Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (PS5) Review 

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IGN's Jonathon Dornbush reviews Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered for the PlayStation 5.
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Liam Webb
Liam Webb Napja
I’m disliking purely because u said u liked peter’s new face
Haterator Napja
When the "new" Peter sits next to Mary Jane, it looks like she's talking to her little brother. Sorry, but the face swap was a mistake.
Luke Napja
How did it go up from 8.7 to 9 two years later?
Marek Šturma
Marek Šturma 3 napja
Its remaster for free for previous owners of the game like it should be?
Justus Simmons
He didn’t say the thing :/
anyone feel like the game was WAY glitchier than ps4?
Apolonioman 4 napja
Contemplated getting a PS4 Pro for this (waste of money).. but now, it’s time.
Mars Samuel Zacarias
I dont get why replace Pete's face but not everyone's?
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 5 napja
Where did y’all find a ps5?
Boyish but confident charm? Peter parker is supposed to be awkward not charming?
T N 6 napja
If I buy the ultimate edition that includes spider man remastered on ps5, can I play it on ps4?
Adam Fairbrother
Can someone tell me if I can get the remastered version? I have the disc version of miles morales but can't find the option anywhere to buy the other one
Ricardo Barrera
Includes dlc?
Allan Monar
Allan Monar 9 napja
Guys should I get the ultimate edition or just the regular $50 edition. I need help to decide lol.
Marcus Honeybourne
can there be a option to switch all main characters to how they/would look like in the sam raimi spiderman
Cameron Radaszewski
Still not liking that face though. Too young and baby faced looking.
Video Games And Chill
I can't get passed his new face.... no thank you.
King of Dreams
King of Dreams 11 napja
Why can’t I buy the ultimate edition on my PS5 when I only had the standard digital on the PS4
XDarksoulX1129 11 napja
The note is because they arent in miles Morales
Robert 11 napja
If I have the game on PS4, do I get the remastered for ps5 ? Or no?🤔
Kuzurr 11 napja
If u get spiderman disc on ps4 will it go to ps5?
Big Brain Man Chris
holy motherforking shirtballs! IGN went 6 full minutes without saying the game makes you feel like spiderman?!?!?!
Alexis Rodriguez
Doing tricks like the Moonsault completely kill your web swinging moment! How is the traversal smoother IGN??? Also, changing the trick button completely messes with the swing dynamic :/
Josho B
Josho B 12 napja
Thumbs up those who need to have the other TASM suit👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
King Kaizer
King Kaizer 12 napja
is this remaster bought separately or is it an update to the game?
Danial Shafiq
Danial Shafiq 12 napja
Peter makes mj look 5 years older. It’s weird seeing my hit on a kid
Sam_cool 12 napja
Who like the new face I do
PhoenixFaze 12 napja
When you get Peter Parker from Wish and put him in the game......
Jay Ditto
Jay Ditto 12 napja
Improved facial animations? The new peter face as the same emotion as Kristen Stewart.
Paper Benni
Paper Benni 13 napja
The new face isn't more age appropriate. He's 26 in this game, not a high schooler
Jose Emmanuel A, Muli
“This remastered game makes you feel you're saying hey everyone” 9/10 - IGN
Maximum 90
Maximum 90 13 napja
It has to be rated a 9 because that makes it The Amazing Spider-Man. If they gave it an 8, it would make it The Great Spider-Man, and that’s just not right!
Rudy M
Rudy M 13 napja
B Bland
B Bland 13 napja
Should I play this if I beat miles morales but never played the original?
David Gomez
David Gomez 13 napja
I guess you could say, it really makes you FEEL like spiderman
peterhaase1982 13 napja
Same game higher score. Makes sense 👍
Sam R eye
Sam R eye 13 napja
I think his face looks a little more his age and his personality, but I prefer the original, and am I the only one who sees the fact that it doesn't fit his body? Like he now has a little, young face, with a bigger, more muscular body, am I the only person who finds that weird?
Ally 14 napja
Looks like Mj has a thing for fresh young boys
Mrs Cow
Mrs Cow 14 napja
„Looks more age appropriate“ Wtf are you on
kidfazer 14 napja
Performance mode is jaw dropping!
Sydney Sampson
Sydney Sampson 14 napja
What Spider-Man’ is this?!
Divya Vyas
Divya Vyas 14 napja
0/10 "No exaggerated swagger of a black teen."
Dee Em
Dee Em 14 napja
A game that came out two years ago hardly qualifies for a re-master!
Dialéctica 14 napja
Finally, an IGN reviewer actually says the game "makes you feel like __________" and no one writes it down in the comments, because let's face it, it's a terrible joke and it's been played out. IGN should just use the phrase on every review from now on so we can get rid of it.
SpecialGamer 14 napja
do i need the remastered version for the better graphic on the ps5 oder can i download the ps4 edition and its the same ?
Michael Williams
See they did mj great, and didn't have to change her face
Krabs 14 napja
“The new face is age appropriate” Peter is 23 in this game, the original fave was age appropriate, not the new one.
CALL ME A.K 15 napja
5:15 If u have never played marvel Spiderman... What have u been doing the last few years....... Me : was waiting for an dream to come true more like waiting for it to come on PC (impossible) lol...
Robert Merin
Robert Merin 15 napja
How do you get the Spider-Man Remastered?
tommy senior
tommy senior 15 napja
The only remaster that stay true to its name 👍
Davorian Ware
Davorian Ware 15 napja
That whole peter face change still weirds me out.
