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In today's Daily Fix, Sydnee takes a look at a new GTA Online tease, the Hitman devs take on 007, and Nintendo sues another hacker. Good times!
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Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans 2 napja
I bet she got a onlyfans 💰💯
Lyrikal Nelson
Lyrikal Nelson 11 napja
Anybody still playing gta 5 after 7 years wtf are u doing.
B 11 napja
Maybe nintendo should spend that money making their systems harder to jailbreak. SMH.
Tanim King
Tanim King 13 napja
No Daniel Craig james bond,please
Rajkumar Wadeyar
Sydnee that's a cute dress ❤️
ozesnoo 13 napja
Stop, please stop
James Ward
James Ward 13 napja
Red Dead online is underrated. Damn
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 13 napja
Looks I'm moving from Los Santos to Night City.
Max w.
Max w. 13 napja
They don't even started with GTA 6
Gautham Rajan
Gautham Rajan 13 napja
Soo many people are literally boning to you sidney right now watching you
Elite_Hunting 13 napja
I'll be in Night City soon ✌️
CyberThug1080i 13 napja
PS5 HDMI 2.1 Bandwidth of 32GB/s capped and also Slower than Xbox Series X's 46GB/s 😏
Akash Verma
Akash Verma 13 napja
Love the dress❤️❤️❤️
Whitehammer322 13 napja
If it ain’t ash from what culture, I don’t want it.
prince akeem 41
prince akeem 41 13 napja
With so much GTA V content i went back to play Vice City🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Akshay Jose
Akshay Jose 13 napja
You look a jewellery mannequin 🤣
Sekulture 13 napja
Maybe you're a new bond and this is your origin story, after all, James Bond could just be the code name for the holder of 007
Squicx 13 napja
Finally. Breaking Bad in GTA...
Default 13 napja
Who cares again ??
lazyreuvin 13 napja
"time to watch the daily fix" Sydnee comes on "WhhhHAHAAA??"
Riaz Uddin
Riaz Uddin 13 napja
How the hell did GTA Online get so big lol
M W 13 napja
2021: we're gonna release 1 singleplayer dlc Dumbass fans: 🤑🤑🤑🤑
Imran Ali Jamal
Imran Ali Jamal 13 napja
Another GTA V online update how boring GTA 6 is just looking like a dream rn for next gen consoles
Luke Skyscraper
Luke Skyscraper 13 napja
Rockstar basically abandoned Red Dead Online because its less profitable than GTA Online. Just sad that greed drives where the content goes.
Brad Hoover
Brad Hoover 13 napja
No thanks. If GTA VI is like GTA V focusing on Online more than the single player I will gladly pass on the purchase.
Mahinder p
Mahinder p 14 napja
They're really milking this GTA 5 thing
Jordan Starks
Jordan Starks 14 napja
The gta v is a multiplayer map expansion I have 2 friends who work at Rockstar. They are making insane amount of money through shark cards work has not even started on Gta 6 due to the cash cow that is GTA v online. Rockstar big next game will be a medeival open world RPG.
Samurai Blk
Samurai Blk 14 napja
She sexy asf who agrees
Ishtiaque Hossain Khan 1120246030
Amaizing chest ahead
Chr15Payne 14 napja
F off with the gta online stuff. We need a new location and decade
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar 14 napja
At this point, I want any franchise to drop such a big bomb game in the market that it takes away all the playerbase of GTA online. Then and then only then will Rockstar Games come back to it's senses. But, I don't know which franchise can do that.🙁
Vuulcan 14 napja
Those weird unnatural pauses eh
Electro 14 napja
“John Doe” hmmm, if you play the mission “Dead man walking” on story mode they call Michael, John Doe when he is pretending to be dead. Now idk if it has anything to do with that I’m just saying
Luke Swan
Luke Swan 13 napja
John Doe is a generic name for a unknown dead person.
Anirudh Pai
Anirudh Pai 14 napja
Well, looks like Dan Houser did the right thing.
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore 14 napja
Sydnee looking like a whole snack 😈
conorgray511 14 napja
A new way to spend money more like.
Pinoy Aesthetics
Am I the only one who wants to go full tube buster on sydney? 😅
With Witt
With Witt 14 napja
So no 6?
InconsistentlyConsistent Cauk
This host feels so forced everytime. Ugh
Alick Santos Phiri
If cyberpunk manages to divert people away from gta online for the next 12 months, GTA 6 will definitely be announced by E3 next year
James Patrick
James Patrick 14 napja
Where the f is gta 6 Rockstar!?
AlfathS 14 napja
lol stahp
Cherry's Channel
As much as I want gta6 I never got into gta v online because of the ridiculous load times. If next gen fixes that I might be able to actually play online finally.
Yohanes Christian
Honestly, they could be just teasing VI. Rumors are that VI will be set around narco-trafficking, inspired by Narcos tv series and set around vice city and latin america, well this map has that vibe, from tropical islands looks to narco lord mansion and what seems like fields of marijuana. Next year GTA Online will be a separate title which means future GTAs map could be integrated in Online, this map could be portion of VI's map or showing the what VI's style of buildings and landscape will looks like.
Chris Millar
Chris Millar 14 napja
Damn girl you sexy
LbC EastSide
LbC EastSide 14 napja
Are they Teasing GTA6? Cuz if not does anybody really care? 🤷‍♂️
Icarus 14 napja
I laughed way more than I should’ve at that GTA joke lol
Easy 14 napja
dino jaram
dino jaram 14 napja
Where's that blond chick,what's her name?
Ness PK
Ness PK 14 napja
Us: we want gta VI Rockstar: Did someone say Oppressor MKIII?
