Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review 

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Reviewed by Cam Shea on Nintendo Switch.

"Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity offers a welcome trip back to a world I've clocked hundreds of hours in, set in a time we've only heard discussed in hushed tones. Its hugely varied roster of characters, solid combat mechanics, fun progression and clever adaptation of Breath of the Wild's vision of Hyrule is a joy to play and discover. While there are some missed characterisation opportunities, Age of Calamity remains a blast from start to finish."










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Cajun Dog
Cajun Dog 3 órája
Man I really need to finish botw
Skyy Moore
Skyy Moore 5 órája
I probably would have bought this if my my Joy Cons didn’t break
Desmo 7 órája
repetetive gameplay and consistant framrate drops... don't buy this game
Gracia De guia
Gracia De guia 8 órája
whats the mde and us version
SmellTheL 9 órája
Who came up with this
Hopscotch Boing
Hopscotch Boing 11 órája
It says in the tips before a mission that the game is a time split.
Amateurs 19 órája
Does Nintendo own first party developers or contract out their Ip
DeathsGambit 20 órája
Genshin impact tho
Eve Hello :D
Eve Hello :D 22 órája
I haven’t played the other Hyrule Warriors game, but I think I’m definitely gonna get this one. It looks awesome
Dark Star
Dark Star 22 órája
Links 5 weak combo and 2 strong attacks with full power master sword is OP
Harsono Ng
Harsono Ng 23 órája
Botw: me control the attack move AoC: attack move control me
Emre Kaçmaz
new zelda game is amazing
Luis R
Luis R Napja
So Is this free roam?
Ryan Napja
This worth playing ?
Eugene V. Debs
10/10 it really makes you feel like calamity
Am I the only one who didn't like BOTW? I loved OOT and MM etc
Did they intentionally mention Final Fantasy right after that bot thing made a Moogle sound?
This game is a calamity...
Waverton 2 napja
Not my cup of tea I played the demo
pugtato chip
pugtato chip 2 napja
May I ask why link is decimating an army of zoras at 1:20 ? edit: OK WHY IS LINK KILLING SO MANY RITO AND ZORA?!???
Bryan D
Bryan D 2 napja
Definitely not a game for me :(
Blind Boy Music
5:45 It's not an ice car.... It's a rock. The pioneers used to ride those babies for miles.
frankie 3 napja
Apparently I’m the only one who didn’t like this game
Alien Jack
Alien Jack 2 napja
Well I didn't hate the game but the story was absolutely terrible.
Dynamic Daniel
I just realized impa is that old lady from breath of the wild I want this game so bad because I already beat the whole breath of the wild and I want something else to do
Togedemaru's Iridescence
I give it a 5 out of 10. I thought its gameplay was repetitive and even unfair at times.
I_AmUncleJeb 175
That’s kind of the deal for a sequel game. Gameplay elements have been upgraded but it needs to fit old controls and gameplay for it to make sense for the franchise.
Mo' Jo
Mo' Jo 3 napja
Yeah that's been a shtick for every previous warriors game. Weed whack through enemies, finish the objective, dont let home base get taken. Rinse repeat. Although I still want to give Age of Calamity a try for myself. Even if it feels more so like other warriors games,at least I know ill enjoy it way more than Fire Emblem Warriors.
Itsumi Hassan
Itsumi Hassan 4 napja
Honestly the framerate has been fine besides one character you unlock in chapter 5 so far. It's so so fun and I can't wait to finish it tonight.
M GO 4 napja
Playing as the great Ferry’s is horrible. Worst character annoying as hell. Also I’ve had the problem where the game overloads and my character freezes despite hitting buttons to attack. Wonder if they will fix this problem.
