Madden NFL 21 - Official PS5 & Xbox Series X Overview Trailer 

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Get a look at the next-gen stats, replays, and playcalling that are going into the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Madden NFL 21, which will be released on December 5.










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Brandon Fox
Brandon Fox 40 perccel
genuine question - What is the difference between Madden 21 last gen vs. next gen? I played the two games 5 minutes apart (after getting the next gen update) and didn't notice any difference. The graphics were the same, the menus, the animations seemed the same etc. I just don't know what is different?
Jerp grayson
Jerp grayson 15 órája
Hey you guys at madden think you can fix franchise mode? Been broken for years
Rizz Enthusiastic
Rizz Enthusiastic 19 órája
Same crap.....
Devon Calhoun
Devon Calhoun 2 napja
The dreads going through the helmet, classic madden....1:47
Christian Orr
Christian Orr 2 napja
I can’t wait to see RyanMoody tear this game apart when it releases 😄
Dustin Nuttall
"Simulation" 🤣 They've had years to become a real simulation sports game and zero competition to defeat NFL 2K5 and they still CAN'T come close ro replicating or beating 2K5. Madden continues to get worse each year with updated rosters and updated jerseys. I'll never buy another one, ever.
Smashing Pumpkins
1:15 "YOU CAN ONLY EXPERIENCE THIS IN MADDEN" EA/Madden actin like they had competition. lol
Deffy 8 napja
I’ve seen all of these catch animations in the old game
Christian Alexander
It doesn't look any different and people still going to waste thier money
Gloryboy Santi
If you reading this.... don't buy madden it is not worth it
Lucky 10 napja
Vote with your dollar... Don’t buy this game
Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall 10 napja
Nothing changed lmao, but y’all still buy so🤷🏽‍♂️not my problem
Roc Solid
Roc Solid 10 napja
Don’t get your hopes up people
Denzel Adams
Denzel Adams 10 napja
Jave Boyboy
Jave Boyboy 10 napja
1:31 pretty sure I’ve seen that animation a thousand times before
Johnathan Robinson
Is it just me or does every madden trailer since PS4 look the same
moi 12 napja
this is not a gameplay but more cinematics of the game.. this dont show us how game is
Evander Holyfeels
1:48 XDDDDD someone getting fired, and it wont be a GAME DEV from ea, prolly just the intern who cut up this video.
Coby Handy
Coby Handy 12 napja
Fake af, zeke didn’t fumble
lamp love
lamp love 12 napja
Is it me or is the leap in actual visual change from generation to generation with these systems getting less and less. Remember the leap from Super Nintendo to N64....i want that again.
D Rek
D Rek 12 napja
But you'll still drop the ball on 3rd downs.. 😂😂
Sharp 12 napja
Hard PASS‼️
L M 12 napja
Those player models look worse than NCAA 14
Sean Permann
Sean Permann 12 napja
Should rename the game to Madden's Ultimate Turnovers
johnny Isrel
johnny Isrel 12 napja
Snow still looks like current gen
Justin Jakubowitz
Pshhhh whatever. NFL 2k or nothing
Faroque Damian
Faroque Damian 12 napja
Y'all be like the game ain't gonna be like and u still gonna play it
Jr Santoyo
Jr Santoyo 12 napja
2k just laughin at you guys right now. Lol. When 2k uploads a video the game actually looks like that. 😎😎😎
Mcsqueebs 12 napja
Ahhhhhh the old switch the words up but keep the same shitty soundtrack and gameplay for the same price plus a ps5 lol what a joke
j akins
j akins 12 napja
Still no tats smh
NotSo ObviousThings
They don’t have any tats? They had tattoos in 16
Angry Bird
Angry Bird 13 napja
It’s the same mechanics
Ron K
Ron K 13 napja
Trailer looks much better than actual game
Retsam Razwinkz
Retsam Razwinkz 13 napja
Enjoy the next gen graphics while it last bcuz this is going to be the graphics for the next 6 years
roycedarealest 13 napja
Why does madden looks the same unlike NBA 2k21 next gen?😂🤣
Scoliosis Jonez
Scoliosis Jonez 13 napja
Ryan Moody gonna have a field day with this
N1C0YA 13 napja
They need to take this off and bring back NFL 2k1/2k2... smh...
Red Red
Red Red 13 napja
Tyler S. Morris
Tyler S. Morris 13 napja
Put in create a play
Replenished Mindset
My expectation for next gen was the old Mike Vick Nike commercial 😐😒😡👿
Unseen_Hero 13 napja
Next Gen - We've added stats to the same game from 2016. Thank you EA, you're a national treasure.
Tsering Wangyal
Tsering Wangyal 13 napja
Without watching the video and jus reading the comments I thought it was fifa 21
Wali Ansari
Wali Ansari 13 napja
Performance > Graphics
Jonathan 13 napja
Still not able to make the players fight ?
Jesse93z 13 napja
apparently you can move the player you're using in this one something new every year
Fernando Silveira
É legal esse jogo.
