Marvel's Avengers: War Table - Kate Bishop Gameplay Deep Dive 

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Watch the latest War Table for Marvel's Avengers for a deep dive into Kate Bishop including a look at the character's combat abilities, and more.

Season 1 kicks off on December 8, 2020 with Kate Bishop in Operation Taking Aim.










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Kevin S
Kevin S 5 órája
Now hear me out on this if only the game let you play each character in the beginning like side story then leading to the A day event like captain America chasing down cross bones, black widow doing a stealth mission in hydra base, thor fighting on another planet or do cool side stories between the main story like daredevil is missing and black widow investigating it and she and daredevil fight with each other against the hand and give us badass tag team combos
JBKTPL 12 10 órája
5:40 Wait..... Most if not all the enemies are robots.... Wouldn't they still be able to see through the smoke???
Jordy Oerlemans
Jordy Oerlemans 19 órája
If they only make it co-op OFFline and you can switch characters in between like ultimate alliance or fantastic four, it levels the game up big time
Bruno Campo
O yes I'm hype for playing and another generic bald hulk skin!
shavar boyd
I’m loving everything about this I really am but does it seem like her sword is a little to big for her...
Tyson Widon
I saved up all my money to spend on this game and I haven’t touched it since I finished story mode
Dankquish 2 napja
what about spiderman?
Joxhua Thomax
Joxhua Thomax 2 napja
will this cost or will it be free?
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 2 napja
It'll be free
Falkurashee 2 napja
I still have hope that you guys will make a comeback. If no mans sky did it then so can y’all.
samuel Clark
samuel Clark 2 napja
The only people that are going to play this game online will be the developers
Dragon Clan
Dragon Clan 2 napja
Since when does Kate bishop have powers
DarthGator 3 napja
I really hope that after we get black panther, we get antman. He would be so cool. I really hope this game redeems himself
Raul23Ro 3 napja
I just love how they spoiler everything. No suprise boss or whatever. XD
The Street Fighter
Wow. People really don't know what games are. This game is epic. Just like with Mighty No. 9, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15 and other games, people are just trying to make those perfectly fine games be dumpster fires while they are completely playable. Either because of harmless MTX, graphics or some random bull.
The Street Fighter
@W B More like you being nostalgia-blinded because you can't handle optional DLC, that you are not forced to download even if you don't like the game.
W B 2 napja
Literally all the games you've mentionned were criticized for being left unfinished
Christian Devitt
YES AND THEY ARE GOING BY THE COMICS!!!!!! That’s great. Disney messed that up for us with the avengers movies. Glad square Enix and Marvel are trying to bring the comic book tradition back into its video games. 💪🏽💯😎
Darth Vinder
Darth Vinder 5 napja
If only they made this game single player then so many of their problems would have been fixed...
V4_Rocket Cloud
Warp Arrow = Warp Strike. She got Noctis's move from FFXV!
Geralt Rivia
Geralt Rivia 5 napja
How to get Kate Bishop? Is it DLC?
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 4 napja
Its a free Expansion thats coming out December 8th.
sad sad
sad sad 5 napja
People still play this????
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 4 napja
sakura is not useless
Will this be free? Please let it be free.
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 4 napja
@sakura is not useless coming In a future update. Dont know when, but it's on the list.
sakura is not useless
Is there anyway that the can have a new game plus ...because I really want to play the story again with my gear intact
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 4 napja
@sakura is not useless On all platforms, if I remember correctly all expansions will be free. Cosmetics you can buy with real money. If I'm wrong please correct me though.
sakura is not useless
@Jacob Hoover on ps4?
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 4 napja
Its Free.
SpadedOne Mcdysentery
Why do we need gender swaps of the same character? I’d rather they just drop Clint and keep Bate or vice versa. Not excited for She-Hulk or fem-Thor either. Is there really no female avengers that aren’t gender swaps that they can pull from?
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 4 napja
Fem-Thor?? I don't think they are adding her to the rooster. I could be wrong however.
Lou S
Lou S 6 napja
The super adaptoid looks so much like Dr Doom in this, if Baron Zemo, Killmonger or Red Skull come into the game I will be so freakin excited and happy, I have a feeling for the Black Panther DLC it's either Killmonger or Klaw who might be the boss
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 5 napja
In regards to Black Panther, I wouldn't mind seeing Man-Ape coming in.
Rishav Nath
Rishav Nath 6 napja
Man that's looks awesome , I will try ..
Z All
Z All 6 napja
I really don’t care I want Spider-Man
Osky Jr
Osky Jr 6 napja
I want to buy this game for $5
Zulilham 6 napja
Why would they put Sentinel if there's no one playable character from x men?