Try Hard
Try Hard 14 napja
gta v online , the worst online gaming experience i ever had in any game
Luki Handoko 20
Luki Handoko 20 14 napja
You can see In The teaser The Cordinate,And you Open google Maps Or Google Earth and Search The Cordinate : 38.527n 79.6129w And you Can See VI Line/Path Owh sorry For my english
James Howlette
James Howlette 14 napja
Rockstar is currently working on a new GTA it’s already been confirmed so buy whatever you want it’s literally that simple
Christian Thunberg
I hope this 007 game are not based on the new movies.
Jim Bridgewater
Jim Bridgewater 14 napja
John Doe is the name of the serial killer from the movie Seven
Silent Orb
Silent Orb 14 napja
dam this ign chick is kinda bad ;)
Khashi 14 napja
gtav online should die already
MERCENARY_V_ 14 napja
Can i get GTA 6???
Point Man
Point Man 14 napja
Ehi rockstar, embrace the fakes and put Summer Glau on the next GTA cover art
Ant Boogie
Ant Boogie 14 napja
If you relax your eyes and don't directly stare at her chest, you can totally see her nipple
marcus mark
marcus mark 14 napja
atleast release a new game with the same graphic
Navneeth Jaydev
Navneeth Jaydev 14 napja
Honestly at this point I have accepted that I won't get to play GTA6 before I die
Harsh Mahajan
Harsh Mahajan 14 napja
Cyberpunk 2077😎
Shreyas Joshi
Shreyas Joshi 14 napja
GTA Online will remain unbeaten. Cyberpunk 2077 will be bad imo.
Rattlingbunion 14 napja
Am i the only person who wants bully 2 before gta 6?😭
AwokenRain1 14 napja
YeS bUT whERe iS gTa 6? - millions of dumb kids
Bananaman 219
Bananaman 219 14 napja
Rockstar should update RDR2 more, instead of milking this game bone dry
Minhaan Khan
Minhaan Khan 14 napja
RDR2 sold around 30 million copies on all platforms combined , GTA 5 is above 100 mill !!
Raquel Amorim
Raquel Amorim 14 napja
rdr don't bring the money gta do😞
8rboy 14 napja
We need a new GTA. It’s getting ridiculous
koelhohleok 14 napja
Nice view!
Sam Sharma
Sam Sharma 14 napja
Idc actually it's old and not fun anymore, too many modders easy money, no bans. It's already time we get something new, and i have had my hopes up for Cyberpunk. Lets hope they deliver their promise this time on time.
JDawg 14 napja
Nintendo is the worst!! After they hit emulation sites with million dollar law suits, I started boycotting them. Suing sites for giving away 30 year old classic games just so they can resell them on their store is ridiculous. F' Nintendo. One of the most greediest companies ever!!
PAINFUL 14 napja
I just want halo infinite. Nothing else
Father Gabriel Stokes
We're getting a Map Expansion update!! Cheer up and stop complaining, you muppets!! You'll be playing it anyways!!
j r
j r 14 napja
No we won't. I haven't played the gta online since 2014...
Numeriwar 14 napja
Who tf still pirate games
Jaya_ Surya_ A
Jaya_ Surya_ A 14 napja
Still rockstars...agent is tba..and exclusive on ps3...
sam 13 napja
Bond game coming out tho
Insanepie 881689
They let go of the copyright to Agent so it’s cancelled dude
Mr. BLACK jacket
Don't you worry guys, the day we get a new Open World game with an online similar to GTAO and better graphics, Rockstar will have to put something new in to the table or they will keep losing potential cash (we all know Rockstar loves this sign $).
Dylan Bass
Dylan Bass 14 napja
i thought that was obama on the thumbnail lol
TheLordScorpio 14 napja
That's cool but nobody wanted nor needed this
Nick Tronson
Nick Tronson 14 napja
Actually GTA in Canadian is Greater Toronto Area.
LightSpeed444 14 napja
GTA 6 for PS6
BangJarum 14 napja
Anyone care to support my channel? Drop by and subscribe. Your support means a lot to me. Tq
Cheef Sosa
Cheef Sosa 14 napja
Candian GTA joke is gold!
Dr3MoorGaming 14 napja
Ok Sydnee!
michael chapline
Something new story dlc laughs in high pitched mexican man voice noooo just pray for gta6 loved rdr2 haven't touched online
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 14 napja
Came here only for her
ASWIN VIP 14 napja
Only ❤️ fr u only we coming and see this ign videos 😁👽
TEC-9 14 napja
this shitty online game still going... jesus...
Echelon 14 napja
The Laugh Factory
pls don't let that GTA ONLINE content be spy hiests..
waalex11 14 napja
I was hoping a GTA 6 tease or something I guess.
LightSpeed444 14 napja
Not until they have milked this ancient game for all its worth
Mori Yooo
Mori Yooo 14 napja
If its not GTA 6 or a new map IDGAF
LET'S START 14 napja
I unable to focus 😀
Alfonso Diaz
Alfonso Diaz 14 napja
But still not GTA 6
Drkway 14 napja
Lol i don't care i am going to play cyberpunk 2077!
Raquel Amorim
Raquel Amorim 14 napja
hope its the new gta🤞
HKgaming 14 napja
I just hope they don't use Daniel Craig's likeness, Roger Moore, Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan anyone but Daniel Craig, hell use Timothy Dalton for all I care
Enter The Soundscape
I’d much prefer IO have their own take on Bond
Sahil P
Sahil P 14 napja
Are ppl seriously still playing GTA V online?
ProWarframe 14 napja
Where is gta5 in ps5 free version with better graphics Sony forget when teaser trailer before few months and say it with release of ps5......
Toasted Ape Man
Toasted Ape Man 14 napja
that Canadian joke was horrible
Hayden Leyva
Hayden Leyva 14 napja
Bro who else here is part of sss
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