Fixing PS5, Xbox Series X Launch Issues - Next-Gen Console Watch 

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Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch 2020, our show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This week we've got some quick fixes for some of the PS5 and Xbox Series launch issues, features worth knowing about on the PS5, and tidbits regarding Bethesda games under Xbox. So be sure to stick around to hear about the PS5 download queue bug, rest mode bug, DualSense charging issues, possible fixes and more!
00:00 - Intro
01:10 - PS5 Download Queue Bug and Fix
02:30 - PS5 Speaker Settings Issues
04:25 - PS5 Rest Mode Bug and Fixes
06:19 - DualSense Charging Issues and Fixes
07:45 - Series X Quick Resume Problems
09:00 - PS5 & Series X Bugs Not Affecting Everyone
09:40 - Cool PS5 Features You Might Not Know About
11:25 - Xbox Supply Shortages
15:55 - HED: Besthesda Won't Stick to One Platform
19:28 - Polls and Outro

What we talk about this week:
PS5 Issues and Troubleshooting Tips - PlayStation 5 Wiki Guide - IGN
Download Queue Bug - PlayStation 5 Wiki Guide - IGN
PS5: 8 Secret Features You Need to Know About
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review










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PS6 Napja
No more episodes?
Paris Paris
Paris Paris 2 napja
The problems didn’t happen in ps2 days.
George White
George White 2 napja
Janet could be Ryan’s daughter😂
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith 3 napja
Why are these guys talking about software issues when the main issue is no one can purchase it?
AL34FM4RYL0U 3 napja
Dumb talk saying supply doesnt meet demand.... supply would meet demand if greedy selfish a**holes werent using bots to buy everything up and sell for greedy profits before anyone can get either console just like with new pc tech its ridiculous, greedy and selfish.. that kind of greed and selfishness ammasses most of whats wrong with the human race
xXRedBeanzXx 3 napja
In chess you send the pawns out first.
Thee Annabel Lee
theres gonna be so many spoiled twats bitching about this. I see it as normal, bugs are gonna happen, then they fix them. Nothing is perfect.
dustin schuler
My Xbox series x crashes mid game and shuts itself off
Carlos Santana
I get the same audio issue with the series X, I constantly have to go into the settings after I use a headset. Once I want to switch from headset to my sound bar, I have to go into settings and manually do it. Not a big deal but it’s annoying.
Coded Niche
Coded Niche 4 napja
All of this will be fixed before I pick up my PS5 Pro/Slim
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 4 napja
Seems like they are down playing all of PS5 early issues... glad I have the Xbox Series X... got two at launch 😎
Marcos Maldonado
If mine bricks I'm suing for sure, I've read the terms and agreements and it isnt fair that people who've spent 500+ dollars are dealing with a broken console when they're suppose to be working. So far I havent had any issues but no one deserves to deal with this because it's a waste of money and it feels like everyone is being robbed. I understand uts a first launch and normally that have a few bugs but a bricked console? They're basically running our pockets because they know the hype is huge so they're taking advantage if that and still taking our money.
Chilito 4 napja
The sound on all my captures is way off
rbrown8125 5 napja
How to resolve 4K hdr issues using avr??? (Unable to turn on ) Please help
John Draffin
John Draffin 5 napja
Ahhhhh!!! Why do I wanna bully him every time he says beyond
PlaysiBoi 5 napja
Joseph Gloria
Joseph Gloria 5 napja
Appreciate the continued coverage team, enjoy the well deserved time off 🍻
73aguilera 5 napja
This title makes it seem like Xbox is having nearly as many issues as the PS5...it’s not, not even close.
Tsar Kalinka
Tsar Kalinka 5 napja
Man i really wanna play watchdogs and valhalla in 60 fps 1080p but can't find the new xbox anywhere
Gilberto Martinez
Ps5 easy fix only reset you're console os, lol what a joke !
Albert_Bowden 5 napja
I smashed my ps5 with a hammer and it’s not turning on anymore. Can anyone help?
Man that weird a** dialogue thing was happening on my ps4pro with Ghost of Tsushima... all sounds would happen except their voice audio... I changed my ps4 settings also to some audio setup that I wasnt actually using and it worked.
