GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist - Teaser Trailer 

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The Cayo Perico Heist is the biggest Grand Theft Auto 5 Online adventure ever. Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and via backward compatibility for PS5 / Xbox Series X|S on December 15th.










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Berzerk 12 órája
So this is why all the mark II griefing wasn't fixed...
Music trailer?
B̶L̶A̶D̶E̶ R̶U̶N̶N̶E̶R̶ 2077
If this shits not accessible in freemode I'm burning my disc
Took them 8 years to finally expand the map..
ScaryStories _
Why is the only thing people can talk about this trailer is their hate towards the long wait till the next game, they obviously see GTA 5 is popular, they don't need to release 6 until they feel it's at its best.
AlienBip R
AlienBip R Napja
Yeah everyone Is looking forward for gta 6 but people will say that 5 was the best.
Canadian Ale
GTA 6 is more of a myth than my friend when I don't take my schizophrenia medication
Icarus Star
Icarus Star 2 napja
They've only gone and put Epsteins island in 🙈
Dylan Halpin
Dylan Halpin 2 napja
0:20 that music is just nice
Clayton Zivkovic
killerX 36
killerX 36 3 napja
I feel that this DLC is the final chapter of GTA Online and the bridge to GTA 6.
just a guy
just a guy 4 napja
Pls don't destroy my space
Propaganda Goodness
The Submarine HQ looks exactly like the doomsday submarine on the inside
Yungshishito 4 napja
Where can I find music that sounds like this. It’s a vibe.
Yungshishito 2 napja
@Og Boyh thanks ima give it a listen
Og Boyh
Og Boyh 2 napja
The girl next door - tommpabeats Its a very relaxing and a mixed up feelings kinda song
Dylan FAZE
Dylan FAZE 5 napja
Bring back the secret islands
metta117 5 napja
Im diggin the music
Sponge Bob 24
Sponge Bob 24 5 napja
Lol, looks like Imma need to fight cyborgs npc again.. 🤦‍♂️
Æsir Aldy
Æsir Aldy 6 napja
*why do I feel like there will be an Oppressor Mark 3?*
Captain Savage
What’s the music
That looks so amazing I’m definitely grinding to get 10-15 mil
Bálint Nyulászi
Do you want to hear a joke? K/D warriors of the IGN crew 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yxmi Kxrma
Yxmi Kxrma 7 napja
Two questions. One, is this an expansion? Like can you go to that place outside of the heist? Two, can we own that sub or is it heist specific?
dsturnham30 7 napja
Amazing DLC success but none on fixing the goddamn iFruit app
InariOkami 7 napja
Cave Update, please.
black polo 715
Shinobi 7 napja
Will they finish building that damn tower still under construction 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mr. K
Mr. K 8 napja
PS69 Trailer: *Rockstar logo appears* Rockstar Games:GTA 5 EnHaNcED SuPeR REaLaStIC MaP WitH AccEsiBLe CAyO PeRiCo!!
635574 8 napja
And get ready for this to not be available outside the mission. Just like the intro location.
Zain Rean
Zain Rean 9 napja
Well prepare yourself for raining submarines.
Allen 9 napja
Anyone trying to talk about these new tactical weapons they're speaking of?
Benaya Naratherian
can it be explored on storymode?
Ravi George
Ravi George 9 napja
That trailer song sounds so chill! Does anyone know the name of that song?
Harish 10 napja
Your joking I bet Lester is gonna make us buy a 10M sub
PozGaming 10 napja
Levitating Phonkster
people want gta 6 but its not like 5 was/is a great game either..
DISHONXR 10 napja
I hope Cyber Punk 2077 becomes the Gta Online killer so that we can get a step closer to getting Gta 6
DanielDarragh16 is OP
rockstar:so heres that gta 6 you have been wanting me:sees Cayo Perico heist trailer also me AND THE BOYS:yeah you can put that back now
DN1X 10 napja
Prajjwal Tiwari
Prajjwal Tiwari 10 napja
Thank you Rockstar. You guys are always on time😌
Ivan Toretto Sanchez
Wheres bully 2?
Press_ 0
Press_ 0 10 napja
Vatos ahorren sus millonacos
ja maar soms nee
Song name??
Mapz Game
Mapz Game 10 napja
I’m asking too lmao
Darius McNeal
Darius McNeal 10 napja
Even though every1 is waiting for gta6 I'm actually excited for this
Frostbite6680 10 napja
The trailer reminds me of Ghost Recon : Wildlands i don't know why
SonsOfBeaches 9 napja
id want a wildlands 2
I will play tropico when I want that tropical feeling my English not so gut
Michael 10 napja
Sun E
Sun E 10 napja
Looks like I’m grinding boys.
ApexYT -_-•
ApexYT -_-• 11 napja
Imagine buying your own island
The Hentai King
The Hentai King 11 napja
i cant wait
Liam T
Liam T 11 napja
First name Last name
Only ten days before belle delphine releases the vids 😏
Titan King
Titan King 11 napja
Garbage, further proof we are light years away from GTA 6
Joel Reyes
Joel Reyes 11 napja
What if this is Tahiti
Dominic 2326
Dominic 2326 11 napja
The only shame is that you can only explore during the heist. You wont be able to play in free roam
Liam English
Liam English 11 napja
I was 16 when gta 5 came out. Im now 24 and kids are playing this game without even knowing San Andreas or Vice City.. what happened rockstar? You used to be cool man
LetsTalk 11 napja
Oh damn, we’re going to Tahiti boys
Mr.Miguelin Kalashnibob
GTA Online:The Tahiti heist
Đā 1st5th
Đā 1st5th 11 napja
Rockstar be milking the blood out of this cow now
BIGWORM 510 11 napja
We will get GTA 6..........Eventually.
