How To Switch From PS4 Version Games To PS5 

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Looking to switch your PS4 game to the PS5 version? Don't worry, it's not as complex as you think to do on your PlayStation 5!










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orbrook611 6 órája
I can switch versions on a certain account but not in my main. How can I change that?
Jahaziel Gonzalez
I need help, I bought nba 2k21 the Mamba edition on ps4 and my ps5 don’t let me put the ps5 edition
@Jahaziel Gonzalez nice 👍🏾 and your welcome my guy
Jahaziel Gonzalez
6’7 small forward
Jahaziel Gonzalez
@KoJoBizarre thanks bro!! I got it, I made a 2-way threat
Go to the store and scroll down to “PS5 Games” and you should see the Next Gen version of 2k. Once you click on it it’ll say purchase but it’s free
Ghadir Zannoun
Why is it that my DLC is only available on the PS5 version when i have the PS4 version installed?
can we default to ps5.. mine keeps going back to ps4.... i dont want to select ps5 everytime?
Skykidd #1
Skykidd #1 7 napja
If I upgrade my ps4 digital games will I still be able to play it on the ps4?
stingray 9 napja
Just got my ps5 today. Loving it so far
Jonathan Velasquez
Nice to see people complaining about not having a ps5 I've currently sold six of them for a 1,000 each must be nice not having one tho....
nick constantino
How to switch from ps4 version to ps5 version games... You gotta buy the ps5 version games....😆😆
Amaeruchi Stephen
Wow I got the total features of Ps5 on my PS4 Thanks to *cryptoolz* on IG
Joel O
Joel O 12 napja
I’ve noticed my PS5 has both versions of Spider-Man installed. Can I deleted the PS4 version?
Drbraddd 13 napja
Once I download both versions, can I delete the PS4 version?
George Christodoulou
Assasins creed valhalla ps4 version dont let me upgrade to ps5 version..It only shows and download the ps4 version and it tells me to buy the ps5 version instead of free update..I heard a lot of my friends having the same problem with this game and other games too..Do you know what is happening?
dagmawi workneh
dagmawi workneh 13 napja
Can you transfer saved data to your ps5, and continue from where you left off on the ps4 version?
Stark Knight
Stark Knight 14 napja
What this video DOES not explain is that if you choose Valhalla or Spidey PS4 transfer data to PS5, your PS4 data won't go into the PS5 version, yes your PS4 save file will be in the PS5 version but you have to choose PS5 version of the game if you want to upscale, but the save data won't be there resulting in you having to restart the game from scratch and get all of the trophies again.
Stark Knight
Stark Knight 14 napja
So this is interesting and odd, (if this makes sense) I went onto Valhalla on the PS5 and there was no save data or continue game on the PS5, I then selected PS4 version on the PS5 menu screen and all of my data was there on my PS5 and was able to continue it, so this must mean that the PS4 version doesn't upscale to PS5, But you can have the benefits and upgrades of the PS5 Valahalla version if you select and restart valhalla on the PS5???
Samie Mohammed
Samie Mohammed 15 napja
Whats the fastest way to get the ps5 version on your ps5 when you already have the full ps4 version on your ps4 pro I don't want to have to transfer a whole ps4 version to then find out I need to redownload the whole thing again for the ps5
Mitotiliztli Martinez
Sony direct is your best shot for securing the bag. Avoid the bots at retailers, avoid the stress. Check Sony direct by the hour every day, especially around these times: 12-3pm by the hour. I just secured the bag today and I’m just like everybody else, trying to find one wherever it’s available. Definitely, Sony direct is your best bet, otherwise stress over the bots and wait till the stores have them and stress about the lines. I’m grateful that I secured one, but it honestly alright if you don’t get one this year, pretty sure it’ll be easy to secure the bag after the holidays.
Sniper_Gliider 16 napja
I am trying to download cold wars ps5 version and it only lists: PS4 Cold War beta PS4 Cold War alpha PS4 Black ops Cold War. I bought the cross gen edition but it only lets me pick the PS4 version for some reason?