DBambini 5 napja
Next-gen consoles out of stock? More like Next-year consoles
Ikram Hussain
Ikram Hussain 5 napja
This video is not for average/normal people for the time being.
Icecreamdee Icecreamdee
Beyond ❤️
Pixel Bit G
Pixel Bit G 6 napja
Ign reminds us how well versed in the things they talk about everytime they can't recall the name of features on consoles.. smart resume 🤣🤣🤣 very professional there buddy Let's try to do better.
Cristian De Paz Agustin
Hadn't notice how similar the new ps5 controller looks like to the Xbox classic controller.
Alim Bhanwadiya
Funny how everything in video is mentioned as Bugs and then defending it by saying " but its not a bug just a half baked feature"...Lol
jedinova67 6 napja
It boggles my mind why folks are willing to drop 4-500 bucks on a console at launch. Have we learned nothing from just about every other console launch? I get being excited about a new console, I do. But if I'm expected to front that much coin on something that will literally become a central unit to my entertainment, I'm gonna make damn sure that most of the bugs are dealt with. I'll see you guys in May. Lol
Marco Pinto
Marco Pinto 6 napja
just tip. try to look for XBox S. X on portugal. they didn't run out of stock
Edward Blodgett
That's why I wait for the slim or pro version. 😉
Edie Beacon
Edie Beacon 6 napja
I’m gonna wait for a few months to get one. I’m into red dead online and when ps4 stops getting updates for rdo then I’ll switch over . Horizon forbidden west is supposed to come to ps4 too
Snoopy Payne
Snoopy Payne 6 napja
Why is the title of the video fixing ps 5 and xbox launch issues but all the issues your talking about are all on the ps 5🤔
Cmdr Flint
Cmdr Flint 6 napja
I think a lot of the PS5 launch hardware issues, like video corruption etc, must be down to the extremely poor cooling on the memory. Some of those memory modules have only partial contact into a flimsy steel plate, with no contact to an actual heatsink. GN clocked some of the memory modules approaching a scorching 94'C 🔥 🔥
PoKey 508
PoKey 508 6 napja
These people are so biased this is a waste of my time
Blasphemous TurdBurger
I wanted a series s for gamepass to play games before peak at work started, but scalpers have ruined it now i wont have time until next year.
alqlb1987 6 napja
it seems like no one having problem connecting via wifi but me!
Frank Grimes
Frank Grimes 6 napja
hEY THA'T S da toast from Game Scoop.
Victor Mendoza
A Sys/Cloud Admin Nightmare, now you have to t/s your video games.
My series x is awesome 👌 Not surprised the ps5 has software problems
Adam Adam
Adam Adam 6 napja
There was no need for either consoles to come out before Xmas ..like seriously... No stock, no games, teething issues.... Why? Only the scalpers benefited from this.
Adam Adam
Adam Adam 6 napja
I just made my own PS5. Doesn't work at all
BlkBornSeed 6 napja
Anyone else having issues with twitch videos being too dark?
a mattei
a mattei 6 napja
how can this the launch ever, if there's a shortage? global launch what global launch its a global failure due to the shortage. you know what Microsoft is pushing UIS to buy PS5 maybe my first game will be demons souls.
Dogger1230 6 napja
Weird series x issue... when looking through binoculars While playing COD Cold War, then taking a picture, when releasing binoculars, screen would be black and frozen. Had this numerous times and had to do a hard reset each time to foxy
Syed Muhammad Umer
Ps5 coil whine issues address a fix for this issue
jason foy
jason foy 6 napja
How about games crashing the series x so hard it powers down the consol itself?
Generic Gmail Account
They should start calling them Next Year Consoles.
Adam Beltran
Adam Beltran 6 napja
I think that Microsoft should let Bethesda do their thing. It will make the most money being available to ALL platforms. That's what I would do. Cause I think Microsoft would be limiting their selves by making the big games xbox/pc exclusives. The ps market is Purdy big.
Matthew Dills
Matthew Dills 6 napja
All these people talking about ps5 being sold out. You should have seen me looking for a switch after this whole covid thing went down. It's called patience
Hatta Zulzila
Hatta Zulzila 6 napja
Launch now, fix later. Hmm... now, why do this sound so familiar all of a sudden... Hmmm...
