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Fuser reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro by Jarrett Green. Also available on PC, Xbox, and Switch. Narration by Brian Altano.
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Skornish 49 perccel
Being able to see people at parties again is not a hopeful future. That is the obvious future. What are you talking about?
HopOnTheHype 4 órája
The genre IS back. Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, etc. It's shifted over to VR.
Kevin Pernod
Kevin Pernod 12 órája
It's $59.99 for the standard game and $99.99 for the VIP Edition which includes 25 additional songs. I'll probably wait until the price drops, I'm not sure a game like this is worth $100.
Meltroidvania 12 órája
Bro I REALLY hope this means we get a new dj hero game
Time Rider
Time Rider 2 napja
Ugliest annoying dj ever. Pass
Angel M
Angel M 2 napja
The one mistake they could’ve done was not make a device to mix like dj hero
Number Juancho
i love this game
Been loving this game, it’s so satisfying
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 4 napja
Antony Ingham
Antony Ingham 4 napja
This looks like the worst game ever made.
MrSerrrg88 4 napja
So...to get everything, you need multiple hundreds of dollars...nice
PeterK1 4 napja
imagine if someone sees this review in the future and be like "What did he mean by hopefully people will be able to see each other in person again" LMAO
HopOnTheHype 4 órája
Couch co op games are getting a resurgence on playstation, and never left on switch, and I'm not talking indie games.
Helmaroc 4 napja
I assume you get 5 stars if you just play Never Gonna Give You Up in full
Greypuppy 333
Greypuppy 333 4 napja
Yo why you equip that jacket
Tangeni Iiputa
The verdict was fair but I miss the old decimal fractions for the verdict.
Ranjan Nadig
Ranjan Nadig 4 napja
The game play looks like the new PS5 UI with a dynamic background.
Clayvion White
The guitar hero franchise ruined the authenticity of Harmonix games. DJ Hero was nice tho.
AMG 4 napja
I would LOVE this game but the price point seems a bit high for what it is
Daltono 4 napja
As a huge EDM fan I was originally hyped for this game. The same EDM fan is embarrassed by this track list. The only way this game has a chance is if they enable importing your own music, which will never happen I’m sure.
So you're reviewing a music game and talk really loudly over the whole goddamned review so you actually can't hear the game? What the hell are you thinking IGN? I feel that the quality of your content is getting worse by the minute.
Snurre Sprett
Snurre Sprett 4 napja
It deserves 9/10 for what it is. HUrun will be full of dope mixes because of this game🥳🤠🥳
YoseiHito 4 napja
As a musician myself, I'm in love with this game, I just would love to see more songs added, especially from the 80s rnb era because even the dlc is somewhat lackluster nd ngl after a while it gets repetitive.
Buffoon Beats
Buffoon Beats 4 napja
My review ! As not a DJ but a music producer. This game has a similar feel to rockband. Unsurprisingly. although the game is really fun and you can easily play for hours. I think it could be a little hard for people to pick up. They don’t include the key of a track (which they should) and the effects are hard to use and they didn’t make use of the ps4s touch pad in the middle. Over all it made me want to pick up my Mixer and go actually DJ. So if you’re looking for something to inspire you or you just want to sit around with some friends and make some fun sounding music it’s a hell of a time !
Peter K
Peter K 4 napja
Shame there's no physical release
Joey Jag
Joey Jag 4 napja
Tomorrowland: The Game
Kelvin S
Kelvin S 4 napja
Bad time to release music game....😬
Buffoon Beats
Buffoon Beats 4 napja
Why do people keep saying that
snaps TV
snaps TV 5 napja
It's actually alright. Easy to get lost for hours in freestyle.
Senshai 5 napja
Mothers be afraid ..
jaycap120 5 napja
Hopefully harmonix hasn’t forgotten about the Rock Band franchise. Because of games like Clone Hero the guitar game genre community is the biggest it’s ever been. I’m sure a Rock Band 5 would perform very well. At least start producing the instruments for rock band 4 again guys :(
That Tonnato guy with a FEZ
There is still weekly DLC with most of avaliable [apart from exports being gone, you are also only missing like 100 tracks, which while they are some of best, we still have Jimi Hendrix and such, no Guns'n roses] Nothing they can do about instruments, and from looks of its going to be the case for a while.