Lion of Truth
Lion of Truth 4 napja
Watching this I feel spoilers of breath of the wild 2 lol
manny J
manny J 4 napja
Seriously a 9 ign
Gabriel PouPou
constant 15-25 fps isn't worth a 9 im my opinion :) We can just wait for patches to come in
Scawt sauce
Scawt sauce 4 napja
I hope the weapons don't break after every 2 enemies you kill like in BotW lol
Ethan Potratz
Ethan Potratz 4 napja
Did anyone else MAJORLY struggle on Each Step Like Thunder
Phil Swift
Phil Swift 4 napja
You mean fort Hateno? Yeah. It’s super hard but so fun
Dragon king
Dragon king 4 napja
Imagine if link was this powerful in breath of the wild
Wake Wind
Wake Wind 6 órája
Have you see Pro Botw complications?
Const 2 napja
yeah, the 100 years sleep really took him to zero again, and he had to relearn everything i wonder why he couldnt stop calamity ganon with this power and the titans.. and in breath of the wild he could
Jojoida Momoida
After seeing this, I am tempted to recommend people start with this game before giving Breath of the Wild a go.
retro nerd
retro nerd 6 napja
Im a big Zelda fan but im completely disappointed at the new Zelda game being Dynasty warriors style. Thats a Big No for me.
UnclePhilLawl 6 napja
I think this game coming first would’ve been much better than BoTW. Just my opinion
Miyuru Eranda
Miyuru Eranda 6 napja
Turning an anime or another video game into a musou game is one of laziest excuse for a spin off game. But this look promising.
Eggroll Edison
Lion Amongst Sheep
Dynasty warriors 2.0?
CanadianTurf Sandwich
You cant get more cash grabber than this : a reskinned Hyrule Warriors
Jonah Laining
Jonah Laining 4 napja
It isn’t a reskinned Hyrule Warriors. LMAO
Eggroll Edison
You havent played this game then
sun shine
sun shine 6 napja
Well with the success of this game they should definitely try out making more crossovers with more ips I mean just imagine the possibilities Mushroom kingdom warriors Greenhill warriors Bikini bottom warriors Wumpa island warriors They're so many potential ideas
le witt
le witt 6 napja
tru3ta1ent bboyissei ff7remake nikidemar
Luke Flavel
Luke Flavel 6 napja
Wow, a 9 for a hyrule warriors game? Guess I should give it a whirl
Homeless Jedi
Homeless Jedi 6 napja
10 FPS gameplay lol
daniel spell
daniel spell 6 napja
Can you reuse the amiibos from Breath of the wild ?
Eggroll Edison
Jon W
Jon W 6 napja
9/10 is way too generous for a game that struggles to keep the FPS above 20 in docked mode. IGN strikes again.
Wahmen Respecter
Well, they are giving the score based on gameplay not graphics.
•Farraff• 6 napja
Is this game the timelines before botw?
Leonhart 6 napja
Random Truths
Random Truths 7 napja
Time travel...hhmm recon this will link( no pun) to a ocarina of time remaster or a sequel??
Omega Biker
Omega Biker 7 napja
trying to explain to mum tis game isn't all about fighting just that's it's all about fighting, she just doesn't understand
Xervantez Xvi
Xervantez Xvi 7 napja
I love this game so much I like how u can play all the characters and ride the divine beast this game is so perfect I have no complain so far at all my favorite game so far now I’m excited for Persona 5 scrumble
Christian Rojas
I really liked the story arc but it feels just like a filler before botw2. Like, I was imagining all this with botw Mechanics and would have been a blast with all the character diversity.
Aaron Grube
Aaron Grube 7 napja
But can it really make me FEEL like Zelda?
Reese R.
Reese R. 7 napja
About the timeline, it's described as a "splintered world" in game. Also, you can fight 5 guardians or multiple lynels at once.
Craig Cobain
Craig Cobain 7 napja
2:46 He's R2D2 obviously
yanjel ulerio
yanjel ulerio 7 napja
I’m going have to buy a switch again
C17 ByKenshi
C17 ByKenshi 8 napja
I don’t know.... Im supposed to be scared of 3 Black lizard Bois, not throw 300 of them in the air and slice them into pieces before they touch the ground.
Is Age of Calamity game of the year of 2020?
Chan Marr
Chan Marr 8 napja
I love the game overall. FPS is a little choppy, for me, when I’m playing as Impa and she’s on beast mode with all her clones doing multiple attacks.
