Marvel's Avengers - Official Kate Bishop Trailer 

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Get a look at the latest trailer featuring Kate Bishop. The character is headed to Marvel's Avengers when Season 1 kicks off on December 8, 2020.










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Tushar Chandra
Tushar Chandra 8 órája
I have this game and I’m gonna play the dlc!!😊
naxxo pavez
naxxo pavez 9 órája
Hailee is gonna be a fantastic Kate Bishop
rich rad
rich rad 23 órája
This game had so much potential and now look at it.
Omnicduck GTX
At least it looks better than fortnite
Mister Painwell
At last something to return. I can't wait to fight the super Adaptoid and maestro.
xdragon282 3 napja
Out of all the avengers they could have put, Kate bishop? Seriously cmon
DiX Inc.
DiX Inc. 5 napja
All 6 people who still play the game will be delighted
Angelus Domine Creare
Torturar prisioneiros é crime contra a humanidade.
M Bane
M Bane 6 napja
literally the majority of people who played this are players who don’t read the comics so i don’t think their gonna come back to a character who most players won’t know who it is i’m guessing hawk eyes daughter?
Miguel Rodriguez
It's like Fire Emblem characters in Smash Bros all over again.
Benny Harvey
Benny Harvey 6 napja
Successor to ManHands? Even the people dumb enough to buy this pos game won't come back for this.
purposly 6 napja
is this a joke?
chicagobudoka 6 napja
Guess they chose to go super woke and broke!
Mark F
Mark F 5 napja
How is it super woke?
Jake Land
Jake Land 7 napja
Okay I can’t be the only one that thought the big robot from this game looked like a sentinel
Daniël Bot
Daniël Bot 7 napja
If Spider-Man will be only available on PlayStation, how can there be cross play? Or will he come first to PlayStation and later to pc/Xbox?
Elliot Shwartz
Who tf is Kate Bishop?
Zackghost 1
Zackghost 1 10 napja
This is their "last chance" to turn things around they delayed this and im glad they did before they put out a bad dlc but I dont have high expectations
Saahiththiyan Mathivathanan
Is that Aloy voice actress?
Calibr21 10 napja
Awesome. Love Hawkeye. Looking forward to some new missions
HopOnTheHype 11 napja
Man, Cyberpunk 2077 has some real competition..............
XProject13 11 napja
The DLC looks better than the actual game
Shadow21GX 11 napja
I love how it got me interested without knowing whats really gonna happen next.
Jon 11 napja
Even the trailers glitchy🤣 sorry wish this game wasn’t garbage but yea yea it is
gika kiknadze
gika kiknadze 11 napja
Yeee more boring rpg mechanic game this wat all..... People want!!!
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 12 napja
One question. Who is the green iron man lookin guy?
Linney 12 napja
Forgot about this game
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 12 napja
Is the game THAT! Bad?
Prince Of Persia
Missions are repetitive. There are bugs and glitches too
Dr Ram
Dr Ram 12 napja
Wanted to buy this game but it died to quick
al g
al g 12 napja
Just remember when you about to give this a like.. There are MUCH MORE interesting marvel characters.
Jesse Procher
Jesse Procher 12 napja
of all the characters... you think kate bishop will bring people back????
Eric Mon Guz
Eric Mon Guz 12 napja
Is this avengers 2 or what??
Gabriel Quintero
Why do all companions go when i choose only 1
Antal Kovacs
Antal Kovacs 12 napja
That was dope. Always like stuff that had some sort of time travel in it!!
Bryan oppong
Bryan oppong 12 napja
marie Van Damme
marie Van Damme 12 napja
STOP WITH THE ROBOTS!!! goddamn! Bring them some allies and let us have some real fun!!!
Landon Brown
Landon Brown 12 napja
Should have launched on gamepass
Jason Cox
Jason Cox 12 napja
When spiderman coming out for this game again 🤨
Nathan Gould
Nathan Gould 12 napja
Dead game
fredthecorp 12 napja
michael steffler
Game already died, no one cares
Massine Moustaphaoui
Who the f even still playing this
Nads 12 napja
waiting for the next gen patch before continuing to play this game! i stopped at about 50% through the campaign and said it was best to wait till next year to play again as they announced next gen versions will be coming out.
Isreal Martinez
Isreal Martinez 12 napja
Just bring Spider-Man and maybe I'll start playing again 🤣🙏🏽
End Boss Eleven
End Boss Eleven 12 napja
All I can is either Aloy or Cassie 😂
Gavin Linco
Gavin Linco 12 napja
Is this the dlc of this
xiDamion 13 napja
female hawkeye L O L
ragnarososo 13 napja
maybetoby 13 napja
People are still playing this game?
Infamousmig 13 napja
This game definitely needs more maps/better levels and enemies. I DO NOT think a couple new characters are enough to bring me back, especially if there’s even more characters to come! Make more maps!!