Graham Turner
Graham Turner 6 napja
PS5 Astros Playroom is constantly crashing, cant play it.
R Smith
R Smith 6 napja
My ps5 has crashed about 5x playing Spider-Man: MM. Randomly af every time. I was 87% done with the game & had no choice but to load an autosave that was @ 64%. Fmllllll
I found a way to fix it I haven’t tried yet but I’m on my way home in a few, u must get a flash drive that can fit up to 800 MPs I believe or whatever it’s called then hold down the button for your ps5 and reinstall your system which would take everything away basically like starting all over again then you put your information in or just put the flash drive in saving everything
R Smith
R Smith 6 napja
@LORENZ PENA idk, I hope so asap. I don't even want to chance playing it again like this, but if I put the game down for more than a week, I know I probably won't want to go back.
Same thing with me but in 2k Do u know anything will there be a patch for it??
Alberto Castillo
That issue with the sound happened to me !!! I had to change the sound input on options. From HDMI Linear PCM to anything Bitstream, Dolby or DTS. And that did it to me. It also happen when I put a 4K Ultra HD bluray, but there it has its own options for sound, that I also had to change from linear pcm to bitstream.
Horizons Dawn
Horizons Dawn 6 napja
I can’t buy games from the store don’t know why
Cristian Colta
Hey Ryan. I have a PS5. Xbox will launch here only in the spring. What do you mean by global launch?
GeneAlex P
GeneAlex P 6 napja
Hmmm Quick Resume. Sounds like a certain fast startup I know that started in Windows 8 and became an issue...... I see Microsoft likes to keep pieces of their old self. Same with Sony ofcourse. I just pray the graphics card doesn't go out on mine.
matt smith
matt smith 7 napja
Been having issues with my x box series x where it freezes out of no where and sometimes my audio cuts out I've had it for a week now....
aaron brown
aaron brown 7 napja
I thought you couldn't save ps5 games to external media currently??
tygur23 7 napja
No mention of ps5 buzzing sound.?
Cheo Chessman
Cheo Chessman 7 napja
My PS5 just died
ProbablyNot FBI
So glad I built a PC; Now I get to enjoy games with FULL backwards compatibility, and FREE ONLINE
Pixels & Pens
Pixels & Pens 7 napja
It's not a fix if you have to keep f-ing doing it to get your 💩 to work properly. ffs...
ChaKay Chin
ChaKay Chin 7 napja
May Angeldust
May Angeldust 7 napja
The epic amount of time Ryan blinks per minute
Dylan Jeynes Moore
My ps5 sometimes shuts its self down when Cold War crashes
Mahdi Bermeh
Mahdi Bermeh 7 napja
if sony & microsoft wasn't ready for next gen consoles so they cant fix this problems, why the heck they pushed us to this gen?!???
Dennis de Jong
All these people being salty because they didn't pre order in time xD if you wanted one I got one wise sentence for you: The early bird gets the worm. I have one because I was early with my pre order, loving it every moment of the day
Aleksander 7 napja
Guys what about problem with Arctis 9x on Xbox series X? 1._ When a game is playing, the sound, after 10 or 15 seconds without using the controller, starts to have very fast and annoying micro-cuts, as if they were interference that make it impossible to hear anything, when you press a button or move a joystick you hear again well, but if you stop using the remote after 10 or 15 seconds they return the microcuts.
puh78 7 napja
Everytime I read comments I feel bad for having a ps5.
Cozmik Pcs
Cozmik Pcs 7 napja
Solution for ps5 and xbsx preorders and preventing scalper bots Retailers commence a "ticket system" like when your at the butcher or deli. You would need to go into a retailer with proof of identity (drivers license, passport etc). The retailer then issues you a numbered card (perhaps with qr codes) once the retailer gets in more stock they announce that the next block of numbers are available for preorders. If your card falls with in the announced number bracket you go into the retailer that you recieved the card from and place your preorder. This system could also extend to online preorders. The presentation of ID would hopefully prevent scalpers from getting too many preorder cards, as well if everyone who gets a preorder card is guaranteed a console it might make the scalpers irrelevant. In short with this solution everyone who goes into a retailer is guaranteed a console it would just be a matter of when, and when retailers get them in stock. It would also give Sony and Microsoft an idea of how many consoles need to be manufactured and how quickly.