Callum 15 napja
This game really makes you FEEL like you’ve been remastered.
Joe Blood915
Joe Blood915 15 napja
i really dont like his new face he looks way too childish and if they left it alone i would replay a 3rd time but not happening
Spikeyfied 15 napja
1:25 ohhh So you are one of those Time Travelling guys that played a game a year before it even came out 🤣 It didn't come out three years ago, it came out two years ago. But hey it's IGN, what do I know? 🤷‍♂️
Moon Child98
Moon Child98 15 napja
But he looks high school young
Damilola Owolabi
Why does the new face looks like Tom Holland
Pixely The gamer
Remastering a game from 2 years ago is a dumb idea
The Street Fighter
Wow. He gave a great remake like SpongeBob: BfBB Rehydrated a 3 or 4, but gave a remaster that is mostly the same thing with a few of it's content coming to the original a 9. I'm not hating the Spidey PS4 Remaster because it's similar, Peter's face or part of it's content is coming to the PS4 original, is just that is the weird reviewers IGN(orant) had.
So conclusions Smooth,shiny, looking better than PS4 I think
Jesse O.
Jesse O. 16 napja
2:07 What the hell is happening to their hair when they blur out
Carcosa 16 napja
I love both versions of the characters but the original ones looked more natural, more grounded, like MJ’s hair all messy, etc.
Vedant sisodia
Vedant sisodia 16 napja
5:14 Well you see...
Claudio Alarcón
Yeah so why didn't they "improved" all the protaginst faces? Because its a lie that is for better animations...something happened executively
ShoqMax The First
Serious question here. How many scenes were added that have the side characters telling the baby faced Peter Parker to drink his milk?
Ben D00D
Ben D00D 16 napja
For the people who are complaining about the face. Ralph Machhio played a 14 year old character and looked like one while being in his early 20’s
LAMEZOR 16 napja
I'm sorry, is no one gonna mention the thumbnail pic is from the Amazing Spider-Man movie and not this game?
Elijah Shewell
Elijah Shewell 16 napja
In the sequel they should make it where Spider-man's feet dent the front or hood of the car when he's stopping it. It would make it even more immersive.
ANDY 16 napja
Well next I'll gonna wait for MARVEL'S🕷SPIDER-MEN!!
Jack32X 16 napja
When the games finally look like the E3 trailers
tharani kumanan
tharani kumanan 16 napja
Oh I wish I can play this game!!!!
Bunthorn Heng
Bunthorn Heng 16 napja
If I actually had a ps5 I'd play the remastered version
KEZHMAN 16 napja
They must restore the old face to Peter Parker!!! I'll giving the game bad marks while they use Peter Parker's new face.
NxT z94
NxT z94 16 napja
Which one is better this or spiderman miles morales? I need help
Whitney Asante
Whitney Asante 16 napja
IGN, did you really go through this whole review and not address Peter’s face? Granted its not a big deal for some but to not address the Kingpin in the room is so weird.
Andrew 16 napja
Looks boring. Unless your a spiderman fan this aint it chief.
Master Turtle
Master Turtle 17 napja
Jonathon Dornbush what a complete joke.
kiidampuller97 17 napja
Is this a free transfer?
MnifuzioN 17 napja
“Major improvements to facial animations”😂
Yasin Hasan
Yasin Hasan 17 napja
havent played it yet, im sure its overrated
anik khan
anik khan 17 napja
remastered spidy looks better than miles morales graphics
LowKey Zamora
LowKey Zamora 17 napja
I like the old peter
xyzz 17 napja
dafuq is with that face
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian 17 napja
Okay to be honest yes I don't like the new face change but.... The game looks goddamn great. I will give it a fair chance
Chloe Parker
Chloe Parker 17 napja
Will this be on ps4
Brian Henson
Brian Henson 17 napja
They made Peter look wack
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook 17 napja
Can we just get the old face back.
Kenjamin 17 napja
2:08 Did...just Peter's hair outline just revert to the old model and back when it was blurred?
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VexStreamz 17 napja
I have not played the game. I want, but its playstation exlusive, so thank you sony for that. Im not going to buy a playstation as a pc user.
Cpt. Chipotle
Cpt. Chipotle 17 napja
Wrong spiderman for the thumbnail... 4/10
Flex Tech
Flex Tech 17 napja
So theres a white and black spiderman?
Joseph Chandler
Joseph Chandler 17 napja
"it would be hard to go back to Spider-Man PS4" could you imagine playing a game from 2 years ago? That game is ancient
cncfan 17 napja
Circus in town?
SandersdeKFC 17 napja
Do they say the thing?
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 17 napja
I didn't even know you could play this on ps4, it definitely should've been reviewed on ps5 for the full effect.
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop 17 napja
"If you've never played Marvel's spider-man, what have you been doing the past 2 years?" Don't have money. or a Playstation, or Spider-Man.......
Joshua Ghiroli
Joshua Ghiroli 17 napja
I don't even remember what the original spidermans face looked like, it blows my mind that people are hung up on that. First world problems I guess.
You Know The Thing !
Anyone can wear the mask... IGN 10/10.
Gamer_Central 17 napja
Guys I bought the normal version of Miles Morales on PS5 and want the remaster of this game but can’t find it anywhere, is it only available in the ultimate edition? I can’t find any place to buy it
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