Gabe 13 napja
Waiting for the get your money back update 😒
Elijah Martinez
Elijah Martinez 13 napja
Stoping monica will not be easy
JAY BLINK 13 napja
Oh great, more of the same robots to shoot. ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿 This game is done.
TK Magic Vlogs
TK Magic Vlogs 13 napja
They ripped us off. I want my $60 back
Bumble - Bee
Bumble - Bee 13 napja
"If you love comics and superheroes, just let go"
The geeking channel
Hopefully this gets me back into the game. I want this game to be a game I play constantly
Samuel Caron
Samuel Caron 13 napja
What a flop
TJelly 13 napja
Ultimate Alliance 1&2 is still better than this game.
John Shuttleworth
Maybe you would have more PC players if SpiderMan wasn’t exclusive. And, also not having the game be so repetitive. It’s not even the enemies really. It’s the environments. How did this get past QA testing? Someday had to say something about it. Doesn’t matter how fun the characters are to play. By going to the same 3 locations, over and over and over again. Kills it more than anything. Free to Play is the only option here. Or gamepass. Something. I don’t see this lasting the 10years you hoped for.
Square Enix should have spent that kind of money on Sleeping Dogs 2.
bryce hall
bryce hall 14 napja
I like how the background music for the trailer is The End is Coming. Who the editor was that chose and finalized that...I see what you're doing.
Kameron Layton
Kameron Layton 14 napja
What's the trailer music called?
MVP_KZ 14 napja
What happened to Hawkeye? :)
Astrophysics 14 napja
1:07 Well that was very underwhelming, no beam from Iron man 😂
Jacob M
Jacob M 14 napja
Free for ps plus Dec 2020
Vinny Di Lucia
Vinny Di Lucia 14 napja
Should’ve dropped Black Panther to bring players attention!
Scp 999
Scp 999 14 napja
Говно :)
Yangadem Enak
Yangadem Enak 14 napja
Yeah, that's looks fun. Anyway...
Cordell Sukaserm
How are the framerates bad even in the trailers??
Frosty Wasp
Frosty Wasp 14 napja
Damn the hate on this game is real. On a series note how do we give advice to the devs and when is the next Q&A
James Kennedy
James Kennedy 14 napja
Dead game
Emil Babić
Emil Babić 14 napja
remove this from internet, son
pikka pool
pikka pool 14 napja
Spiderman miles ate your hype
guaroguarino 14 napja
Just what we asked for, more generic and overpowered female characters!
Zeals Gaming
Zeals Gaming 14 napja
0:39 what is this
Exotic Blitzz
Exotic Blitzz 14 napja
So antman and iron man have the exact same personality
PigzWigz 14 napja
After playing the beta for 25 hours I felt like I 100% completed it and don't feel like I need to ever play it again.
Edgar Ramirez
Edgar Ramirez 14 napja
Oh look more robots...yay
Ryan Ocarroll
Ryan Ocarroll 14 napja
0:47 You do realizing your talking to expert in marksmanship, right?
boy638 14 napja
ngl the abrupt boop ending was funny
B1indsided 14 napja
HoodJustice 14 napja
Alex Franco
Alex Franco 14 napja
I'm ready! Give me more hawkeye
auntie histamine
they better crank content out a lot faster than this if they want to keep people playing
Chris Toro
Chris Toro 14 napja
The game was great, kinda buggy - but ignoring the cosmetics it was a straight forward experience for me, this character looks dope too. The video game community is so toxic there's nothing in this comment section that surprised me. Let's just play what we like, and leave what we hate. I'll be playing this - sue me.
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 12 napja
So you like it, great. That's awesome. But just because others don't like it does not make them toxic.
ShTeEnArMy 14 napja
is someone gonna tell them this game died already
Nanny69range 14 napja
J.H. Felix
J.H. Felix 14 napja
Nice try, dead game.
Trenton Wilburn
Trenton Wilburn 14 napja
I guess I'm the only one excited for this lol
Trenton Wilburn
Trenton Wilburn 14 napja
Why is everyone hating on this game?
Rivers 12 napja
Because it turned out to be bland and repetitive. I still visit it every once and a while though.
Vipus2501 14 napja
You gotta give Crystal Dynamics props for making the avengers look like such generic NPCs.
Lord Madara
Lord Madara 14 napja
I'm so hyped and happy now I can play again cause I stoped since they dropped the hive update
Kamaboko Gonpachiro
I would rather play Fortnite marvel knock out Ltms
Muzi Tshabalala
Muzi Tshabalala 14 napja
Man this game could have been awesome
Zero Wan
Zero Wan 14 napja
What a wasted of resources and energy for just 1 new characters lmao
You can now play as Luigi
Dude this looks awesome!
Charming Peasant
Enough with this... Start making a new Tomb Raider game and gives us back the classic Lara Croft.
Ethan Davo
Ethan Davo 14 napja
You never know this game could do a battlefront 2 one day
j rollie
j rollie 14 napja
Aukario Rharo
Aukario Rharo 14 napja
Do a Joe Biden dlc
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