Jurassic World VelociCoaster - Announcement Trailer 

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Watch the trailer for a glimpse of the terrifying twists and turns of the newly announced Jurassic World VelociCoaster, opening at Universal Orlando Resort on June 10, 2021.

The VelociCoaster transports guests to an environment inspired by the Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment Jurassic World films and on an adventure through the raptor paddock and beyond with the films' Velociraptor pack: Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. The attraction, located at the Islands of Adventure theme park, features the original cast of Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and BD Wong who reprise their roles as Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Dr. Henry Wu.

The VelociCoaster invites guests to the adventure that will take them 155 feet in the air and catapult them up to 70 mph.
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Rey Villa
Rey Villa 45 perccel
This is nonsense. "The Apex predator of roller coasters" wtf does that even mean?
Wendell Eaglestick
Wendell Eaglestick 50 perccel
It's not blue I'm so dead It's blue ahhh!
Johns3n Órája
"You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could and before you even knew what you had you patented it and packaged it and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now you're selling it, you want to sell it!"
Øþ BøŢ
Øþ BøŢ 3 órája
Pain for people that though There was gonna be a New movie trailer 😭😂
yeastori 3 órája
If the raptors don't get ya, the Corona will
vai8299 _
vai8299 _ 3 órája
Who's up for a COVID ride??
adamaniac 4 órája
Here comes three million more ppl to the park at once lol
Business Clank
Business Clank 4 órája
Looks cool
Christopher George
Looks small tbh
Abraar Mohammed
Abraar Mohammed 6 órája
Back in the UAE 🇦🇪, we have a ride called ‘Velociraptor’, which is also a fast and high roller coaster. This looks a lot like it.
OnlineRanga 6 órája
Cool, what game is this?
snakeinmybewts 8 órája
you forgot to put people in
Sh4unity 9 órája
ivandark95 9 órája
This is a job for klayton fioriti.
Deadpool Chimichangas
Ok now that is amazing
Kane moon
Kane moon 11 órája
You wont need to hit rollercoasters soon it will all be VR or you enter the 4th dimension 🤣
Catsadilla 11 órája
Call of Duty Warzone Shorts
"Clever Gir.....Disney"
Ls Parta
Ls Parta 14 órája
Want to hear something scary? "Hey there is Josh"
Dubs 15 órája
sir, there's a pandemic on
Plasma's Legacy
Plasma's Legacy 16 órája
Golden opportunity too make a hybrid coaster themed after the Indoraptor
Missy Sicat UwU
Missy Sicat UwU 17 órája
Some screams💥 Lmao theres nobody in the roller coaster 👁️👄👁️💅
Luke Lauchle
Luke Lauchle 18 órája
Your move Disney
SonicTheManhog 18 órája
Did they legit spoil every part of the ride....
This was clearly meant to release next to the movie
Hash Brown
Hash Brown 20 órája
Dubai's IMG VelociRaptor is insane tho
Izzy Davila
Izzy Davila 23 órája
Do they still have the terminator 2 4D ride there?? Went there like in 2014 and that was hands down my favorite ride aside from the spiderman 4D ride, and the jaws ride
Kaze's Corner
Kaze's Corner 23 órája
it'll be nice to ride 6 months later when the line dies down.
Chocolate Rulez1
How will it’ll be open if covid still happening it’s been a year with out riding coasters
Brendan Shannon
When they say June 10 are they referring to Dominions release date
Hysteria In The Masses
Ayensu Ewusie
wheres the ride to hollow earth?
Anaïs Barrosodgh
C4 Cyber
C4 Cyber Napja
This is such a great week, we get the announcement of avengers campus coming June 9th and now this. This ride is coming A DAY LATER after avengers campus
Clint Westwood Redeployed
Hold onto your butts...
Par4DoXTM Napja
Has anyone seen final destination 3 and decided to never ride a rollercoaster
Misio Puchatek
In the end there should be: Only in VR on HUrun around your house! Stay safe! 😂
J K Napja
Hollywood’s universal always gets screwed....
Kenneth Rougeau
Too soon? :P
Atomic Beast
Hold on to your butts.