Hyper Shounen
Hyper Shounen 14 napja
2K14 still looks better than this
Keiji Johnson
Keiji Johnson 14 napja
That thumbnail perfectly replicates how I looked when I saw this trailer. Nothing I’ve seen here really screams “next gen” to me, and I’ve never even played a Madden game before. Only seen gameplay footage of it.
Romano41189 14 napja
Idk I think it looks pretty awesome 🤘😎
Ellis F
Ellis F 14 napja
You could do so much with a football game. Like, going back in time and using old gear (helmets and pads) you can make it take place in the future or make funny arenas like the bubble bowl in SpongeBob. Realism is cool but can you please balance that with creativity.
Double CC
Double CC 14 napja
So it looks exactly like the trailer?
Will Barnett
Will Barnett 14 napja
Sooo I'm gonna be playing the same Madden I have on my Xbox one s smdh
Brian P
Brian P 14 napja
I dont even have a ps5 or xbox series x. I just came here to help with the dislikes.
onestopshop 14 napja
Remember when you could control the weather. Like legit control how much it snowed or rained Now its either a the day after tomorrow storm or a tsunami
Jesus Cisneros
Jesus Cisneros 14 napja
Ps2 Madden is still better..
Dee Moe
Dee Moe 14 napja
The people want 2k football back
bilbo baggins
bilbo baggins 14 napja
Why does the crowd look so dead
bilbo baggins
bilbo baggins 14 napja
Ryan Moody finna have a field day
JG 14 napja
Looks the same tbh
Bayman Tattoo
Bayman Tattoo 14 napja
When I download the series X version it’s not working when I click on it. It simply takes me to the store and says install (you already own it) . I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it to no avail. Any help? (Tried running off internal ssd and the expansion ssd )
Caymen Hawkins
Caymen Hawkins 14 napja
“And it’s never felt so real” *NFL 2K5:* Am I a joke to you?
Damien Scott
Damien Scott 14 napja
I can’t believe madden 21 is this sorry!
Loxiffy 14 napja
2k is better
Shantavian Nelson
Lol y I'm not surprise 😂😂
colt b
colt b 14 napja
colt b
colt b 14 napja
2k or a new nfl blitz
Coachdenz11 15 napja
only change is "NEXT GEN" in title....
Cory Lowe
Cory Lowe 15 napja
I wish madden would have the same graphical leap as NBA 2k
Pensiveparvenu 15 napja
Nice to see Robinsons hair go through his helmet 1:47. Next gen indeed....
Nas Holston
Nas Holston 15 napja
I really hope people dont waste their money on this
Kamo Game
Kamo Game 15 napja
I should play this game in my channel 👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👌
Diamonds Do
Diamonds Do 15 napja
How bout the graphics better be like 2K NBA.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 15 napja
Change the damn commentary!!
Anta MANtium
Anta MANtium 15 napja
Gang GreenGang
Gang GreenGang 15 napja
It will have the same commentary from 5 years ago
prlito9mm 15 napja
Bring back NFL2K.
Elijah Reid
Elijah Reid 15 napja
It looks like they went BACK a generation...
PressEnter 15 napja
0:49 sure had me fooled thought it could be real.
Boom Shakalaka
Boom Shakalaka 15 napja
Still looks wonky
Jesse Valle
Jesse Valle 15 napja
I feel like I've seen this all before, oh wait it was last year
Allen Christopher Brown II
nfl 2k5 still better tho 😒
mrmashedpotato 15 napja
I'd happily play this if it were free to play. If EA is going to put the minimum amount of effort into their games, I'm going to invest the minimum amount of money in them. Zero.
SMSCentauris 15 napja
Madden is a damn joke.
V No Cappuccino R
$70 confirmed too
Isaiah Scales
Isaiah Scales 15 napja
Graphics looks the same as ps4 😂😂
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 15 napja
Oh look ,it’s the exact same game format that’s happened for the last 13 years.
Setsuna F. Seiei
mkeonine 15 napja
Yay. Cut scenes.. And more cut scenes.
Chuck 15 napja
Crowd swells for no reason. Aaron Rogers looks dumb and stiff... I hate Madden
Tucker 15 napja
"Next Gen"? It was barely "CURRENT gen"!
Jijuane 15 napja
Can you believe that madden 21 set sales records? Y’all keep crying bout how bad it is then buy it
3 1 4 Boy
3 1 4 Boy 15 napja
At this point just stop making football games because I’m completely done🤦🏿💯
Prince Blaccblaze
We need NBA & NFL Street back
Chikky Coco
Chikky Coco 15 napja
Just play football in real life, this game doo doo
Kyle Ashley
Kyle Ashley 15 napja
If you buy this game, you are a contributing factor to the degradation of videogame quality and enabling disgusting microtransaction practices.
redd vang
redd vang 15 napja
Honesty this should of been the ps4 version. Where the tru next gen EA? Come on!
Rico Mussa
Rico Mussa 15 napja
TFG 15 napja
Wtf does “next-gen stats” mean, this looks identical to the last 3 entries.
Shawn Kennedy
Shawn Kennedy 15 napja
So it's the same? Got it. Still not buying it
Tyson Finch
Tyson Finch 15 napja
If I cant do a hot route where the receiver does a post or a corner
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