Mainstream - Official Trailer (2021) Andrew Garfield, Maya Hawke 

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Check out the trailer for this film featuring director Gia Coppola's satirical commentary on social media and the dark side of internet fame.

In this upcoming movie written by Gia Coppola and Tom Stuart, Maya Hawke stars as a young woman who thinks she's found a path to internet stardom when she starts making HUrun videos with a charismatic stranger played by Andrew Garfield. However, the dark side of viral celebrity threatens to ruin them both.

The movie also stars Kalena Yiaueki, Nat Wolff, Johnny Knoxville, and Jason Schwartzman.

Mainstream arrives in theaters and VOD on May 7, 2021.
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J Posterity
J Posterity 2 perccel
Spiderman prequel looks lit
Leonardo Natera
Leonardo Natera 6 perccel
Hollywood ...
Phoenix 007
Phoenix 007 14 perccel
0:06 You’re the Amazing Spider Man
Phoenix 007
Phoenix 007 14 perccel
0:06 you’re the amazing spider man
Terence Ma
Terence Ma 15 perccel
The Social Network 2: Where's Wardo
Logan Charles
Logan Charles 51 perce
andrew garfield the goat
le PRAiZE Órája
1:36 BRO IS THAT JAKE PAUL... gonna be some bad reviews lmaooo
God Emperor Pepe
*Does nobody find the irony in the fact that Jake Paul is in this movie?*
Sagar Órája
Father Rodrigo?
King Latifah
King Latifah Órája
Dude what song is this? So dope
Lee sr Poop
Lee sr Poop Órája
Why does it look like a low grade on Logan Paul's life
Amin Órája
"we all have secrets, the ones we keep and the ones that are kept from us"
Ron Cake
Ron Cake 2 órája
white boy summer looking strong.
Chris Carter
Chris Carter 2 órája
Isn't he a bit old? 37 isn't exactly a prime age to become a breakout HUrunr.
Mixup Master
Mixup Master 3 órája
This has to be the most well cut commercial I’ve seen in a while
Vivian Wong
Vivian Wong 3 órája
There’s no way they actually casted jake Paul in this
EtchedInStone 3 órája
Looks woeful
Londwa Ngcobo
Londwa Ngcobo 4 órája
When is it dropping or in cinemas or digital platforms
Paris Williams
Paris Williams 4 órája
Is that Peter B Parker!? 👀
Loran Cehack
Loran Cehack 4 órája
Cancel this and just go back to being Spider-man.
Chris 4 órája
The smartest thing they could do is get Andrew Garfield to lead a movie like this...damnit Im intrigued on some Devil's Advocate type of level
Brandon Calvilo
Brandon Calvilo 4 órája
The fact that jake paul survived the physical and emotional abuse claims, and logan paul survived probably one of the worst which is the Japan vlog/ suicide forrest vlog And they're still here Humanity is just hopeless
Mystic Ranger
Mystic Ranger 4 órája
Logan paul lol
Christian-Bernard Gauci
This looks amazing!
Marcelo's Toy Room
So it's a movie about Logan Paul and Jake Paul .....
My boy andrew making a come back.
Schilli 5 órája
Song name anyone ?
Everardo Hernandez
They already made Ingrid Goes West
ThuliDooly 5 órája
Andrew still looks the same give him the spiderman trilogy he deserves
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher 5 órája
what song is this in the background?
Mirav Vyas
Mirav Vyas 5 órája
Andrew : the Yuthuber movie
Aaron Tamares
Aaron Tamares 5 órája
Hey thats cherdleys
Reece Gentry
Reece Gentry 5 órája
Andrew Garfield can ACT
L2 jaø
L2 jaø 6 órája
Finalmente o Andrew em um filme novo
superdupermax 6 órája
pewdiepie the movie?
Is this like Joker but for kids?
Astroranagun 6 órája
he's not coming back for 30%....he's coming back for everything... XD
Gaybriel 6 órája
Peter Parker is Logan Paul
You0nlyLiveonce 6 órája
What song is playing in the background?
Jay's Movie Review
This looks like the most insane performance he's ever given.
cubeflame 6 órája
omg it’s Spider-Man haven’t seen him in years
Jayce Bee
Jayce Bee 6 órája
Is that supposed to be a fictional version of one of those Paul boys ?
wazzuppoo 6 órája
song name?
Psyclonus 7 órája
The whole movie condensed to the trailer
Madnessd16 7 órája
Looks shite
Tarun Lohani
Tarun Lohani 7 órája
Logan Paul?
Eric Vague
Eric Vague 7 órája
Did an algorithm spit this out?
20 years ago
20 years ago 7 órája
Peter looks different in this movie 🧐
gummy bear
gummy bear 7 órája
Can't wait for the part where he boxes a black british guy