Full Life 3
Full Life 3 11 napja
Considering the time of the season a North Yankton Expansion that everyone has been wanting would have like been nice... But I guess not...
Wesley Balford
Wesley Balford 11 napja
I feel ya man when they first hinted at a map expansion i was hoping for north Yankton.
Solodolo84 11 napja
Song in trailer?
HUY VƯƠNG 12 napja
Accept invite. *Loading...* Start. *Loading...* HEIST FAILED. Crew member left. *Loading...*
Arijit Ghosh
Arijit Ghosh 7 napja
Solo Heist
Toothless .Fury
Toothless .Fury 12 napja
I suppose GTA 6 is the next Half Life 3
Dominic 2326
Dominic 2326 12 napja
Here are some ideas that they can do in gta 5. Own your own pet, mansion another seris of missions like the casino missions and the yacht with a villian to kill at the end, another treasure hunt to find a gun, police officer outfits, be able to go inside places like a mall, museum, office building, have a gang hideout, military outfits. And a lot more
Oscar Persaud
Oscar Persaud 12 napja
Hey that’s when my data refreshes
bit byte
bit byte 12 napja
Everyone: how much can anybody milk on something? Rockstar: Yes.
Anonymous Wolf
@milk damn ..That is Dark af
milk 4 napja
i tried to scream... but they milked me underwater
Syed Amair Hussaini
omg turuuu lobeeee
Nik-Xx 0_o
Nik-Xx 0_o 12 napja
rockstar games releasing everything other than a new game...
Wesley C
Wesley C 12 napja
GTAVI will gonna come back so longer.
Save The DSM's
Save The DSM's 12 napja
Whens the red dead 2 canada/Mexico expansion
cnpastro club
cnpastro club 12 napja
5 star best games back payday
You know that submarine gonna cost like 20 million
Samuel S.
Samuel S. 8 órája
When you dont need it for the heist like the yacht okay but if you need it it would be a lot cheaper than 20 million because who is gonna play the heist? Max 10 mio but 10 is still to much
Wiesław 3 napja
it literally costs 3.4B in real life, what did you expect in gta online?
g10nick100g gamer
How about 5 million
Huner Nightcore
Huner Nightcore 12 napja
Every company: My Trailer/Teaser IGN: Our Trailer/Teaser *Communism anthem plays*
Romeo / Viibe
Romeo / Viibe 12 napja
They need to make it cross play already
JG 12 napja
Not buying this, also I want GTA 6, but the music kinda bringin the vibes doe
JG 8 napja
@Johnny Rocket bold of you to assume I'm playing a purchased version of the game sir
Johnny Rocket
Johnny Rocket 9 napja
"not buying this" but the DLC is free.
Adult Guy
Adult Guy 12 napja
brooo whats the intrumental title
Chris Manic
Chris Manic 12 napja
And nothing hardly new to RDR2 except a change of clothes!
Andy Gutierrez
Andy Gutierrez 12 napja
Tim bob
Tim bob 12 napja
Maybe it’s gonna be like Ocean’s Twelve
Beans Trelawny
Beans Trelawny 12 napja
Why is my man using a nuclear sub to destroy the island
The pigzy
The pigzy 12 napja
Whats the song
Q.H.S 12 napja
They’re still doing this?
TES Heavy Metal 1981
It almost makes me cry honestly.
Kryypuk 12 napja
Cant wait for GTA 5 for ps6 and xbox infinit
Holden Tudiks
Holden Tudiks 12 napja
Wow that’s cool to bad I’m not gonna play it
Jeremiah Griffith
*They could have done Hawaii but oh well*
Genaro the Fake Politician
I guess this is GTA's Catalina Islands. San Fierro and Las Venturas when?
Propell Cod
Propell Cod 12 napja
What in the guarma is this
MADDOG 12 napja
Cool.....another heist......
VinnyCam 12 napja
Unidentified Flying Waffle
What is the song
Geovany Veleta
Geovany Veleta 12 napja
At this rate my grandkids will probably still be playing on gta v.
Yung Carti
Yung Carti 12 napja
The song at the end
OnJahvi 12 napja
2021 better have gta6 dont let this distract us
PyroInferno 12 napja
You better be able to buy a sub
Marcin Szrajber
Marcin Szrajber 13 napja
Its trailer or just a teaser?
Thug9030 13 napja
How to get the gta 5 online for my ps5
Chanka Bizarre Network Deluxe
New content sweet they might as well gta 6 gonna take a while to develop
CHICAGO Mando 13 napja
Titanic lady: its been 84 years
Mr. BLACK jacket
Fellas, remember once a game similar to GTAO but better arrives i think Rockstar will have to bring something new to the table, or they will lose the money of potential buyers.
Certified Cheater Goldigger
We need gta 6 in our ps5
GTA VR (ft. Steven Ogg)
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