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Jared Leto is returning to the Joker role in Zack Snyder's re-cut of Justice League. However, he'll be sporting a new look.










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IGN 11 napja
What do you think the Joker is doing in Zack Snyder's Justice League?
Audu Riman
Audu Riman 7 napja
@SpongeBob SquarePants because if I said something random like "he's mind knows no sorrow" then I could be spoiling something. Lol.
SpongeBob SquarePants
@GN nothing is confirmed, but is very possible
GN 8 napja
@SpongeBob SquarePants I'll rewatch it just before The Batman 2?2? because I feel that both movie are from the same brutal and dark\bloody universe! I hope The Batman is rated R
Android X
Android X 8 napja
@SpongeBob SquarePants 👌🍆
SpongeBob SquarePants
@GN I already saw it 3 times.
Johnathan Garza
Johnathan Garza 10 órája
Only 1 scene ?
Dan Bradshaw
Love it if he just wiped his tattoos off haha
Jennifer Knipe
Pedro da Silva
Oh my, this is bad..
Joe Card
Joe Card 2 napja
Bro your theories are lame af lol if anything its a flashback to when he killed robin... And its been confirmed hes part of batmans team in a nightmare scene in the future
Youngthrift King
Jared Leto wants a second chance at playing joker so bad lol
Caesar Chaves
Caesar Chaves 3 napja
Haterss ooo haterss where are youuuu snyder cut is coming for you
Savage MAFIA Gaming
I'm thinking its a Joker meets Mad Maxx version follows after Birds of Pray Harley Joker breakup, Harley blows up ACE Chemicals not knowing Joker was inside, burning off the DAMAGE tattoo on the forehead hopefully cause lets face it no one liked it uses the last of his Mob money to fix his look then gives up the MOB lifestyle and goes more of a Mad Maxx style of living "Road Warrior" That's my prediction 11/25/20 lets get this comment 100 likes Lets Go!!!!!!!
The Mattress
The Mattress 4 napja
Am I the only one who liked his joker it was comic book accurate y’all just stuck on Ledgers godly performance
Bang Yoga
Bang Yoga 4 napja
I loved it and these joker fans don’t know what comic book accurate is they just seen ledger and claim that’s the joker and it’s not Leto joker is more comic book accurate
thrilla K
thrilla K 4 napja
Some artist 😂🤣
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 5 napja
The chez rocker mix on HUrun
iamburak 5 napja
Joker with beard.. This is worst thing man. Thats the last thing i want to see about Joker.
Andre Bastos
Andre Bastos 5 napja
Killer 🤘🏻 🤘🏻 🤘🏻
Ronald Mexico
Ronald Mexico 5 napja
He'd better say Hunka Hunka again
Bob Digi
Bob Digi 5 napja
Just drop letto's joker. It's just pathetic to see how!!!
Edwin Cruz
Edwin Cruz 5 napja
Ew, get that disgusting Joker out of my face 🤢🤮
Mark angel 8
Mark angel 8 5 napja
is he going to have a beard?
Xander Gelos
Xander Gelos 6 napja
He will be Batmans partner...in the knightmare future. Why..becuz he about upsetting the normal of the world. Be it order he on the side of chaos, be it chaos the rules he will be on the side of order. He against the Norm.
Smartreez 6 napja
Of course he won't have a fckng beard
K. A. Louderback
you can roll a turd in sprinkles , but it will never by soft serve
Jamie Dandy
Jamie Dandy 6 napja
Lol that is a terrible photoshop job
TheSuirad 6 napja
That's not Joker, that Morbius!
Mario Mario
Mario Mario 6 napja
Nash Musa
Nash Musa 6 napja
Don't worry mates. I think there will be a new Justice League movie where Batman would be played by Robert Pattinson and Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix.
Patrick Chole
Patrick Chole 5 napja
Not Joaquin Phoenix. He’s only in if Todd Phillips is at the helm of the story/directing. Supposedly Jim Carrey wants it real bad tho.🤷‍♂️
Hortiz1088 7 napja
How are you gonna mess up Grace Randolph’s last name by calling her Rudolph 🤦‍♂️
Kona2412 7 napja
TrooperLX1177 7 napja
If I may ask, what audio setup are you using in this video?
Tremayne Douglas
Warewolf joker!
Jommie Joes
Jommie Joes 7 napja
Was not Joaquin Phoenix's Joker a road-weary Joker?
RvDs_Tony 7 napja
Since when does Deathstroke do heists?
Real Tech
Real Tech 7 napja
Will he still be goin' Hunka Hunka though?
Bro Den
Bro Den 7 napja
After getting salty over Joaquin Phoenix's Joker success Jared must've been relieved that he gotta play joker one more time and hopefully he didn't bring his trashy off screen attitude toward his co-workers again under any reason.