Belramyo the Gamecat
The disrespect for actual electronic music is what kills this game for me. The list of available songs is like a saturday afternoon radio playlist, nothing you fancy on stages like the ones shown here.
Buffoon Beats
Buffoon Beats 4 napja
there are quite a bit of dance songs actually.
Not a Sandwich
Asmr Game Grumps
I used to love DJ and Guitar Hero, such a shame the music rhythm genre probably won’t ever make a proper comeback.
zippybeets 4 napja
It kinda still exists in the arcades.
PLAYER1 5 napja
I feel this could be a fun gateway for aspiring DJs and musicians to get their feet wet with mixing and performing, but with DMCA running rampant, they won't be able to share their creations on major content creation platforms like Twitch, Twitter, or even HUrun.
mrdinger 3 napja
You could cut the crowd noise and upload it on soundcloud or mixcloud
Max Andrew
Max Andrew 5 napja
Idk why I’m watching this. Not even interested at all lol
Omega Beam
Omega Beam 4 napja
George Dilorenzo
I remember when people made music, not just remixes.
Mantis Toboggan
What a strange game to come out at such a strange time
VERDICT 7/10 Have a nice day!
I want this simply so I can put things over Blinding Lights and see how it sounds Oh crap they got All Star and Never Gonna Give You Up, the meme potential is unreal
That Tonnato guy with a FEZ
Somebody once told me - were no strangers to love HEY NO- never gonna give up up Sounds about right.
Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire 5 napja
“It’s a game” 10/10 -IGN
NarTBart 5 napja
i say this game deserves a 5, not a 7
ShadowHumor 5 napja
When people say nuance...
RoyAlWhicheez 5 napja
No thanks
Meanmug 5 napja
This game gets boring very very fast.
Daft Punk DLC pls
ONE SULU 5 napja
Me: Sees you can play Rock The Casbah By The Clash Me also: worth a try I guess
El Marco 123
El Marco 123 5 napja
Yianni Melemenis
I was playing it tonight. Enjoying it so far, seems fun! Feel like it will be funner to achieve mastering it
Darysson 5 napja
Yea I was thinking on buying Fuser, i'm a real life DJ. But looks like it would be boring after a few hours of gameplay I don't know, should I cop it? 👀
iveo83 5 napja
Sold me with RATM
GiruThanda 5 napja
"The music game fad died out in the 2010s" every asian ever including me: 👁👄👁
HopOnTheHype 4 órája
VR with stuff like Beat Saber, Audica, Pistol Whip, etc: "Wut?"
its true that in Asia, and especially Japan, there's TONS of rhythm games in arcades, courtesy of Namco, Sega, and Konami. (plus other companies I'm sure) The music game scene is thriving primarily thanks to Bemani games such as DDR, Sound Voltex, Beatmania, Dancerush Stardom, and even Guitar freaks; these are all still pretty big in Japan. Such a shame that those games aren't big anywhere else though. In America, the scenes are all but dead, save for the dedicated fans, but they can't easily play the new versions of those games anyway......
Not_A_Savage 2 napja
clone hero
LikeOrigami 3 napja
Still play rock band to this day lol
Mac Phil
Mac Phil 5 napja
Would love if this game was one of the game universe in wreck it ralph movie franchise.
Reggie Draws
Reggie Draws 5 napja
lol try playing this game on twitch
Ashton Lagleva
I played this game, it got my creative juices flowing.
Mast3rBlast3r 5 napja
Dat...erm...plot....tho (at least on the char used during review)
MarioMadness 5 napja
1 star.. this isn't a game...