Manas Digaari
Manas Digaari 8 napja
i bet xqc is watching now
_Tatm _
_Tatm _ 8 napja
Wait, so is this breath of the wild 2, or just a transition to keep fans happy.
Eggroll Edison
Its a botw spinoff (prequel) set 100 years before the events of Botw, and its set in the style of a dynasty warriors game
Round Earth Shill
neither....it's a prequel and it really doesn't play like BoTW, feels nothing like it
RynoKenny 8 napja
what was with the random Deckard Cain reference with no follow-up?
Andre Luengo
Andre Luengo 8 napja
Yikes.. that Framerate is outright terrible.. shame the game actually looks fun.
ringo brussen
ringo brussen 8 napja
This game is really amazing!! Freaking love it
Mr. Muffin Man
Looks terrible
Eggroll Edison
The fps is horrendus but its really fun
Jord The Canadian
It’s the gameplay and quality of Dynasty Warriors 5, but Zelda themed. The game deserves a 6.5/10 at best.
mr head
mr head 8 napja
This game is amazing
Bubblegum 9 napja
Nintendo really wants their character to be recognized as Link. He's not allowed to wear a helmet at the beginning
Ghost Jedi
Ghost Jedi 9 napja
Usually this type of game is a pass for me, but might have to snag this one!!
Eric Lynch
Eric Lynch 9 napja
I got this game on launch and am loving it. I can't put it down, the Demo alone I sunk 20+ hours and that was just two stages. this game is amazing and to me it's better then Breath of the wild. Just like the first Hyrule warriors I will keep playing this for a LONG time.
Eggroll Edison
Horizon Alt
Horizon Alt 9 napja
I feel like I’m the only one who isn’t a fan of this :/ the gameplay just feels so repetitive
NeonX Ice
NeonX Ice 9 napja
(spoilers ) Normal kids: Young Zelda: imma make a time traveling, tower creating, taking people from the future, little robot that looks like an egg
the flamingo lover
I always love warrior games.💙
Michael Duhrkoop
Did you know theres a slight chance of Link flying with a cucco instead of his paraglider when you head to battle?
Genshin impact take note
Ben Provost
Ben Provost 9 napja
So link can kill hundreds of foes here but dies to one lynel hit in botw. Makes sense
Sawyer Fisher
Sawyer Fisher 9 napja
spoiler: i think it is so cool that when the king des, zelda narrates instead.
Aplusem Z
Aplusem Z 9 napja
This game is a 7 tops
Dana Hira
Dana Hira 9 napja
Yes!!! It is a solid 9
Sam F.S
Sam F.S 9 napja
See this just makes me itch for that BOTW sequel, this is probably the only thing that will calm me down
Otimo 9 napja
Is age of calamity connected to Breath of the wild 𝕐𝔼𝕊 or 🅝🅞? I want to know before I buy this game cuz all I wanted was a damn prequel.
Eggroll Edison
@Otimo it is a prequel to BotW but the gameplay is not the same, so yes, its a prequel
Otimo 9 napja
@Tsögö Bauggi thank you
Tsögö Bauggi
It is not a prequel to BotW.
3:00 that kinda sounds like Peter Dinklage lol
Yaroslav Charniauski
If I ain't smackin the rock out of The Wonder of U in this game then it ain't got no calamities to talk about
Zunlite 9 napja
This looks like exactly the game your grandma would confuse for the real thing.
Sam F.S
Sam F.S 9 napja
It's more like a very popular and surprisingly accurate fanfiction realized... A Zelda fan would enjoy it for the characters.
Daldra 9 napja
Already sold 3 million copies.