Eternity - To Infinity & More
I'm happy that he is getting awesome roles in movies, unlike Tobey Maguire. Both are talented gems.
Omri Almagor
Omri Almagor 7 órája
what's the background music?
whenthatfeelinggg. . .
Maya Hawke greatly resembles Uma Thurman, she should star in a remake! ^^
Skywalker 8 órája
So basically this is a movie about soulja boy
Megan Spillane
Megan Spillane 8 órája
Bet hes meant to be the devil
ILivenearAdogpark AndismellpoopEverywhere
didn't expect to see jake paul in this
John Ong
John Ong 8 órája
Let's make fun of Hollywood if that's possible. Show all their dirty secrets
TheBlueEra 8 órája
Forget Andrew Garfield, Nat Wolff is right there!!!
Tom Hughes
Tom Hughes 8 órája
Anyone know the song?
Alex 8 órája
Ryan Lamont
Ryan Lamont 8 órája
Was keen to watch this until Jake Paul popped up on screen...
Wiii 9 órája
you are spiderman...?
Swinnybum 9 órája
In the age of talentlessness...
James Hazell
James Hazell 9 órája
Song title anyone???
Big Frank
Big Frank 9 órája
Andrew looks like the blonde Peter Parker.
Jay Atout
Jay Atout 9 órája
SkillipEvolver 9 órája
Da hell is this
velan v
velan v 9 órája
A docu series inspired by Jake Paul. Interesting
E1law 9 órája
Ryan George's Influencer: the movie the movie
jackson nguyen
jackson nguyen 10 órája
ew ew ew ew ew ew ew
Jimin You
Jimin You 10 órája
Man Andrew’s been taking some terrible movies lately bruv
Manuel Talavera
Manuel Talavera 10 órája
Soooo... is this a story/movie about jake Paul or Logan Paul ?
Kazz Kreations
Kazz Kreations 10 órája
Jake Paul ruined it for me
debojyoti gaming 20
Is that Jack pole
Parthesh Punjabi
Parthesh Punjabi 10 órája
Andrew is best Spiderman ❤️❤️
lehmu naid
lehmu naid 10 órája
This looks sick
Pavan Raj Singh
Pavan Raj Singh 11 órája
Andrew looks so young for 37. He looks like he’s 21 !
Raihan islam
Raihan islam 11 órája
Why he look like homelander
puneet prasad
puneet prasad 11 órája
Disney's Pewdiepie...
Just SleekZ
Just SleekZ 11 órája
Robin Buckley & Peter Parker in one movie?!?!?!?!
jack nan
jack nan 11 órája
Sapi dermen
Adge Rantz
Adge Rantz 11 órája
Soooo not the new spiderman movie then.... Ok
AARON BLAZE 11 órája
You are Peter Parker
J Tetteroo
J Tetteroo 11 órája
Our regression, our failure, our extinction.
Forrest.05 11 órája
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh it’s regiiiiiiii from riverdalw
SlipperyTube 11 órája
looks pretty dope!
Anmol Bhatnagar
Anmol Bhatnagar 11 órája
What's the name of the bgm???
Braden Hill
Braden Hill 12 órája
Seeing Jake Paul in this makes me immediately just never wanna see this but I’m gonna push through that one scene he’s in for my boy Andrew and the other great artists who worked on this🙏
Dojalakees 12 órája
"Sociopath" The Movie
Ex0dus111 12 órája
They got Jake Paul looking at Andrew Garfield doing an impression of his brother... LOL!
ryan 12 órája
Pizza time?
The Raven
The Raven 12 órája
Saw Jake Paul and immediately stopped watching the trailer
Just SleekZ
Just SleekZ 11 órája
The whole point of the movie was to show how they mock Vloggers on the internet. That's why Jake paul is in this
GR3G 12 órája
Andrew Garfield supremacy let's goooo!!!!
Alankar Joey
Alankar Joey 12 órája
there better be an apology video forced by his marketing team
treefiddytwo 12 órája
oh that’s the girl from the pretzel stand in stranger things. she’s adorable. also Andrew Garfield has had some interesting film choices but he’s so talented
Just SleekZ
Just SleekZ 11 órája
It wasn't a pretzel stand
animation journey
animation journey 13 órája
so this is all about tik tokers
Mr G
Mr G 13 órája
Came here for the comments about Andrew Garfield an spiderman
Ace Kianno Velasco
Ace Kianno Velasco 13 órája
uma thurman
TEN XONM 13 órája
Tis gonna be special
The DUDE 13 órája
Andrew Garfield is Mefisto *CONFIRMED*
PieceOfMyBrain 13 órája
So this is what happens if Peter lost his mind after Gwen's death
SuperM 슈퍼엠 'We DO' MV
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MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)
SuperM 슈퍼엠 'We DO' MV
Megtekintés 3,4 M
MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)
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Szóval KDS ezt mondta rólam..