SterlingK Art
SterlingK Art 5 napja
But are Brian's tracks in this game? Because I want nothing but fire from start to finish babyyyyyy
Kraven Doomhammmer
@iownu92 He meant Brian's albums
iownu92 5 napja
Brian only read Jarrett’s review. These aren’t his opinions/words.
Lion Uau
Lion Uau 5 napja
Cyberpunk review
MrPsymind 5 napja
worst timing ever for the launch of a music game haha
MrPsymind 4 napja
Because of all the stuff going around on twitch these last few weeks. And if you're releasing a new IP you'd want all the attention you can get, right
Mogy73 5 napja
pischtoO 5 napja
Pablo del Olmo
I don't even understand what is happening in the gameplay with this review. C'mon guys.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 5 napja
Wow that killing in the name of mix at the end was epic makes me want it just for that.
Blxrry 5 napja
Where's your review for Sackboy: A Big Adventure?? Why have you not said anything about it, the game came out a week ago
Pablo del Olmo
Here’s a review since IGN is dropping the ball. Sackboy Adventure is a delightful romp for those wishing Astro’s playroom was a full length experience. Featuring gorgeously crafted visuals and a wonderfully integrated soundtrack, Sackboy is sure to delight any fan of the genre. 8.8
Satan 5 napja
0:49 You know the rules and so do I
israel latiff
israel latiff 5 napja
Who dont you skip this game and invest your time learning dj-ing for real?
Buffoon Beats
Buffoon Beats 4 napja
Invest in DJing =
Numbah6 5 napja
It’s funny how IGN really can’t play the music alone because of DMCA issues, so the guy just talks really loud over it the whole time
D. Almeida
D. Almeida Napja
😂 😂 😂
Sam 5 napja
They bout to get copying claimed
July 5 napja
DMCA is so broken
iownu92 5 napja
Yeah, I thought that was annoying too. The music is the point of the game, and we barely get an idea of what it’s like in this review.
Ominous Will
Ominous Will 5 napja
@CursedUsername but with the craziness going on between HUrun and Twitch DMCA strikes, no telling anymore. Safer not too even stream it.
front faced
front faced 5 napja
i'll just play cytus at this rate if its short... or maybe OSU... 😂😂😂
Hero Mania
Hero Mania 5 napja
Heh... Noted...
Ign lately all games are 7 or 8
dmaster001 5 napja
Hyrule Warriors just got a 9 today as well as both of the Spider Man games.
Qui Entertainment
Xbox one you meant. Not on Xbox"tm"
Qui Entertainment
@Pant eater The lord I know bud. I just like how this perfect channel makes mistakes also
Pant eater The lord
@Qui Entertainment they meant the Xbox one and the series X/S
Qui Entertainment
@Pant eater The lord not on original Xbox.
Pant eater The lord
Olkv3D 5 napja
Electronauts is the superior DJ/Music Mixer, by far.
John Henry
John Henry 5 napja
There is a wrestler in New Zealand who looks like the thumbnail. His name is Cool Guy Sky of SPW. I’m sure it’s the same person. :P
Pikachu 5 napja
I used to love DJ and Guitar Hero, such a shame the music rhythm genre probably won’t ever make a proper comeback.
@Charibasa I think you meant "taiko" but not fully sure lmao and uhhh it may not have died out completely, but it has shrunk considerably in size and popularity at least globally compared to how it was 10 years ago. The genre was very mainstream and widely played for a long time, and then most people got tired of it. Sadly nowadays you'll find only small pockets of dedicated communities for those games unless you travel to Japan. Over there its wildly different, as games such as DDR and Taiko no tatsujin are massive, as they always have been!
@zippybeets Of course! I just commented on another thread on how those games are still alive and kicking in Japan. Funny, for years I never knew that Guitar Freaks came before Guitar Hero and that Activision kinda stole the design of the guitar controller lolll
@The New Guy Weren't they the guys who made Voez? I love that game!
zippybeets 4 napja
If you like DJ and GH, I have to recommend the games they're based off: Guitar Freaks or Gitadora and Beatmania(mainly IIDX).