Stylish Steamy
Stylish Steamy 16 napja
But what if I've already got it downloaded on ps4? You didnt really explain anything IGN
zadozz 16 napja
bro you can play as host from your own home...fam the " oh you think you can do better" gonna be wildin
Tediz82 16 napja
Not only does the PS5 look weird... it also acts weird :P it should be logical to have a game on auto-next gen if played on your nex-gen console :P
outworlddragoon 16 napja
Trying to upgrade MK11 from PS4 to PS5. there is no option available and the update hit today. any help would be appreciated
Fox Of GAOA 17 napja
Lol a lot of y'all can't seem to comprehend that there are people called scalpers and these things called bots.
bacon froyo
bacon froyo 17 napja
Shut up bot
DODO 17 napja
Me: watching even though I don't have a PS5
Brandon Ridlon
Brandon Ridlon 17 napja
You shouldn't have to do this to play a game
Edu D
Edu D 17 napja
Buying a Switch should help 😉
Rzz Ezzy
Rzz Ezzy 17 napja
Does it support crossplay between ps4 and ps5? For example Monster Hunter World or Destiny 2
Stark Knight
Stark Knight 17 napja
Wow I'm glad I've watched this, cheers ign
Honest Man
Honest Man 17 napja
Thanks I was so confused, it's too hard for me 😭
Ari Margo
Ari Margo 17 napja
A list of crossgen compatible games would have been really useful in this video.
Xcentr1cK 17 napja
PS5 Dumb Delivery or get an Xbox, and it automatically loads the correct version.
10 O'Swords
10 O'Swords 17 napja
Question if you have a PS4 title that offers free PS5 upgrade & after you play it on the PS5 you transfer it to an external HDD; if you load it back to the SSD to replay will the PS5 upgrade still be available, is that like a patch you'll have to re-download, how does that work?
Al Mizal
Al Mizal 17 napja
“....you will have the option to play or download either version which may result in lower graphical power.” Huh? What? That’s both confusing & ambiguous! Clear up please?
JAY GAMING 17 napja
I’m trying to play my PS4 version of COD MW on my PS5 but when I boot it up on PS5 it says I have to buy the game but allowed to play warzone for free?? Could anyone help?
Jay Hollywood
Jay Hollywood 17 napja
if i play spider man ps4 (disc) on my ps5 will it have the graphical changes and the new face?
Colin M
Colin M 17 napja
What do i do to switch when i dont have a ps 4 or 5 ? Or a switch to switch, can i use xbox one to switch the switch ? Thx sky of dimonds
Emora Nightmare
Emora Nightmare 17 napja
When I open it mine doesn’t say game version. I got it off my friends account and his is the ps4 version. So maybe that’s why?
Jake Camp
Jake Camp 17 napja
Shouldn't this be automatic? Coming from PC/XBOX here...
Ak47 17 napja
Video not for kids yikes
Shane Maguire
Shane Maguire 17 napja
Does anyone know if PS4 disc game storage can be transferred on to PS5 digital edition, please I need to know
HtxDonte 17 napja
Anybody else ps5 version of cold war giving u a error
Luiz Henrique Dutra Leal
DcGamer 17 napja
Playstation direct came through I cant wait to start playing
Fionn Gorham
Fionn Gorham 17 napja
I have a question: If I transfer my progress for gta 5 from the PS4 onto the ps5. When GTA 5 remastered edition comes out, will I be able to put my progress from PS4 gta onto gta remastered or will I have to use my PS4 edition for my progress? I have been wondering that for a while.
Are they free PS4 games
kotn1293 17 napja
Useful. Thank you.
Kuda 17 napja
This should be named how to get a ps5 in 2020
iPoised 17 napja
Does destiny do that?
Doja & Dayja And Snookie
also look in storage I had ps4 cod in my memory along w ps5. I deleted the ps4 version gives u some space
Whutzuh 17 napja
If you have SpiderMan ps4 can you switch it to the remastered version
Meme Meme
Meme Meme 17 napja
This is amazing a 2 min tutorial that doesn't drag out anything. Thank you Sony.
herohunter81 17 napja
When I first purchased Spiderman Miles Morales about 15 options popped up. I was confused. I thought I accidentally bought some ultimate edition or they gave me a version for each country 😂
Freak LP
Freak LP 17 napja
So, if I have Miles Morales as PS4 Disc, can I put the disc into the PS5 and then change it to the PS5 version of the game?