God Level
God Level 8 napja
How do you fit all of that in there?....make it 4 hours long of course
joshua sheikh
joshua sheikh 8 napja
He is the best.....joker.
Nazrin Malique
just get rid his lame tattoos..& grill...then he will look as The Joker
Sonal Shriyan
Sonal Shriyan 8 napja
The 4 min scene will be in the future in the knightmare scene where villains and heroes get together to fight Darkseid. In short Deathstroke and Joker join hands with the JL.
Mad Society20294
I don't like his portrayal as the joker I rather have the one that played as the joker in the joker movie his acting is perfect as the joker.
Noahnie 8 napja
It’s gonna be the injustice story line
ZestyWing 8 napja
Snyder's definition of awesome is not the same as a regular persons
The Spokane Bat
Until we see his true Joker in David Ayer's Suicide Squad maybe people will give Leto a break
JoeyBluff 8 napja
2:15 for picture
MrKMyL 8 napja
IGN at it finest...
Karim DZ Gamer
The worst joker i ever seen Justice for jhonny Depp
ricky spanish
ricky spanish 8 napja
*so excited 💚💜💚💜!*
Icarus 9 napja
Hate me but I actually kinda enjoyed Jared lettos joker it was a really weird joker
SteveYNWA 9 napja
Joker will kill Lois Lane, which in turn will make superman evil. The flash from future was telling Bruce wayne that LOIS LANE is the key which means that keeping Lois Lane alive is the key to keep superman at bay. This storyline is similar to the original INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US where joker kills lois and superman goes evil.
Veronica B
Veronica B 9 napja
I would preferred the same joker from suicide squad tbh
Jonathan Dupard
Snyder always tryna make somebody weary!!!!
Fletcher Hamilton
I'm all for it. I actually liked his Joker, apart from the tattoos (not 'cos it was a bad look for him generally, but 'cos _those_ tattoos were dumb. Too 'Lookit me! - _edgy,_ yeah?!')
SpongeBob SquarePants
Unpopular opinion: I like jared leto joker Another unpopular opinion: 2019 joker kinda overrated
SpongeBob SquarePants
I don't ever want to see joker with any facial hair. Sorry but no. I'll take the tattoos over the facial hair any day.
Shaik Shafaaq
Shaik Shafaaq 9 napja
Or they might just show what happened to Robin
Kristopher hayes
When was the movie coming out again?
Ford Muigai
Ford Muigai 9 napja
No disrespect to Leto, but Eisenberg (lex luthor) would have made the perfect joker. His manic antics would have made him the joker.
tahna dana
tahna dana 9 napja
yes it does make sense he would be toothless after all that blowjobs
Alesky Frederick
Yes Unite the legion of doom
throwaway acc
throwaway acc 9 napja
am i the only one wishing the "damaged" stays intact just for the gags
Chuck Rustle
Chuck Rustle 9 napja
If that's what he's actually gonna look like its even worse.
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez 9 napja
Really? 🤔😥😰😭
7star Hd
7star Hd 9 napja
Finally he is so underrated ❤️
DieMarvs 9 napja
Jared Leto will look like The Joker with an Joaquin Phoenix mask
Michael Arren Gervacio
i kind of agree ...i think it is better for jared leto's joker to cut-off his face because that will totally make sense after joaquin phoenix joker success lol
bijo 10 napja
We want Melvin brother of the Joker!!!!
H.H. Music
H.H. Music 10 napja
Luckily that aint his look lol
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith 10 napja
OMG...so festive!
Raygar Targaryen
Every time I keep trying to forget about “Malibu’s Most Wanted Joker” in Suicide Squad, I keep seeing stories saying that they are going to bring him back. Is DC this tone-deaf?
T-Birdus Thoracis
Grace has seen the new images?!?! Awesome!!
Peter Valentin
Peter Valentin 10 napja
Why TF does he have a beard
permeus 10 napja
personally im interested as while his SS version of the joker wasn't going to top my list of jokers it wasn't the worst joker ive seen (yes im serious) i think Leto got screwed over big time in the suicide squad film both him how he was portrayed and the amount of flak he got for it, i mean its not like he came up with the look of the character, yes he may have had some say in it or given ideas but just look at margot robbie she hated her outfit (i want to call it a belt as that's nearly all it was) but she wasnt a big enough name to ask for it to be changed but in the next film her star had risen so her outfit got changed. then we have the amount of work he said he did that got cut and considering all the heads of WB were doing to mess with the sinder version of the JL i can easily see this been true, executives caming the calls of creative ideas never goes well.