Jones Fan
Jones Fan 4 napja
There are plenty of rhythm games out by smaller studios now. They might not be giant, but there a pretty big dedicated community for them by now
Someonedood 5 napja
I'm guessing this is using the same tech they had for their boardgame DropMix. Was pretty fun, but it's only as fun as the amount of support with new music.
Scott Boyd
Scott Boyd Napja
luckly their doing weekly DLC
Xavier Crabtree
Exactly what I was thinking! Same thing happened to Amplitude on ps4
James 5 napja
Nah (Modern) English music isn't my thing anymore, Project Diva for me and i'm sure this isn't worth £60 anyways
CalebGS 10
CalebGS 10 5 napja
Slownuggets 115
Erick 5 napja
Fuser, A.k.a. : Neil Cicieriega's Simulator (For Begginers)
Thomas Zampino
? Potter puppet ?
Curley Pubes
Curley Pubes 5 napja
Curley Pubes
Curley Pubes 5 napja
Charlie Rehbein
I thought this was a cyberpunk review for a second.
Charlie Rehbein
@Angelo Primavera I was nervous af for a second.
Angelo Primavera
Same. That’s why I clicked on it😂
Pickle man51
Pickle man51 5 napja
Lol same
Keenangraz 5 napja
But can I use my guitar hero guitar?
SwellSauce 3 napja
If you want to hate yourself, go for it!
Shen Doodles
Shen Doodles 4 napja
Why would you want to? The game revolves around dragging and dropping.
NRT BŁÆZË 5 napja
Just liked my own comment 👍
Tim Miller
Tim Miller 5 napja
Just learn how to dj for real...
Buffoon Beats
Buffoon Beats 4 napja
Yeah just go through years and years of practice and spend hundreds if not thousands on music equipment. You missed the point ..... it makes you FEEL like DJ , all for 60$
That Tonnato guy with a FEZ
its just a game, you know, can't judge a game where you just want to have fun.
Dre2timezz 5 napja
- *simulation game companies stocks drop to zero*
Gregory Story
Gregory Story 5 napja
STL GLD?? I'm interested
Tania Biswas
Tania Biswas 5 napja
Go watch mr gaming bd
Darell Chong
Darell Chong 5 napja
Terry Stokes
Terry Stokes 5 napja
Of course it's short.. One word... downloadable songs.. Ok, two words
Buffoon Beats
Buffoon Beats 4 napja
All but 25 of the songs in the game have to be unlocked with in game coins. Which are not purchasable.
That Tonnato guy with a FEZ
Worst thing is that this genre is, kinda around it. Plus you can't aproach it in another way, it isn't like a gun or skin DLC which you can just, do whatever you want, its songs that, asumming its like GH and RB games, artists may not be inclined or just for too greater cost to even be included.
Richy G
Richy G 5 napja
Ign is dying
Elibbb1111 5 napja
Its make you FEEL like a fuser
Richy G
Richy G 5 napja
Lol subscribe
MVP MatthewS
MVP MatthewS 5 napja
"To The Early Squad That’s reading this" Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it! Stay safe everyone and stay positive🥒 My dream is to hit 100 subs,Just Trying To Make My Mom Proud!
Series - The Animated Cinema
I’m shocked that I’m this early
JR TECH 5 napja
Love You IGN
Baron Foreman
Baron Foreman 5 napja
DJ hero was a great game and this is a sibling of that and I love it
zippybeets 4 napja
Go play Beatmania. Great dj game with original content.
123 dodo
123 dodo 5 napja
Ayy never gonna give you up and trap queen
themngamer YT
themngamer YT 5 napja
themngamer YT
themngamer YT 5 napja
Sirmel11 5 napja
Keanokness 5 napja
Cyberpunk country music
KillBot 4 napja
Jamie jr Brantley
Hi ign
8BitBailey 5 napja
First PS: I miss DJ HeRO
Edgar Leon
Edgar Leon 5 napja
Hi first one here!!
CaptRizq 5 napja
Here's your reward : 🖕
jjt123093 5 napja
noone cares
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