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem 17 napja
I hate how you can’t use physical versions on this
Stefan R
Stefan R 17 napja
It's sad this has to be explained in a video LMFAO
DG On that Mic
DG On that Mic 17 napja
Wait so you're telling me as long as the game is downloaded on my PS4 if I get the digital version of the PS5 I can download the game I'm talking about the disc
Kyle Chaivs
Kyle Chaivs 17 napja
I’m gonna be honest I didn’t realize I was playing the ps4 version of Valhalla until I saw this earlier.
Kyle Chaivs
Kyle Chaivs 17 napja
@P U S H Y A M I T R A lol
You don't deserve a ps5 right now
Sandip Mandal
Sandip Mandal 17 napja
horacio361 17 napja
How are they gonna shoot someone in the head and there be no hole?
Scruklemush 17 napja
It should automatically switch as per the console tbh
Bryce F
Bryce F 5 napja
I’m glad it doesn’t because there are rare occasions when I need to play the old version because I want to use the dualshock 4
Taykey Joneses
Taykey Joneses 17 napja
The PS5 is like a stripper because I'm throwing money at her, making it rain.
It is indeed like a stripper... I keep throwing money at her but she still doesn't want to come home with me.
A Moye
A Moye 17 napja
I guess that makes sense, strippers are also empty inside 600gb (useable) and only 10teraflops for $500...
rlndb 17 napja
how do you upgrade ur ps4 console to a ps5? Seems impossible
Derek Roberson
Derek Roberson 17 napja
Why the heck would you want to run the PS4 version of the game on PS5. It should default to the PS5 version.
Garret Simpson
Garret Simpson 17 napja
I messed up with Watch Dogs Legion. I bought it on PS4, thinking it was as easy as me redownloading it on PS5 when I got it. But turns out there were two versions of the game that were purchasable. I bought the PS4 only one and now it wants me to rebuy it on PS5...
justin Y.
justin Y. 17 napja
benWTL 17 napja
IGN: 'switch your PS4 game to a PS5 game' Control Standard Edition: *no.*
B Sully
B Sully 17 napja
Mans really Said bugsnax
Steven 17 napja
This should happen to me with the PS4 version of Little big planet. The first day and a half or so the game was particularly disappointing and unimpressive as a ps5 version was concerned and lacked advertised features. I was annoyed and kinda bummed. Until I saw "PS4" up in the corner title. 😑
DJ Gassewitz Videography
If i have the disk of spider - man on my ps4 and i get a discless ps5 is there any way to transfer it over???
The Brick Patch
The Brick Patch 17 napja
Will my ps4 minecraft worlds be on my ps5 as well?
Brandon L. Inn: Gamer Player
Will this work on every PS4 Games or just the ones like “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War” for example only?
bacon froyo
bacon froyo 17 napja
Jump force has ps5 capability so does that mean people genuinely care?
campkira 17 napja
@ayaan bazaz it just mean you play a ps4 version.. not ps5... ps5 verion would be bigger since they need a 4k pack as well..so if you want to save space run it in ps4... since the graphic differnt is bot that much in smaller tv...
ayaan bazaz
ayaan bazaz 17 napja
all PS4 games that people genuinely care about are backwards compatible with the PS5
Lars the Beaver
Lars the Beaver 17 napja
Only PS4 games with PS5 editions.
iero 17 napja
I regret my purchase. After black ops I can only install 9 games. Not sure what Sony was thinking with this pathetic amount of storage.
*how to switch from ps4 to ps5
The Scaredy Dog
The Scaredy Dog 17 napja
Does this work with disk
Da Juiceman
Da Juiceman 17 napja
Aight so we gonna mention how Spider-Man Remastered should have been a free performance patch like Ghost of Tsushima and not $70?
TD-110 17 napja
@Yandhi But spider-man is a remaster
Yandhi 17 napja
@TD-110 if ghost of tsushima is a free upgrade then Spiderman should be too
Da Juiceman
Da Juiceman 17 napja
@TD-110 It should be $0; we just bought the new system for $500; Sony should not be charging us for enhancements to backwards compatible games
TD-110 17 napja
What? It’s not $70!? You give $70 for Miles Morales and the remastered in the Miles Morales ultimate edition... And if you bough the standard version on PS4, you can purchase the remastered for like $20 on PS5 So it’s technically $20 for the remastered
Sajad Lachy
Sajad Lachy 17 napja
Thank you
1AdamXII 17 napja
Why do videos like this exist or matter when no one, other than IGN and HUrunrs, can get their hands on a dang PS5 anyway? Thanks bot users.