Tweelvez GC
Tweelvez GC 6 napja
This game had so much potential
Memes 3
Memes 3 6 napja
“A ton of cosmetics” square enix: we’re going to need 20 dollars for EACH skin
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 4 napja
I think you confusing Square Enix with EA or Digital Extremes. I'm just kidding, I really don't know.
Joe Ngilyang
Joe Ngilyang 6 napja
Thanks square enix
robotic thug
robotic thug 6 napja
Honestly I hope they save this game so I didn't waste my money... but so far it looks like it's not going to happen that way
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 4 napja
This by itself won't save the game, but its a start.
Yo Boi Seiji
Yo Boi Seiji 6 napja
I'm not coming back to this game until spiderman is out😂
Lisa Gaughan
Lisa Gaughan 6 napja
Looks awesome.
Nícolas Lorenzo
The character models from this game look like early 2000s CGI, like that first Final Fantasy movie. Their faces lack of personality so much.
John Dimayuga
John Dimayuga 7 napja
Dead game
Am I the only person who still enjoys the game?
Ch4rl13 Moore
Ch4rl13 Moore 7 napja
Quantum Energy... =_=
4040chocolate 7 napja
edbenzino 7 napja
SE: I know let's throw a distraction and put in a new player. Will waste money again on sales team to push the game and make it sound exciting to buy Staff: ...... but the reviews and feedback show we need to work on.... SE: Shut up we know what we are doing... buyers are always attracted to shiny things...hopeully the next sales will cover the millions we lost
Alex Soto
Alex Soto 7 napja
You know its a bad sign when people are just now finding out there was a war table
Zero 7 napja
Game even has frame rate issues in upcoming content videos. 3:57
Brandon XL
Brandon XL 7 napja
No one plays this game no more y’all need to fix a lot of things
HueHeffy 7 napja
So many heroes in the avengers and they drop "Kate Bishop" Lmao
Patrik 7 napja
I want Taskmaster as playable character!
turtle g
turtle g 7 napja
Is dead
Pewter Odin
Pewter Odin 7 napja
This game is so fantastic a shame that the pc players have the final say so because we console players are on this game strong and we play this game because it’s so amazing
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman 7 napja
This game is very repetitive. And it seems so “lonely” and “unpopulated” with the lack of random interactive NPC’s. What helps games like GTA V, DCUO, and Spider-Man is the variety of enemies, variety of locations and scenery, variety of objectives and scenarios, variety of gameplay options, and a populated world with a variety of interactive neutral NPC’s the make the game world seem “active” This game is just a 3D beat’em up.
erkziltonz 8 napja
The disrespect to hawkeye 😂 can't get his own movie or playable character.
Lexi Ross
Lexi Ross 8 napja
We want Black Panther, Spiderman and Dr Strange
Daniel Tokunaga
As someone who finds rooting for something to fail to be an exhausting state of mind to be in, I'll just say I'm cautiously hopeful that after enough future DLC comes out that this game might potentially equate to being as fulfilling and fun as a full length game.
Cellso Sanchez
They should do free roam 😬
Isho Ham_ingtle
Wow..... she is a whole different Kate Bishop that I know in the comic series
kvngirvng 8 napja
So like when is T'Challa coming aka Black Panther would be great to do since Chad died
Mortal Komment
Peter Chalhoub
the trailer for kate looks so cool
Amibe À Pec'
Amibe À Pec' 8 napja
She looks like a random customized character in Saint Row 3 and you are just happy to see her in the cutscenes
cook j
cook j 8 napja
This game is sooooo bad
Jordan 6 napja
Please tell me what makes this game sooooo bad? Besides the bugs/glitches and lack of content I’ll wait
Patrick Munroe
I’m imagining this playing to a Super Bowl stadium full of empty seats. One person reluctantly applauds from the very back row.
Mamba Mentality
How hard is it to drop 2 new characters every 6-8 weeks? And yes 2 at a time so that people can match make with the new characters.
Critical Kid
Critical Kid 8 napja
Please announce Spider-Man now already
PersonalMint 8 napja
Can I get a refund? I mean you took your damn time with this first dlc. What happened to constant updates?
PersonalMint 8 napja
What happens when you try to make a destiny ripoff + make spiderman a ps exclusive A game that dies within two months
Twins 2005
Twins 2005 8 napja
The only thing that really got me a little bit hyped was the future imperfect but everything else just didn’t cut it for me chief
Dangerous Danny
Why would you not bring Hawkeye a real avenger...
Legions and legends
im still here solo, can we get some more well known villains like the wrecking crew or something.
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 9 napja
Kate Bishop ultimate ability is RYU GA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU!