Diogo Vieira
Diogo Vieira 9 napja
I dont like these tipe of game.. not zelda game
k holo
k holo 9 napja
this is cashgrab and repetitive just play botw again
Eggroll Edison
@k holo its fine lol, you just dont enjoy warriors style games.
k holo
k holo 9 napja
@Daldra ofc it did lol i played it for 5 min and uninstalled just my opinion botw still blows this out
Daldra 9 napja
It already sold 3 million copies. It sold more than botw did in a month lol
Lazyboi64 9 napja
Exaggerated swagger
MARNY 10 napja
I thought about getting this....but then I decided to just play Breath of the Wild again
Igor Almeida
Igor Almeida 8 napja
On master mode
Horizon Alt
Horizon Alt 9 napja
All I want is a BoTW 2 not this 😂😂😂
xWh1teChoc0l4te B
Are you serious? This gets a 9/10, but AC Valhalla gets an 8? Terrible bias.
Daldra 9 napja
@xWh1teChoc0l4te B I have put in 64hrs and I have experienced quite a few
xWh1teChoc0l4te B
@Daldra I play it daily and have experienced 0 bugs.
Daldra 9 napja
Valhalla has bug issues which affects the experience. This doesn't. Also different reviewers.
Anthony Galvan
Anthony Galvan 10 napja
Wow this game kinda looks like genshin impact.
It's a Dynasty Warrior type of game, man.
iamradical 10 napja
I’ve been a Zelda fan for 30 years and loved BotW but I’m not sure about this game. I like the classic Zelda gameplay, is there any exploration in this type of game?
Eggroll Edison
@iamradical there is some exploration (you can find koroks across the map, and the maps are quite huge) but if you dont like dynasty warriors games at all then no this game is not for you
meximous 9 napja
@iamradical yea it’s coming but who knows when. I’d imagine it’s soon since it’s more like majora’s mask in that it will use a lot of assets from the first game and they’ve been on it for a while. I might have to skip this too. I never tried the demo though I might try it today.
iamradical 9 napja
@meximous yeah if it’s just like dynasty warriors im afraid I’m gonna have to skip this one. Which is a huge bummer. I really wish they would have just done a proper sequel. Wasn’t there a trailer released or something showing that they were working on a sequel?
meximous 9 napja
Same I don’t really like dynasty warrior games. I’m thinking there isn’t any exploration. I think it’s all big, war like battles.
Antonio Muñoz
Antonio Muñoz 10 napja
This game is so detailed.
King Yatta
King Yatta 10 napja
This will lead to so many more.. can't wait for the future .😆
CyanKnight_Q9 10 napja
I feel like playing dynasty warriors again
Mana Maori
Mana Maori 10 napja
Is an awesome game characters, battles, story line n all one thing dont like bout this game is cant explore like other zelda games freely, no puzzles besides that cool game
Dr. Diaz
Dr. Diaz 10 napja
Zelda ocarina of time was one of the greatest game i ever played
KhB 10 napja
is this game running on 18 fps? Switch pro can't come soon enough
William Hill
William Hill 4 napja
Epic_Cuber 10 napja
So I’m still a bit confused with the game. Is all you do the quests? Do you get to walk around hyrule like in botw?
Epic_Cuber 8 napja
@Ren 89 no I haven’t. I’ve played hyrule warriors definitive edition
Ren 89
Ren 89 10 napja
Have you never played a dynasty warriors game... Or any of the other musou style games???
xil3ntkha0s 10 napja
Zelda wields the slate: pulls out a switch 🤣🤣🤣
Jason Harwell
Jason Harwell 10 napja
After all these years I think I finally nailed it. IGN doesn't review a game, they review the game they want it to be. They can't take the game for what it is they always have to critique something because they wanted it that way
Eggroll Edison
This wasnt really a critical review
Really makes you 「THINK」
I think it’s fair to criticize a game that was advertised as a way to give us an in-depth look at the Champions not really giving us anything we couldn’t already figure out from BotW. Mipha really wants to bone Link, Daruk is a big goofball who doesn’t realize that (most) Hylians can’t eat rocks, Urbosa is basically Zelda’s replacement mom, and Revali is the worst. Sure, it’s nice to get some more scenes with them, but it’s not exactly the in-depth look at them that was advertised. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game to bits and I’ve already put close to 30 hours into it (and plan on putting plenty more hours in), but there’s definitely aspects of it that are worth criticizing.
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