssmal end of ME3... not suprised
MrGu S2
MrGu S2 20 órája
just from hearing the mass effect 1 theme i'm already happy
GWS 20 órája
A lot of the problem with the original was really bad level design. They didn't discuss condensing the amount of stuff done on the citadel which was basically half the game on the first one. The amount of walking time to get things done or to see the story was such a bore. The wide open levels in the original made a lot of the gameplay dead, including the mostly empty planets (don't let the fight they keep showing you fool you. It's about about half the action you'll ever see on a planet). The grittier and more detailed graphics will help make the planets a little less boring and feel like something other than driving on empty terrain. What they've shown me isn't enough though, but if you're new to the series this might be a great time to see what you missed out on.
Andry_id 20 órája
Этот они называют поработали?
Jonathan Prideaux
Jonathan Prideaux 21 órája
Yes please
Hello, My Name is
Hello, My Name is 22 órája
Why didn't you actually do a scene by scene comparison?
Victor Carvalho
Victor Carvalho 22 órája
Original is better. Next.
Игорь Корнилов
Появилась кнопка убрать оружие в 3 части?
ThespyWHOswaggs 23 órája
Maybe BioWare should have put some care into Anthem. That’s an idea !!
Nick Paviour
Nick Paviour 23 órája
i'll only replay the mass effect series if it's released on Nintendo Switch.
gypsygib Napja
Definitely one of the greatest series of all time.
Cade McCool
The only thing that would make this release perfect is new, numerous, emotionally satisfying endings for ME3
Zunzun Napja
Mass effect 3 was the most polished? Is this man drunk?
Sergio BobbleHead
Wow.. I'm so hyped with this trilogy
Sebastian Peczalka
Still no weapon holstering on command in ME3? Come on!!
Aliolii Napja
But wtaf did they do to Kaiden's face? =(
Chad Alexander Bowman
If only they made Indoctrination Theory real!!
AstroMG Napja
Can't wait to play ME1 and ME2 again and totally skip ME3
D Clv
D Clv Napja
Goodbye highlights, shadows and contrast
steve angel
better combat and graphics in one, plus better Maco, im sold !
Nandi Brutler
But why are you comparing it to the 360? That's basically cheating. Compare it to a maxed out PC version, and then show me the differences.
Vadya Khan
Vadya Khan Napja
It's fun to think that somewhere there is a guy who's played original trilogy and now he has a son that's going to play remastered
veale728 Napja
10:28 only monsters do that to Tali :(
No talk of the missing Pinnacle Station DLC the source code was corrupted? (Which is also the reason why it didn't make it into the PS3 version.) I'm not upset about it missing from the game, but you should have at least mentioned it just in case there are others who don't know and expect it to be included. Just saying'! ;)
Rafael F
Rafael F Napja
Lacraram nesse vídeo hein haha. Quase nem mostraram o Shepard masculino pra gente ter uma ideia de como vai ficar. Ele é o que hita nesse jogo
ReLapse Napja
Stick it up ya bum EA. Looks pants
Alejandro Ibarra
This needed to be a remake. If Square Enix was able to nail it with FF7, so was BioWare. Lazy bums, not even capable of a full remaster, leaving out the MP. This looks pretty much just a texture pack.
Real Gamer
Real Gamer 17 órája
they didn't get time from ea to do it
Burning bronze
still not fixed the ending.
Like most remasters, some things look better and other things look subjectively worse. For example in the original elevator scene, the dark lighting looks more atmospheric, like a noir film, whereas the remaster lighting looks flatter and less artistically pleasing. Remaster FemShep also looks a bit too “plastic”, but we’ll see when it’s released.
Jason Dana
Jason Dana Napja
Major question here: Team Mako or Team Hammerhead?
jomnix Napja
Mako, the hammerhead is like a tissue paper
aeidla Napja
what about that hideous me3 dress did they fix that
Randy Dela Rosa
Now Bioware should remaster DAO!
Red Leader
Red Leader Napja
You played the original but you remember the Legendary Edition visuals.
notta cracka
This actually may be worth getting even after hundreds of hours in ME2 and 3
Dean Napja
Mass Effect 1, Still hands down one of the best RPG's of all time.
Matrix Uchiha
Jeszcze tylko miesiąc
Do we still have to press the Back button for grenades? That was kinda weird.
ShinJen Napja
Always heard positive things of this game. This will be my first time playing this Trilogy once the remastered comes out!
Azwel Napja
Me1 is the best game in the trilogy only if it didnt have clunky combat. Other than that, looking forward to 5th playthrough.
Radeonoff Napja
6:05 the ladders are still flat lol
Nick Rff
Nick Rff Napja
So they basically molded it
Disekitar Game
0:20 is that the rock!?
Saik Saikatai
what about IA and difficulty tuning?
Saik Saikatai
ME1 Meko never had a problem, it's a scifi game where you drive on foreign planets. so called clunkiness and floating was just pure immersion to me.
gelul12 Napja
Still smells like lazy cash grab.
West Wolf Games
But does is the ending actually influenced by all your choices now? Or still just 3 different filters?
A Casual Gamer
The only mass effect I’ve played was Andromeda. I’m really looking forward to trying this
John Tavner
These ones are so much better than andromeda pal you'll have fun
Wubzilla Napja
But how is the "running"?
jomnix Napja
People are so harsh and angry these days...
Mohd Iqbal Salemi
This trilogy should be a remake, not a remastered. Low key disappointed.
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