Ryan McKay
Ryan McKay 17 napja
Jesus Christ what if a kid wanted to know this information and you show a guy getting shot clean in the face 🤦‍♂️
Eric VanLeeuwen
Eric VanLeeuwen 17 napja
To bad? Kids are not buying a ps5 there getting an Xbox Series S
LonghornsLegend 17 napja
Sony needs to do a better job cleaning this screen up in an update
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 17 napja
The problem is I still haven't get my hands on ps5
Super Trendy Money Maker
Watch Jake Randall HUrun channel on PS5 and Series X restock orders a lot of great 👍 information on securing the PS5 for you.
Without X or S just numbers 1 2 3 4 5
GamesGround 17 napja
Handy advice, but let's get our hands on a PS5 first 😅
michail parlamas
The easiest way to switch is to get a nintendo switch!
מוטי אהרן
Did we must install PS4 games that get boost on the internal PS5 Nvme SSD or we can install them on external storage device as well??? If we must only install on the internal PS5 Nvme SSD it will be a problem to have more space for PS5 games
Dan Dinkunanga
Dan Dinkunanga 17 napja
I hope I get this ps5 soon
Apprentice Bater
Yeah, I didn't know how to do it, they kinda just drop the system on you
RJ Roxas
RJ Roxas 17 napja
Congrats, you've found a comment of a person who actually owns a ps5 who just wanted to see others opinions on the topic but only got people complaining about not having one like if Sony reads these comments.
Erules 711
Erules 711 17 napja
Wait just so I know i can still play any ps4 game i own on ps5 regardless of whether i get a graphic upgrade
KIING 17 napja
So my data from RDR2 (PS4) can be transferred to the PS5??🤔
L 17 napja
Yes. You can transfer your game and save data.
Flareboxx 17 napja
So if it's a PS4 disc compatible with the PS5, that's all we have to do for the shorter load times and better performance? I thought I heard something about a patch?
SquidBeyond 17 napja
This will come in handy in about a year
Rivaldo 17 napja
Why putting an option to play a last gen game version when you got the next-gen version of it in the first place? smh.
Eddy M
Eddy M 17 napja
JF 17 napja
I can use this for my ps5 that I don’t have
Corey Smith
Corey Smith 17 napja
How to stop it from constantly trying to install ps4 version everytime you turn system on. And btw miles morales ps5 takes up less space
Julian P
Julian P 17 napja
You buy ps5 games that’s how 😂
arbknight12 17 napja
ROFL I don’t suppose you can tell me how to get the console before the bots/scalpers get their hands on all of them....
Chaos sloth
Chaos sloth 17 napja
So the ps5 doesn’t already know it’s a ps5? Is it just me or am I only in thinking they weren’t ready to launch and just did it to launch along the Xbox ?
TomoDaniel 17 napja
its because those game got release on PS4 and PS5 u can choose wich one to play, the Trophy Liste are separate and the Game sizes are different , and Grafik and loading and everything.
Sony engineering is just a joke in 2020
TiltedEveryday 17 napja
Who had a Ps5 In there cart with everything ready and couldn’t order one 🙂
Hulk-Buster111 17 napja
Not me. I'm enjoying Demon Souls😁🤪😂🤣
Nicolas Rivera
Nicolas Rivera 17 napja
Dont remind me had it 4x in cart not one fcking time it let me check out
Edward Freeman
Edward Freeman 17 napja
@Tee Zee I got mine from refreshing the target page for hours after 11/12 midnight. I kept getting a payment error at checkout but I rapidly hit enter until it went through. I’ve never been so relieved to be charged $539.00. I was able to pickup on launch day!
Stoinks Jay
Stoinks Jay 17 napja
I managed to get one from Sony Direct, just keep refreshing and don’t give up. You’ll get it eventually friends.
Edward Freeman
Edward Freeman 17 napja
@TiltedEveryday thanks man, I definitely got lucky. I hope you can snag one as soon as possible, maybe holiday season
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