Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Official Mini-Pufts Character Reveal Clip (2021) Paul Rudd 

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In this clip for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Paul Rudd meets some adorable Mini-Pufts while supermarket shopping but things quickly turn chaotic.

Directed by Jason Reitman, Ghostbusters: Afterlife follows the story of a single mom and her two kids who begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is produced by Ivan Reitman, and stars Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Annie Potts, Ernie Hudson, and Paul Rudd.

The film, which is written by Gil Kenan and Jason Reitman, arrives in theaters on November 11, 2021.




2021.ápr. 7.






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Red Vanquish
Red Vanquish 4 perccel
"SHH! Do you smell something?" *Stay Puft s'mores being cooked*
Jonathan Zoranen
Looks like a Ghostbusters version of goosebumps
Waiiit a second
Waiiit a second 2 órája
Gremlins 3!!! Finally
The Once and Future Jake
Can we talk about the scariest part of this clip? Who goes to grab the ice cream FIRST?!
madi bendy
madi bendy 2 órája
everyone in Hollywood is making everything babies now because of grogu... I’m just saying
Mega Magikarp
Mega Magikarp 2 órája
Here’s to hoping it’s better than the last
MattBee 2 órája
What's with it with Paul Rudd and Baskin Robin's? Was if because of any man or something else?
So0bek Gaming
So0bek Gaming 2 órája
What the hell is Paul Rudd doing there?!
Jesus Cobos
Jesus Cobos 4 órája
Baskin Robins always finds out
Generation Why Productions
Why would Stay Puft return? Stay Puft wasn’t a ghost or a demon... it was created because Ray tried to think up the least dangerous thing imaginable when Gozer said their next thought would be their death? So unless Gozer AND Ray are both back AND Gozer tries to kill Ray in the exact same way as she did in the 80s AND Ray has the exact same thought.... the return of Stay Puft makes zero sense. Clearly it’s just a ploy to sell merchandise at the expense of making any sense.
MrCRAZY 5 órája
Baskin-Robbins always finds out
Mark Cronin
Mark Cronin 5 órája
This 54 second clip was better than the entire 2016 Ghostbusters.
Jake Reehl
Jake Reehl 5 órája
Funny, Paul worked at Baskin Robins in Ant-Man now he's looking for Baskin Robins' treats in Ghostbusters :-D
Tyler Lipman
Tyler Lipman 5 órája
Blue Velvet shoutout
TeezyFFA 5 órája
Not the first time Paul Rudd failed at Baskin Robins
Quinn Zyker
Quinn Zyker 5 órája
Slaps self:Stay Slaps knees and chest: Stay Keeps slapping: STAYPUFF
Peter Macansky
Peter Macansky 5 órája
orang utan
orang utan 6 órája
Is the Baskin-Robbins an Ant-Man reference?
Does Baskin Robbins own Paul rudd
Chilton Stuart IV
Baskin Robin's always finds out.
shoutmonx4k 7 órája
Is it me or do they all sound like Toad from Super Mario?
YYXVV 7 órája
When you try to hit the grocery store real quick before the acid kicks in but you don't make it out in time.
Jay Gole
Jay Gole 7 órája
Its just a michelin commercial for lego cars..
doctor leak
doctor leak 7 órája
Yup everyone in this film is dead got it.
TheVikingReaper 7 órája
Could you make the trailer any shorter
Erik van Schoor
Erik van Schoor 7 órája
Who else feels like someone is going for Gremlins vibes?
100%, Juvenile and sadistic, and I’m totally down with it.
『th k dzc ntf th m』
What's up with Paul Rudd and 31 Flavors? First Ant-Man now Ghostbusters 😂
Clive Roberts
Clive Roberts 8 órája
Whats with Paul Rudd and Baskin Robbins. " Baskin Robbins dont play"
Julian Sen
Julian Sen 8 órája
"Bobby newport has never had a real job in his life"
Nick Costa
Nick Costa 8 órája
Ghostbusters x Sausage Party
thumbscrews 8 órája
This feels like a scene written into the movie just so they can sell these little marshmallow men as toys...
Skelet0 Ic3
Skelet0 Ic3 4 órája
And more importantly baskin robbins
What in the marshmallow is this
Noah Miller
Noah Miller 9 órája
They... they minion-ized ghostbusters...
Kousuke Ueki
Kousuke Ueki 9 órája
who do you call..? Ant-Man..
James N
James N 9 órája
catoblepag 9 órája
It's amazing how contemporary movies can't feel grounded and natural even for a second. From the very beginning of the video, I'm not buying Paul Rudd's performance. His mannerisms and reactions are completely wrong.
Kyle V.
Kyle V. 9 órája
They are going to try and capitalize on stay puff minis big time
Epicdudetroll 9 órája
The Buu saga be like
Lethal Weaboo
Lethal Weaboo 9 órája
That is all kinds of messed up
Bogdan Ciochina
Bogdan Ciochina 10 órája
😂 Funny
Daniel’s Garden
