IO Teases 007 Game + Massive Capcom Leak - IGN News Live 

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Buh-duh duh-DUNNN, duh-dunnah! Diddley-dunnn, duh-dunnah. That’s the best written approximation of the James Bond theme we can muster, and we’re doing it to celebrate an announcement from IO Interactive, the team that brought you Hitman! We’ll get into that, some Rockstar news, the latest Cyberpunk 2077 trailer drop, and check in on the state of PS5 distribution, as well as some big ugly lawsuits for Nintendo and Apple. This is your News, Games and More for November 19th, 2020!










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Jeremy Butler
Jeremy Butler 2 napja
Great ep!
Isaah Thomas
Isaah Thomas 3 napja
agent under fire was the best bond game to me or maybe quantum of solace
Motley Crue
Motley Crue 3 napja
The venture bros is awesome I hope they pick it up ..and cowboy bebop if they stay true to the manga it will be awesome
Mr. Snake
Mr. Snake 4 napja
The only thing interesting in this video is the 007 project. The rest doesn't matter.
mtav 4 napja
i hope hitman 3 has somethings new in gameplay, not a clone from 2018 or 2016.
jmacsss 15 órája
Ha Agent 47 is a clone though....
Sonny NØX
Sonny NØX 4 napja
Now, THAT was a great episode!
I wonder if they are gonna go First person or 3rd person for the 007 game
Jysn 4 napja
A bond game done like Hitman will be absolutely epic.
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
yes based on hitman but in Bond’s style and grace doing the only way bond can do it and gotta have vehicles to drive, outfits to wear, bond girls, open world single player etc
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 4 napja
Hope it goes well and it isn't like the Overkill's Walking Dead
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 4 napja
SFV exclusivity definitely worked out for PlayStation wtf.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 3 napja
@Chris M also, SFV sold very well and also helped PS4 completely dominate the FGC tournaments. It was really favorable for them.
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
not for everybody, will it ever come to Xbox, pc?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 3 napja
@Chris M and it still worked out well for both sides.
Chris M
Chris M 3 napja
No it didnt . Playstation gave Capcom a due date to make street fighter 5 . Thats why it was rushed,thus giving us an uncompleted game at launch .
Lekzie69 4 napja
game sold 6 million so yeah
Cullenprime 4 napja
Walmart no longer shows the PS5 console at all and btw after the Nov 19th Walmart PS5 release a lot of people's orders that went through were cancelled so check your email
Cullenprime 4 napja
Yeah Black Friday consoles that will last for 2 minutes again. Grats BOTS!
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez 4 napja
Why not cut out the first 10 minutes of nothing? How hard is it for you nerds to properly edit your videos before posting?
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
yes ikr so much time without starting the episode, its over for Gta5 online, its not gonna mean anything with Cyberpunk 2077 finally comes out on Dec 10th, im not gonna back into gta until news of another new Rockstar game in the game, gta6 wont come until ling after Cyberpunk comes out , and even then it wont be coming out
William Nichols
Came here to post the same
cj lanier84
cj lanier84 4 napja
Man they seriously remaking RE4 a week after I got it
Dark Lord
Dark Lord 4 napja
Pretty excited for new James Bond game
Tyler W
Tyler W 4 napja
I thought IOI was partnering with WB for their next game? Is that this Bond game?
beep boop Beep
David Buell
David Buell 4 napja
I can’t even let myself get excited for CyberPunk anymore. Until it’s in my hands I refuse to believe it is coming when CDPR says, and I am done teasing myself with their marketing campaign.
Andrewr1204 4 napja
Shiftlock63 4 napja
Victor Muniz
Victor Muniz 4 napja
10:05 Starts 10:55 IO's Project 007 19:08 Capcom's Data Stolen 26:48 Rockstar's GTA Online 31:36 PS5's Availability 36:59 F#%k Scalpers 37:24 CP2077 45:05 Lawsuit Roundup 48:52 Marvel's Avengers 49:59 Netflix's Cowboy Bebop 50:34 HBO's The Venture Bros.
EvilEast Napja
Motley Crue
Motley Crue 3 napja
Cowboy bebop and venture bros ..awesome
You are the best
Ryan Amodo
Ryan Amodo 4 napja
My dude! You deserve a beer! Thank you!
Victor Muniz
Victor Muniz 4 napja
@CCCP Lol. Yeah, that would be a dream come true.
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