Mr Bluurg
Mr Bluurg Napja
whens dominion comin out tho
Bau2e Mann
Bau2e Mann Napja
Caspers whole family looking like they having fun on the ride
Javier Alejandro Velasquez Urdaneta
As Earth Month celebration had begun, the Velociraptor had been escaped and it's on the loose!!! A new ride, "Jurassic World: VelociCoaster", Opening June 10th, 2021 and soon, the entire classic Jurassic Park area will be extinction, life finds a way and turned into the new JURASSIC WORLD area at Universal's Islands of Adventure, because they turned "Jurassic Park: River Adventure" into "Jurassic World: River Adventure" and T-Rex must battle against Indominus Rex, just like the California version!!! And now, this is only the beginning of the dawn of a new era............
Vandal Napja
more theme park openings during a pandemic hmmm
Epic Zilla CD
Fun Fact: this has the Camp Cretaceous
Epic Zilla CD
Pro Ishaan Puri
Cornavirus:- I'ma end this park's whole career
MJR094 2 napja
I'm going this year
Wickedfan219 2 napja
That ride opens the day after my birthday!
Hamilton Hayes
Welcome To VelocioCoaster
Magic Within
welcum 2 felaciocoaster
Chinoun Mahdi
Chinoun Mahdi 3 napja
Hope the Jurassic Park game comes like alien isolation, not a vr game 😒
just gamin
just gamin 3 napja
Me thinking that it was a movie trailer😑
Jason Uncle Sam
Corona says No ! ....
Me living in germany: SiCK!
Lu 3 napja
They sped up the footage
Video Start Time Helper
That's way too scary! Could you imagine having to go to Florida?? 🙈🙈🙈
Evan novotny
Florida is amazing
Anthony Bergnes
Florida is dope, there's so much to do
Nicholas B
Nicholas B 3 napja
Orlando; I’ll be back
Jimmy 3 napja
Those seats don't look social distanced. What a joke that's locked down has become.
SmileBullet 3 napja
Enthusiasts have been hyped for this thing for roughly 2 years, and I'm super excited tbh. Looks like one of the best coasters out there, and easily one of the best in Florida, and likely America overall
Writer B
Writer B 3 napja
Roller Coasters have trailers now...mark my words. Restaurants are gonna start doing full length trailers for food.
Edward Irra
Edward Irra 3 órája
Roller coasters have had trailers for decades lol Commercials all the time marketing the imminent of Tatsu at Magic Mountain which opened in 2005 come to mind
Evan novotny
It has a trailer because people have been waiting 2 years for this
kseries1981 3 napja
You think they'll have that one the tour?
P.J. Dales
P.J. Dales 3 napja
Well at least with this, if the ride breaks down, the dinosaurs won't eat the tourists 😂
Editor Vik
Editor Vik 3 napja
Get Covid with no extra charges
Tricko 2 órája
Get vaccinated before going then, dumbass
araw540 2 napja
@nyerby but you're not supposed to say that People are supposed to willingly give up their Freedom for Safety
nyerby 2 napja
We went for a week in Feb and came back healthy...
Niclas W.
Niclas W. 3 napja
@araw540 when the shadow is the same from Lucky Luke, yes!
araw540 3 napja
how is it being afraid of your own shadow? doubt it's fun.
Herison S.
Herison S. 3 napja
Nice DLC
They should make a coaster with green tracks then project the underneath onto the tracks so it looks like the coaster is in the air.
Evan novotny
That’s not how greenscreen works at all
dogo dogo
dogo dogo 3 napja
new covid cluster velocicluster
Zidders Roofurry
I'll stick to the Planet Coaster version, thanks.
turtle g
turtle g 3 napja
Empty seats but ghost screaming
NãoValeBujas 3 napja
If the movies taught me anything is that it will crash and everyone will die.
AidilAfham 3 napja
Thank you for letting me Woah
yuuka242 3 napja
Hearing people screaming with shots of the ride. There is no one on the ride.
Kanye Rae Jepsen
Ghosts are screaming on the ride?
Gary Michael
Gary Michael 3 napja
Imagine investing all that money then for covid to come along...oh wait.
Gary Michael
Gary Michael 13 órája
@Evan novotny As soon as every lockdown is gone, another surge pops up almost instantly before another lockdown is put in place. Too many people don't want to get vaccinated and too many variants of the virus keep popping up. So this going to be closed or be too empty for them to realistically make a profit in the long term.
Evan novotny
Evan novotny 18 órája
@Gary Michael for what? A lot of people have been waiting and will go on it opening day for sure. They’re gonna make a ton of money off of this coaster alone.
Gary Michael
@Evan novotny unfortunately, they might as well take it all down now.