Daniel’s Garden 10 órája
What is it with kiddie funny Halloween movies and delicious sweets coming ta life?
OpenAI 10 órája
He worked in Baskin Robins in Ant-Man
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston 10 órája
Hmm, yes.
Bart SiMPson
Bart SiMPson 10 órája
FurryEskimo 10 órája
Why do they keep going back to the same marshmallow monster.. These ideas feel as stale as these marshmallows will be in 30 minutes..
Painfully Unfunny
Painfully Unfunny 11 órája
Despite being evil they are cute
jake10175 11 órája
Paul Rudd and Baskin Robins again...When will he learn Baskin Robins always finds out.
Melkor1205 11 órája
^^ That is just wonderful! :D
Fil Madzin
Fil Madzin 11 órája
What kind of monster buys their ice cream FIRST at target?
Larry Talbot
Larry Talbot 11 órája
"Listen!... d'you smell something...?"
Vinny A
Vinny A 12 órája
WTF Are You Selling?
Victor Jonee Mabaquiao
freaking ANTMAN
Vahagn Mkrtchyan
Vahagn Mkrtchyan 12 órája
This was pleasantly creepy.
Banting Gamer
Banting Gamer 12 órája
Anyone else also in the mood for ice cream now?
Säsch 12 órája
Ohh noo bad feeling
Throwback Channel
Throwback Channel 12 órája
They’re cannibals! 😱😱😱
Throwback Channel
Throwback Channel 12 órája
Baby Stay Puff
lego 11
lego 11 12 órája
Pillsbury doughboy took a turn
Andrew Blanchard
Andrew Blanchard 12 órája
nerd affiliated
nerd affiliated 13 órája
After seeing them in the 1989 real ghostbusters comics it’s great to finally see the mini-puft’s in a movie.
Atma Ghost
Atma Ghost 13 órája
And just like that, my hope for this movie died...
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 13 órája
Well it’s about damn time
Charnel 13 órája
Gotta be better than the last garbage fire movie
Dhana Diaz
Dhana Diaz 13 órája
So stay puft got an access to pym particles huh?
potawatadingdong 13 órája
As iconic as the character is, they need to stop. It doesn't make sense to have it keep returning after the first movie. That'd be like if Watto kept coming back in all subsequent Star Wars movies.
Rahul Bhakat
Rahul Bhakat 13 órája
Reminds me of fairies from berserk. Cute and having fun while killing each other.
banjacks joe
banjacks joe 14 órája
Basically Gremlins
Khairi Septiawan
Khairi Septiawan 14 órája
Baskin Robbins always finds out.
peter campbell
peter campbell 14 órája
Oh no their going down the "Minions" route?? 😞
Gudaran A
Gudaran A 14 órája
Ghostbuster version of minions eh...
SPACE FORCE 14 órája
they used the jingle marvel used for Loki
annelies Rosseel
annelies Rosseel 14 órája
They are so adorable
Blu Solars
Blu Solars 14 órája
What we want, no politics and boring crap.
The Horse Stable Channel
Awww they are soooo CUUUUTE!!! (and DEADLY!)
Aditya Vats
Aditya Vats 15 órája
And that's how marshmallows become costly...
Noobmaster 69
Noobmaster 69 15 órája
Marcley 15 órája
Whats up with paul rudd and baskin robins?
MattMovieMaker 15 órája
This is gonna be a toy, that's the only reason this early clip exists.
Dwight Marten
Dwight Marten 16 órája
Those are sweets and he's Ant-Man.
Sean Kondrot
Sean Kondrot 16 órája
Ghostbusters films are a buddy film with horror and comedy elements set in NYC.
Onkar D.
Onkar D. 16 órája
Baskin-robbins always finds out!!
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun 16 órája
This trailer alone literally erases Ghost Busters 2016 traces left.
Xavier john abad
Xavier john abad 16 órája
rod reiss puft being the big scary ghost, had childeren that want to make themselves to smores
isyoudaddyboi 16 órája
deadass waited a whole two years until they could get their money worth from us watching it in theaters
MattGPDX 16 órája
Baskin Robbins always finds out.
Retro Gaming 1981
Retro Gaming 1981 16 órája
Reminds me of Gremlins
Sonicice 24
Sonicice 24 16 órája
Aww, there so cute.
osofroeschle 17 órája
Strike 2
Biswanil Kundu
Biswanil Kundu 17 órája
So disturbing
fuadgamer 18 órája
"baskin robbins always know"
Ramon peña ruvalcaba
Garbage movie 100%
Bli zzzlin
Bli zzzlin 18 órája
Baskin and Robbins always find out.
Mandogy - Games
Mandogy - Games 19 órája
Suicidal murderous cannibals?
Rico Rios
Rico Rios 19 órája
Real talk what’s the back story to Paul Rudds Baskin Robbins obsession ?
Jordan Tanksley
Jordan Tanksley 19 órája
BlackSheep 19 órája
Toys....... On the way
Alexander Lumford
Alexander Lumford 19 órája
I’m surprised he’s not boycotting Baskin Robins after getting fired from there a few years ago
Aleister Merrick
Aleister Merrick 19 órája
Christopher Roberts
Paul Rudd Buying Baskin Robins after being fired from Baskin Robins in Ant-Man lol
Uptomyknees 19 órája
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