Superior2002 8 napja
@Jotaro Kujo Wryyyyyy
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 8 napja
@Superior2002 Yare Yare..
Superior2002 8 napja
Jotaro? Is that you?)
Obi Wan Kenobi
3:54 so its the same type of stand as Taskmaster
ayyee_elijah 9 napja
Why is everyone hating on this game? Doesn’t look that bad💀
Jacob Hoover
Jacob Hoover 5 napja
The main campaign was shorter then average, around 15-20 hours long. There were a lot of game breaking bugs at release. They Move Kate Bishop back a couple months to work out her bugs. Theres also not a lot of variety in the content after the main game also, so for some people it can get a little repetitive. All That said, the main reason people hate on this game is because people like to complain about every little thing. Sorry for the long Reply.
MakB546 7 napja
If you say so
AwesomeBoxman 9 napja
They all play the same heroes just feel like skins...
Kevin Balderas
They should release two characters at once
Zaheer Sarang
Zaheer Sarang 9 napja
Those same Millions have already quit
WorldUltimate 9 napja
Maestro Hulk? That's lit!
Aman Dilshad
Aman Dilshad 9 napja
Marvels Avengers with new update Insomniac : “Hold my beer 🍻”
John Blake
John Blake 9 napja
When the ultra complete legendary gold edtion comes out and goes on sale then maybe i will get this game.
Superior2002 8 napja
Kate is completely free charakter and future dlc too.
Kuma da Jerkz
Kuma da Jerkz 9 napja
im sorry but why does it looks like the voice of the character sound lively but the character model doesn't
Danny R
Danny R 9 napja
Clicked on this video for the comments. Lol. Haven’t played this garbage since launch. I’m sad I made my buddies buy this. I had high hopes :(
Malcolm Greene
So they going to make us wait for the old man Hawkeye storyline when that could literally save the game from being uninteresting
I just came to read the comments. And let me say I’m not disappointed.
Vision 9 napja
If this game wasn't so repetitive and expanded beyond avengers like fantastic four and X-MEN more like ultimate alliance and focus as much on the team feeling as well as solo feeling the game could have been hypeaf
Brayden Life
Brayden Life 9 napja
What is wrong with you people. This game has its weak spots but deep down it is an amazing game. Seriously people calm down. Oh my lord
Maze 9 napja
December 8th..........2 days before a game that many people have been waiting for yup marvels dead
Zaid Naing
Zaid Naing 9 napja
they adding "quantum" in everything.
Deelontee Hutchins
Yo she said something about the game running better....but throughout the gameplay i seen mostly frame rate drops. Am i trippin guys? Cause I think they just straight up lied 😆
Nimisis 9 napja
I only play this game to see if they can make it worth playing
Nimisis 9 napja
If they’re really listening to us, then make spider man available on all platforms
EL Fabio
EL Fabio 9 napja
I kinda feel bad for the game, so much potential if they just knew how to handle it maybe this would be a different story.
Kikaider 01
Kikaider 01 9 napja
Marvel's Avengers is secretly a battle royale game You have to be the one person left playing
luapn2187 9 napja
I love all the people defending this game. As if the developers actually care. There probably upset at a the money they lost.
luapn2187 9 napja
So much wasted potential. Sigh
David McRae
David McRae 10 napja
Yeah this game is gunna get defunded 100%
awesomestuff81 10 napja
So Kate Bishop story is that she's going to go back in time to save her father. And the next dlc is Hawkeye and it picks up right after Kate's operation. Oh I really want to play it to find out if Kate manage to save him. 😅
Benyamin Razak
Benyamin Razak 10 napja
How about make avengers gameplay like devil may cry? Can swap team members everytime to make endless combo
Beez Neez
Beez Neez 10 napja
Fk Kate bitchup. BRING ON BLACK PANTHER. smfh
BoobaDoo 10 napja
“Deep dive” is a joke term for this game. This game is as shallow as a puddle. It’s a game I would have expected to be excited about twenty plus years ago. Strike, jump repeat. No depth in this game at all.
the Notorious
the Notorious 10 napja
Game was such a disappointment
RubherPuh 10 napja
I just say they should fix matchmaking. When the game launched the first week it was impossible to find people and I stopped playing. Now its more impossible impossible to find anyone so it's not worth it.
jaydenrock 10 napja
So super adaptioid is basically Taskmaster. Lame.
Angel Gonzales
Angel Gonzales 10 napja
This games only been out for 2 months and lost 100% of its player base, right?
jaydenrock 10 napja
@2:33 Spider-man
HakxxaW Official
Forgot this game exists.
victor kyaw
victor kyaw 10 napja
"Did you guys put the word quantum in front of everything?"- Scott
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