Dafuk Iswrong
Dafuk Iswrong 7 napja
ryan looks and sounds depressed
Nader Zein
Nader Zein 7 napja
Here's a legit point. PS5 can't run 4k120hz with full 4:4:4 chroma only 4:2:2. (Xbox can run full 4:4:4). This means sony lacks colour depth and has more compression. Go see HDTVTEST most recent videos about it.
Faksakes 7 napja
Come on Sony..wtf
DannyLitAF 7 napja
Can we talk about how 120hz is only workin on some gaming monitors and not others. This has nothing to do with hdmi 2.1 vs 2.0 for people that thinks thats why it isnt working. Sony isnt addressing it and its a huge problem
Carl 7 napja
Ps5 seems to have a lot of issues
Andre Oliver
Andre Oliver 7 napja
Andre Oliver
Andre Oliver 7 napja
There's a lot glitches, poorly optimized on alot of series x versions of games.
TheRealPsysix 7 napja
My Digital Edition is running great. Rest Mode, No problems. My friend whom ordered it for me was not so lucky with his Standard Edition, it was defective. According to the serial number it was a bad batch made in September. Consoles that start with Serial # AJ14
Darrell Garrett
Beware of PS5 crashes when playing Mortal Kombat 11 PS5 upgrade with the disc!
F1 Simracing DenyVPS
I find it remarkable that you guys and girl just have a PS5 at IGN, is this accidentally or or do you just happen to ave better connections !!
James Wiersma
James Wiersma 7 napja
New feature for PS5, can now hear footsteps
Roger Rossel
Roger Rossel 7 napja
I have a problem today of play two players on cold war
William Carpenter
Microsoft and Sony don't have "supply issues". The issue is their supply is being hoarded by bots who are then reselling them on Ebay for 3 times their value. But IGN, Microsoft, nor Sony would never outright say that or even address it.
A1 Strongman
A1 Strongman 7 napja
I thought you guys would've mentioned the Xbox Series X crashing while playing CoD Black Ops Cold War
Lee Xiong
Lee Xiong 7 napja
How to fix ps5 purchase?
Sir Funk Owl
Sir Funk Owl 7 napja
My xbox series x will randomly crash sometimes when I turn it on, but if it stays on longer than 10 mins it won't auto shut off
Ray S
Ray S 7 napja
Next gen consoles are the new tiolet paper. Only resellers got them.
Cody Vaughn
Cody Vaughn 7 napja
I know ACGs PS5 had a harddrive crash and his console literally bricked and had to be replaced on the first day of use lol
Ty Hoffman
Ty Hoffman 7 napja
You call this a launch?
Steven Panzarella
Biggest launch issue is I can’t one...are we not talking about that????
MrSimsim07 7 napja
PS5 Glitch with no limits.
swaygfx 7 napja
The ps5 is nothing but a ps4 pro with a gaming controller. That's the only thing they are selling, it "feels immersive" they have no game beside that demo to help you "feel" what they are selling. You can't see it for sure
Andrew Rafferty
To fix the download one I just put blackops to ps4 version started it up then switched to ps5 version and it worked
Khaay o
Khaay o 7 napja
I’ve owned my series x since release day. Ive only ran into a few minor issues still Very satisfied with my purchase
Ryan Welch
Ryan Welch 5 napja
Same. And actually my day one edition Xbox one has never had any problems still works flawlessly.
Dan Civello
Dan Civello 7 napja
Who else copped?
Fox Of GAOA 7 napja
Fix your channel and employees first before making a video about fixing something else
Hulk Timberlake
Buying my son one next week thinking I'd get past the fixes
jazzrockr 7 napja
I think so many of us are dealing with the "not able to get system because resellers" problem that it might be the big story, especially as the pandemic continues.
Eric Reho
Eric Reho 7 napja
I had audio drops (voice dialogue) PlayStation 5 playing Final Fantasy 7 remake