Evan novotny
They’ve been working in this for years
Oscar Portillo
Brave the coaster???
So ign is doing roller-coaster ads now 🙄
Problem ?
Ev0Apex 3 napja
Did anyone else thought this was going to be a DLC relating to the game
Hanzo Hattori
Hanzo Hattori 18 órája
@Evan novotny everybody has initial thoughts when they see a pic or when they start to read a line regardless of how clearly it's written. That's what the OP was referring to.
GenixYT Napja
Nope, it’s clearly a roller coaster
Evan novotny
Nope. It clearly says “velocicoaster”.
MalcolmXtreme 3 napja
They could've at least let some people test ride it for the trailer.
Chris McDonald
Remember not to scream while riding lol. 😒
Joel Rodriguez
Don’t forget you can’t scream while on the ride. How are they going to promote a new ride when we can’t even ride it... fuckin tease
Evan Nicholson
Big oof when you can’t name your coaster the Raptor bc Cedar Pointe already has one named it
QuadCards12 3 napja
Tbh, Velocicoaster sounds way more badass
Luis Wiley
Luis Wiley 3 napja
Looks like I’ll get my tickets for some time after June 10th
New Beginner
New Beginner 3 napja
Everyone gangsta untill real velociraptor join to ride the coaster
Hey It's Zach
Hey It's Zach 3 napja
Vroom vroom.
Drakoshi 3 napja
The Downphoenix Archives
Alright, Covid Coaster, let's go!
Hajo Pai
Hajo Pai 3 napja
The funny part is, to even be allowed to ride this roller-coaster you need to be vaccinated. That vaccine will be the start of our extinction... what brings us back to the Raptors ✌👨‍🎓
Olkv3D 3 napja
This summer: Brave the Covid
Low Effort Meme
Cleva Girl
miyagi 54
miyagi 54 4 napja
roller coasters have trailers now
Evan novotny
They’ve always had them for major theme parks like this one
Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan 4 napja
Me who lives in LA: That looks fun 🥲🙃
Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan 2 órája
@Abdelillah Bentabet lmao I’m sorry about that
Tricko 3 órája
Just go to Orlando lol
Abdelillah Bentabet
Me who lives in Algeria : well atleast we have the movies 🙃
Isaac King
Isaac King 2 napja
Look on the bright side. You guys get the Marvel park at Disney soon. We still can’t get one here in FL because of Marvel Superhero Island in IOA.
Con Man
Con Man 4 napja
Purassic Jark
Matt H
Matt H 4 napja
When are they gonna make the king Kong vs Godzilla ride? Just flying around in that spaceship while they fight in the city all around you.
Matt H
Matt H Napja
@Roller Coaster Addict they could redo the back to future ride again and make it Godzilla vs king Kong theme or make entire new ride like transformers.
Roller Coaster Addict
That's very unrealistic. Roller coasters and more importantly, budgets, have thier limits.
EsEl YuTee
EsEl YuTee 2 napja
@Caleb Reese imagine a hollow earth ride. Dropping into hollow earth would be amazing
Caleb Reese
Caleb Reese 3 napja
They already have a kong-themed ride with Skull Island: Reign of Kong. But, a ride themed to Godzilla vs Kong would be amazing
xandy 4 napja
this is probably the most excited i’ve been for an intamin coaster in a while
Mason 4 napja
When u thought this was the third film
Shortcut 101
Shortcut 101 4 napja
Corona didn't approve this
Penhas Michael
0:28 it wouldn't be Jurassic World without that theme song
Matias Veliz Sandoval
No my favorite movie last jurassic world its delayed in 2022 please in 2021 jurassic world dominion in 2021 october
iTzKevin 4 napja
this isn’t fair hollywood needs to figure out how to expand and bring all those coasters here
Edward Irra
Edward Irra 3 órája
That would require them to no longer be an active movie studio, which they will never do. Besides, legally Universal can’t build coasters of this size anyways. The park is already on a mountain, any serious rollercoaster would go beyond the height limit.
greensky01 4 napja
Haven’t they learned yet! Well we all know how this will end: the dinosaurs will escape and eat all humans.
ConfigBan 4 napja
We want The Day After.
dookcur ruff
dookcur ruff 4 napja
yeah ign ran out of ideas
Evan novotny
This isn’t their video? They normally repost trailers.
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Godzilla vs. Kong Pitch Meeting
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