Feel 4 Films
Feel 4 Films 10 napja
"I wanted to honor what was created with him in suicide squad because it was really cool (wtf?) but he's a road weary Joker" that sounds like the change of looks won't be really significant, i mean, if he wants to honor SS joker's look it means he don't want to change it much, just make it a little more serious and dark, so probably the change he meant is not how he looks but how he acts . Many are talking about him getting the Arkham games look, or that he's gonna get his face ripped off but I wouldn't be that much excited about it because based on Snyder's own words, that he wanted to honor what was created and that it was really cool I don't expect a makeover, just some little change on the way he looks that's all
Erick 10 napja
This Joker is connected with Ben Affleck's Batman. even in Suicide Squad, if Jared Leto's Joker indeed gets his new look I just feel like it should be like the original Joker, i would want his purple or orange jacket, his smile makeup to be much bigger (like Heath or Joaquin's) and most importantly a newer laugh but that still has some of the old one. i wouldn't mind if they decide to keep his eyebrows or shave them again like in Suicide Squad. Either way i am excited to see the new look and *hope to see more of Jared Leto's Joker* in other DCEU films!
Michael Ortiz
Michael Ortiz 10 napja
Click Bait and a Valley Girl hosting.
galarprince 10 napja
Man i feel bad that this video is getting 1k dislikes by *Toxic DC fans* lmao grow up and respect Mr Leto
Federico Souza
Federico Souza 10 napja
Dusan DuHast
Dusan DuHast 10 napja
Maybe give credit to Grace Randolph who broke the story first?
g.briel b.tista
g.briel b.tista 10 napja
wtf is that
WalkingBearDude Apicella
Road weary, okay, so either the joker was captured then broke out and had been in hiding trying to regroup his crime syndicate hence why he’s weary, OR it’s gonna be a knightmare vision where the joker is gonna be part of the vision where its possible that he decided to team up with Batman as a last ditch effort, because he might be crazy, but the world was his toy to play with, and Darkseid messed with his toys, so he’s gonna get even with him by messing with his stuff now, for instance, what’s the point of reveling in the chaos if he’s not the one causing it, like people are too afraid of the parademons to even notice that the joker is there, and it makes him feel insignificant and without purpose. He always wants attention, and if the chaos isn’t caused by him, he’s not getting attention. Plus there’s no fun in it if the chaos is starting to make people not afraid of the joker, where’s the fun in that if his victims aren’t pissing themselves with fear when they see him? and that makes him sick to his stomach.
harry dixson
harry dixson 10 napja
Can we just move on from this terrible actor?
Romuald Dussart
Romuald Dussart 10 napja
How can they even think about jared leto being the Joker again after the legendary performance of Joaquin Phoenix
adrianyounggg 10 napja
This has either gotta be the new Knightmare sequence, or a flashback featuring him and Batman. "Road weary" sounds like he's hinting to the battle torn earth we saw in BvS if you ask me. Or the "new" look may just be a younger version, prior to the tattoos and grill.
Hanzo Yamazaki
Hanzo Yamazaki 10 napja
Steve-O would make a better Joker than Jared Leto.
Charles Diaz
Charles Diaz 10 napja
This is gonna be dope!!
stormking989 10 napja
I'm still not interested in seeing his Joker. I hated the constant purring from Jared Leto's Joker.
you scare me
you scare me 10 napja
You think he can't improve his performance?
ALEX7DX 10 napja
Wait, didn’t Justice League already come out?
DSkehan2004 10 napja
A beard?
Lennox 10 napja
y jared leto again? big oof
TehSymbiote 10 napja
Amanda, that's with Jirard the Completionist? Cool
Arkan NOA
Arkan NOA 10 napja
They might as well make a sequel to this Justice League
Arkan NOA
Arkan NOA 10 napja
Maybe got his tattoos removed
walking Blues
walking Blues 10 napja
That was a waste of 5 minutes. When they gonna get rid of all these old people in all of ign.. that's what I want to see a middle age talk about what they thinks kids find cool
Sneaker Weirdo
Sneaker Weirdo 10 napja
They just need to stop with the DC & Marvel movies that are non animated & take a brake, these movies are just mashed together clips, look what’s happens to Spider-Man he would never roll with Tony Stark he is the complete opposite
Click bait 😒
Steveypoos 10 napja
Jack Nicholson still the best Joker.
Memo Ramos
Memo Ramos 11 napja
Hipster dooshy joker yay
Silvios Aecios
Silvios Aecios 11 napja
What is Jared Leto trying to prove? He will end up wasting time and damaging his own career trying to overcome Joaquin Phoenix, maybe Oscar blinded him so much.
AlexanderThePup 11 napja
I will never stop cringing thinking about Leto's joker
Your Majesty
Your Majesty 3 napja
The Spokane Bat
You can thank Warner Bros for that
TheRexTera 11 napja
I wouldn’t mind a comic book hiatus for about 10 to 15 years to detox us from franchise fatigue.
Rodimus Prime
Rodimus Prime 11 napja
why is he talking like that?
Sahil 11 napja
Who ever made that concept of the road weary joker is fucken mul high, that was really bad
dipset kory
dipset kory 11 napja
LMAOOOOO. Some how its worse then before
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